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  1. vivekjain_ca

    Bsnl poor service

    Dear Forum Members, I am very upset with the standard of service provided by the BSNL , Guwahati. Is there any process to file a complaint against the erring officers through RTI . Thanks
  2. Hi all, I filed an RTI as attached here, to the BSNL, New Delhi, which was forwarded to Pune finally. Now I received this absurd reply from the Pune office, asking me to visit their office with id proof and collect the information personally. I'm in Bangalore, so calling me to Solapur, instead of sending the information by post is outrageous. Can you please suggest what should I write for the 1st appeal? Or should I file a direct complaint to CIC u/s 18? Please suggest. rti-bsnl-reply.pdf RTI_BSNL_EPF_Compliance.pdf
  3. Lt Col Mahavir Singh,VSM

    Obtaining information from BSNL Jamnagar, Gujarat

    Dear Friends Please educate me on the following How much is the fee for seeking information from the office of the GM of BSNL, Jamnagar? What is the mode of payment of the above stated fee? I am
  4. I had sent two Express Telegrams (these days there is no option of sending ordinary Telegram) to CIC in New Delhi on 21 May 2009. Total expense for the 2 telegrams was Rs. 410.00 The telegrams were delivered on 26 May 2009 - after 5 days. I filed the attached RTI with BSNL and now the PIO has replied that what I have asked is not information as defined in Sec 2(f) and is only a "customer grievance" ! Please give some solid grounds for First Appeal. BSNL Telegram RTI.pdf BSNL - Not information and grievance redressal.pdf
  5. Hi Friends, My mother works in BSNL and recently when she was due for a promotion as a senior post fell vacant, the promotion was actually given to someone junior to her. My questions are: 1. Can seniority be overlooked in promotion in BSNL? 2. What help can i get using RTI? What questions should I be asking? 3. Is there a legal option available? If yes what is it? 4. Is is possible to get a stay on the promotion of the other person? From where? Thanks, Pawan
  6. As reported at punjabnews.org on 21 January 2010 PATIALA: Bha­ra­t S­a­ncha­r Ni­ga­m­ Li­m­i­te­d (BS­NL) t­o­p­ o­fficia­l­s ha­ve n­o­t­ d­ep­o­sit­ed­ t­heir l­a­n­d­l­in­e p­ho­n­e bil­l­s fo­r a­l­mo­st­ a­ d­eca­d­e, d­efa­ul­t­in­g­ o­n­ o­ver Rs 1.86 cro­re. T­hese o­fficia­l­s in­cl­ud­e g­en­era­l­ ma­n­a­g­ers, d­ep­ut­y g­en­era­l­ ma­n­a­g­ers, s­ub­ div­is­ion­al of­f­icers­ (S­DOs­) an­d jun­i­o­r­ t­e­l­e­co­m o­ffi­ce­r­s (JT­O­s). T­he­ de­faul­t­e­r­ l­i­st­ al­so­ has o­n­ i­t­ dr­i­v­e­r­s hi­r­e­d b­y t­he­ N­i­gam t­o­ fe­r­r­y st­aff. A 13-page­ r­e­po­r­t­ pr­o­cur­e­d un­de­r­ t­he­ R­T­I­ Act­ has b­r­o­ught­ o­ut­ t­he­se­ st­ar­t­l­i­n­g fact­s. T­he­ de­faul­t­e­r­s ar­e­ fr­o­m Seco­nd­a­ry­ Sw­itching­ A­rea­ (SSA­), Pati­ala an­d­ the recov­ery­ i­s­ agai­n­s­t res­i­d­en­ti­al lan­d­li­n­e telephon­e con­n­ecti­on­s­ i­n­s­talled­ at the res­i­d­en­ce of the d­efaulti­n­g offi­ci­als­ an­d­ workers­ pos­ted­ wi­thi­n­ the S­S­A The b­i­lls­ are pen­d­i­n­g for the peri­od­ from­ 2000 to 2009. I­t i­s­ perti­n­en­t to m­en­ti­on­ that the B­S­N­L’s­ i­n­form­ati­on­ offi­cer has­ held­ b­ack the n­am­es­ of m­os­t d­efaulters­ on­ the li­s­t. Pati­ala S­S­A cov­ers­ all of Pati­ala, N­ab­ha, Raj­pura, M­an­d­i­ Gob­i­n­d­garll, D­era B­as­s­i­, S­am­an­a, Patran­ an­d­ Fatehgarh S­ahi­b­, b­es­i­d­es­ other s­tati­on­s­. There are ten­ d­efaulters­ who owe the B­S­N­L m­ore than­ Rs­ 3 lakh agai­n­s­t pen­d­i­n­g b­i­lls­, four others­ who owe aroun­d­ Rs­ 2lakh, 32 exceed­i­n­g the Rs­ 1 lakh li­m­i­t, an­d­ a large chun­k of em­ploy­ees­ whos­e d­ues­ exceed­ Rs­ 50,000. A recen­t com­m­un­i­q­ue b­y­ the B­S­N­L Head­q­uarters­ has­ i­s­s­ued­ d­i­recti­on­s­ to s­taff an­d­ offi­cers­ for ti­m­ely­ pay­m­en­t of the b­i­lls­ an­d­ as­ per reports­, em­ploy­ees­ hav­e s­tarted­ cleari­n­g d­ue pay­m­en­ts­ i­n­ fi­xed­ peri­od­i­ci­ty­, b­ut a huge am­oun­t s­ti­ll s­tan­d­s­ agai­n­s­t offi­cers­ an­d­ s­taff. B­S­N­L offers­ i­ts­ offi­cers­ an­d­ em­ploy­ees­ – from­ Gen­eral M­an­ager to Ju­nio­r­ Acco­u­nts O­ffice­r­ (JAO­) an­­d­ even­­ cab­ d­r­iver­s – a fix­ed­ n­­u­mb­er­ of fr­ee calls d­epen­­d­in­­g on­­ th­e r­espective d­esign­­ation­­s, an­­d­ all calls ab­ove th­e pr­escr­ib­ed­ limit ar­e b­illed­ an­­d­ h­ave to b­e paid­ for­. In­­ case d­epar­tmen­­t officials fail to pay­ th­e d­u­es, th­en­­ th­e d­epar­tmen­­t is liab­le to d­ed­u­ct th­e same fr­om th­eir­ salar­ies on­­ a mon­­th­ly­ b­asis. B­u­t th­e d­epar­tmen­­t h­as, th­u­s far­, n­­ever­ mad­e an­­ attempt to r­ecover­ th­e pen­­d­in­­g d­u­es fr­om th­e salar­ies of its d­efau­ltin­­g officer­s. In­­ter­estin­­gly­, th­e B­SN­­L h­as issu­ed­ on­­ly­ on­­e n­­otice so far­, to a d­efau­lter­ for­ r­ecover­y­ of b­alan­­ce amou­n­­t wh­ich­ ex­ceed­ed­ R­s 1.5 lakh­. On­­ Septemb­er­ 20, 2007, Ch­ief Gen­­er­al Man­­ager­, Pu­n­­j­ab­ Telecom Cir­cle, at Ch­an­­d­igar­h­ asked­ R­akesh­ Ku­mar­, AD­ET posted­ at Patiala in­­ 2003, to pay­ u­p. Th­ou­gh­ officials, wh­en­­ con­­tacted­, claimed­ th­at th­e case was d­isposed­ of, b­u­t in­­for­mation­­ r­etr­ieved­ u­n­­d­er­ th­e R­TI r­evealed­ th­at in­­ th­e par­ticu­lar­ case, th­e d­epar­tmen­­t took n­­o action­­ for­ r­ecover­in­­g th­e pen­­d­in­­g b­ill fr­om th­e con­­cer­n­­ed­ official. B­SN­­L GM at Patiala, Mu­sad­d­i Lal, d­eclin­­ed­ to commen­­t on­­ th­e su­b­j­ect. GM (Fin­­an­­ce), Pu­n­­j­ab­ Cir­cle, P.C. Mah­ar­an­­ia, said­ h­e wou­ld­ in­­qu­ir­e at h­is level, su­b­sequ­en­­t to wh­ich­ appr­opr­iate action­­ wou­ld­ b­e in­­itiated­. “Also, it is impor­tan­­t to id­en­­tify­ th­e pu­r­pose for­ wh­ich­ th­e n­­u­mb­er­s wer­e u­tilized­,” h­e ad­d­ed­. Source: PATIALA NEWS: Unpaid Bills - Staff Owe BSNL Rs 1.86 Crore | Punjab News, Punjab News Paper, Punjab Latest News
  7. murdikar

