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  1. DU students to file RTI over tests Students of Delhi University (DU) are going to file an RTI (Right to Information) application on Tuesday, demanding the names of officials to be held responsible if an ordinance regarding internal assessment is not implemented by colleges. According to DU's ordinance on internal assessment, teachers are supposed to give assignments or projects as part of internal assessment. As reported by the Hindustan Times on December 15, students claimed that teachers take class tests in lieu of projects to save themselves the task of checking papers and returning them to students, in a clear violation of the ordinance. The RTI is also going ask certain "uncomfortable questions" about the university's monitoring mechanism regarding internals, they said. Youth Task Force, the students' forum that is going to file the RTI application, initiated a signature campaign on Monday against the issue terming the class tests "illegal". Students from the forum posted themselves at the Vishwavidyalaya Metro station early in the Morning with a huge banner saying "DU says written assignments, then why tests?" Members approached fellow students and curious passersby to explain the issue with a copy of the DU ordinance in hand. By the end of a three-hour outing, they were able to collect around 100 signatures on the banner. "We wanted people to know the issue. Seeing the writing on the banner, several students approached us for more information. The right information is the key to strengthening the campaign," said Erut Narain, a second-year student of Dayal Singh College. To get the issue highlighted more, the group has decided to hang the banners at various college fests and functions. "We will post ourselves at the fests and collect signatures. This is an issue that affects every student," said Neelima, a first-year student of Hindu College and member of the forum. Students said that eventually they would take up the case with competent authorities to get the system of "needless class tests" abolished. "We already have a House Examination. Therefore, any other class test is not only illegal but needless as well," said Apeksha, a student of Miranda House and member of YTF. DU students to file RTI over tests - Yahoo! India News
  2. Pankaj Bhanu Tiwari

    How/Where should I file RTI

    I want to get the information about the persons/contractors involved in securing the tender for constructing the road in my village.The work is going on, on the road since the my grand father was young. My question is : A) Should I file application with district CPIO/ACPIO?? I'm not too sure how and from where these contracts are awarded. B) Can I file application through post and get the reply through same channel ?? If not, then I have to take an appointment with officer,take leave and go to my village and then follow the procedures. In between, If I'm stuck for a day or two in any red tape process, then I will loose my leave day. I've elaborated the question, so that it presents the full pictures. Thanks in anticipation of the reply. Regards, Pankaj Bhanu Tiwari
  3. kumar.anand10

    Want TO File an RTI

    Hi, I want the information on the recruitment scheme of the teachers in the schools of Bihar. The scheme was started by the Bihar Government. I want to know evrything related to that. Please tell me whom sell I write to. Regard's Kumar Anand
  4. neeraj Chauhan

    Personal File of Govt. Servants

    Dear Sirs / Mams Please accept my heatfelt greetings . My query is pretty simple It is wheather we can ask for xerox of personal files of Govt. Servants . My purpose of asking this question is in context with Promotion related discrimation by management. If i can ask for then under which section / subsection of RTI act . Thanks a lot. Nick Chauhan
  5. Hello All To the Municipal Corporation (Parks and Gardens) I had written the application under the RTI Act dated 27/03/2008, and recieved the reply dated 25/04/2008. I had filed for my 1st Appeal dated 23/05/2008 which is within 30 days from reciept of the Reply. Yesterday on 27/06/2008 I recieved a letter from the department that they had recieved my Appel Letter on 28/05/2008 and my appeal letter shall not be considered. as it has not reached them on time. my question is as i have replied within 30 days of reciept of their reply am i responsible for postal delays. my case has been going on for nearly since 1 year now with this department and every time they play some type of trick to avoid giving me information i have still 1 case pending with the state commision. Regards
