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  1. Victory of RTI

  2. Amit Jethwa: RTI Activist shot dead in Gujarat

    Amit Jethwa Amar RAHEIN.
  3. can I ask status of the grievance by RTI

    if your RTI is related to Central Govt Or Undertaking Controlled by Central Govt. you may submit your RTI Application to the Head Post OFFIICE of your District If it relates to another of.fice then you send the same by post
  4. you obtain certfied copy from judicial record or seek information from concerned court under RTI Or rules framed by the High Court of relevent Court.
  5. Chargesheet not filed by the police after long time

    I again advise you to ignite the Legal Services Authority and see the result.The authority will do something positive.
  6. Chargesheet not filed by the police after long time

    You are advised to contact at Maharasrta State Legal SERVICES Authority at Mumbai High COURT. Send a petition narrating all the facts of the case,With a copy to the National Legal Services Authority New Delhi.
  7. Retirement benefit of a an employee

    For the ends of justice, the PIO is required to furnish information to wife. Earlier Coal India furnished such information to me.
  8. Jail for Aam aadmi, bail for Super Star

    As per my legal camera perceives, the matter is not WITHIN the ambit of RTI.
  9. Bundles Of letters Asking information

    it requires dygnosish and pathology of Golden law.
  10. I wish all the members of this community a very happy and prosperous new year 2016. Although I am appearing before you after a long gap due to some personal problems but ultimately I realized the implementation and efforts for saving the golden law is very much essential from our side. So, on this new year 2016; I hope, expect and trust that we will fight against the forces who were adamant to snatch the golden law from citizenry. Let us pledge to work hard to propagate the RTI Act. with good wishes, Dhirendra Prasad Advocate, RTI Activist and Legal Aid Worker Jharkhand
  11. Indian Passport to Divit Prasad (4)

    I hope.expect and trust the verification of permanent adress of minor will be finalised soon by Giridih,Jharkhand police.The child is non else he is grand son of sri Bijay Kumar Sinha Advocate and Adll.P.P. of Giridih.
  12. CIC summons Delhi Chief Secretary on destruction of files

    Comandable order by CIC.law is a command and must be exercised by competent authoritys and must be obeyed by all.Otherwise it will takes his own course.
  13. s.arson mein bhoot lag chuka hai,bahut kathore prayas ki awaskta hai,per hum honge kamyab ekdeen.
  14. Is it compulssory to attend First appeal

    Not at all required to attend the hearing. - - - Updated - - - Not at all required to attend the hearing.

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