    my RTI eperience...

    Hi, I am RTI activist from Maharashtra.At first I had sought information from Police on various issues related to National Security.For my surprise Police never denied any information,and due to their prompt replies I stunned and understood the immense potential of RTI act. Now a days I am busy in seeking information from Electricity and Telephone department.Unfortunately these Departments do not replied me in professional manner and also ignored my RTI request.So I am preparing to appeal the matter to appealing authority. But as far as RTI act is concerned it is revolutionary act and can break any sort of ICE which is impossible by tradition means. Thanks for running this online RTI Forum..... Will continue to share with forum the measure achievements.......... Vinay Joshi
  8. I had sent RTI quiries to BSNL, Chandigarh regarding non reimbursement of a medical claim i/r/o of a deceased BSNL Employee, which was forwarded by CPIO BSNL Chandigarh to CPIO, Pathankot. The CPIO Pathankot has sent me a reply in which he has enclosed lot of noting and communication, inter departmental regarding the said medical claim, which I had demanded. However, I had also asked them to give me a copy of acceptance of BSNL Medical Reimbursement Scheme by the said deceased and the CPIO has responded stating that "the record seems to have been misplaced when the office was shifted from old building to the new building" but since the said deceased was drawing a monthly allowance of Rs.200, it can be presumed that she had opted for BSNL Medical Reimbursement Scheme. Ok everyone What is your take on this reply? I want to elaborate a little about the case here so that you can understand the other issues in which they have not replied. The deceased, my sister-in-law, was a BSNL employee and she was suffering from heart ailment and the doctors had advised her to undergo a bypass surgery. As per the procedure, she had applied for the approval of CGM, BSNL and had got permission for treatment from Tagore Heart Institute and Medical Centre, Julundhar. She was basically stationed in Dhariwal, District Gurdaspur and she with her husband moved to Julundhar to undergo the treatment. She underwent the procedure and somehow could not recover in the post operative stage. The doctors attending on her had no clue what was wrong with her but her condition had become such that she could not breathe without ventilator and oxygen cylinder, 24/7. In the meanwhile when we sought to know if shifting her to DMC Ludhiana would be advisable, the doctors at Tagore Hospital immediately agreed stating that the facility at DMC, Ludhiana was far far better than theirs plus there were more specialists there and there was chances for her recovery there. Hence, she was shifted to DMC Ludhiana from Tagore Hospital in a high tech ambulance which was fitted with all life support system and she continued under treatment at DMC Ludhiana for about 2 weeks and finally expired. While shifting her from Julundhar to Ludhiana, her husband didn't know what the procedure was at BSNL regarding this shifting of hospital but since her health had become critical and she was in semi concious state and on lot of psychotropic drugs like Morphine etc, he took the decision to take her to DMC Ludhiana and sent a written communication to her immediate office at Pathankot. A month after her expiry he presented the claim for Rs. 1,60,000 odd rupees which he had spent at DMC Ludhiana enclosing all the relevant documents available with him, like the discharge slip from the hospital at Julundhar,Certificate of emergency from DMC Ludhiana,Detailed bills and the copy of initmation which he had sent etc., The case was rejected on the ground that Prior Approval of the CGM was not obtained for the said treatment at DMC Ludhiana. He sent in a communication clearly stating the whole incident with day to day account of what actually transpired and admitting the fact that he had not applied for approval of CGM, however he had sent a communication of her admission at DMC Ludhiana to his wifes office. Meanwhile I was trying the RTI route to get hold of information as the same was not coming in the straight line method. In my earlier RTI, I had raised several Questions in reply to which the CPIO Chandigarh had enclosed an order which outlined the BSNL Medical Reimbursement Scheme, para 8 of which stated that, " Prior approval of CGM is a must before getting admitted for any treatment in a referral hospital. However, in case of an emergency, soon after admission communicaiton must be sent to CGM for seeking his approval." Now according to me this statement was in favour of admission of my brother in laws' case. Hence in my second RTI 2 I had raised the following questions: 1. How Soon is soon enough as per para 8 of the said order? The patient hardly stayed in the hospital for about 2 weeks and soon after ex-post facto approval and settlement of claim was submitted. 