  6. Thursday, January 4, 2007 (Noida): Noida's residents have joined in the campaign for justice in the serial killings. They have filed ten Right to Information petitions hoping to speed up investigations. "It is no good that people are just angry. They need to come out and file RTIs," said Lokesh Batra, resident, Noida. Batra says that as a resident of Noida he was only too aware of Nithari's growing number of missing children. But like many other residents, all he could do was watch. However, now he says he's had enough. On Thursday he and several other residents filed for information under the RTI Act, asking the Noida police, civic authorities and even the National Commission for Women what action they had taken to prevent the tragedy. "We have asked the irrigation department as to when they had cleaned the drains," Batra said. "If they had cleaned them earlier the bones may have been found and perhaps the culprits could have been caught earlier," he added. RTI has been used effectively to challenge governments and the police. Citizens of Noida, angry and anguished over the killings in Nithari, are now using the RTI to try and get answers on why it took the deaths of so many innocents before the police came into action. Under the Right to Information public authorities have to reply within one month. Moreover, the residents say that they may then use the information to take the authorities to court. Noida killings: Residents file RTI petitions - NDTV.com - News on Noida killings: Residents file RTI petitions
  7. I don't know whether this is the right place to post my query. My query is that there is a open manhole in our area since monsoon. It was made open to drain strom water, but now monsoon has been passed. The municipal officer are not taking pains to cover the drain. Under RTI Act I had asked the name of the concerned officers and I am getting it by tomorrow now my query is 1) Can I file a criminal case against these concerned officer in our local police station for creating a threat to citizen.....???????????
  8. Hopes the change will provide easier, quicker access to information sought under RTI Act MUMBAI: Now, even a layman can know the status of the application or petition he has made with any of the state government departments, what with the chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh opening to public the Document Journey Management System (DJMS) - a system being utilised only within the administrative framework for the last four years. The clearance from Deshmukh came while he was reviewing the current status of the information technology projects on Monday. Information and Technology secretary Kshatrapati Shivaji, also present on the occasion, told DNA, “According to the provisions of the Right To Information (RTI) Act, we want to use the system for the voluntary disclosure of certain information as well as to ensure the accessibility of the journey of the documents to the general public.” “The intra-accessibility system is in place for the last four years and the documents and their status is easily available for the internal access. We are now considering to make the system, particularly in case of certain documents which are public in nature, accessible to the general public. But it requires lot of investment for software as well as hardware support,” said an official from the IT directorate of the State. “Moreover, we will have to consider it in security point of view too. The information easily available through internet could be misused by the miscreants and to avert these threats we will also going for the security equipment like application firewall,” the official added. “Maharashtra would be the first state to introduce the DJMS through internet for general public and it will be of great assistance for the people,” Shivaji said. The IT directorate official added that it was difficult to tell exactly the timeframe for the implementation of the system, but the State and particularly the chief minister was serious on it. However, Information commissioner Suresh Joshi said that tracking the files and their status was not as important as the response by the respective departments. “It’s a welcome step if the state is implementing DJMS through the internet. It will help RTI applicants to know the status of their applications and the system can enhance the results of RTI Act,” he added. Surendra Gangan : November 14, 2007 DNA - Mumbai
  9. Today on Monday 17 September 2007, an application under the Right-to-Information (RTI) Act has been filed by Suchi Pande in New Delhi demanding PMO (Prime Minister's Office) to provide vital information pertinent to not only Justice Jeevan Reddy Commission but also Veerappan Moily Administrative Reforms Committee, which were Government-appointed bodies formed to review Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). It is understood that these two reports recommended repealing the AFSPA that had led to gross violations of human rights by Indian troops in the conflict ridden region. In October 2006, Union Home Ministry had endorsed the recommendations of the Justice Jeevan Reddy Commission to repeal AFSPA (online at: MHA for scrapping AFSPA : 07th October, 2005 E-Pao! Headlines ). The Act is still in force in Manipur, Assam and Nagaland. Today also marks the fifth day of solidarity fast going on from