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  1. My BB connection was disturbing me since 2011. As per advice of forum members. I submitted complaint at the exchange. Faxed complaint to CGM. Then, I took the RTI route. On the date of receipt of the acknowledgement, BSNL started working at fast pace and most trouble was resolved within a short time. As opined by many of forum members BSNL resolves problem and donot give any reply to RTI query. So, I didnot expect one. But, I got a reply, though it was delayed. Further, some of the reply was false. My problem was resolved definitely due to RTI. So, it is a success of RTI. I have acknowledged the guidance of the forum members, though belatedly, because I have been benefited from the guidance and am grateful to you all. Also, I also wanted to inform about success of RTI. You are right. I failed to clarify what is in my mind. It is my fault. I just wanted to know how you feel about the RTI reply of BSNL. Though they are afraid of RTI, they are giving false and incomplete information in RTI reply. Yesterday, I posted this in the forum and today my BB connection has gone. I am posting this using dongle of another ISP. I have submitted complaint through self care portal of BSNL and will need your guidance again if the complaint is not properly resolved. Further, I would like to know if I could claim any rebate on rentals for the period of 2011-2014 during which I had troubled BB connection.
  2. Thanks to all the forum members especially koteswararaonerella who took personal interest and tried to contact telephone officials of my area and advised me to file RTI when none of the officials could be contacted. My RTI application is as below:- APPLICATION UNDER RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT – 2005 To, The Central Public Information Officer BSNL 3rd Floor, Telephone Bhawan 34, B. B. D. Bag (South) Kolkata – 700 001 Information regarding the Applicant:- Full name of Applicant : Mr. KISHORE GOVINDA DAS Address : Shikharini Apartment Flat No. – A3, 2nd Floor 1/1, B. N. Ghoshal Road Belghoria, Kolkata – 700 056 Particulars of the information required:- Subject matter of Information:- I am a subscriber of BSNL. My Landline no. is 033-25443875 and is provided with Broadband under plan FN Home Combo 600 (lately enhanced to 630). I am having frequent Broadband trouble. The complaints lodged are being closed without proper maintenance and so the problem is recurring frequently. The period to which the information relates:- From 01.01.2014 to Till date. Description of the information required:- Kindly provide details of Complaints lodged regarding Broadband from 01.01.2014 till date containing the details Complaint No., Date and Time of Complaint, Nature of Complaint reported, Nature of problem detected, Action taken to rectify the problem, Date and Time of Closure of the Complaint. Kindly provide authenticated copies of file notes, Complaint register etc. related to the subject. Kindly provide the name, designation, mobile no. of the personnel from executive/officer to the linesman who are in charge of Broadband maintenance in my area. Is there any TRAI norm which assigns responsibility to BSNL to rectify the fault on permanent basis? If so, kindly provide me authenticated copies of the same. Also, indicate if the norm was accurately followed in case of my complaints as mentioned above. Whether any senior officer has to check the complaints in case of my repeated complaints? If so, kindly provide his name, designation, mobile no. of the officer and also indicate the result of his checking if he had already checked it. Does the DET has any role in maintaining the network? If so, does he have the responsibility of meeting the subscriber to redress the problem? If the answer is yes, did the DE made any effort meet me and what was the outcome? Is there any procedure of fixing responsibility and taking disciplinary action for lapse in part of any employee of BSNL? If so, kindly provide authenticated copy of the norms. For your kind information, I add that in addition to RTI Act 2005, I can proceed against public authority and its officers under The Consumer Protection Act 1986 as decided by National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi on 28-05-2009, in REVISION PETITION NO. 1975 OF 2005 in complaint filed by Dr. S. P. Thirumala Rao against Municipal Commissioner, Mysore City Municipal Corporation, Mysore. Payment Details:- A crossed Indian Postal Order of Rs. 10/= bearing no. 11F 663861 dated 18.08.2014 towards payment of fee is enclosed. The “Payee” and “Payable at” column is left blank for your convenience. Enclo: As mentioned (One) I received and acknowledgement from APIO vide RTI Acnowlegement attached. On the same day, one person from the exchange visited my house to check the problem. Thereafter, there was regular visit and phone calls to my mobile. The cable from the outside junction box to my CPE was changed. Then, distribution box inside my residence and splitter was changed and lastly as per their advice I got my Dlink modem serviced from the service centre. Now, my BB is working fine. The RTI reply vide RTI Reply_001 was signed by AGM, who previously signed the acknowledgement letter as APIO, without mentioning the capacity i.e APIO/ CPIO. Secondly, the names of BB persons mentioned in the letter were those who only looked after the telephone line and not BB. The three persons who actually looked after BB was not mentioned. Thirdly, in the attached list of faults "Nature of problem detected, Action taken to rectify the problem" was not mentioned vide RTI Reply_002. Fourthly, he has admitted in RTI Reply_001 that the TRAI norms were not properly followed. All the referred letters are attached for your perusal. Kindly provide you kind opinion in this matter. Thanks again to all.
  3. Hello, I with my colleague applied for SBI Credit Card at the SBI Branch, where we hold our salary account, at the beginning of Nov.14. Both of us submitted photocopy of PAN Card, Voter ID Card, and Salary slip. We are both C. G. servants for more than 20 years. On the next day of submission of my application verification over phone was carried out. I was told I would be receiving my card within 10-15 days. When I found that though my friend received the card I did not receive the same, I inquired at the local SBI card HQ over phone and was informed that my application was rejected due to discrepancy of my documents. When asked about nature of discrepancy I was told that as per Bank policy they cannot give any reason for rejection or divulge any information about the discrepancy. I would like to know whether I have the right to know the reason for rejection. If no, why? If yes, then what is the procedure to obtain it. I have already lodged complaint with SBI Card feedback and awaiting response. Kindly advice.