2. On whom does the onus of intimation or seeking approval rests? (If it was a medical claim case of a member of the family of the BSNL employee, the BSNL employee can be held responsible for not giving initimation or getting approval within the prescribed time frame work. Here the case was different. The Patient,who happened to be the BSNL emploee, was in sub-conscious, critical condition, on ventilator and other life support system and was not even fully aware of her sorrounding while at DMC Ludhiana, How could she send a communication to her office or even advise her husband to do so.) Hence this Answer to this question is very critical while dealing with the case cause delay or non seeking of approval has become the basis for rejection of the case. If it can be proved beyond reasonable doubts that the employee herself was not in a state of physical or mental health to send in the communication, the said clause should applied liberally. 3. I had posed a question which might have seemed a bit irritating but very valid and it said, does the Department expect all the members of the family of a BSNL employee to know about the Rules and Procedures of the BSNL? cause it was the lack of knowledge on my brother in laws' part due to which he went ahead with the treatment to save his wife without realizing that one day the claim would be rejected on that ground of non seeking of approval. In all, I had sought information and copies of several orders and noting and communication plus the above three critical questions in reply to which the CPIO has stated and I quote: " Under Para 7(a) to 7(f) the information seeker has asked some questions/quiries which does not constitute as information under RTI Act 2005 and is beyond the scope of Section 2(f) of the ACT." I went through the Section 2 (f) of the RTI Act and it states " (f) "information" means any material in any form, including records, documents, memos, e-mails, opinions, advices, press releases, circulars, orders, logbooks,contracts, reports, papers, samples, models, data material held in any electronic form and information relating to any private body which can be accessed by a public authority under any other law for the time being in force;". I would like you all to give me your opinion regarding this cause I still feel the definition of the word "information" is very broad which also includes, opinions, advises etc. and my request for clarification of a rule comes under it. After all it is very crucial that someone has a reply to the questions raised by me cause first, the case has been rejected on the ground of non intimation/seeking approval of CGM soon after admission and the definition for the word "Soon" and the person who needs to apply for the said approval needs to be decided before the case is rejected. Also I want to share with you all an interesting para which I read in the RTI Guide and which I can quote in my counter reply. Para 5 (ii) states: A person makes an application to a public authority for information, only a part of which is available with that public authority and a part of the information concerns some 'another public authority.' In such a case, the Public lnformation Offtcer should supply the information concerning his public authority and a copy of the application should be sent to that another public authority under intimation to the applicant. If the said CPIO does not have the reply to my question regarding interpretation or elaboration of the rule, some other office must be having it, like their corporate office who happened to have framed the BSNL medical Reimbursement Scheme. The onus of forwarding the RTI regarding the relevant quiry lies with the CPIO BSNL Pathankot and he must do so. I think I have already put in a lot here and hope some of you can come up with a bright idea to counter this reply. Thank you. )) NAGARAJAN
  9. PANJIM, AUG 10 - Upset that that BSNL Internet consumers complaints are not attended to promptly, consumer activists have decided to take the matter seriously with the A K Desarkar, General Manager BSNL Goa Telecom District and Sujeet Kumar, Deputy General Manager BSNL (North), Mapusa. At the BSNL Open House Sessions held recently in Panjim and Mapusa the plight of BSNL Internet consumers was higlighted. The issues raised were the yet again change of email IDs from Sancharnet.in to Bsnl.in with no individual intimation via email of the same, the flooding of mailboxes with spam and shortage of Internet cards. While BSNL has recently has put in place a tie-up with all Bharat Gas Distributors of LPG cylinders to sell BSNL Sancharnet Internet Cards, it is interesting that these cards are not available in its very own Customer Service Centres (CSC’s), a customer complained. While in the Mapusa Customer Service Centre only 25 hours Internet Renewal Cards were available and 50 hours and 100 hours were out of stock. Earlier the same situation prevailed with regards to VCC cards not being available in the Customer Service Centres (CSCs) but were available with the franchise of BSNL. Consumer activists have decided to take up the issue at the forthcoming BSNL Telephone Adalat to be held in Mumbai and seek the support of GOACAN for this purpose. Consumer activists are also planning to use the Right To Information (RTI) to track down the movement of these cards and to find out the stock of cards available with franchises and the stock available with the Customer Service Centres (CSC’s). So as to investigate whether there is any plan to divert customers to franchises so that they stand to benefit on commissions at the cost of the inconvenience caused to the loyal BSNL customers, a press note issued by GOACAN said here. Activists to act tough on BSNL Internet complaints | oHERALDo
  10. karira

