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  1. I was one among ex-servicemen who appeared for interview in Punjab National Bank recruitment 2011 for Clerk Cadre. On final selection it is known that out of total vacancies (600 in Punjab), 60 were reserved for ex-servicemen and final recruitment of only 12 ex-servicemen is done whereas more than 200 ex servicemen appeared for the interview. Is there anyone who know why less absorption of ex-servicemen is done by Punjab National Bank. Is a bank authorised to use the vacancies of one quota for others? What can be done to have proper solution?
  2. jagdishsarda

    Can i ask for RTI Against SBI

    i am a stockbroker, my company has a SBI Power Jyoti Account at SBI Mumbai. This Account allows the company to deposit any local cheque to any SBI branch all over India. & SBI credits the money to my Company's account. I went to deposited the cheques but before that I went to the staff & asked her which slip/ challan to use for Power Jyoti account (as I was using this service for fist time), she replied blue. Accordingly I filled the details of the 4 (four) cheques & submitted for local clearing from my client accounts on 14-11-11, those all were cleared by CBI, Loni on 15-11-11. On 16-11-11 I went to SBI as the amount was not credited to my company’s account, there was another madam (Accountant) sitting besides the previous one. She immediately started saying that the challan I used was the wrong one so they could not post the entry & thus she asked me to get the Power jyoti account deposit challan/slip which was not with the bank so I had to get it from other stock broker of same company. I printed it & submitted once again (the cheques were already cleared). She (being an SBI employee) started shouting on me that I should have learned complete knowledge of the service provided by SBI. She asked me to wait outside for a while & then asked to leave as it would take little time. Following their saying I went but it was not done, I had to go to bank next day again (17-11-11) this time it was manager along with the previous madam. When requested to intervene he said there some difficulties regarding posting as they all were new to this service. I thus gave one SBI branch number & asked the person over there to guide them. After the call ended there was no clarity on what was the exact problem. Meantime my clients were daily harassing & asking me the reason for such a delay. Thus I personally requested to the manager to kindly revert the payment so that I can get the NEFT done from my clients account. So he assured me that he will keep the DD ready by next morning before 11.00 am (No more delay will be done that’s my guarantee) believing him I left. The next morning (18-11-11) I went & found the Accountant madam again in front of me. She said that option discussed earlier with the manager is not possible & they will credit the amount to company’s account by today, so I met the manager & he too told me that the Account Madam has spoke to someone (higher authority) & now they will be able to post the entry. I requested them to do it immediately as it was already too late, but the madam refused to do it & started saying that she has nothing to do with my request as I am nobody to the bank & she will be doing for my company (as it’s a valued customer for SBI). She asked me to leave & revisit at around 4.30-5.00 pm. Again as per instruction I went the previous madam told that the amount has been transferred to Mumbai Branch & there role is finish. Next day was Saturday I assumed that even if the Mumbai branch credits the amount due to market closing day on Saturday & Sunday may be my clients operate on said amount by Monday morning. But again on Monday morning story was no different & my clients were not credited the amount on there trading account. So I first tried & communicated the company assuming the bank has completed the work. But found that the amount was not credited to company itself. I again went to SBI Madam Accountant was least interested to speak to me, I eventually understood that so met the manager again, this time he called to head office & tried to know the reason for such delay. He assured me again that he will personally look into the matter & talk to the concerned person over phone as soon as he gets his name & number. I went again in the noon around 4.00pm & met directly to manager. He said ‘I have talked with the person & is sure that this will be done today before bank closing. This all happened on Monday dated 21-11-11. Again same result on Tuesday morning I called the company & asked them to intervene, thus they asked me to get the transaction/reference ID from the bank. So I went to bank & found that both Manager & Previous lady were not in office, when asked about their wherein. Reply was out of station. So I had no alternate other than to meet the accountant. I once requested her & told I have no interest in disturbing her. I asked her to give the ID if the Transaction was really done. She denied by saying no such ID is not generated under ‘IBT’ & thus cannot be given. so I requested to check the status of the transaction, she again refused to do it immediately & said the concern madam were on leave so come tomorrow, now it was really