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Found 83 results

  1. Hi everybody, First of all, thanks everybody for giving me this platform to clear my doubts on RTI & its uses. Because of you people, I have filed my first RTI query to SBI. But there is another problem. I have asked 7 questions in my first RTI Application. The CPIO replied with negatives to all the questions. Now, I have to file RTI Query to the First Appellate Authority. Kindly help me in the following issues, some of them very basic: 1) To file RTI Query, its not necessary to have it printed or written on white A4 paper. I can print or write it in green or pink A4 paper also. Right? 2) Can you give an example to file First Appeal? 3) The date on the RTI response is 28 Dec 2013. I have received it on 02 Jan 2014. So I have to file the RTI within 30 days starting from 02 Jan 2014. Right? 4) The First Appellate Authority is in Nariman Point, Mumbai & I am in Delhi. So, if I want to attend the hearing, can't it be done in Delhi? 5) There is no need for the IPO again in this case where I am filing for First Appeal. Right? 6) What is the AD receipt as stated in Point 9 here - How to write First Appeal under RTI? - Guide ? 7) If FAA gives a "spoken" order, how will I know? (This is stated in Point 12 here - How to write First Appeal under RTI? - Guide ) ? Thanks & regards, Talib Hussain
  2. gregjenings

    Should I file an appeal????