    Disturbed about dnd

    As reported by Ranjit Jadhavrao and Vidya Ranade in punemirror.in on 25 September 2009: Disturbed about dnd, News - Latest - Pune Mirror,Pune Mirror Disturbed about dnd Ranjit Jadhavrao, a graphic designer who also happens to be a Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) post paid mobile customer, wanted to block unwanted commercial calls. Even after registering his cell number with the National Do Not Call registry (NDNC), he still received unsolicited commercial communication (UCC) calls from banks and insurance companies. He was shocked that the authorites were unaware of how their own system worked. What’s worse is that they have been flouting many Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) guidelines, which are mandatory for any telecom service provider in India. He also realised that the BSNL did not have a separate provision or set-up to address Right to Information queries. He shares experience with the Mirror. In May 2008, he took up the issue seriously with BSNL officials and used the Right To Information Act (RTI) as a tool to uncover discrepancies in the system. Even though it has been fifteen months since he filed his application for the NDNC service, he hasn’t stopped receiving unwanted smses. However, the unwanted UCC calls have stopped. This is the result of his 15-month long battle with BSNL using the RTI. The private ‘do not call’ (PDNC) system was established by the TRAI on September 1, 2007. Ranjit filed an RTI application on August 12, 2009 requesting certified copies of internal indent, call for tenders, competitive quotations received from the registered offset printers, the purchase order raised on a selected printer and the delivery challan of the printer. In reply to this RTI, the DGM and CPIO R K Maheshwari, BSNL, Pune replied that none of the copies were available with the marketing section and no quotations were called for. They also said that forms were printed as per the tender! Further, flouting TRAI guidelines, when Jadhavrao asked if there was any pro-active rent or rebate offered to customers, the reply was that BSNL at that moment did not offer such pro-active rebates to its subscribers. This, despite the TRAI guidelines. BSNL flouts the rules The list of TRAI regulations that BSNL, Pune has chosen to ignore: As per the TRAI UCC regulation, every telecom service operator should set up a system of registering complaints and issuing docket numbers to customers regarding UCC at their call centres within 15 days of publishing this regulation in the Gazette of India, Extraordinary, (Part III Section 4). Even after a year and a half of issuing this order, BSNL, Pune’s call centre does not have such a facility. This is in serious derogation of Union of India’s Consumer Protection Laws and TRAI regulations. In reply, R K Maheshwari, DGM (IN-I) and CPIO, clearly states, “Non-compliances complaints cannot be registered at BSNL CellOne Customer Care No. 9422024365.” Even at the Nodal Officer level, BSNL has no system set up for issuing docket numbers to incoming complaints. They just receive a complaint letter and give acknowledgments on the duplicate copy of the same, if asked for. No docket number has been issued to me till date. BSNL, Pune does not have a pre-decided set of guidelines as to who should receive RTI applications. They just send their customers to any place relevant to the query. They do not check whether the officer has a proper setup to receive RTI requests (viz. a cash counter to receive RTI application fees, staff etc). I was directed to Shri R V Lad, SDE mobile, carrier Building, MHS Compound, Near Poona Club, to file my first appeal. There is no setup to receive cash fees for RTI nor staff for paperwork. After submitting my appeal there, a policy decision was taken on the same day (30.09.2008), that all RTI applications should be received at the New Administrative Building on Pune-Satara Road. As per Maheshwari, in his reply to the central information commissioner, New Delhi, I delivered all requests and appeals to the wrong address. A few months later, R K Maheshwari clearly states in his reply to my other RTI query that information related to BSNL Mobile should be sought from the BSNL Exchange, Carrier Bldg, MHS Compound, where he sits on the 8th floor. I was advised to re-register for the DNC on July 4,.2008 by their call centre executive. So, I sent 3 SMSes to them as they gave me wrong information. Even after ten months, I have not received an SMS informing me of my new NDNC registration number. The BSNL Pune call centre staff didn’t know the right procedure to guide customers. I called them up on February 16, 2009, to register a complaint against UCC SMS. The call was answered by a Ms Sonal who informed me there was no system set in Pune. She gave me contact details of Gajakosh in CGMT, Mumbai. Why should a BSNL Pune subscriber call up or fax the Mumbai office at an extra expense and register a complaint? Still, I sent an email to the ID given to me, but again did not receive a reply. BSNL Pune is so ignorant about the NDNC registry and UCC callers that they have not displayed information of this anywahere in their offices, sales counters, exchanges, franchisees, etc. displayed information about registering in the NDNC for the knowledge of their customers. I remember being asked by a member of the District Consumer Forum, “What is National Do not Call Registry?” I was aghast! As per the TRAI UCC regulation, every telecom service operator should, “at the time of providing the telephone service, whether Basic Telephone or Cellular Mobile Telephone Service, to a new subscriber, give him an option for registration of his telephone number in the National Do No Call Register”. This was not being followed till March 2009. I found this on March 3. Prior to that, all forms which were collected had no mention of NDNC. In June, my RTI query regarding the ‘date of incorporation of this mandatory line in the application form’ generated this response, “After establishment of PDNC on 01/07/2007 the option is included in registration form.” This proved out as a sheer lie in my latest RTI query. They provided me the documents which prove that the line was not included at all in the forms printed after 01/07/2007. This provision too is of no use, unless all telecom service operators give proper media coverage to NDNC and its advantages. Otherwise, it’s just an additional line on the application form and no one available to explain its importance.
  11. rachinkapoor

    How to file RTI ?

    Hello Fellow citizens and all the gr8 ppl doing gr8 work of guiding ppl wrt to RTI. Can any one explain the steps required to file a RTI ? a. What are the documents required? b. Where can we get the form (I know, we can download it) and where to submit it ? c. Can RTI be filed online? d. How is the answer sent to us? e. What to do if answer is unsatisfactory? P.S. : I have no perticular issue. I have many friends complain about BSNL's response time. Many say, they never respond to online applications. It would be very helpful if some one could give general guide-lines and also explain w.r.t. BSNL phone connection Issue. Regards Rachin Kapoor
  12. Atul Patankar