irritating for me but even then I politely tried to explain my problem & implication of such delay but by now She started giving me the lessons how to speak? & what to speak (just like a primary teacher). After sometime she called her subordinate & ask to call the concerned madam. Also signaled me to go out & wait. After sometime I heard from her ‘ask him to come later’ & tried to show as if they all were very busy only was the one without any work. After 20 mins. of delay the person came out & asked me to come by 4.00pm as there was less staff. I requested to him also to provide the transaction id but he denied to give it as it was internal & couldnot be disclosed with outsiders. I found my requests to be useless in front of him. I called the manager on his mobile & updated him about happenings in the bank in his absence. He heard everything & assured me again that he is already in the head office & will talk to about the matter to concerned person on top priority. He also told me that he will call me around 5.00pm. but neither deed he call nor was my problem solved. In mean time I wrote mail to SBI head office. They reply mail in form of cc asking bank manager to see in the matter. 23-11-11 morning I received that mail. Whole day was passed & at 5.12pm there came one more assurance that it will be done by today itself. Kindly help me in lodging complain to SBI at proper Stage, Banking Ombudsman, Local branch, RTI for delay, Ill Treatment, compensation, accountability of the Accountant towards her duties & so on….
  3. :cool:Respected sir, my father purchased a house in 2006. now in 2011 a bank claimed that it is mortgaged to them and the loan amount is around seven lakhs. he wanted the bank to show the sale deed of the house deposited with them as also the particulars of the loan amount of the borrower who sold the house to him. my father is in possession of the mother sale deed but the bank claims the same to be with them. the bank did not show the deed to my father. so he sought information regarding the mother deed and particulars of bank loan account of the borrower under rti act. they refused the information citing section 13(1) of banking companies acquisition and transfer of undertaking act 1970 read with section 8(1)j of rti act. is the information regarding the mother sale deed and statement of account of the borrower denied by the bank is legal under the rti act? also ,can such information be denied to parliament/state legislature. kindly guide him as to the appropriate steps and remedial measures to be taken by him. please help. thank you.
  4. Banking Sector in India have been divided into Public Sector, Private Sector, Foreign Sector and Co-operative Sector. Gives complete information about all banking sectors. External link unrelated to RTI Act removed
  5. I am attaching here with decision of CIC in appeal against working of private banks and how they fix their service charges. 1. Reserve Bank of India accepted that it regulates HDFC Bank Ltd in terms of the provisions of Banking Regulation Act, 1949 and Reserve Bank of India Act, All banks have to adhere to the guidelines and rules framed by Reserve Bank of India. 1934. But it didnot provide specific rules. 2. On fixing /levying of service charges: RBI furnished that In terms of extant guidelines issued by RBI,, With effect from September, 1999 banks have been given freedom to fix service charges for various types of services rendered by them. Further, in terms of paragraph 6.2 and Annex I of the Master Circular dated July 1, 2009 on Customer Service , banks have been advised that they should make basic banking services available at reasonable prices I charges to customers. While fixing service charges, banks should ensure that the charges are reasonable and not out of line with the average cost of providing these services. 3. On my query how many times in last 5 years HDFC Bank has sought approval.....for levying service charges...... RBI first gave no reply but on the order of CIC, now RBI confirmed that HDFC Bank has not sought approval even a single time on fixing service charges in last 5 years. This is an intersting case for forum. Members please throw some light, as to how we may take this public cause to a logical end. Private banks are fixing service charges arbitrarily and sleeping controller/ watchdog RBI, supporting illegality committed by RBI by keeping mum.Ultimate looser is public who is paying unjustified arbitrary service charges. scan0001.pdf CIC_SM_A_2011_001218_SG_15034_M_68098.pdf
  6. I worked in Allahabad Bank from June 7, 2010 to July 13, 2010 as Bank PO. I submitted my resignation on July 13, 2010. And it was accepted by bank in December, 2010. However i was not paid the salary of 12 days from July 1-12, 2010 at that time and was told that i will get a DD in my favor to my permanant address once my resignation is accepted. I sent a letter regarding the same to the Zonal Head of the branch where i was posted and also sent a mail regarding the same. But till date i have not received any response. My query is i want to file a RTI application to know the status of the same. Can i do it? and if Yes, How? What would be the content of the appliaction as it is pertaining to abank regarding pending salary. Please Help.