    First of all I am sorry if you find it a double post as I was unable to find my older post on similar subject. I receive this reply from the PIO that due to election's in the Delhi state the concerned person is not avaialable and once he joined the department the desired information is provided to you. So now should I file an appeal considering the fact that not only this reply came with delay of 15 days but also if I don't file an appeal now what would happen to my RTI . Election in Delhi state is over so atleast now I should receive some reply from PIO during the hearing of my first appeal. please share your solutions and suggestions.
  3. Hi, I asked my friend to file an RTI for me, under his name in the month of July 2013. The PIO replied and supplied supporting doucments. I filed the RTI again, this time in my name in the month of November 2013. The PIO supplied completely different information this time. I filed an RTI and asked why he has provided two different answers to the same question. The PIO has replied that earlier (in the month of July) he has unintentionally provided wrong information and it was my upto me to file first appeal. As i didn't filed first appeal that time, he cant be questioned. What i think here is that PIO is using First Appeal as an excuse to provide wrong information and putting onus on me as i didn't file first appeal. Is there anything i can do or shall i let it go and acknowledge that PIO is really smart?
  4. Hi, I filed a single RTI application regarding the discosure of Net Taxable Income of FIL and wife, however, it got rejected. FIL - Ward A Wife - Ward B I addressed the RTI Application to the PIO of Ward A, he transferred the wife part of the application to PIO of Ward B. Now, both PIOs have separately rejected the application. I have to file FA now so, should I file single FA or separate FA for the splitted RTI Application?
  5. Hello Everybody! A friend of mine has asked me for help in this case related to a state department. He says that due process has not been followed while disposing his First Appeal. I studied his case and felt the same but I am not absolutely sure so I need your valuable guidance. Here is a summary of the case: Deputy Secy.- 'X' was the S.P.I.O. who did not supply any information within the 30 days period. Applicant made First Appeal to the F.A.A. immediately who fixed the 30th day of receiving the Appeal as the day of hearing but also wrote to 'X' asking him to send a pointwise reply to the points raised by the Appellant in the First Appeal before the day of hearing. On realizing that First Appeal has been made and the day of hearing is approaching, 'X' responded to the R.T.I. application and provided incorrect and incomplete information. 7 days before the scheduled hearing, 'X' got transferred. 'Y' filled his position. 'Y' gave the pointwise reply as asked by the F.A.A. and sent his Section Officer to represent 'X' in the First Appeal proceedings. The Appellant did not go for personal hearing as his wife was hospitalized.He informed the F.A.A. through email 2 days before the day of hearing that he will not be attending the proceedings and submitted his objections regarding the incorrect and incomplate information provided. After some days, the Appellant received the order of the F.A.A. stating that information has been provided and so Appeal is quashed. He did not mention anything about the points raised by the Appellant in his First Appeal and in his email. Some days after that, 'Y' got transferred and 'Z' took his place. 14 days after the First Appeal hearing, 'Z' prepared and sent his pointwise defence to the points raised by the Appellant in the email which was addressed to the F.A.A. to be considered by him while disposing the Appeal. What do you think and what is your advice? Thanks and regards.
  6. I had filed a RTI in a central government office. No answer was received for more than 40 days. So I filed my First appeal. Immediately after filing my first appeal, a partial answer was given to my RTI. Now, I have two options 1) File first appeal again and ask for remaining information 2) File second appeal. Which of the above two options is more preferable? Why? Thanks.
  7. Several times - both on this forum and also offline, I have suggested that an appellant can file a first appeal for each and every response (or no response) of the PIO. This is because of the wordings of Sec 19(1). Many have disagreed. Attached is an order of the FAA of the CIC (Central Information Commission) stating that an appellant can file multiple first appeals. Also note that the FAA has hauled up the CPIO of the CIC: Full order is attached to this post. CIC FAA order More than one first appeal.pdf
  8. Hi, I apologise if I am asking for same questions which were already answered before in some of the forums but unfortunately I was unable to find the ones which I am looking for,so please bear with me and help me out with my queries. Regarding Second Appeal # I was searching the forums and I found out that their are two address in mentioned in some of the forums regarding filing of second. I would like to know appeal which one should I address my second appeal (It concerns Registrar cooperative society,Delhi) and I am living in Delhi. Address 1. Room No. 326, 2nd Floor, "C" Wing August Kranti Bhawan Bhikaji Kama Place New Delhi-110 066 *Address 2: CIC, Room No. 412, 4th Floor, Block IV,* Old JNU Campus, New Delhi - 110067 # Please clear my thought about whether I can write my second appeal as a complaint against the replies and misinformation provided to me, or should I only ask for the the information I required and which was declined on false pretext of inspection (though I have filed a complaint to RCS office regarding the inspection issue and I believe I should mention that in my second appeal). # Please inform me how much penalty I can seeks against FAA and APIO/PIO under CIC Rules and directives.Is there any limit or provision under which I cannot seek penalty. ii)I would also like to know what sort of disciplinary action against FAA/PIO I can seek under penalty apart from financial compensation. iii) Do the financial penalty is paid by the concerned department or Is it paid by the concerned official from his own pocket. # How can I raise the issue of corruption by the PIO and FAA as I also have proof that they are saving corrupt official by not providing the information to me and rejecting it with saying that I can inspect records.The reality is I want copy of records of action taken against my complaints related to the corrupt official and since no action as been initiated there is no records available for inspection. # I would appreciate if esteemed members of this forum would share some of the important Judgment involving corrupt official against whom CIC has imposed some sort of Financial Penalty and which I use in my Second Appeal. # I would also appreciate ,if someone could clear my doubt related to the copies of second appeal which need to be send to FAA as well as PIO. Is it mandatory in the Act that I should send copy of my second appeal to the concerned officials. ii) Do I need to include the proof/receipt of post in my second appeal. iii) How many copies do I need to submit in relation to my second appeal at CIC office. Regarding First Appeal # I am concerned and would like to know can FAA deliver it's order without asking the appellant for any personal hearing,as it not only sound prejudice on his part but I would like to know Is is permissible under the Rules? # How can I highlight the discrepancies in FAA's order, dues to his lack of information about the RTI ACT or discrepancies dues to misreporting by the PIO apart from filing second appeal. # It is also informed to me that I can file as many First appeal as I want, so Can I raise my queries related to above mentioned discrepancies by filing another first appeal or should I file a complaint to the FAA concerning the discrepancies. # How could my non appearance on the day of hearing affect my case? # Please let me know Can FAA reject my demand for information on grounds of Voluminous information? If know Is there any specific Judement which I can quote related to this fact.
  9. Hello everybody! I had filed an application under the R.T.I. Act with the Chief Minister's Office of my State. The S.P.I.O. (Jt. Secretary) violated various provisions of the R.T.I. Act while providing the information to me. I filed my First Appeal with the F.A.A. (Principal Secretary) mentioning the mistakes of the S.P.I.O. in detail. I requested him to conduct a personal hearing in the case upon which I received the reply of Asst. Secretary on behalf of the F.A.A. on 09 April, 2013 i.e. just 3 days before the date of hearing informing me the date of hearing as 12 April, 2013 through which I am called to the Secretariat which is situated in the capital of my State and 200 kms. away from my city. I immediately sent a fax to the F.A.A. (Principal Secretary) on 09 April, 2013 to draw his attention towards the short notice of the Asst. Secretary and requested him to conduct the hearing through video-conferencing. The facility is available in my city's Collectorate as well as in the Secretariat of my State. I gave my phone number and E-mail address, as always, but still nobody bothered to reply. Today i.e. on 10 April, 2013, when I myself tried to contact the F.A.A. (Principal Secretary) on phone, his P.A. deliberately did not allow me to talk to him saying that my Appeal cannot be heard through video-conferencing and that I'll have to come to the Secretariat for the same. Further, despite making several calls, the P.A. kept on saying- "Sahab busy hain. Contact again". Then, on my 5th try, I asked the P.A. to call me whenever the F.A.A. is free but he did not call me. On contacting the Asst. Secretary, who sent me the notice for the First Appeal on behalf of the F.A.A., I was told that the video-conferencing facility is only meant for administrative officers and not for common people like me. There is no rule under the R.T.I. Act which says that an appeal should be heard through video-conferencing and "Personal hearing of Appeal" means physical presence of both parties. He said very rudely that he has informed me the date, time and place of hearing, now if I do not reach, it's upto me. I wanted to have a personal hearing in this case but I will not be going to the Secretariat for the same since I believe that it is my right to use the video-conferencing facility when it is available. Further, I believe that it is a deliberate attempt of the F.A.A. to harass me by calling me far away so that I may be put to stress and financial loss. Further, calling me on such a short notice of 3 days is also malicious. Please guide me with your valuable inputs as to how should I proceed further in the matter. Thanks & Regards.
  10. fournineeightakadushman