September 13 at Keishampat junction, Imphal, Manipur, in support of Irom Chanu Sharmila, who has been fasting since past 7 years, demanding to repeal the AFSPA. The RTI application demands certified copies of the following three vital information related to AFSPA: * The reports of both the above mentioned commissions on AFSPA and their recommendations * What action has been taken by the Government of India to comply with the recommendations of the above mentioned two government appointed bodies on AFSPA The RTI application also makes a note that "If the PIO [Public Information officer of PMO] is of the view that the information or part thereof requested falls under section 8(1) of the RTI Act and is therefore exempt, please note that the PIO must read section 8 (1) and section 10 together and make available relevant portions of both the reports that are not exempt under section 8(1); at the same time as per section 10 provide reasons for the exempted sections". The present UPA Government had constituted the Justice Jeevan Reddy Commission in 2004 to review AFSPA in response to an intensive campaign led by 'Apunba Lup'. The 'Apunba Lup' in Manipur observed Anti-army Act Day on September 11 to mark the completion of five decades of the act in the North-East. "It is not only the North-East region but the human rights violations are going on in almost every place of India . Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of encounter killings in the country, but there is no draconian law like the AFSPA there. The Government of India is biased against North-East and J&K in this aspect" said Dr Sandeep Pandey, Ramon Magsaysay Awardee (2002) and leader of NAPM (National Alliance of People's Movements) and Asha Parivar. The AFSPA which is operative at the time of a 'suspected' riot(s) in order to 'maintain public order', allows killing by shooting, entering and search of property, and arbitrary detention, etc., its abuse is currently spawning grave human rights violations in some parts of India. Under the powers of AFSPA, on 2 November 2000, the Indian military opened fire on its own citizens in the state of Manipur. Since then, Irom Sharmila, a resident of the tragic state, has refused to eat and drink anything in resistance to indiscriminate use of the AFSPA against civilians. The response of the Indian government to her resistance has been repetitively evasive: the government has repeatedly arrested her on a charge of 'attempted suicide', confined her in hospitals, and then freed her under applicable law, but, up until now, has failed to provide any fundamental alternative to the law in question. Now RTI Act gives a beacon of hope to the people demanding AFSPA to be repealed. Below is wording of original RTI application filed at PMO today To: The Public Information Officer, Prime Minster’s Office, South Block, New Delhi - 110011 Sub: Application under the Right to Information Act 2005 Please provide the following information with the respect to the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFPSA) 1958: (1) What do the Justice Jeevan Reddy commitee and the Veerappa Moily administrative reforms commissions say about the Armed Forces Special Powers Act? Please provide certified copies of both these reports and the recommendations made. (2) What action has been taken by the GoI to comply with the recommendations of these two govt. appointed bodies on AFSPA. Please provide certified copies of the daily progress report. If the PIO is of the view that the information or part thereof requested falls under section 8(1) of the RTI Act and is therefore exempt, please note that the PIO must read section 8 (1) and section 10 together and make available relevant portions of both the reports that are not exempt under section 8(1); at the same time as per section 10 provide reasons for the exempted sections. I’m depositing Rs. 10 as application fee. Thank you! Suchi Pande C-17/A DDA Flats, Munirka, New Delhi- 110 067 ******* Scoop: Anti-AFSPA activists file RTI application at PMO
  10. New Delhi: A large number of students from various colleges of Delhi University have filed applications under the Right to Information (RTI) Act to get details regarding their unexpected result of 2007 B.Sc programs. A memorandum has been submitted to the Vice-chancellor with the request to set up a committee for complete re-evaluation of the papers and modification of results at the earliest. Students from several colleges, including Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, Hindu, Gargi and Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma (ARSD) College on Monday demonstrated in front of VC's office protesting against the result. It is worth mentioning that more than 70 per cent of the students of Physical Science, Life Science and Applied Physical Science have either failed or got 'ER' status. The Vice-chancellor had earlier assured the students that a committee would be formed to look into the matter. DU students file RTI applications for unexpected B.Sc results, Delhi News - By Indiaedunews.net
