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Found 179 results

  1. Hi, We went to EB Office (in Chennai) to interrogate on a Electricity complaint given a week back (Orally) and to file a written complaint. But the Foreman, who was the authority to get our complaint and give back the acknowledgement, fighted with us unnecessarily and didnt receive our complaint and give us acknowledgement. By luck, we were able to capture the entire conversation in our mobile camera and with the captured video as proof, a complaint was made to Chairman, TANGEDO, but nothing moved. Then we filed RTI enquiring the status of the complaint, and then things started moving as we expected and the Foreman was warned and transferred to another office. Captured Video: More Info @ http://grayfaceofindia.in/2013/04/26/complaint-on-foreman-electricity-board/ Victory to RTI !!!
  2. It has been observed that the RTI Complaints against CPIOs/ State P.I.Os filed before the CIC/ State Information Commissions, as the case may be, under section 18 (e) of the Act i.e. for their giving incomplete, misleading or false information or even denying it or not giving it within the prescribed time-limit are almost in all cases remanded by the CIC/ State IC to the concerned FAA with directions to him to treat the same i.e.' the Complaint u/s 18 of the Act filed by an aggrieved Info.-Seeker' as 1st Appeal with the directions to him to 'come before the CIC/ State IC in 2nd Appeal u/s 19(3) if not satisfied with the reply given by the FAA. This, besides being very cumbersome and costly time-consuming course for the poor Info.Seeker, virtually renders the Section 18 of the Act as redundant and of no use. While in case of 'no reply' from the CPIO or SPIO, one does not know who the FAA is, in cases of incomplete, misleading and false information, the designation and address of the FAA is not given though it is mandatory to give it in every reply to RTI applications made u/s6 (1) of the Act. I am sure almost every Complaint u/s 18 is disposed of in this manner, leaving the Complainant to undergo the time-consuming ordeal of again waiting for the response of the FAA( which at times does not come at all, and when comes invariably contains direction from the FAA to appear before it on a fixed date,place and time) then filing 2nd Appeal and go through the rest of the grinding ordeal as prescribed. Is this not making a mockery of the provision of Complaint u/s 18 of the Act, so much as rendering it useless and redundant besides causing huge hardship to the Info;.Seeker whose only is that he dared to seek info./document under the much touted and celebrated Act? Lot of time is wasted in the process. That it makes a hole in the slender pocket of an ordinary info.-seeker is a different story. Yes, the Activists do not have to undergo such a grinding ordeal to which an ordinary info. seeker is invariably fated. Why not remove this section altogether if its so very useless. At least, the gullible Info.Seeker will be spared the ordeal by avoiding recourse to section 18, which for all practical purposes, is useless so far as he is concerned. Who wants such decorative, deceptive and misleading provisions in the Act? Perhaps the Activists only whose Complaints may not thus be trifled by the Information Commissioners, who would invariably take such liberties with all matters of ordinary info-seekers -SANJOG MAHESHWARI
  3. Dear Friends, I have filed a complaint with SDM (copy of complaint attached) regarding working of gram panchayat, on 30.03.2013. Its more than 20 days passed, still no response from authorities have been recieved. Please help me to frame RTI query for getting updated details of actions taken on my complaint.
  4. kundan_scorpio