  7. Guest

    Online voter id registration

    Voter ID card is the most necessary identity proof that we need every time. But there is a rule for a Vote ID card holder. If you are 18 years old then you can apply for Voter ID card. After getting a Voter ID card you are able to vote. The Voter ID card can be used as your identity proof at any where. Now you can register voter ID card online. The online voter ID card registration details available at free-download-blog.com.
  8. Dear Members, I am lady student pursuing my Masters in Engineering from an AICTE and Pune university affiliated institute in Pune. I had applied for education loan from SBI at my native place before one and half months. After discussion with the bank officer we made my father-in-law as co-applicant (he is a govt. servant) as my husband has started a business recently so collecting all income proofs would have been a problem. We had also provided a guarantor with all necessary documents. However after a month the application was returned from District headquarter of the bank stating that 'Father-in-law as a co-applicant is not valid'. Due to delay in their reply, we missed the opportunities to apply any other bank. Please let me know 1. if there is any such rule/norms/Guidelines, can can I file RTI in this matter. 2. If yes, then can any action be taken against the bank office who accepted our application. 3. Can we held them accountable for delay in replying as Education has to be treated on priority. Kindly help me in framing a RTI for above at earliest as every passing day is precious and I might not be able to apply anywhere if this gets delayed. I look forward for your reply.
  9. One of retired employees of a public sector bank received less gratuity and commutation amount of pension due to error in calculation at head office of the bank. He represented the matter in Jan & Feb 2011. Retired employees’ Association also followed up with the bank. The bank was silent without any action or reply. My help was sought for RTI by Association. I guided entire process of RTI from April 2011 to efiling of Second appeal on 18-09-2011. Copy of second appeal was emailed to CPIO, deemed CPIO and FAA at Head Office of the Bank. I am informed on 02-10-2011 that the employee has got Rs.60000/- as short paid gratuity and difference of commutation is also paid to him. At least a dozen retired employees in this area have got their problems solved with the Bank through RTI in last one year. RTI does work
  10. I had asked for marks obtained by all candidates who appeared for a test conducted by Institute of Banking Personnel Selection on 22/06/2003 for the post of Asstt. Manager (System) on 19/9/2008. But till today i.e. 23/11/08 no reply is received. I have posted one reminder also. Previously, I had asked information from IBPS in same manner. The letter was simply forwarded by them to the organisation for which it was conducted. I want the information from the IBPS only why shall I approach others when the IBPS is conducting the Tests and declaring the results.
  11. Hello, Background: After getting CBS cheques, we stopped using firm's (partnership firm) rubber stamp on it as it is already pre-printed with "for Company Name". One of the cheques bounced with reason 'signature incomplete'. After confirming with Bank I was told that the firm's rubber stamp was missing. The firm must have issued more than 10 cheques with no rubber stamp and only one bounced. From what I guess, rules should be same at every clearing branch at least in a state (Jharkhand). So I wrote a RTI application to CPIO, Bank of India asking the following information. 1. For a partnership firm is it mandatory to put firm’s rubber stamp on CBS cheques issued by the bank which already has “for Company Name” pre-printed on it. 2. If your answer to question no. 1 is yes. Kindly provide me the copy of official rules/notifications on the above matter. 3. How does the bank handle CBS cheques under clearing with pre-printed “for Company Name” and without firm’s rubber stamp on it? 4. Does your bank reserve discriminatory power on whether such cheques (as mentioned above) will be cleared or not. If yes then let me know the criteria & context related to CBS cheques on which your bank takes such action. 5. Is the rule for handling CBS cheques (as above) same all over Jharkhand or it differs with different branches/clearing houses. *********************** CPIO did reply with the following: It is observed that the point raised by you is only a query and not information as defined under Sec.2 of RTI Act and as such outside the purview of RTI Act. However as per practice of the bank, rubber stamp of the firm is required on the cheque. ****************** The CPIO did confirm that rubber stamp is required. But how come the rest of the cheques passed and cleared leaving one to bounce. Could you point the mistakes I made while framing the questions. How else could I have asked the above information. Thank You.