  11. akanksha.chopra

    Missing file

    Dear members In response to a query, I received answer from the CPIO. However, when I asked for the file, I was told that it is missing. This office has back up copies of all important documents in electronic format. This includes scanned copies of the necessary papers and remarks by officials on what is called "noting sheets". They are willing to show me that and they are also willing to issue a certificate to the effect that these are genuine document copies and is a true reflection of the original documents. Can I insist that the original written papers should be produced in this situation? Very honestly speaking, I also believe that the electronic format papers are indeed genuine. Regards Akanksha
  12. Slum dwellers file RTI plea over ration NEW DELHI: Over a 100 people from various slum clusters and resettlement colonies of West and North-West Delhi have filed applications under the Right to Information Act (RTI) with the Food and Civil Supplies Department to find out why they were being deprived of their quota of ration despite holding valid cards. They also want to know why they are getting poor quality food grains. The complainants, who had come from Vikaspuri, Mangolpuri, Sultanpuri, Paschim Vihar, Naraina, Mayapuri, Hastsal, Bakhrawala and Kirti Nagar, filed their applications with the office of the Commissioner of Food and Civil Supplies (FCS) at ITO this past week. At their meeting with senior FCS officials, the complainants raised several issues relating to the treatment meted out to them at the circle level. They alleged that whenever a resident went to lodge a complaint with the FCS officials at the circle level about a fair price shop owner not giving good quality grain or keeping the shop closed, the officials in turn informed the shop owner. The shopkeeper then approached the complainant, threatening him or her with dire consequences. Interestingly, one of the woman residents, who had come to file the application, had also brought a sample of rice allegedly bought from shop No. 6215 in circle No. 23 of Sultanpuri. Seeing the highly impure sample, the FCS officials despatched an inspection team in the afternoon to the said shop. But much to the surprise of the complainant, the shop only had fine quality rice. The complainant alleged that the information about the inspection was leaked to the shopkeeper from the FCS Department, which gave him time to replace the bad quality rice. However, while admitting that the sample had a very high degree of impurity, a senior official of the FCS said the source of the sample had to be ascertained as he had never come across such poor quality grains at fair price shops. At the meeting, the officials were also told that many of the residents had simply not got their ration cards despite applying for them two years ago. Further, at places like Naraina, the residents were getting food grains at rates much higher than what has been set by the Government. “Whether they hold the below poverty line (BPL), above poverty line (ABL) or Antyodaya cards, the residents get grains at Rs. 10 per kg,” said K. V. Krishnan of the Delhi Shramik Sangathan, which took the initiative of bringing together the residents and file applications under the RTI. Meanwhile, the official said inspections and raids were carried out this past Wednesday and Thursday at shops about which complaints had been received. On the issue of shopkeepers threatening residents, the official said there was only one case in which FIR was lodged and that was two years ago. He added that the replies to the RTI applications were also being prepared. The Hindu : New Delhi News : Slum dwellers file RTI plea over ration
  13. NEW DELHI: The Central Information Commission (CIC) has directed the President's Secretariat to furnish 'file notings' on its decision to seek Election Commission's opinion on a petition against a Cabinet Minister. A Delhi-based society 'Dr B R Ambedkar Vichar Manch' had filed an application seeking disclosure of file notings relating to a petition against Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Meira Kumar in which she was accused of holding an 'Office of Profit'. The CIC in its order on Wednesday asked the President Secretariat to provide within 10 days the file notings to the Societies' General Secretary R L Kain, who had also sought information on several counts including queries raised by the President on the Parliament (Prevention of Disqualification) Bill of 2006. Denying disclosure of the file notings, Chief Public Information Officer (CPIO) of the President's Secretariat had said "... the Competent Authority has decided not to give the notings until a final view is taken by DoPT on the issue." Rejecting the President's Secretariat's stand to deny disclosure of the file notings, the Commission referred to its full-bench decision of January 29 this year which had brought disclosure of notings under the purview of the RTI Act. "The plea that DoPT has not taken a final view is immaterial in this matter since DoPT itself is a public authority whereas under the provisions of RTI Act the decision of CIC is final." the panel headed by Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah said. Prez Sect to furnish file notings on Election petition: CIC-India-The Times of India '; if (doweshowbellyad==1) bellyad.innerHTML = b2;