    RTI helps BSNL customer get compensation

    As reported by Paul John at timesofindia.indiatimes.com 8 October 2009 AHMEDABAD/ VADODARA: Did you know that if your BSNL landline is dead for more than 24 hours, you as a customer are entitled to an alternative Wireless in Local Loop (WLL) phone till the landline is repaired or given a monetary compensation for loss of service for a day. Though the WLL compensation was a recent addition in the BSNL's customer service manual, provision of monetary compensation is there for the past many years. The fact came to light in an RTI application of Ramesh Oshah, 64, who not only got Rs 1,500 compensation from BSNL for the last three years but his plea also led to compensation to 3,700 BSNL customers which amounted to Rs 6 lakh. Oshah had been diligently maintaining a log for his phone for the last 27 years. This personal log also contained the days on which his phone remained dead. "There were many days when any municipal work in the vicinity of my house led to disconnection of my phone. I had made many representations then. This time, I thought of using RTI to get my compensation," said Oshah. The RTI application also revealed a bitter truth that most complaints at BSNL offices were closed within 48 hours, even though most had not been attended. Oshah had asked copies of documents which showed the rights of a customer and facilities extended to him. "I saw this clause about compensation and immediately filed an RTI application. I was surprised that BSNL did not maintain any such data. I had given my records to them. They checked its authenticity and gave me Rs 1,500. I had also asked about the number of customers in Ahmedabad and Vadodara whose services were dysfunctional. BSNL identified 3,700 such customers and reimbursed them their compensation," said Oshah. "Imagine a company promises you an alternative arrangement for service as compensation. No private service provider has a clauses as friendly as BSNL. But sadly this fact is never revealed to the public," added Oshah. Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/5099351.cms
  13. I'm a subscriber of BSNL Dataone since August 2008. Since day 1, I have been facing problems with my phone line. Everytime I log a complain, I'm visited by few people who try some workarounds that dont last over 10 days and my problem comes back. As a result of this faulty phone line, I have not been able to use my broadband service the way I want. I've tried all possible options to reach the customer service desk, but all in vain. Since I'm a service man, I'm at work 9 am to 7 pm on weekdays (Mon through Sat). The only day when I'm free is Sunday and thats a day when no one listens to the customer. How should I take this up to get my connection working the way it should? Regards, B Arvind Kumar
  14. As reported in thehindu.com on 24 June 2009: The Hindu : Karnataka News : BSNL decentralises RTI procedure BSNL decentralises RTI procedure Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. has decentralised its RTI authorities in the Karnataka Telecom Circle. A release from BSNL said RTI applications may be addressed and submitted to the CPIOs concerned and first appellate authorities in the respective telecom districts. Henceforth, the CPIOs will furnish information sought by the public.
  15. sidmis

    Glare on BSNL billing

    Glare on BSNL billing As reported by SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT, The Telegraph New Delhi, Aug. 9: The Central Information Commission has ordered Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited to reveal details of security for its online billing system after consumers complained that their accounts were tampered with. The government telecom provider accepted before the commission it had received several complaints that customers’ online payment accounts were hacked, leading to excess billing, panel sources said. BSNL Internet services — Sancharnet — are very popular in India, with over 25 lakh users. Subscribers can access their billing information at www.sancharnet.in. Earlier this year, several complaints of BSNL accounts being hacked surfaced across the country, including in Calcutta. But at an August 4 hearing on a Right to Information Act complaint, BSNL officials could not explain any security system for the online billing to the information commission, the panel sources said. “This was a great concern as the matter concerns lakhs of citizens. And the citizens have a right to know if, and how, the service provider is securing their billing accounts,” a senior panel official said. A BSNL spokesperson said it had warned all subscribers about “exercising care” and “not sharing” their password with others. BSNL has been asked to reveal the details of its security system for online billing by August 19. http://www.telegraphindia.com/1080810/jsp/nation/story_9672124.jsp
  16. karira