    First appeal not disposed even after 3 months.

    Hello, My first appeal has not been disposed of by FAA even after a lapse of 3 months. If I go for second appeal, CIC sends back the appeal to FAA to dispose of first appeal. If FAA rejects the appeal, then again I will have to go to CIC. Given the pendency in CIC the whole process can take upto 2-3 years. The information will be if no use after so much delay. How can I expedite the proces so that I do not have to approach CIC two times. Thanks.
  11. gregjenings

    No reply?

    Hi, I have filed 5 RTI applications in the registrar cooperative societies office related to corruption involved in the appointment of Arbitrators and Decisions of Arbitrators influenced by the few Advocates working there.As I thought most of the staff is involved ,I didn't received any reply not to mention I am hoping same sort of treatment for my First Appeal or some sort of delay tactics by them. # My question is How much time I should wait before Filing 2nd Appeal in case I don't receive any reply. # Should I file my First appeal combing all my RTI's or should I file separate appeals for seperate RTIs. # How can I raise the issue of penalty in my first Appeal. # As Registrar cooperative societies is the most corrupt department How can I save myself from them during my visit to RCS. Can through RTI I can initiate any action against the advocates who are having nexus with Arbitrators and the department of RCS. It here important to mention that few of those Advocates were retiree from the same department and are taking undue advantage of their links.
  12. Dear sir, my RTI application to Ahmedabad municipal corporation for water project division has not been answered after three month of receiving register ad receipt note. now can i file an application to first appeal after 3 months. and whom to file as there is no details available in official website about FAA officials. also need to know how much fees to pay to first appeal and what is the format to apply. kindly guide me.
  13. Dear Member(s), I filed first RTI application in November 2011 to Block Development Officer, Ateli (Distt: Mahendragarh, Haryana) but did not get any information. As per rules filed first appeal to District Panchayat & Development Officer (DPDO) and got only a part of information I asked for in the month of March/ April 2012. Because of some personal engagements could not pursue that application further but as I said information is not complete how should I take this forward. My question is that as 90 days timeline of challenging first appeal order is gone, can I still file an appeal to DPDO asking for complete information or should I have to file a fresh RTI application all over again. Thanks, Yogesh
  14. Hello, I made a rti application under rule 3 of the rti act 2005 to the PIO (asst. engineer),water works dept. of bmc. I have not received any reply even after 35 days. I wish to make a 'first appeal' to the next higher authority who, I am told, is the executive engineer of the concerned ward. I want to know whether the appeal is to be made under rule 3 again or another rule? I intend to simply write to the appellate officer, affixing stamp worth Rs.10/-, that he information has not been received and he may please give the information and enclose the acknowledged copy of my initial application. Will this be sufficient? Thanks & Regards, Mehta S
  15. I had recently applied for some information from the mantralaya. Unfortunately due to the major fire at the mantralaya, the pio has replied in writing that due to the fire, the documents cannot be provided. How do i file a first appeal./? any suggestions.?
  16. gregjenings