    How to get your FIR lodged

    Here is all what a common man can do if police does not register FIR. a) Talk to SHO of the concerned Police station and ask him to register FIR. Most probably he will try to persuade you not to register FIR and instead ask you to write complaint on a piece of paper. Police is bound to take action on FIR as they need to give explanation of each & every FIR registered in a month to the district magistrate. No such boundation exists for a complaint. b) In case SHO does not register your FIR (which will be the usual case), you can meet ACP or DCP of that zone. c) In case you can't take off from your office work, write a registered mail to DCP with a copy to ACP or district magistrate of that district with a copy of the complaint and asking for an explanation that why your FIR was not registered? d) There is a website of delhi police where you will find all the relevant persons of all dcps, acps and commissioner of delhi police to whom you can contact through email. e) If nothing works out the last thing you can do is to call up at this number and register your complaint on phone itself. For Police related complaints you can also contact to Flying Squad of Vigilance Branch : (011) 23213355. Refer these websites for further information: http://www.delhipolice.nic.in/home/contactus.aspx http://india.gov.in/outerwin.php?id=http://mha.gov.in/ http://pgportal.gov.in/ Getting your FIR lodged is absolutely must as it makes police accountable to take action. This will definitely help to bring down the crime rate. f) If Police does not take action on your complaint or FIR you can file a 10 rs RTI which is a handwritten application to be deposited at DCP of that zone. [/color][/size][/font][/b] Hope this information is useful. Regards A Common aware Man
  5. I have approached the Gram panchayat authorities for change of name in Property tax after purchasing a flat ,which comes under the panchayat.They are asking for 8000/- for the procedure and are not ready to give a receipt or bill for the same.Even the official sitting there has openly admitted that the fee for the same will be around 1000/-Rs and the rest is Bribe.The Panchayat is Vichumbe at New Panvel.PLz advice for a further action.
  6. Fellow readers. I want to place complain against my company for neither releasing my SETTLEMENT CHECK nor approving for PF without providing a proper reason for it, so i am here to seek help about where exactly and how can i place effective complain against them so that they will rectify all settlement. THANK YOU!
  7. I recently put complaints on the government complaint redressal website pgportal.gov.in. The website gave me a complaint number. It was easy as I could upload .Pdf files directly on the website. I managed to upload the government directions directly from the maharashtra government website from the GR (Government Resolution section) and upload it on the grievance website to save time. After 30 days I followed it up with an RTI application to find out the status of my complaint. It worked wonders since, I saved a lot of time and effort posting letters and remembering speed post numbers. At around the 29th day of filing the rti application, I had already prepared my first appeal since I did not expect a reply. However, the last day of the expected reply ie the 30th day, was actually the 1st of august 2012. My mother received an sms from her bank where she is getting her pension. The sms showed the new amount that was the increased amount as per the sixth pay commission credited to her account. It was just amazing. It helped because in this way, through filing the complaint on the government website, in the event if there was any policy related decision that was supposed to be taken, it had to be taken as per the rules of the grievance ministry.
  8. Hi, I had filed an RTI to the PIO at MHADA, Mumbai.Even after a month as I did not get reply from the PIO I filed for the first appeal.I got the information required but the complete procedure was delayed.Details as Under: 30/05/2012 - Date of filling RTI application to the PIO.Application Hand Delivered personally 10/07/2012 - Date of Filing first appeal sent through speed post received on 11/07/2012 at the office of the First appellate authority 31/07/2012 - Went personally to inquire about the sate of the appeal.I was informed by the office bearer that I had come to inquire about the appeal too early as the time period to reply is 45 days from the receipt of the appeal application. 06/09/2012 - Date of hearing of the First Appeal I have received the copies of the information required by me but I have not yet received the order passed by the Appellate authority. Under RTI is there any provision to complain about the delay done by the authorities to the State Information Commissioner ? If yes, Please guide. Do you advice me to complain about it so that they maintain discipline and provide the information in the specified time frame set by the RTI Act?
  9. Hello friends, I am living in Pune. I usually marks my complaints about the bad road conditions to Pune munciple corporation thru it's portal. Most of the times I need to keep followup for the same complaint again and again. I need to have an information from Pune corporation that how they handle the complaints registered thru E-governance ? What is the status for pending complaints ? Till when they will solve the pending complaints ? Thanks & Regards Pavan Kale
  10. kushwaharamsingh

