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  1. Sirs, Our Chairman and secretary calls committee meeting every time during night time at 9.00 p.m. My wife is the only female office bearer in the committee. Many a time she has told not to conduct the committee meeting during night time as she feels inconvenient and uncomfortable, but they always keep the meeting on week days during night time at 9.00p.m. Sir, please let me know what she should do? M Sharma
  2. Respected Sir, Our society Chairman has resigned and in his place a new person is appointed as a chairman of the society. Our Secretary did not inform this to the registrar. What may be the consequences of this? Is the appointment of New Chairman will be illegal? Can the new chairman sign on co-op hsg., socy balance Sheets??? What the Bye-Laws says??? Regards, MM Sharma
  3. Hello, I am a Treasurer of a Co-op Hsg Socy., In every committee meeting I request for the minutes of the previous meeting but the Secretary does not listen to me, nor he accepts my written requests. Please let me know what I can do? Thanks.
  4. Hello, What can be done if Treasurer reads out certain important points related to accounts, in a committee meeting, but his letter is not acknowledged by Secretary as well as Chairman of a housing society. Can it be sent to committee members individually by Registered Post?
  5. Hello, I have purchased a property at Devlali Nasik. The registration has been done in Sub-Registrar office Nasik. I have also obtained Index-2 from Sub-Registrar's office I want to know that I want to get my name on 7/12 extract. Can I get it done online? Please let me know the procedure in detail? Regards.
  6. Hello, What if decisions taken in AGM of a cooperative housing society are different than what has been recorded in minutes?
  7. Points not recorded in minutes

    Prasad Sir, Very nicely explained. Its really encouraging post. It shows truly a positive approach towards uneducated and downtrodden members of the society. Thank you so much for your encouragement and positive approach which always matters for those who are really interested in uplifting the other members of the society as well.
  8. Points not recorded in minutes

    Most of the members of the society are uneducated, hence they do not speak anything in the meeting. Whatever decision is taken in the meeting, they follow whether right or wrong. In fact they don't bother. hence wrong doers are doing accordingly.
  9. Hello, I placed on record , my suggestions in AGM by reading out, before the members on 18-09-2016 and also before the committee meeting held on 13-10-2016 by reading out my letter before the committee members. Both the letters were duly acknowledged by the Secretary of the Society by putting his signature and office stamp. But both the letters were not included in the minutes of the Society. Please suggest remedy. Thanks.
  10. Duties of a treasurer of a co-op hsg society

    Oh. That's great. It's really beneficial. That's really nice to learn. It's a better way to get rid of arguments. Thank you so much Prasad Ji.
  11. Duties of a treasurer of a co-op hsg society

    Mam, Theirs is a Municipal Co-Op Bank where ATM card in the name of Hsg., Society is not issued. You are right that withdrawals are done jointly by Secretary/ Treasurer, Secretary/Chairman or Chairman/Treasurer. My wife is finding really difficulties as everything is going arbitrarily, where rules and Bye-Laws are flouted totally. Whatever is said by them is a decision, whether right or wrong. In this society they don't listen what I suggest even its 100% correct and in the interest of our society. Thanks.
  12. Hello, My wife has been elected as a Treasurer of a hsg., society. The managing committee has told her in committee meeting to withdraw cash Rs. 15.000/- from bank every month and to hand over the cash to Secretary every month. I asked the committee to give me their decision in writing, in the form of minutes, but they are refusing? The committee also said that treasurer is only responsible to keep bills which will be given by Secretary after spending the amount every month. Please let me know how can my wife be helped in this situation, she is newly appointed as a treasurer? Regards.
  13. Rti for coop hsg society's

    Hello, whether RTI is applicable to co-op Hsg., Societies in Mumbai?
  14. Rti for coop hsg society's

    Hello, whether RTI is applicable to Hsg., Societies in Mumbai?
  15. Reading a letter before members

    Hello, What is the importance of reading a letter before members in a meeting?

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