    Query for first appeal

    I have filed an RTI to MCD related to some queries regarding property Tax discrepancies. When I didn't received any reply from the MCD even after 30-40 days I filed First appeal saying no reply has been received till date. After that PIO send me a back dated reply which was unsatisfactory. So far I didn't received any reply from the first appellate body nor any letter regarding me to appear for any personal hearing. so now my questions are: Should I again file a first appeal to the first appellate body saying that PIO's reply is not satisfactory giving my reasons for the same. Or I should directly file my second appeal to the CIC. My second question is PIO in his reply "that RTI Act does not cast upon PIO any obligation to deduce the information from records and provide the information so deduced to the applicant sought under RTI. The PIO is only required to furnish such material information as is available in the records held by a public authority,In the instant case voluminous information has been sought by the applicant which in not available in the format as has been sought by the applicant which is not availbale in the format as has desired by the applicant and compilation of which can not be carried out without disproportionately diverting resources which shall not be in public interest." Can this reply be considered a valid reply. I have asked for few rules under which asseor and controller had given rebate to chosen few people. I have also asked details of outstand of 10 persons before and afetr the discount had been offered to them . It is not a vouminous information and PIO is deleberately hiding the information. What should I do now ?Please suggest as this scam might have cause loss of revenue to the govt and woth lacs or crores.
  17. Dear Sir, The APIO, for information under RTI from PSU of Central Government, intimated me on 30th day of my application under RTI, that they require atleast one more month for the information requested by me. So shall I have to wait or I have to file an appeal against this intimation within 30 days from this intimation letter as stated in RTI Act. Will my right to file an appeal cease after expiry of 30 days from this intimation? If not then till what period shall I wait as the APIO has not given the exact time period but has written “atleast one more month”? Please advice.
  18. sandeeprajsinghtandon

