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  1. Candidate affidavit

    Prasadji, It is available online, the link is there, that is the easiest way
  2. RTI on 7th CPC arrears

    Try and frame your RTI queries in such a way that they point towards documents rather than questions and answers. For example: Kindly provide a photocopy of the following documents / information: 1. Reasons on record for delay in .... 2. Documents wherein has been noted the steps taken so far for payment of arrears to its project vidyalaya. 3. Documents wherein has been noted the norms of the university in respect of paying expenses to the employees of Vidyalaya. 4. If the said norms (ref. point no. 3 above) have not been followed, please provide the documents wherein has been noted the reasons on record for not following the said norms. 5. Reasons on record for shortage of funds for the employees of the vidyalaya. 6. Similarly .... Please note that you can only ask for reason on record under RTI and not ask them to provide reasons to you, a PIO is merely a person who has access to all the files / information of the public authority, who will access such files / information and provide you with a photocopy / information. Please refer to the following link to learn more about it: Drafting queries for seeking information.
  3. Candidate affidavit

    You should be able to get such affidavit online from the website of the Election Commission of India. Kindly try the following link: Link to Candidate Affidavit. If by any chance you do not find the affidavit of the concerned candidate, then you can file a RTI application with the Public Information Officer (PIO) of the Election Commission of India. Please find a list of their PIOs on the following link: List of PIOs - Election Commission of India
  4. RTI request moving in circles

    Now wait and see as to what the Municipality has to reply, if the again put you back on the same circuitous route, then you can file a complaint under section 18 with the concerned State Information Commission.
  5. Access prisoner vistor list via RTI

    Address your RTI application to the Public Information Officer of the concerned Prison. For example: To, The Public Information Officer, Name of the Prison, Address of the Prison. You can seek all the information, prefer to seek it in the form of documents rather than questions and answers. Follow the RTI Rules of the particular State in which the prison is located for fees and format. Also read the blog on the following link: Kindly do not worry about the exemptions at the stage of filing a RTI application.
  6. Building bye laws of mcd

    You have been guided time and again that, no construction becomes illegal because you feel or say so, but a construction becomes illegal if it is not supported by plans and documents sanctioned by the concerned Municipality. There is no need to file a separate RTI application for either x or y or z laws, but all you need to do is to seek information on (plans and documents) permissions granted for the said under construction structure.
  7. gram panchayat me kaam kya hue

    Please refer to the following link: Sample RTI for Gram Panchayat
  8. Can Rti fight with corrupted authority?

    A construction can be said to be legal or illegal based on the documents and plans pertaining to permissions granted or not granted by the concerned Municipality. Therefore the first thing that one needs to do under RTI is to seek a photocopy of all the plans and permissions granted for a given construction. Once these documents are obtained under RTI the next step is to understand and analyse as to whether the construction is according to the sanctioned plans and permissions. If it is not, then one needs to complain to the concerned authority by following the proper procedure laid down under the relevant law for making such complaints and enclose the copy of permissions and plans / RTI replies and other such documentary evidence along with such a complaint. One can file a RTI application to seek information on the action taken on a complaint.
  9. Old property lost documents.

    Land records are permanent records and therefore they are supposed to be maintained irrespective of their age. A RTI applicant may ask for all the information irrespective of whether the information asked for has been maintained or not, whether the information asked for is dis-closable in nature or exempt etc. and he is not required to give any reasons to the Public Information Officer (PIO) as to why he is asking for such information (ref: section 6(2) of RTI Act). It is the responsibility of a PIO to reply to the RTI applicant as to whether such information is available on the records, whether it can be disclosed or whether it is exempt from disclosure and a PIO is required to give reasons if he decides not to provide the requested information (ref: section 19(5) of RTI Act) Therefore kindly do not worry about whether the information is old or new, whether it can be given under RTI or not etc. Just file a RTI application and request for all the information that you require and let the PIO decide about the same and give reasons for his decision in case he cannot provide the requested information.
  10. Can Rti fight with corrupted authority?

    Is your complaint supported by documents which establish that the said construction is illegal and without necessary permissions?
  11. Can Rti fight with corrupted authority?

    First you need to file a RTI application to obtain a copy of all the permissions and plans and it is these documents which helps one to understand whether the said construction is legal or illegal, else these are all assumptions. You have to approach the Municipality and it is their responsibility to remove the encroachments, if any, and it is not the responsibility of the police department to remove the encroachments. The responsibility of the police department is to provide protection to the employees and officials of a Municipality whenever it sought by them for the purpose of removing encroachments or any other such purpose.
  12. Kindly do not complicate simple matters. If you are filing first appeal address it to a First Appellate Authority. As far as first appeal filing fees are concerned it varies from state to state and center, depending upon their respective RTI Rules. Therefore, it depends upon, in which state you are filing your first appeal.
  13. Can Rti fight with corrupted authority?

    You see, these are all assumptions, where are the documents to prove what you say, how do you know they have only 30 square yards and not 100 square yards? Where are the documents, have you seen the permissions granted to them by MCD?
  14. Can Rti fight with corrupted authority?

    Can you tell us as to how do you know that the construction is unauthorized?
  15. Please read the blog on the following link: Kindly do not worry about what information can be asked for or not at the stage of filing RTI application

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