  12. Dear Sir, I sent an RTI application by registered post to Bank of Hyderabad addressing to " Central Assistant Public Information Officer, C/o Branch Manager, .......", now my letter has been returned by the post with a remark saying that " mentioned post is not available in the mentioned branch ". But as per the Bank's website every branch manager is assigned as CAPIO for the purpose of act and he will have to receive and forward the application to respective CPIO. Now, shall I complain this to CCIC ? I request learned members to help me locating the Central CIC and his office address applicable to this particular case.
  13. In reply to an RTI application of my friend, a public sector bank has replied that exam was conducted by above institute and it cannot access information regarding recruitment process. As per website http://www.ibps.in above Institute is an autonomous body; registered as a Public Trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950; a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Majority of members of governing body of institute are Chairmen of various public sector banks. This institute conducts recruitment exams for all public sector and majority of private sector banks. The website does not contain RTI link and mostly it presumes that it is not a public authority. If this is true, then entire recruitment process of public sector banks will be out of bound of RTI [like CBI did recently] and there could be more recruitment scams [like railways which was unearthed two years back at Mumbai]. At my request my friend is filing RTI application with above institute. Let us see what transpires. However, our learned members may kindly comment after visiting website of the Institute.
  14. Hello community, my father in law closed down his private locker business. When he closed down the biz, he ensured that there were 2 public witness when the unclaimed lockers were opened and contents were itemised and now stored in a bank locker. There was one locker in which money was found but the owner had passed away. Her daughters are in US and refusing to come to claim the contents. Now my father in law has passed away and I want to close this open issue. Is there any set legal way for me to close this issue by getting this money off my hand.
  15. I have been cheated through phising of axis bank account last year. I am harrassed and not cooperated by the bank to recover money. I want my cheated rs 58000/ to be recovered with interest for the last 16 months
  16. Kothakota Ashalata Prabha

    Ms kothakota ashalata prabhakar

    Hello To Net Users, I just joined the website. I am a senior state bank of hyderabad employee. Right now, I am placed under suspension though I am not guilty of any charges framed against me by corrupt and fraudulent staff. In fact, it is the erroneous calculation done by the Office Administration Department staff of the SBH Head Office Gunfoundry, Hyderabad and the irregularity committed in the calculation of the increment due to me and the LOP from 2002 to 2006. In order to cover up their errors and fraudulent calculation, the staff have cooked up fake and flimsy charges against me. I am desperately trying to seek justice to punish the corrupt and the evil doers, but in vain. I am not disheartened in my endeavor and I shall continue to strive till I am justified either by hook or crook ways. My mother and aunts used to say, Diamonds cuts diamonds. Or else tit for tat.