    A strange situation after No RTI response

    Hi, I have landed into a strange situation. I filed an RTI query for my daughters passport 30 days back and i recieved a phone call from an officer who said, that police verification is pending. We got that done and then the CID guys sent an INCOMPLETE report to the Passport office and cited a reason as "Surname for the Applicant not added". I went to the office and i mentioned it to the RTI officer that niether a reply nor the CID details are known to me. He then said after a heated argument that "He will do my passport" and just dumped my application on one side. I am 100% sure that he wont. Now, since i dont have any RTI reply but i also went to meet the RTI officer myself and he said that CID report is incomplete but he would still do it, i dont know what to do. Should i file a First Appeal? What if he makes excuse of my meeting with the RTI officer for not pursuing the matter? thanks sandeepraj
  19. RTI Application Format.. [ Edit as required ] RTI_APPL_DETAIL_FORMAT_UPLOAD_20MAR2012.docx First Appeal Format ( Central Govt. Departments ) .. [ Edit as Required ] FIRST_APPEAL_FORMAT_UPLOAD_20MAR2012.docx Second Appeal Foramt ( CIC ).. [Edit as required ] SECOND_APPEAL_FORMAT_UPLOAD_20MAR2012.docx
  20. I along with 16 other parents have filed RTI application to PIO of DDE of Secondary Education, Mumbai, Maharashtra. The RTI application was about info on the School and its initial certification and other related information till date. They forwarded the Application to Education Inspector of the local area. He replied after about 4 months and also replied with malafide and dishonest intention of indirectly helping the school management ( obviously 4 months was taken - to kill time and delay our complaints and further action against the school). He replied that we can file RTI with the School as they are PA.. They have taken 4 months for this reply along with other usual denials of info and directed us to approach others for some other info asked. Now, we want to file the First Appeal. Also can we file Complaint to SIC - Maharashtra ?? Also can we file consumer complaint against the PIO / PA for the above?? Can you help to frame the First Appeal and Complaint and Consumer Complaint ?? The information required is as below: A. (i) Please provide me information in the form of certified copies of laws/ circulars/ rule book or any other government notification that is related to application and permission of starting a Private / Unaided / Minority school under S.S.C. Board? Kindly provide me copies of the same in English wherever possible. (ii) Please provide me information in the form of certified copies of laws/ circulars/ rule book or any other government notification that regulates “Recognition” and “De-Recognition” of a Private / Unaided / Minority School by the Education department in Mumbai and Maharashtra. (iii) Please provide me information in the form of certified copies of laws/ circulars/ rule book or any other government notification that allows a Company (for profits) to start and run a Private / Unaided / Minority school and apply for recognition from Education Department? (iv) Please provide me information in the form of certified copies of laws/circulars/rule book or any other government notification that allows Registered Charitable Trusts (including Public and Private trust) to start and run a Private / Unaided / Minority School and apply for recognition from the Education Department? Also provide information as to what are the rules and conditions for such Private / Unaided / Minority Schools run by such Trusts for “de-recognition” by Education department? (v) Please provide information that the above School (i.e. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya) is run by any Trust or Company or any other type of legal entity? Kindly provide information whether the above School is Private or Unaided or Minority School as per the laws till date or not? (vi) Kindly provide the information as to name, registered office address, list of Trustees, Registration certificate no. and year of registration of such trust or company or any other type of legal entity (with the relevant and competent authorities) provide to your Department at the time of Recognition? Also provide the information that the above same information is submitted to your department was and is true, valid, correct and updated till date. B. (i) Please provide information as to when (date of Application) Dr. S. Radhakrishanan Vidyalaya, Malad (W), Mumbai – 400 064, applied for Certification / Affiliation / Recognition with your Department? (ii) Please also provide information as to when (Date of Approval / Permission) Dr. S. Radhakrishanan Vidyalaya, Malad (W), Mumbai – 400 064, was given Permission or Certification / Affiliation / Recognition with your Department for staring / running a School under S.S.C. Board? Also please provide a copy of such Approval / Permission with the list of conditions to be followed by the above School as per the laws at that relevant time? Also please provide information as to whether the said School submitted any letter / undertaking or any other type of written document agreeing to following and abiding such laws, rules and conditions for the above “Recognition” approval / permission? Please provide a certified copy of such letter / undertaking by the above School. C. Please provide information as to after the Application was made by the above School to your office, what type of verifications, inspections, audits, checks and reports was conducted, prepared and done by your department? Whether the same were documented, reported, remarked, commented by your officers? Kindly provide me a certified copy of all such Verifications, inspections, audits, checks and reports. D. Please provide me information as to whether the education department conducts any periodic tests, checks, inspections, audits and/or verifications for any Private / Unaided / Minority school after the permission is granted by your Department? If yes, then please provide me copies of any/all such tests, checks, inspections, audits and/or verifications in respect of the above stated (Dr. S. Radhakrishanan Vidyalaya) School for last 5 years. E. Please provide me information as to whether your department has received any complaint against the said School till date? If yes, then please provide me the total number of complaints received till date against the said School by your Department? F. Please provide me the relevant laws, procedures, provisions, circulars, rule books, rules of business followed and adhered to on complaint against any Private / Unaided / Minority School to your Department? Please provide me copy of the same in English. G. Please provide me the information whether your Department has “Citizen Charter” for Public, students, Schools including Private / Unaided / Minority? If yes, then please provide me a copy of the same in English. H. Please provide me the information in the form of Show-Cause Notice, actions, prosecutions, case, complaint, penalties or any other type of action issued / taken / initiated by your Department against the above said School (i.e. Dr. S. Radhakrishanan School) till the date of this application? Kindly provide the information date-wise and the corresponding status of the above till today. I. Please provide me information as to whether Education Department is responsible for controlling and regulating various types of Schools including Unaided, Private, Aided, Minority, International and other types of Schools in Mumbai and Maharashtra. If yes, then please provide me the copy of the applicable laws, rules, circulars, code, act or GRs in English. J. Please provide me the information as