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  1. Petrol pump cheats while fueling our vehicle

    The State "Legal Metrology Department" is responsible to control MRP of Packages Sold in the stores and Fuel station dispensing pumps calibration/re-calibration every year. Inspectors/Assistant Controllers visit every year to each of the Fuel Stations and check dispensing quantity/volume from each of the pumps and see if dispensed volume is within prescribed tolerance. Only after this they issue certificate to Fuel Pumps to be used. If you suspect the quantity/volume is not correct, write email or contact your jurisdictional Legal Metrology Department head-office so that they take stringent action on errant pump stations. For Karnataka, you could contact http://www.legalmetrology.kar.nic.in/email_contacts.html You could also seek, verification-certificate of that particular pump station from this department under RTI so as to ascertain the verification point of view.
  2. 2nd Appeal - with CIC

    SIr, This is the first time I have submitted 2nd Appeal to CIC-Delhi on RTI Application. Now, after submission of 2nd appeal, abefore the date of hearing, is it required to send written arguments to CIC as well as CPIO/FAA before hearing date.? (As per CauseList Intimation) Or should I submit all the supporting documents and written arguments at the time of hearing? which I prefer. In the 2nd Appeal, I forgot to ask for personal hearing to be allowed. Can I submit addendum to the appeal applications requesting for personal hearing to be made where I shall submit my oral arguments or personal hearing arranged irrespective of request thru appeal Thanks.
  3. No information from PIO even after 35 days ....

    Within 30days from the expiry of RTI Application period of 30 days (to receive response from PIO) you could file any time FA. Since you are looking for very old documents (if any), check with PIO atleast 2-3 times in regular period before filing FA as it's understandable that tracing those older documents will be much difficult task. If it's a regular documents information requested, I would not wait to file FA after expiry of 35days from the date of RTI Application. However you take a call to wait or not depending on the case. Thx.
  4. RTI for inspection of records

    It would be very difficult even to get hold of 30-40 years of old recording of death dates in any of the local body registers or sort of and may have to spend huge time and end results would be still unknown. Suggestion that visit any advocate and seek his advice. You may have some legal remedy to get the Death Certificate from local body by going thru court procedure (roughly takes about 30 days) by filing affidavit with family tree certificate. ( I know that we could get Birth Certificate from local body if it was not registered earlier by going thru court procedure even after 20-30 years). Same may be available for death certificate also. Thx.
  5. No information from PIO even after 35 days ....

    As Prasad sir said u could file FA, OR, just in-case if you happen to be in the same area within driving distance, just take a visit to PIO check with him about the status of your application. This would speed-up the response avoiding additional postal, hearing, another 30 days, etc... Even if you have PIO phone number just you can check with him if it is not in the local distance. Many a time, as several authority (CIC/COurts) stated the less number of staff are the reason for delay in addressing the issues who have to manage their regular duty as well as RTI. Some time these PIO/FAA would have forgotten the application itself due to their other work-load. In several of my cases, after 30days of time I visited personally to PIO office and inquired about the status of the Application. In One case, PIO did not have knowledge about the application itself as it was filed and kept in the locker as it was very busy office all the time. (Sub-Registrar). After my visit, he asked me to wait for 1 hour and prepared all documents and gave me also. I was given a letter also along with Information stating the information of 20 Pages supplied free of charge and it was provided after due date. With this I could avoid additional postal charges for both for me and for Govt Dept. and wait period of 30 days etc... In onother case where I was searching for Society registration deed which was registered in year 1965. As we know from 1965 to till date many changes have occurred and office buildings have changed etc... in which PIO could not trace the document. I visited twice after 30days of RTI application. However, they expressed their inability to find the documents explaining to me about how many buildings changed since 1965 etc... which I could understand and asked me to help search documents in their store. I spent 2-3 hours of time searching and found the Registration Certificate of the Society of 1965. I informed to PIO Society Registration Certificate Copy is enough as Deed was not traceable. Finally the taken the copy and they have attested the copy and delivered to me on the same day.. Yes. In several cases some or other delay might occur and just by visit or call we will come to know the reason so accordingly take steps as required at that point. Thx.
  6. 20yrs old information

    I had similar case earlier where I was trying to get the complete transaction history from 1975 to 2012 of a particular property (supposed to be inherited) without success. Yes. it's difficult and takes longer time if I go thru appeals etc... and explanation of LPI etc.... My first interest was to get hold of all transaction documents. I visited property, noted down survey number of the property and adjacent survey numbers and owners name. I submitted application in prescribed format to sub-register of that area for EC (Encumbrance Certificate) from 1970 to till date. I had received complete details about the property transaction till it was split into multiple pieces (how the property changed hands). In the EC particular transaction shall have Document Number in which it would be recorded. Now apply for certified copy of that document number or all documents numbers in the EC. Now I have complete details of the Property documents and certified. Entire process took just over an month and I had to visit 2-3 times to SRO with fees to be paid. This is in rural Bangalore. We were fine with this and it was easier. I'm not sure if the same procedure is followed in Delhi SRO. In General, POA document registration details will not be part of EC. However their is another index by name Book-IV in which POA registration shall be recorded. Need to ask specifically all these so that other POA also will be included in the EC. Thx.
  7. Appeal and Second Appeal