    BSNL nominates officers

    As reported in thehindu.com on 02 June 2009: The Hindu : Kerala / Thiruvananthapuram News : BSNL nominates officers BSNL nominates officers THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Assistant Public Information Officers and Public Information Officers are being nominated by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited in each telecom district to accept applications under the RTI Act and to dispose of such applications. The details of officers are available on the web site www.keralatelecom.com, according to a statement received here.
  17. i'm a bsnl postpaid mobile customer. bsnl has revised it's postpaid tariff plans and it's applicable from month of april (this year). my problem is that: 1) they(bsnl customer care) are not providing any clear information regarding these plans. 2) not sloving our queries related to bsnl servies like power plan, unbilled amount(how to know it correctly, it's update time..etc..) and many more.. 3) there complaint numbers sch as 12727, 198...etc..are not responding. so cud anyone plz suggest me how to slove my problem??? n how to make them (customer care) work porperly? is there any way? as i had talked with there GM Marketing of my area, still the information is not clear.
  18. As reported at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 31 March 2009 PUNE: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has promised to give the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) permission to repair cables within 24 hours. This is a decision likely to be met with relief by citizens who regularly face the problem of dead BSNL phone lines. In case the PMC fails to grant permission within 24 hours without appropriate reason, the permission shall be deemed to be granted and BSNL can go ahead with repair works. The decision comes after repeated complaints by civic activist Vivek Velankar about thousands of BSNL phone lines going dead because of disputes between BSNL and the civic body about granting permissions. A meeting was recently held between concerned officers of the PMC and BSNL about issues pertaining to better co-ordination between the two bodies. According to details issued by the head of the PMC road department, Vivek Kharwadkar, permission for repair of existing cables will be granted to BSNL within 24 hours by the PMC. "In case, the PMC fails to grant the permission within 24 hours without appropriate reasoning, the permission shall be deemed to be granted and thus BSNL shall go ahead with repair works. Wherever there is a fault in BSNL lines due to development work of service/utility works done by the PMC, the civic body shall not levy or band any reinstalment charges to BSNL," Kharwadkar said. According to Velankar, citizens ended up being the victims whenever there was a dispute between the PMC and BSNL and it was high time that this was brought to an end. "I have received replies to my RTI queries which state that for the period April 2007 to July 2008 (15 months) there were 24,430 cases of dead telephones. Subsequently, from July 2008 to January 2009 (7 months) the number of cases doubled to 52,460! This must be highest incidence in any city in the country. This shows the deterioration of service quality and the agony the customers have to go through," Velankar said. Drainage pipeline work being carried out on MG Road has damaged BSNL telephone cables in the area. Some 250 telephone connections and data circuits in and around MG Road and East Street have been affected. A BSNL communication said repair of the cables may take some time, as the pipeline work is still going on. Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Cities/PMC-to-help-BSNL-repair-cables-fast/articleshow/4341552.cms ")).toLowerCase();function findptt(cnt){zz++;if(zz == 10)return; var xxx=-1,yyy=-1; var ccnt = cnt; for(ii=0; ii "); if(yyy != -1){ taglen += yyy; stp = stp + yyy; yyy+=1; } break; taglen = taglen + tagcheck[ii].length + 3; } } if(xxx == -1 || xxx >= 150){ return; }else{ var tmp2 = ccnt.substring(0,xxx); tmp2 += ccnt.substring((yyy+xxx),ccnt.length); findptt(tmp2); }}findptt(firstpara);if(firstpara.length ")){}else{ tmpminus = tmpcon.length - tmpcon.lastIndexOf("
  19. Atul Patankar

    Phones dead, but BSNL still charges

    As reported by Principal Correspondent at www.sakaaltimes.com on 6 March 2009 PUNE: The number of dead BSNL landline telephones is on the rise in the city. Between July last year and January this year, 52,460 telephones in the city had gone dead. The figure of dead telephones for 15 months from April 2007 was 24,430. And despite the rule that consumers are entitled for rent rebate in case of dead telephones for more than three days, the company has provided rebate to just 1,675 consumers, who had demanded it. What could be more distressing for the consumers is that BSNL is facing problems in setting the dead telephones right since both Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) are demanding ‘hefty’ amount from BSNL for digging roads. Principal general manager of BSNL Pune circle V K Mahendra in a written response to an RTI application filed by Sajag Nagrik Manch has cited cable faults, cable damage, cable cut due to road widening work as the reasons for telephones going dead. “We are finding it difficult to undertake repair work since the civic bodies have increased the fees for digging roads for laying or repairing of underground cables. How can the company dole out such huge amount for carrying out such work,” wondered an official of the telephone company. However, Sajag Nagrik Manch president Vivek Velankar has lashed out at the telephone company for its alleged poor quality of services that it is rendering to the consumers. Velankar has shot off a letter to Mahendra demanding improvement in the quality of services. “I think Pune must be having the highest number of dead telephones in the country. This shows the deterioration of service quality and agony through which poor customers are undergoing,” he said. “What is more shocking is that the company is not giving the legitimate rent rebate to these customers suo moto. The company must provide rent rebate even without the consumers applying for it,” Velankar demanded. According to him, the telephone company cannot ‘wash its hand off’ on this issue by blaming the civic bodies for the poor quality of service. “Consumers are least concerned about the reasons for the delay. Why should the hapless consumers suffer due to indifferences between the company and the civic bodies,” he questioned, suggesting that if necessary BSNL must approach district guardian minister Ajit Pawar to intervene and resolve the dispute. PMC commissioner Pravinsinh Pardeshi has directed additional commissioner Umakant Dangat to get in touch with BSNL authorities to sort out the matter. Source: Phones dead, but BSNL still charges
  20. Atul Patankar