  14. Subhash Chander’s land was acquired during Emergency; DDA certificate in 1989 said it would compensate him but it did not. New Delhi, July 22: The Central Information Commission (CIC) has asked the Delhi Development Authority(DDA) to pay a compensation of Rs 50,000 to an appellant, who was made to run around for 17 years after his file was misplaced by officials. Appellant Subhash Chander’s piece of land was acquired during the Emergency by the Delhi Development Authority . He received a certificate from the Delhi Development Authority in 1989 that he would be given a plot of land, apart from being compensated. Subsequently, he wrote several letters to the Delhi Development Authority for honouring this assurance, and in the process, nearly 17 years passed. Finally, he filed an Right T to Information (RTI) application with the Delhi Development Authority requesting inspection of file notings and daily progress made in his application so far. The Delhi Development Authority replied that locating the file would be difficult as it was an old record. However, Public Information Officer (PIO) has been advised to make further efforts in locating the record, it said in its reply. Not satisfied, he filed an application before the Central Information Commission. Information Commissioner OP Kejriwal, in his order, said DDA’s response for misplacing the file seemed to imply that the Department “has a right to misplace or lose a file only because it is old”. The Commission said, “the officer concerned feels that the Delhi Development Authority almost has a right to misplace or lose a file only because it is old. The Commission would like to advise the officer sending such a reply to go to the National Archives at Janpath and see how more than 200-year old records are preserved. It may be an education to her”. The Commission also directed the Delhi Development Authority to pay compensation to the appellant saying that the appellant went through a period of great anxiety and uncertainty because of the callousness of the Delhi Development Authority for years. “No amount of financial compensation could be considered enough for putting a citizen through such mental torture. However the Commission directs the Delhi Development Authority to pay Rs 50,000 as token compensation to him. The Commission feels that this amount should be recovered from the persons who have handled the file so casually,” the order said. Misplaced file: 17 years on, CIC tells DDA to pay up Rs 50,000
  15. ganpat1956

    Rana allowed access to file noting

    AHMEDABAD: A crucial decision of the Gujarat Information Commission (GIC), on Wednesday, is about to stir the hornet's nest in the power corridors of Gandhinagar. Principal secretary, women and child development, J S Rana — who has been fighting a long-drawn battle against a departmental inquiry set against him by the former chief secretary P K Laheri — has been allowed access to a crucial file noting that led to the inquiry. The General Administration Department (GAD) had denied Rana access to this file on the grounds that there was no larger public interest involved in disclosing Laheri's file noting. Rana then used the Right to Information (RTI) Act to gain access to the file noting alleging that Laheri had not consulted senior officials of Industries and Mines and the General Administration Department (GAD) as a matter of 'prudence' before initiating the inquiry. The issue dates back to April 1997 when Rana was the managing director of the Gujarat State Financial Corporation (GSFC). Laheri had alleged in his file noting made in January 2005 that Rana had favoured a private promoter of the Gujarat Pipava Port by lowering the interest rates for a Rs 14.5-crore loan. While allowing Rana access to the file noting, state chief information commissioner R N Das ordered that file notings which are required to be made objectively by government servants consist of opinions, advice or decisions made by the officer making it. This falls under the definition of 'information' under RTI Act. File notings reveal the stages and processes of decision-making in a government body. Disclosure of notings would enhance a public authority's commitment to uphold transparency. GAD had argued before the GIC that it had treated Laheri as a third party for opinion and that Laheri had refused that the notings be given to Rana. GIC countered GAD's view saying, "When a public servant, performing his duty, makes a noting in the file, he cannot be treated as a third party. The information in the noting is not private or personal information. A file is a public document. An officer notes on the file while discharging his assigned public duty." While arguing about the matter, the applicant had also contended that if a public information officer (PIO) starts seeking concurrence of a third party, it would go against the spirit of the RTI Act. "I have GSFC on record stating that the inquiries set against me were based on forged documents. I needed these documents under RTI to prove my innocence. I have even lodged an FIR with the Gandhinagar police station on April 5 against Laheri and the inquiry panel members," says Rana. Rana allowed access to file noting-Ahmedabad-Cities-The Times of India