  4. need help to take further step

    LONG PENDING by jps50 The above link is also not working. Kindly do the same for it.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I have noted the no.s of JTO etc. somewhere. I am searching for them. I will message u as soon as I get it. Thanks in advance.
  6. My feedback Sir: Complaint No. 12475931500 at 1315 hrs on 04.04.2013 was for slow BB, difficulty to open website was closed on 07.04.2013. The speed became OK on 05.04.2013. BSNL people tried to contact me on my landline on 05 and 06.04.2014 at time when I was not at home. They closed the complaint but I didnot get SMS alert. I came to know about the status from Selfcare portal. Today, 08.04.2014 I had similar problem between 1830 to 1900 hrs. speedtest.in was unable to complete the test. I got the speed tested from another site and got 0.8 Mbps download and 0.18 Mbps upload speed. At 1905 hrs the speed became OK and speedtest.in gave normal reading. screenshots attached. I have seen this peculiarity earlier also when I returned home earlier that my normal schedule. Kindly advice.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I would like to add: 1. My faults are mostly with BB. Telephone mostly remain operational during the fault. 2. On my numerous complaints and personal visits I could not persuade the JTOs to visit my home to check my modem. On one occasion they asked me to take the modem to the exchange which I complied. They told that the modem was OK. Further, I couldn't persuade the JTO to come to my home to configure my new modem. I had to take the help from private person. 3. When I last visited the DE of our area and reported my problem, he told me that he has nothing to do with it; it falls under the purview of HQ or Bangalore office. 4. Here JTOs never visit home even when asked, they are least bothered about competition. Finally, as I have uploaded my fault history; I would further like to know whether I can claim for rental rebate for the periods of past unserviceability, at present day.
  8. Details as requested are as below:- 1. Kolkata, West Bengal. Better to say Greater Kolkata, but not very far away. 2. For the last three years, since Dec. 2011 BB was getting disturbed every other day. The problem types are mentioned below- Link glows after more that 5-10 minutes of switching on the modem for several days. Link doesn’t glow for hours during particular part of day for several days. Link doesn’t come for a number of days. Link glows but error 651 is shown for several days. Link glows, the broadband connection is available but connection is slow and websites take lot of time to open. 3. Complaints cannot be lodged if the earlier complaint remains open; through IVRS or visit to exchange. My initial complaints were closed after 6 months each. I had lodged online complaint immediately after occurrence of the problem when no other complaint was left open. A history of my case is attached as doc file. Online complaint were made twice between Dec. 2011- February 2013 as both of them were closed after about 6 months. Thereafter, after filing a written complaint on April 2013, another was filed in Aug 2013 which was closed in the beginning of Nov. 2013. The problem again started cropping up since Feb 2014. After that I have lodged 4 complaints from 20.02.2014 to 15.03.2014. 4. In these 3 years they have visited only twice, the last visit being on 15.04.2013 - about an year ago. 5. Yes. Speaking with department officials cannot be done over phone as the phone is not picked up. I have visited several times to the two exchanges of my locality. Met with ordinary officials to DE. 6. I donot know what to expect from BSNL after such prolonged harassment. Kindly let me know what are the downtime are to be expected rationally. The problem is since Dec 2011. Now, after the written complaints and change of modem in Nov. 2013, the persisting problem recurred on 20th Feb. 2014. After a fax of deficiency of service on 15.03.2014, I had lightning speed for a week. Thereafter, Broadband is usable but the speed is lesser with occasional minor glitches. Kindly advice me about my future course of action. History sheet of my trouble is attached. Thanking you in advance. - meteor Telephone Complaint History.doc
  9. Sir, read your post just now. I will reply after compiling the data within this week. Thanks for the post
  10. Thanks vinayakj for the information though it is well known to me. I may like to inform you that my plan is not unlimited one. It was Home 500 combo earlier with 1.5 GB free usage and now it is Home combo 600 with 2.5 GB free usage and my usage rarely goes above the limit. Further, frequent broadband interruption prevents me from using the free limit also. Any way thaks for your warning.
  11. You are a fortunate person. I am using BSNL Broadband since 2004. I never had such experience. In last 3 years of my maximum trouble, only once I could persuade the exchange person to visit my house, that too grudgingly. But, he could not detect where the problem lied. Last year, I also purchased new modem surrendering the rental one. But, my frequent problem has not ceased to exist. Further, the knowing the statistics that jj9 has referred can do nothing with the service. If BSNL deliberately keeps it low from the exchange or the hub near your house, you can do nothing. I have checked this statistics many times before and found no fault in the connections in my inside wiring till date.
  12. I have sent fax according to the sample complaint provided by you. Fax no. of CGM BSNL Kolkata is not available in their website. Only email address is available. So, I sent the fax addressed to CGM to fax no. of apellate authority and emailed the same to cgm with scanned copy of the fax message and transmission report. Kindly tell me whether the action was right. Also, advice me how can I obtain the fax no. of CGM.
  13. Yes. It is the last resort. But, even if I surrender the connection, the concerned persons responsible for harassing me for so many days should feel the heat for charging money for faulty service.As most people take this path these people becomes more adamant and muster enough courage to harrass other people.
  14. Dear JJ, All of your suggestions has been tried. Everything at my residence is OK. However, the distribution box of BSNL cannot be checked by me as it is under the jurisdiction of BSNL. However, thanks for the suggestion. Yours etc. meteor

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