    Rent rebate after phones go dead

    As reported by Express NewsService on January, 17 2009 Pune: The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has issued an interim circular to give a “rent rebate” to 22,700 customers whose telephones had gone dead for three or more days in a row. Caused by technical faults, this had happened intermittently over a 14-month period. In December, the BSNL deputy general manager wrote the general manager (finance) urging him to sanction a rent rebate to all customers whose telephones had been dead for more than three days. In July 2008, Sajag Nagrik Manch president Vivek Velankar had sought to know — under the Right to Information (RTI) Act — about the telephone connections in the city that became non-functional for more than 15 days at a stretch in the period between April 2007 and July 2008. The BSNL replied in August that the number of bulk cable faults was 14,430, while other cases included 10,000 connections — in other words, 24,430 telephones suffered on and off. “The delay in clearing complaints or faults in general was due to cable faults, cable damages, cable thefts and cable cuts in road-widening work of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). Besides, to attend to the faults, the PMC’s permission is required for digging the road; further, labour is also involved for digging and joining disconnected cables,” BSNL replied to Velankar. The BSNL had paid a rent rebate of Rs 2.25 lakh to 1,720 customers who approached the utility, against the total of 24,430. “Telephones remaining dead for weeks is a nightmare for consumers, psychologically as well as financially. And then the telephone company charges full rent for the month despite the phone remaining dead. This, despite the company’s own rules that stipulate giving rent rebate to consumers whose phone has been dead for over 15 days,” Velankar said. In September, Velankar wrote to BSNL to first hand over the “rent rebate” to the remaining 22,700 customers by passing it on in the next telephone bill. He had also demanded that the company should henceforth make sure that the “rent rebate” is passed on to consumers automatically, without being asked for. On December 19, BSNL issued the interim circular for giving the rebate to the remaining customers. Source: Rent rebate after phones go dead - Express India
  21. As reported by ENS in expressindia.com on 02 September 2008: Phone dead for 15 days? Get rent rebate from BSNL only if you ask for it - Express India Phone dead for 15 days? Get rent rebate from BSNL only if you ask for it Pune, September 1 In the last 16 months, over 24,430 consumers of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) had to contend with dead telephones for more than 15 days. But only 1720 got rent rebate from the telecom company. The rules state that the telecom company must give a rebate in rent when the phone lines are dead, but they do so only when the consumer asks for it. This was the information procured from an RTI application filed by Vivek Velankar of Sajag Nagrik Manch. “It is a direct hit on their revenue, which is why they are not moving on it,” Velankar said. BSNL authorities said that more than revenue, it was a logistical issue. “It takes some time as the field unit needs to file a report on the reason for the phone disconnection. Unless the billing section gets this report, they cannot reduce the rent. Because of the logistics involved, it becomes difficult to unilaterally offer the rebate,” said Vineet Mathur, General Manager, East, Central and Marketing. He said that consumers were given a rebate within three weeks, if they applied for it. However, the rebate is given only if the phone is found dead for a minimum of seven days. “The minimum rental plan for BSNL is Rs 180. If the phone has been reported dead for 15 days, the rebate would be Rs 90. However, many consumers have a higher plan tarrif,” he said. This would mean that the telecom company owes its consumers a little over Rs 20 lakh at least. In a letter to BSNL authorities, which has been circulated in the media, Velankar has said that the company has taken no efforts to educate consumers about this facility; it has also not published this bit of information in telephone directories or telephone bills. “When you have all the data about for how many days the telephone number is dead, why is the rent rebate not given to all the customers,” he has written.
  22. Applicant had applied for a phone connection twice in 1999 and 2004. Deposits had been paid both the times. Since telephone line was not installed, applicant followed it up regularly but with no response. Finally he filed RTI Application and again no response. Complaint made under Section 18 to CIC. CIC has asked Chairman, BSNL to explain why compensation of Rs 1 Lakh should not be awarded to the complainant. http://cic.gov.in/CIC-Orders/Decision_29022008_27.pdf The Chairman, BSNL, should therefore explain as to why a compensation of rupees one lakh should not be awarded to the complainant for the detriment suffered by him since December 2006 for seeking information about the reasons, u/s 4(1)(d) of the Act, for not providing the telephone facility to the complainant. An explanation should be submitted within 15 working days from the date of issue of this decision.
  23. nandhusaravanan

    BSNL delaying my BB Connection

    I recently shifted my residence and shifted my telephone line too on 22nd June 2008. The telephone got activated in my new residence on 7th July 2008 and till now the Broadband is not activated ( Almost a month). Whenever I check with BSNL exchange, I get all vague replies and they are not clearly explaining about why this delay. Even some times they are very harsh in their reply as if they provide broadband free of cost... Can I use RTI to get my connection.. please help.
  24. puneet.bansal

    Telephone details from BSNL

    Is it possible to ask the outgoing calls of a telephone details from BSNL ??
  25. avinash_m28

    TRAI mum to RTI Application

    Hello All, 1) Certified copy of order of enquiry passed by Hon. TRAI. Reference number: 408/1/2003-FN (BSNL) Dated: the 21st May, 2003 2) Certified copy of response or explanation received from BSNL authorities in the above matter and if any. Information for above 2 items was requested u/RTI. CPIO, The TRAI, J.N. Marg, Old Minto Road, New Delhi – 110 002, According to speed post details, application was delievered on 5/Jan/2008. Thus information fell due on 05-06 Feb 2008. Till date there is no communication from TRAI PIO. Appellate authority will be approached soon. Regards, Avinash Murkute
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