  16. Hi, Since Friday, I am trying to open the following pdf document from the CIC website (CIC) but unable to do so: http://cic.gov.in/CIC-Orders/Decision_06062007_17.pdf The decision pertains to : Adjunct to Decision No. CIC/WB/A/2006/00705 dated 06/06/2007 on Complaint from Shri Ziley Singh Vs Supreme Court of India All other pdf docs and links on the website are working EXCEPT this one. Can someone else try and give feedback and post a copy. Thanks.
  17. New Delhi: The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has opposed a Right to Information application which wants the Government to explain why it destroyed a file on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s death. Anuj Dhar, a member of the ‘Mission Netaji’ organisation in Delhi, approached the Central Information Commission after the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) at the PMO refused his request. The CPIO said the file called ‘Investigation into the circumstances leading to the death of Sri Subhas Chandra Bose’ was destroyed in 1972 during a routine weeding of old records. An agency report says CPIO director Kamal Dayani has told the information commission must be dismissed and was "not maintainable." Dhar's application says he wants the government to explain how a file on a national hero’s death was destroyed while a judicial probe is on. "It is very suspicious that the 'routine process of review/weeding of old records' overlooked this and the file was destroyed along with some useless records," the application says. Dayani, in a to response to the commission, on May 17, said that Dhar should send his appeal to the CPIO’s Appellate Authority. The CIC will hear Dhar’s appeal on August 10. In May 2006, the government rejected Justice Mukherjee Commission report that said Netaji did not die in a plane crash in August 1945. The Government also disagreed with the Commission's report that the ashes in Renkoji Temple in Japan were not that of Netaji. Govt opposes on RTI on Netaji file : Right to Information, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, PMO : IBNLive.com : CNN-IBN
  18. CIC Wajahat Habibullah also calls a hearing in August Please click here for details. This new blog details efforts to get to the facts about the Bose death case. Already the CIC has taken a note of the issue and on 5th June a full bench hearing is scheduled. And by 30th June the MEA is to part with the correspondence they have had with the Russians over Bose's fate. We dont expect them to do so and the matter is heading for a court battle. For a backdrop to the case, and why are we doing it, please follow these links: God forbid this should be true The need to know
  19. Less than a year after it made an abortive bid to keep filing notings out of the purview of the right to information (RTI) law, the government on Thursday insisted that the law did not specifically provide for letting the public access filing notings. The Central Information Commission (CIC) had last year junked this interpretation of the information law, holding that file notings were part of the files that could be accessed under the law. In his written reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday, Minister of State in the Ministry of Personnel Suresh Pachouri said the RTI law “does not specifically provide for the disclosure of file notings”. The Department of Personnel and Training had last year attempted to undo the CIC’s interpretation and pushed amendments to the law to specifically keep file notings out of the purview of the RTI Act. The government, however, had to put off the plan in view of stiff opposition from RTI campaigners and Left Front leaders. The department, however, retained its controversial interpretation of the information accessible under the law on its official website that said “file notings” are out of this law’s purview. The Central Information Commission had earlier this year told the government to take this interpretation off the website since it was misleading other departments but to no avail. Pachouri also told the Rajya Sabha that the position taken on the website was in accordance with the legislative intent. Parliament did not intend to give people access to file noting under RTI: Pachouri- Hindustan Times