    complained to rti office information

    respected sir i am mr. ramsingh (pharmacist ) registerd in uttarpradesh pharmacy council in 2003 my mail id NOT ALLOWED ON THE FORUM my contct no- NOT ALLOWED ON THE FORUM my address- kanpur u.p - 208027 i am submitt a farm for jobs in pharmacist post in s wast chiktsya paramedical swast bhwan lucknow on advertised dated 12/11/2007 by registerd post in chief post office kanpur (208001) registry no- SPEU925827392IN 01/12/2007 TIME 12:34 PM but acording to swast vibhag lucknow my farm not recive yet so i give application to rti in post office kanpur with postal order no 05F 123212 on dated 09/06/2012 alog with paramedical swast vibhag RTI application cash 10 rs no 58k839296 ON dated 07/06/2012 but any information not recive so please give me information above matter because these are my service matter thanks ramsingh
  11. I have made a Complaint against the working manners of the Commissioners of the Punjab State Information Commission. Which is as under : The Hon’ble President of India, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi. Subject: Complaint against the working manners of the Commissioners of the Punjab State Information Commission, Chandigarh (Punjab). Respected Madam, The undersigned is a RTI activist and a firm believer that Right to Information Act, 2005 is the most proactive piece of legislation. He wants the system to work very efficiently and fairly. Because of this believe, he wants to bring an issue in your notice for your necessary action. Therefore, with due regards to the integrity and honor of Hon’ble Punjab State Information Commission, the undersigned wants to state that he is dealing with the Hon’ble State Information Commission, Punjab from three to four years. He has filed various Appeal and Complaint Cases with it and have attended several hearings personally and through representatives also. During this long tenure of official relationship, a fact has caught his eye that most of the Commissioners of the said Hon’ble Commission do not follow the principles of the Natural Justice. They do not pronounce their orders by providing reasoning for the same. As per Section 4 (1) (d) of theRight to Information Act, 2005 which read as: “Every public authority shall – provide reasons for its administrative or quasi judicial decisions to affected persons.” it is mandatory to provide the reasons for its administrative or quasi judicial decisions to the affected persons. Moreover, it is also one of the principles of Natural Justice that one should be told the reasons for the decision. Such right is part of the fundamental right to Freedom of Expression also. In this regard, the Hon’ble Apex Court in the case of Chairman, D.A., Rani LakshmiBai… vs Jagdish Sharan Varshney And Ors. on 26 March, 2009 has held that Every Order by a judicial or quasi-judicialauthority must contain reasons for the same to uphold public confidence. In this regard, the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam in WP©.No. 11973 of 2009(N) has stated that “Moreover, persons against whom quasi judicial decisions are taken are entitled to be told the reasons for the decision and such right is part of the fundamental right to Freedom of Expression and has now been statutorily laid down also in the Right To Information Act.” In an another case in WP©.No. 6796 of 2009(T) also the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam stated that “Days have gone when the courts have to repeatedly refer to classic works on Administrative Law by learned authors or refer to any fundamental principle of jurisprudence to show that a person against whom a decision may be passed or who would be affected by any such decision, is entitled to be heard and be told the reasons for the decision. Section 4(1)(d) of the Right to Information Act, 2005 provides that every public authority shall provide reasons for its administrative or quasi-judicial decisions to affected persons.” In the case of Ibrahim Kunju v. State of Kerala (AIR 1970 Ker 65) it was held that “If no reasons are given in the appellate orders, then it is injustice to the natural justice because quasi judicial obligations are giving reasons for order, since justiceis not expected to wear the inscrutable face of a sphinx. However, most of the Commissioners violate this mandatory provision and the principles of Natural Justice and pronounce their orders without giving reasoning for the same. The undersigned can show number of cases where most of the Commissioners of the Hon’ble Commission have pronounced their orders without justifying them under Section 4(1) (d) of the Right to Information Act. Therefore, they by doing so are deliberately showing disrespect towards the orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Courtand the Hon’ble High Courts. They even do not bother that they by doing so are also violating the fundamental right of expression provided by the Constitution of India itself. Moreover, during the course of hearings, the undersigned has observed that most of the Commissioners of the Hon’ble Commission, constantly and vociferously act in the favor of the respondents. They usually argue on behalf of the respondents whereas it is their duty to remain neutral. Their such behavior leaves a wrong effect on the mind of the appellants/complainants and they certainly doubt the justice to be provided by them.There is a well-known saying that the Judges are the depositories of the laws,living oracles, who must decide… according to the law of the land. However, the working mannerism of most of the Commissioners shows that they are certainly working contrary to their duties and their posts. Sir, “Fair Play is a part of the public policyand is a guarantee for justice to citizens. In our system of Rule of Law every social agency conferred with power is required to act fairly so that social action would be just and there would be furtherance of well-being of citizens.The rule of natural justice have developed with the growth of civilizations and the contract there of is often considered as a proper measure of the level of civilization and the Rule of law prevailing in the community.” – Per Ranganath Misra, J. in K.I. Shephard v. Union of India, (1987) 4 SCC 431 (Para15). Therefore, in light ofthe above-mentioned facts and circumstances, your goodself is requested that: Strict directions be passed to all the Commissioners of the Hon’ble Punjab State Information Commission, to pass their decisions in compliance with the orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and Hon’ble High Courts and justify them under the Sections 4 (1) (d) of the RTI Act, 2005. In the interest of justice and fair play, all the Commissioners of the Hon’ble State Information Commission Punjab be directed to act in a neutral manner. Yours truly, Rohit Sabharwal Copy of the same is forwarded to: Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, New Delhi. Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, New Delhi. Hon’ble Minister of Law and Justice, Government of India, New Delhi. Hon’ble Governor, Punjab Raj Bhawan, Chandigarh. Member Secretary, Law Commission of India, 2nd Floor, The Indian Law InstituteBuilding, (Opp. to Supreme Court), Bhagwandas Road, New Delhi- 110 001. Chief InformationCommissioner, Punjab State Information Commission, SCO84-85, Sector 17-C, Chandigarh.
  12. Dear Friends, Here is my experience with CIC in a matter that I am pursuing since 2009: CIC, at time chooses not to respond to RTI applications. It is happening - CIC simply does not respond and you can't do anything* In a complaint against a PA, after NINE MONTHS CIC replies that complaint is not in proper format.** *You can definitely opt for appeal but can you expect no response from CIC, which is the body responsible to promote Right To Information. **What is the complaint-False information by Public Authority to information commissioner based on which IC decided the case. Let me share few facts of this complaint: I filed RTI application to Indian Army. CPIO rejects application citing fiduciary relation. First AA upheld decision, disposed my appeal. I Filed second appeal to CIC. Now FAA/PA takes a new stand that files of retired officers are destroyed after 3 years so information can't be given. IC decided the matter by saying 'Information should have been given to applicant. But since file has been destroyed, matter becomes academic and should be closed'. I filed another RTI application in Army, and got reply that files are kept for 15 years. I filed complaint to CIC in Jan, 2011-No response. I filed RTI Application to CIC to know the status of my complaint-no response. I filed another complaint in August, 2011 In March, 2012 I was told matter will come up in June, 2012 In April, 2012, I asked for file number of my complaint-On this dealing officer forcefully wants to convey me that my application is wrong (indirectly wants to convey that I should not pursue the matter-I don't know his interest and I refused) I field RTI Application on 11th May, 2012 to know the status of my complaint filed in Aug, 2011-no response till date On 15th June, I received letter from CIC that my complaint is not in proper format and that I should file again-That after 9 months, they came to know that my application was not in proper format. I filed fresh complaint as per suggestion on 26th June, 2012 I also filed First Appeal on 26th June, 2012 against non-supply of information sought through RTI application on 11th May, 2012 Now I am again awaiting their response. Thank You, S.K.Jha New Delhi
  13. Hi Friends, Please help me, How and where we can give written complain to govt bodies regarding PVT LTD Co. (Reliance BPO). Reliance BPO's HR Dept is harassing the ex-employees of their company. My sister worked for Reliance BPO for 2 years and then she resigned as per the notice. Now even after several Months and various attempt to get the relieving letter from the company, the H.R. Dept of company always give false excuses to delay the relieving letter. And as per Provident fund claiming rule, we have to provide the Relieving letter from the company to get the claims from the Provident fund company. I am seeking the information regarding where and how can i complain about the Company so that i can get the satisfactory feedback from the company. H.R. Dept is don't even care to reply the email's sent to their respective email ID's. Please help me with this information, Thank you . MANOJ RAM.
  14. Hi, my name is Atiqur Rahman. I was working in Agogue Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune as a Marketing Manager-Graphic Dept. I joined this company on April 2011 and left on Oct 2011 but they paied me only for two months. They said that they will sattle my full and final as soon as possible but its been 5 months they did not ay me a single penny. Now they stop receiving my calls and and never reply to my emails. This company agogue Technologies Pvt Ltd is just exploiting its employees financially. Please tell me what should I do now.
  15. Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to bring to the notice of you all that what it means to be a father of two daughters in Delhi, who is seeking admission of his younger daughter in the same school where his younger daughter is already studying. I am a parent and my elder daughter is studying in class 1 in Vivekanand School, D Block, Anand Vihar, Delhi. I had applied for admission of my younger daughter in the School in Nursery class and I was given the registration number 2516 after completing the documentation formalities. As the school was giving preference to Girl Child and Siblings, since both these conditions were meeting in my case, I was damn sure that my second daughter will also get admission in the same school. Expectedly, I got a call from school for interactive session on Jan 20, 2012. I attended the interactive session with my daughter and wife. Our original documents were verified by the school authorities and we were told that the final list will be displayed on Jan 23, 2012 and your daughter has been shortlisted and you can deposit the fee of Rs 16205/- once the final list is displayed by the school on Jan 23, 2012. As per schedule I went to see