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  1. loss of documents by the police

    thank you sir for your prompt reply. time, energy and money is not a problem. my main issue is that the police have filed closure report without these important documents. secondly i would surely want to punish the responsible officer who has lost the documents or it may be the case that police is just trying to avoid giving the information as it would open their lies in the investigation report. the photographs were not from the record/file. Instead the investigating officer had tried to collect it from the ward office, which were random photographs not certified by the ward officer. Interestingly we had filed RTI with the Ward Office also and have got the order from the SIC for strict action to be initiated against the responsible officer who has avoided to give the reply even after the FAA and SIC orders to provide information. thanking you rahul
  2. loss of documents by the police

    sir/madame, we had filed 2 RTI appeals with the SIC. 1) for the copy of photographs and documents attached to a letter written by Asst. Commissioner(mcgm ward office) to the Police. 2) for the copy of reply/statement received by the Police from the secretary of the society against my complaint filed, as mentioned in the Daily Diary Report by the Day Duty Officer. Both the Appeals were disposed by the SIC after recieving the following for case 1) A written statement of the investigating Officer stating that the photographs are missing from the file. he tried to collect from the Ward office but since he was not sure of the authenticity, the same are not given to the applicant. for case 2) An affidavit of the Day Duty Officer mentions that my Original complaint and the reply/statement of the secretary of the society are missing from the file. they tried to trace the same but are untraceable. kindly suggest how and where to complaint for the loss of documents. kindly suggest any other means under RTI to find and book the responsible officer for loosing the important documents. Can the SIC impose penalty on the responsible officer. if Yes how to complain for the same. if No then where to complain. thanking you rahul
  3. Chs

    a non-cessed co-operative hsg. society consisting of 92 member wants to submit repair proposal. u/s 342 of B.M.C. Act kindly give the following details:- 1) number of consents required by the BMC to pass the repair proposal. 2) number of consents required by the BMC for additions and alterations. 3) can the committee members appoint NOC holders to sign the repair proposal without the consent of all the members of the society. 4) can the NOC holders sign the amendments to the repair proposal, (NOC holders have not been appointed by the approval of all the members of the society, they have been approved only by the committee members) 5) whose consents and number of consent mandatorily required to construct W.C./Toilet. 6) can the EEBP pass the repair proposal and amendments to repair proposal signed by NOC holders but without consents of members. 7) is it mandatory for the EEBP to verify the consents of members of the society from the NOC holders/architect who has signed the repair proposal

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