    Thanks sir Prasad, Sunil. These discussions really helps me prepare my appeal with much stronger points.
  8. One application for one subject

    It is my experience is "YES". I have submitted one RTI with multiple subjects like one for 1>Receipts Copy, 2>Attendance Sheet Copy & 3>Inward Register Copy of a particular office. They have provided only 1st Point information that is Receipt Copy. For other 2, I was asked to file 2 separate RTI. I was fine with this as I received information that I wanted. Even in-case of Govt Employee details also, one RTI application for One Employee details. Thanks.
  9. Appeal and Second Appeal

    SIr Still trying to understand the interpretation of Section 11. As per Section 11, 1: "......Intends to Disclose any information or record,.................within five days from the receipt of the request,......" Section 11, 2 : ".....the third party shall, within ten days from the date of receipt of receipt of such notice, be given the opportunity to make representation against the proposed disclosure." Accordingly, the Section 11, time limitation of sending notice to third party within 5 days for proposed disclosure and the third party to respond to notice within 10 days is applicable only during the RTI Application period/stage?. And at the later stage FAA or IC decides to disclose information the Section 11 procedure followed however their is no time-limitation? Ref: CIC/MOEAF/A/2016/301949 Dt. 28/2/2017 Does this mean, upon decision / order of FAA or IC, CPIO could follow section 11 procedure to disclose information. However, in my case, after 15 days of receipt of Appeal by FAA, even before FAA decision/order on the subject matter, CPIO sends notice twice (one thru post and after 9 days follow-up notice thru email. Question is why twice notice? is their a interest). And response of the3rd party also submitted to FAA along with his written arguments. Events of these kind seems suspicion. Thanks,
  10. Attendance Sheet (For particular Month/Year) of particular Govt Employee can be sought under RTI. This would have leave/absent/OD information also. I have obtained this on few occasions. Thx.
  11. Appeal and Second Appeal

    Yes sir. My doubt is who can invoke Section 11- seeking 3rd party objection. Is it CPIO during the RTI stage or FAA during First Appeal stage. From the bare reading of the Section 11 that ".......... the Central Public Information Officer or State Public Information Officer, as the case may be, shall, within five days from the receipt of the request, give a written notice to such third party of the request and of the fact that the Central Public Information Officer or State Public Information Officer, as the case may be, intends to disclose the information or record, or part thereof, and invite the third party to make a submission in writing or orally, regarding whether the information should be disclosed, and such submission of the third party shall be kept in view while taking a decision about disclosure of information:" In this case, Section 11 procedure is invoked by CPIO during the First Appeal stage. Trying to understand the logical. Thanks
  12. Appeal and Second Appeal

    thanks for the suggestions and links sir. I shall submit the 2nd Appeal accordingly. I also find that some lapse in the disposal of RTI and it's Appeal. While RTI reply, Section 11 was not cited whereas in FAA decision Section 11 cited. Also CPIO in his written arguments to FAA, he has also cited Section 11 and Section 8(1)(a) under which he sought the appeal dismissal.Whereas, FAA decision is based on section 8(1)(d) and Section 11. Is this valid? How should we consider this. Thanks -
  13. Appeal and Second Appeal

    I received FAA reply and all of the requested information's were rejected under section 8(1)(d) and Section 11. I have submitted written arguments and "public interest" statement which was not considered at all. In the Written Arguments, I have also quoted earlier CIC decisions of CIC/SG/A/2010/002005/9219 Dt. 03/09/2010, CIC/SS/A/2012/003207 Dt. 29/08/2013, CIC/BJ/A/2016/000158 Dt. 26/10/2016, CIC/SS/A/2013/002489 Dt. 25/04/2014 To my RTI application, CPIO rejected all of my points under section 7(9), 8(1)(a) and 8(1)(d). Whereas FAA upheld the decision of CPIO and rejected all requested information under section 8(1)(d) and Section 11. Infact, 3rd Party submitted misleading information to CPIO/FAA stating case is "on-going litigation" which factually not. I would seek advice on this to move ahead. Should I upload reply of FAA for further direction or email. Thanks.
  14. Appeal and Second Appeal

    Sir, After denial of RTI Information by CPIO, I appealed to FAA. Now it's 40 days since the receipt of appeal by FAA. On March 15, first appeal hearing was held and I submitted my written arguments by way of post to reach FAA before March 15. It's about 15 days since the first appeal hearing took place and no response yet. However, I understand that FAA has intimated to 3rd Party (tender awardee) about my first appeal and the statements that I made as far as how the required information is concerned to larger public interest. Since it's been more than 40 days, should I move with 2nd Appeal to CIC stating that no response received from FAA. Or should I follow-up with FAA checking the status of the appeal and requesting to expedite earliest. Please let me know how to move on this. Thanks-
  15. very recently I had similar situation where I wanted complete society registration, amendments, annual meetings, passage of certain rules, etc... of particular society in which I'm not a member for which they denied information under RTI. However, I submitted RTI application to Societies of Registration Department under Govt.Of.Karnataka where every details of society maintained and I could get all details certified by Govt Dept which helped my case to present. Thx.

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