the list on Jan 23, 2012 at 10.00 am and my daughter’s name was there in the list with registration number 2516. I went to accounts department for depositing the fees and to my shock I were told that admission were closed and all 80 vacant seats in general categories have been filled. When I asked that how is this possible that you did all the admission in one hour time, they didn’t had any answers. All the parents whose names were there in the final list and were not given admission for their wards were also looking helpless and nobody in the school was ready to give us a hearing in the school. I wanted to the see the head mistress of school Mrs. Bindu Kalra and Director Academics Mr. Neeraj Malhotra and seeing them asked, how is this possible to accept cash deposit of 80 students with Rs 16205/- (without transportation charges) or even more as admission fee in just 30 minutes. They were not having any answers. Secondly, when I asked Mrs. Bindu Kalra why despite my ward name being there in the list she is not getting admission in School, she told me to meet school manager Mr. Pradhyuman Ahuja. I went to the first floor to meet him and explained him the entire situation that the school is not following guidelines of Delhi govt’s education department and the school is lacking in transparency in admission process, he was not able to answer me satisfactorily. Again, I asked him why a list of 280 students is displayed against the total general seats of 80 students, he didn’t have any answer. Again, I asked him the list of 80 students for whom the fee has been deposited in the school; he told that it is under preparation. Again, when I asked him why the high scoring students were not given preference in admission process, he couldn’t answer me on this. Again, when I asked him why the fee is being accepted in cash by the school, he didn’t answer me. Again, when I asked him why the admission process and admission fee structure is not uploaded on school’s website, he didn’t had any answer except excuses that time didn’t allowed them to upload these details on website etc. On my repeated requests that I hadn’t applied anywhere else as I was sure to get admission for my younger daughter also in this school, he told me to wait for two three days and incase if any parent withdraw his ward I may be accommodated. I didn’t have any choice except to believe what he offered me. With grave desperation in my heart and anger against the rotten education system I came downstairs and joined other parents who were also looking how the admission for their ward whose name is displayed in the final list can be secured in this school. We kept on waiting, I skipped my office and stayed there is school till 2.00 pm with hope that school may listen to parents, but that didn’t happen. Then we were told by Mr. Uday in accounts department that as a special case, admission can be given with a capitation fee of Rs 50000/- over and above the normal charges of Rs 16205/-. I immediately realized why these seats got filled in 30 minutes only and returned home in a bad mood and anger in my heart but nobody to listen to me. Parents also gave feedback that it’s a nexus of school management with government officials including education minister and no single person except God can break this. Here I request RTI activist to please guide and help me in following things. a) Get the school accounts audited by CAG. b) Stop the mal-practice of accepting the admission fee by cash only by school. c) Direct the school administration to be transparent in admission process and admission fee. d) Ensure that the directives of DoE to schools are actually complied with in this school. e) To ensure that the recommended student teacher ratio of 25:1 is implemented in the school. Presently my elder daughter’s class 1st D has 46 students and there are 6 sections for class 1. f) To ensure that the commercial activities like sale of school dresses, books and stationary is not allowed from within the school premises.
  16. Dear Members The Hon'ble supreme court in its Judgement on December 12, 2011 clarified that complaint u/s 18(1) and Appeal under 19 are distinct. Further observed s. 19 is more beneficial to access information. So it is better to convert the complaints to second appeal in my opinion by filing an amemdment application and pray for invoking the powers of SIC/CIC u/s 19(8)© to impose penaties and compensation u/s 19(8)(b). click for more : http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/blogs/parsar/2499-second-appeal-covers-compliant-s-19-8-c-s-18-1-redundant.html
  17. As reported in zeenews.com on 16 February 2009: No records of complaints against High Court judges Supreme Court claims holds no records of complaints against High Court judges New Delhi, Feb 16: Does the Supreme Court keep no record of complaints received against High Court judges? Well, this seems to be the case as the apex court has refused to disclose such information to a RTI applicant claiming that such complaints "are not held by or under the control of Supreme Court of India ", an argument upheld by the Central Information Commission. The case pertains to the RTI query of Shruti Singh Chauhan who sought details from the apex court of the "List of all complaints received against judges or staff of different high courts" between April 1, 2003 to March 31, 2007. She had requested the public information officer of the apex court to forward the application to the appropriate authority in case the information was not held by the SC. The apex court in its reply said "...complaints against Judges of the high Court or staff of different High Courts are not held by or under the control of the Supreme Court of India and hence your request cannot be acceded to." Her appeal against the decision also failed to evoke any positive reply as the First Appellate Authority of the SC held "In the absence of anything to show that the authority who was holding such information was within the knowledge of CPIO Supreme Court, I am not inclined to accept the argument that the CPIO ought to have exercised his powers...RTI Act, 2005."