  20. NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Tuesday sternly told the government to furnish to it the Cabinet advice to the President on the petition for removal of Election Commissioner Navin Chawla. "File the advice submitted to the President," a bench comprising Justice Ashok Bhan and Justice Dalveer Bhandari told Additional Solicitor General Gopal Subramaniam when he said it had been given to the President. "After the RTI Act, I don't know what privileges you have, but we would like to see the file," the bench told him sternly when Subramaniam contended that it was a privileged document and he has to check whether it can be produced in the court. The court was hearing a PIL filed by senior BJP leader Jaswant Singh which has sought Chawla's removal on the ground that he would not be able to discharge his duties impartially in view of several allegations of impropriety levelled against him. DNA - India - SC to Centre: File Cabinet's report on Chawla - Daily News & Analysis
  21. Mumbai, April 1: The inefficiency and red-tapism of the government’s so-called file tracking system forced Rajesh Darak, a resident of Mumbai, to resort to the Right to Information Act (RTI) to find out more about a court order. However, Darak, an employee of a Mumbai-based firm, received contradictory answers in response to his application. He once again had to make several rounds of various government departments to get information which should have been available at the click of a mouse or the flick of a page. Darak was following up an order given by the Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate court to the Sangli police in October 2005. The court had directed the Sangli police to proclaim the accused in a cheque bouncing case as absconders. When the proclamation orders were not executed, Darak sought information about the fate of the file containing the magistrate’s orders. He wrote to the State Home Department and the Director General of Police, asking them about the progress of the file and the relevant order. When there was no response, Darak filed a RTI application seeking information about the file and his letters. In response to his RTI application, the Home Department informed Darak that his letter had been forwarded to the Sangli Police for further action. But Darak was taken by surprise when the DGP’s office informed him that his letter and RTI application have been sent to the Mumbai Police, and he should get in touch with them to know about the progress of the court’s order. “Why was a case relating to Sangli sent to the Mumbai Police?” asked Darak. Moreover, the Mumbai Police did not return the case, even though it didn’t fall under their jurisdiction. “The entire rigmarole was due to the indifferent attitude on the part of officials and staff handling the file. They were merely acting as post offices,” said Darak. When queried about the matter, Deputy Assistant Inspector General S D Sahasrabuddhe said the file was eventually sent back to the Sangli Police and the applicant had received the information he wanted. Sahasrabuddhe added that though Darak had filed an appeal after his RTI application, he had not turned up for the appeal hearing. “If the applicant makes a fresh application, we would give him our clarification about this matter,” said Sahasrabuddhe. “How can I appear for the hearing when the letter informing me about it reached a month late?” asks Darak. “Irrespective of whether or not I was present for the hearing, they ought to tell me the daily progress made by my application, which they have not”, added Darak. Now, he has filed a second appeal with the State information Commission and is waiting for the hearing. RTI fails to recover file lost in govt red-tapism
  22. New Delhi, March 27: The department of personnel and training (DoPT), which is the government's nodal agency for instructions on the RTI Act, has been "misleading" several government offices with its website saying that file notings do not come under the law's ambit. The Central Information Commission (CIC) has made it clear through its decisions that disclosure of file notings under the RTI Act could be made to information seekers. The issue once again came up before the CIC after the President's secretariat, on an RTI application of one S S Bhamra, denied information pertaining to certain file notings on grounds that the DoPT website specifically talks of non-disclosure of such file notings. "We have earlier advised DoPT to remove this misleading information from their site. We expect them to do so immediately if the result of this inclusion on their site has been to mislead even so august an office as that of the President of India", said Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah in a recent order. Bhamra, an assistant in the President's secretariat, had filed two applications under the act before the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) of the President's secretariat seeking disclosure of certain file notings with regard to