  17. sidmis

    UBI opens up its accounts

    UBI opens up its accounts as reported by Tarun Toswami in The Statesman, KOLKATA, 19 June 2010 Can a nationalised bank furnish bank account details and balances to an applicant under the Right to Information Act? Yes, it would seem from the conduct of city-headquartered United Bank of India. The bank disclosed account details and balances to the wife of a senior state government officer who had a dispute with her brother, and wanted information about the accounts he and his wife held with their late mother. UBI did so without so much as a by-your-leave from the principal holders in the accounts with clear “either or survivor” operational instructions. The RTI Act states that information not having any relation to public activity or interest, or which would cause unwarranted invasion of privacy cannot be disclosed unless the appellate authority is satisfied that a larger public interest justifies such disclosure. UBI’s own note on the RTI Act says, “We have our obligation of secrecy and we have to maintain the Customer’s Right to Privacy for which we are unable to disclose information about the affairs of our customers.” But none of this mattered in this case. The application under the RTI Act was made to UBI by Mrs. Srilekha Raha, wife of Mr. Atanu Raha, principal chief conservator of forests, West Bengal. She sought details of savings bank, fixed deposit and term deposit accounts held by her mother, late Khela Ghosh “singly or jointly with others” at the bank’s Mayukh Bhaban branch. Disposing of the application by his order dated 20 October 2008, the Public Information Officer of UBI gave out details of (a) two accounts held by Mr. Dipankar Ghosh (1st holder) and Mrs. Khela Ghosh (2nd holder) with either or survivor operational instructions; (b) one Term Deposit account held jointly by the same holders with the same operational instructions, and © four Term deposit accounts held by Indrani Ghosh (1st holder) and Khela Ghosh (2nd holder) with either or survivor instructions. It also furnished details and balances of two savings bank accounts, held by Dipankar Ghosh and Khela Ghosh and Indrani Ghosh and Khela Ghosh respectively. Finally, it furnished details and balances of two fixed deposit accounts in the names of Indrani Ghosh and Khela Ghosh with either or survivor instructions. Not satisfied with this response, Mrs Raha wrote to the Executive Director of the bank on 29 October 2008 seeking balances in each of the accounts. She also sought details of any accounts held by Khela Ghosh with a Sriparna Chowdhury. Within 20 days, that is on 18 November 2008, the Executive Director of the bank, as the designated appellate authority, ordered that all information on account balances be supplied to Mrs. Raha. And within three days, on 21 November 2008, the bank furnished the account balances to Mrs. Raha. However, the bank refused to supply the fresh information sought in her appeal. Mrs. Raha preferred an appeal to the Central Information Commission which by its order of 15 February 2010 asked the bank to “furnish information relating to the existence of any account in the name of late Khela Ghosh and Sriparna Chowdhury”, and this information was supplied to her on 9 March. A furious Mr. Dipankar Ghosh says, “In a family dispute, my estranged sister used RTI to obtain all information of bank accounts which I and my wife maintained with my deceased mother in order to harass me.” He said the Act had been misused by people in power in connivance with a bank which had either been gullible, or had buckled under pressure to willfully misinterpret the RTI Act. On 27 May, The Statesman sent a 12-point questionnaire to Mr. Bhaskar Sen, Chairman and Managing Director of UBI. Specifically, Mr. Sen was asked if the bank had sought consent of the principal holders of the accounts before disclosing sensitive account information; whether the Bank had followed its own Code of Conduct and the provisions of the RTI Act in doing so; whether the bank had spelt out the larger public interest that justified disclosure of individual bank accounts and their balances; whether the bank routinely gave out such details to RTI applicants; in how many cases had UBI given such balance details to RTI applicants, and whether in his view the bank was party to gross abuse of provisions of RTI in Mrs. Raha’s case. On 11 June, UBI’s legal department sent a brief reply to us. Most of the questions we had posed on the bank’s conduct were unanswered. The bank confirmed that Mrs. Raha, claiming to be the daughter of late Khela Ghosh, and enclosing documents to establish this, had sought information from the bank. UBI said: “Considering the fact that Smt. Srilekha Raha is the daughter of the deceased, late Khela Ghosh, on the basis of documents forwarded to the Bank, certain information relating to the deposit accounts of late Khela Ghosh were furnished by Principal Public Information Officer and certain information were furnished by PPIO on receipt of specific direction from the Appellate Authority.” Source : UBI opens up its accounts