    My employer transfer by forcely

  19. jeevan

    Anonymous complain?

    Hello, yet another query. Can I make an anonymous complaint? Will my application be entertained?
  20. Hi, I am the resident of mumbai, last year we got possession of our flats our building went into the redevelopment projects we are facing many problems in our room like leakage,no support under the hall window,door doesn't lock properly several others we have given the written application to the society but we haven't got any reply society has started charging the maintenance from june 2010 but we haven't paid they have started charging us the fine we went to BMC they have took the tax we paid to them for the period of july 2010-august 2011 Are we supposed to pay to our society also I would like to know do society allowed to charged fine on the maintenance we have lots many complaints regarding the society but they are ot paying the attention they are giving us the letter if we don't pay the maintenance they will cut water supply , electricity supply also can anyone guide us for the same what we need to do for the same
  21. I have addressed following letter to Gujarat Info. Com as a feed back and suggestion. Members comments are invited: _________________________________________________________ Date: 12-10-2010 by email To, State Chief Information Commissioner, Gujarat Information Commission, Bureau of Eco and Statistics Bldg, 1st floor Sector 18, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382018 Email: gscic@gujarat.gov.in Hon’ble Sir, Subject: Remanding Appeals / Complaints--Suggestion On perusal of recent decisions of the Hon’ble Commission I have witnessed a trend in large number of cases, where by second appeals or complaints are remanded back to First Appellate Authorities [FAAs], even when appellants had filed first appeals and waited for at least 30 or 45 days + 10 days [both side postal time], before preferring second appeals or complaints. While remanding, explanation of FAAs is not sought for not having decided first appeal within stipulated time. Some of the recent decisions are: 1. Appeal No. 1098/2010-11 decided on 15-07-2010 2. Appeal No. 1181/2010-11 decided on 20-07-2010 3. Appeal No. 1240/2008-09 decided on 16-08-2010 4. Appeal No. 1284/2010-11 decided on 30-07-2010 Under such circumstances, FAAs will be encouraged not to decide on first appeal and thus compel appellants to file second appeals or complaints, since FAAs know that Hon’ble Commission will at the most remand back to FAAs only, after 3 to 6 months, without fixing accountability for not performing their duties under the Act. In addition to this, appellants are put to inconvenience, expenses, visits, frustration and wastage of time and money in approaching Hon’ble Commission and again to FAAs. This style pampers ego of FAAs and dignity of common men is lowered down in a democratic country. Appellants will once again be required to approach Hon’ble Commission if they are not satisfied with decisions of FAAs. This amounts to merry-go-round [pillar to post] bureaucratic procedure well known in India, which is antithetical to letter and spirit of RTI. This procedure not only delays supply of information and causes hardship to appellants, it also increases avoidable work load of already overburdened Hon’ble Commission. I am aware that decisions of CIC are not legally bound on SICs, but can act as a guide and may lead to best practices worth emulation by SICs. I therefore append below details of few recent decisions of CIC against non-performing FAAs: 1. No. CIC/SG/A/2010/001352/8407 dated 05-07-2010 2. No.CIC/SG/A/2010/000085/6895Adjunct dated 05-07-2010 3. No. CIC/AT/A/2008/00290 dated 17-07-2008 4. No.CIC/AD/A/2010/000952 dated August 18, 2010 While I respect decisions of Hon’ble GIC, which has to its credit many landmark and path breaking decisions in the past, I humbly suggest that time has come when at least FAAs’ explanation should be sought for dereliction of duties enjoined under RTI Act, while remanding appeals/complaints as is being followed by CIC. Hon’ble Commission may recommend disciplinary action in cases of bluntant transgression of RTI Act by FAAs. Two-three sentences in decision order will make FAAs responsible. This will have positive and cascading effect on attitude of FAAs, who must be studying trend in decisions of Hon’ble Commission. This will reduce congestion at GIC, reduce time and cost for appellants and will infuse sense of accountability in FAAs, at least for RTI. I am sure yourgoodselves will take my suggestion in a positive manner for the benefit of information seekers of this State. Yours faithfully, J. P. Shah
  22. Hello I would like to know which Government body keeps an eye on the schools, and what are the basic requirements for a private school to get permission to run. And where can a parent register complaints about schools and a teacher. Thank you
  23. sameerkrjain