its recruitment rules. The CPIO and, thereafter, the appellate authority in the President's secretariat while denying certain parts of the information sought, had said "...The appellant is hereby informed that the DoPT instructions exclude file notings from coming under the purview of information which can be accessed by the individuals." The commission, in an earlier order passed on January 29 this year, had asked DoPT to amend its website by removing its contradictory instructions which stated that the term "information" does not include "file notings". The CIC in its January decision, which came upon a RTI appeal of one Pyare Lal Verma against Ministry of Railways, had instructed DoPT to amend its website within a month. Zee News - DoPT portal "misleads" President`s office on file notings
  23. ganpat1956

    Jain case: disclose file, rules CIC

    NEW DELHI: In a landmark decision, the Central Information Commission (CIC) on Saturday directed the disclosure of the file containing, among other things, the correspondence between the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Law Minister on the controversial appointment of Justice Virender Jain as the Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court. Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) Wajahat Habibullah ruled that the correspondence contained in the file did not fall under Sec. 8 of the Right to Information Act, which gives exemption from disclosure to certain categories of sensitive information. References The CIC, however, held that Justice Y.K. Sabharwal's July 27, 2006 letter to Law Minister H.R. Bhardwaj contained references to a number of persons who were "third parties" to the matter. It was through this letter that the Chief Justice conveyed the decision of the Supreme Court collegium on the appointment of Mr. Justice Jain to the Law Minister. Mr. Habibullah directed the Principal Information Officer of the Ministry of Law & Justice to invite the third parties concerned to make written or oral submissions on the question of disclosure of information pertaining to them and ascertain if any them had valid objections against disclosure of information relating to them. The CIC further directed that in the event a valid ground was established, the appellant "may be supplied" with information excluding "the objectionable portion." He ordered the exercise to be completed within a month from the date of his decision. Appellant Subhash Chander Agrawal originally sought the complete file relating to Mr. Justice Jain's appointment from the President's Secretariat. He asked for copies of all file notings, the opinions of the members of the Supreme Court collegium as well as the correspondence between the President and the Prime Minister. The President's Secretariat transferred the petition to the Ministry of Law & Justice, which refused the information on grounds of confidentiality and third party interests. In arriving at his decision, the CIC relied upon a judgment of Justice P.K. Bhagwati who had ruled against granting immunity from disclosure to the correspondence between the Law Minister, the Chief Justice of Delhi and the Chief Justice of India. Said Mr. Justice Bhagwati : "....Today the process of judicial appointments and transfers is shrouded in mystery. The exercise of the power of appointment and transfer remains a sacred ritual whose mystery is confined only to a handful of high priests, namely the Chief Justice of the High Court, the Chief Minister of the State, the Law Minister of the Central Government and the Chief Justice of India ... We do not see any reason why this process of appointment and transfer should be regarded as so sacrosanct that no one should be able to pry into it..." The Hindu : National : Jain case: disclose file, rules CIC
  24. maneesh

    Activists file RTI on cola row

    The recent report of the CSE regarding the use of high levels of pesticides in soft drinks has now prompted a group of well-known names from various fields to go the RTI route. On Friday, several activists including Prof Yashpal (former chairman UGC), Aruna Roy (RTI activist), Arundhati Roy, Shanti Bhushan, Arvind Kejriwal and Sandeep Pande (both Magsaysay winners) were present at the inauguration of the RTI kiosk in Jantar Mantar. Prof Yashpal and Aruna Roy proceeded to file requests for information under the RTI Act to several government agencies on the occasion. The questions addressed to the Central Ground Water Board, Central Pollution Control Board, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Food Processing, covered a gamut of issues, including how much water is being extracted by the soft drink bottling plants, whether the ministries had knowledge of sludge containing various chemicals in discharge of several soft drinks as well as if the government knew the amount of caffeine and aspartame being used in the colas. Activists file RTI on cola row- The Times of India
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