  18. I attach decision No. CIC/SM/A/2010/001381/SS dated 26-05-2011 wherein IC has decided as under: "The Commission is of the view that information regarding the irregularities, frauds and financial losses in the bank cannot be denied to the information seeker under any of the provisions of the RTI Act. However, the inspection reports containing personal information may be severed by the severability clause u/s 10 of the RTI Act." This can be applied to other public authorities also. AUDIT REPORT.pdf
  19. Dear RTI admin !! My name is aman i am from faridabad i am facing problem due to credit card of HDFC Bank, What the matter is? I have used credit card of HDFC Bank in the last year 2010 but due to some of my personal problem i was not able to use of that card and was not able to pay amount of Rs 9000 approx. in the last year one of bank executive from rajouri garden new delhi had visited my place for the payment purpose on that time i spoke to his manager from collection team at rajouri garden that time i asked him for settle down my total amount and FNF for my credit card but that person said have to pay only 5000 rs for settlement and i have to pay 1500 Rs now and rest of amount in 3 EMI's which i have to pay. I said Ok What I Did I write one application on one paper same matter i write on that paper after that i asked to sign that paper to executive and i already mentioned executive name and phone number with signatures and ID Card number on that paper Now bank executive who had called up on my number said i have to pay entire amount kindly suggest me what i have to do now??
  20. During my one RTI on ATM issue asking details on action taken on RBI Circular dt. 17/7/2009 on "Failed Transactions" I was informed no separate file made on the subject issue. The Record Act says, (1) "file" means a collection of papers relating to the public records on a specific subject-matter consisting of correspondence, notes and appendix there to and assigned with a file number; (2) "standing guard file" means a compilation of papers on a particular subject-matter consisting of copies of policy decision, orders, instructions or any another matter incidental thereto arranged in a chronological order; In this case Bank also states: 1. Kindly note that the said RBI circular contains the guidelines to be followed by the Banks and based on the same our Bank has issued a circuIar to all Branches/Zones and there is no separate file or margin note on it. 2. The details of guidelines / instructions to be followed by the Bank are given in the said RBI circular dated l7/07/2009 and Bank is guided by those instructions. 3. It is informed that Bank has reproduced the provisions of the said RBI circular dated 17.07.2009 to all its branches and Zonal Office vide circular dated 29.08.2009 All this is generated from this circular and hence this becomes part and parcel of "That" subject i.e. "ATM". Then how Bank can say there is no separate file? Even the report sent to RBI based on this circular or instructions becomes the part and parcel of this file. Day to day progress and movement report margin notes on application was asked and the reply is "This contains no Information" as per S.2 of the Act! In this case how to determine if the statement made by Public Authority is correct. Feed back is requested as this will be useful for Second Appeal/Complaint. Does this means "Record Act" is not followed in Banks?
  21. sir my brother has mortgaged a land to PNB I am also a share holder in this said land When i asked my brother to share the papers of loan he refused the title deed of land is in his possession do I have right to get details about mortgage and copy of title deed from bank kindly guide me
  22. Praveen Morchhale

    Bank OTS with customer

    Does Bank's One Time Settlement information with customer for loan settlement come under RTI ? Any latest court decision on this subject..Please inform.