    How to file complaints

    I,m sameer kumar jain having a small business unit in narela industrial area in new delhi. Now we in narela industrial area facing all types of problem like no tap water, no street lights, overflowing drains , mosquitos menace, lots of potholes in the roads or unmotorable water filled roads, burglaries,snatching in evenings and nights to which nobody listen or take action.Even media is not interested in covering our area and hear to us. I wish to know how to bring this menace to concerned people notice and force action. Even policemen says we cannot even visit every roads as they are too bad or waterlogged.
  24. Ram Dev

    Compaint about NSDL.

    Respected sir/madam, I have applied for a new pan card before six months by the name of Ram Dev & I have received my pan card bearing No. AXRPD1933D with the Name of Ram Devi and I have complaint about the same at Tin-FC ID: 03087 SCO 808 NAC Manimajra Chandigarh. They have replied that the mistake is made by the NDSL office now you have to apply again for necessary correction & they have charge Rs. 150 vide acknowledgement Number 030870300001796 dated 12 July 2011. I have track the same & found that my pan card return undelivered to NSDL due to wrong address. I got the Speed Post no. EM832774851IN against my pan card dispatched & conform the same with our post man & he says that the speed post no. EM832774851IN is addressed to House No. 874 & my house No. is 674 as applied in the application. Now again NSDL make a mistake & this time i am feeling frustated & requesting you to look into the matter & re-dispatched my pan card with correct address as soon as possible. They were playing with me, What should I do? Please tell me. Thanks & Regards Ram Dev 8.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.(mobile numbers prohibited)
  25. Sorry, my earlier message was posted without being complete. In my case :- 1. I was pressing corruption charges against certain officials, and raid was conducted at my business and residence premises after my complaint. 2. The case that has been made out against me is not on the basis of the raid, but on the basis of a letter "said to have been received by the Indian Embassy's official from the Russian Customs". The said report has already been accepted as patially false in Delhi high court, and Russian Customs officials have expressed surprise at their own "report". And since the whole of the case is built on the basis of the said report, and i am sure that the report does not exist at all, as all written in the letter of the indian official is "LIES". This report has taken away my liberty to live in India, my passport being got revoked in a foreign land, and still this report not being opened to anybody.Learned Information Commissioner Mr. O.P. Kejriwal, was showed some document in confidence by the Jt. Director of the DRI, and i am sure that the document was manipulated one. My demand is that since the matter relates predominantly to corruption, and show cause notice has been issued about 2 years ago, it is my fundamental right to get the document, so that i can represent my side, otherwise i will call all the developement in India as a "FARCE DRAMA", AND INDIA AS AN "ANDHER NAGARI".
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