  23. As reported by C Unnikrishnan at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 21 September 2009 MUMBAI: Although a Union finance minister had once described the rising non- performing assets (NPA) of nationalised banks as a loot, public sector banks are unwilling to divulge the names of those who have defaulted on huge loans. None of the 25 public sector banks who were asked to name big defaulters under the Right to Information did so. Sixteen of these banks merely gave figures of the outstandings while nine refused to even reply. According to information provided under RTI, the banks have written off over Rs 15,000 crore in the period 2003-2008. The banks reasoned that furnishing the names is not in public interest and is an invasion into the privacy of borrowers. The RTI application was filed by Borivili resident Richie Shoaib Sequeira on the directions of the Bombay high court. On Thursday, chief justice Swatanter Kumar and Ajay Khanwilkar, while hearing his PIL, directed that notices be issued to Union of India, RBI and other banks. The court also directed Sequeira to make the state crime investigation department a party to the PIL. The matter will come up for hearing on October 15. At the last hearing, the HC had asked Sequeira to invoke RTI or any other law to gather details from the banks. Sequeira had filed a PIL, saying there has been no strict vigil by the finance ministry and RBI while writing off loans by the banks and the Debts Recovery Tribunal (DRT) had failed to recover the debts. The RBI, finance ministry, law ministry and DRT have said that in their replies they have no records of the write-offs and one-time settlements between the borrowers and banks. The PIL also said that no rules have been framed by the finance ministry while writing off loans by the banks, which smacks of corruption. Some of the banks in their replies have said that the write-off is done in accordance with the guidelines framed by the board of directors. During a debate in the Lok Sabha in 2002, the then finance minister Jaswant Singh had described the NPA menace as a loot. The banks which refused to disclose details about the defaulters include SBI its associates, Union Bank, Bank of Baroda, Central Bank of India, Dena Bank, Andhra Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Syndicate Bank and Indian Overseas Bank. Banks like Corporation Bank, UCO Bank, BoI and Allahabad Bank refused to reply to the RTI questions. The banks mostly approach the DRT, attach assets under the Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act or go in for a one-time settlement to recover whatever dues they can. The DRT, set up for expeditious adjudication and recovery of debts owed to banks and financial institutions, recovered just 32% of the total outstanding amount in the period 2001-07. In the case of State Bank of Travancore, in the period 2003-2008, of the Rs 10,162 crore claimed by the bank, it has recovered only 15%. Another 50% of the claims is yet to be decided. In the one-time settlement, the bank has forgone another Rs 800 crore. Dena Bank has managed to recover only Rs 725 crore of the Rs 151,85 crore for the period 2003-2008. And the bank has foregone another Rs 950 crore as part of one-time settlement in the period 2006-2008. In the case of Oriental Bank of Commerce, the bank has foregone Rs 1353.5 crore in the last four years. Union Bank of India has recovered only Rs 3,261.5 crore of the Rs 7,623 crore in the period 2006-08. Source: Banks shy away from revealing big defaulters' names - Mumbai - City - NEWS - The Times of India
  24. My father bought equity share of State Bank of India during 1994. At that time State Bank of India send physical share certificate with only single name as "Name(s) of Holder(s)" i.e my fathers name. My father has passed away on April 2010. Before that my father gave me that share certificate of SBI (State Bank of India). After my father's death when I sent application to know procedure to change holder name to my name to Financial Service Agent , Datamatics Financial Services Ltd., Mumbai. Then Datamatics Financial Services Ltd. informed me that share is alloted jointly with other person. and due to typographical error, during IPO, another name has not been printed on the original certificate. IPO was distributed during 1994, but form 1994 to 2010 all communication from SBI was done only by MY FATHER'S NAME even on the dividend cheque. Each and every official documents shows that MY FATHER is the sole authority of that SBI Share. Now I want photocopy of physical records related to IPO and share allotment and other physical documents exist related to that share. And also want photocopy of physical document where signature and address of share holder(s) are present. Can any body advice me 1. how can I apply for the above under RTI Act.? 2. What will be the application format? 3. Name and address of THE CENTRAL PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER to whom I will send this application. Thanks in advance
  25. sushant_singhal

    Bank not providing information

    I had applied for credit card with HDFC bank and i got referance number on 22/11/2010. But i still haven't recieved the credit card. When i called at customer care of the bank they told me, my name is marked with CIBIL for non payment of other credit card. But i don't have any other credit card and this is the first time i have applied for it. When i asked them to tell me due to which other Bank's credit card account i have been listed in it, they refused to provide me the information. What should i do?
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