to the number of cases, writ petitions, appeals, applications, Revisions, complaints and/or any other type of proceedings filed by or against the above referred School either by you or by the above referred school against you or by any other involving you both (i.e. Education Dept and the above referred School) in Bombay High Court. Please provide me the status (Pending and/or Disposed off) of all the above types of proceedings till date. H. Please provide me the information as to whether anyone has filed any proceeding (Civil and/or Criminal) against the above referred School on any issue in Bombay High Court. J. (i) Please provide me the information as to what the minimum and maximum salary (basic and all other allowances inclusive) to be paid by a Private / Unaided / Minority School to its teachers, management, employees of other departments, non-teaching staff, peons, drivers, watchmen and others if any. (ii) Please provide me information as to whether there is any difference of salary paid to teachers/ teaching Staff in Primary and Secondary and Pre-Primary Divisions in a Private / Unaided / Minority School? Please provide the details of the difference of salary. (iii) Please provide me information as to whether there is any difference of salary between the Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff of a Private / Unaided / Minority School? Please provide details of the difference of the salary. (iv) Please provide me what is the formula or principle of deciding the number of teaching staff and non-teaching staff and management and students for Private / Unaided / Minority Schools as per the laws applicable in Mumbai for Secondary Education? (v) Please provide me information whether any school is allowed to adopt tactics, practices, procedures and lacunas in Law to avoid / deny / refuse / delay paying the applicable salary to any of its teacher, non-teaching staff, employees, drivers, watchmen, etc. Please provide me the information as to what action is / can / will be taken by your Department against such erring Private / Unaided / Minority Schools. (vi) Please provide me information as to whether there can be any grade/class/category of Teacher who can be appointed by the Private / Unaided / Minority school without informing/ disclosing to Education Department. (vii) Please provide me information as to any category of teaching and/or non-teaching staff can be threatened / terminated / suspended / removed / forced to resign by harassment by the Private / Unaided / Minority School administration / management without following due process of law. Please provide me the information as the applicable rules, laws, GR, Circulars and Acts applicable in the above situation and what are the duties and responsibilities of Education Department in such events. (viii) Please provide me information whether the Private / Unaided / Minority schools submits to the Education department their monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually numbers and details of employed staff, including but not limited to Teaching, Non-teaching, Management, Administration, Permanent, Temporary, Contractual, Casual, ad-hoc, Consultant, out-sourced, retired, resigned, terminated, removed, died and other category of direct and indirect employment. (ix) Please provide me information as to whether the Private / Unaided / Minority Schools are allowed to pay the salary in cash to any category of employee. (x) Whether it is legal and permissible to pay salary in cash? If yes, then please provide me the relevant law, circular, GR and Rule Book copy. K. (i) Please provide me information as to whether a private / Unaided / Minority School has to comply, follow, adhere to and obtain Permission and/or Certificate under any laws to start, run and manage the daily affairs and business of the Private / Unaided / Minority School? (ii) Please provide me information whether any Private / Unaided / Minority School in Mumbai has to follow or abide any Labour law? (iii) Please provide me the information as to what are all the types of Central, State and Local Labour laws applicable for and to be complied by a Private / Unaided / Minority School? Please provide me the list, details and address of the Central, State and Local Labour offices as applicable in Mumbai or wherever they are located. (iv) Please provide me the information whether the Private / Unaided / Minority School submits the above referred returns, challans, certificates, Permissions and/or any other type of authority from any competent authority for any type of labour laws described above to your department? (v) Please provide information as to whether Education Department compulsorily demands / asks / requires the submission of such labour law compliances certificates from the Private / Unaided / Minority school in the form of returns, challans, certificates, Permissions or amount paid to any of the labour offices? If not, then please provide me the relevant law, circulars, GR, rule book or Rules of Business for such non-compliances and non-action by the Education Department against such Private / Unaided / Minority school? L. Please provide me the total number of Private / Unaided / Minority school de-recognized by your Department in Mumbai and Maharashtra in last 5 years along with the certified copies of notice and notification for the same. M. (i) Please provide me the information as to upon receipt of a complaint against a Private / Unaided / Minority School, do you reply to the complainant in writing and within how days? (ii) What is the procedure followed upon receipt of a complaint and who is the responsible officer to take action on such complaint and replying to the complainant in writing? (iii) Please provide me the information on the rights, duties and responsibilities of the responsible officer who is handling the Complaint desk / table in Education Department. N. Please provide me information whether a trust, Chairman, Trustees and/or Management running a school and complained of involvement in fraud, cheating, misappropriation of funds, harassment of students, teachers and parents and any criminal acts, are allowed to continue to run the Private / Unaided / Minority school without any action from the Education Department. Please provide me copy of the relevant law, circulars, GR, rule book or written order of Officer/Minister authorizing the running of the Private / Unaided / Minority school in spite of the complaints. O. Please provide me information on PTA of Private / Unaided / Minority Schools and who are the members. (i) What are the rights, duties and responsibilities of PTA, PTA Members, School administration for election of PTA. (ii) What are the consequences of no elections for PTA within one month of reopening of School in the month of June in Mumbai and Maharashtra? (iii) What action is taken by the Education Department against the School administration in the event they do not hold PTA elections or refuse to hold PTA elections? What is the duty and responsibility of Education department in such an event for protecting the Parents, Teachers and Student? (iv) Please provide copy of the law applicable for the PTA, election of PTA members and the duration and all other issues of PTA including duties and responsibilities of School administration. (v) Please provide me information whether the school has to submit the PTA Member List including names, contact details and phone numbers to Education Department every year. (vi) Please provide me information as to whether the above School (i.e. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya) has submitted to your department the above PTA members’ details for last 10 years. (vii) Please provide me the list of PTA members including name, addresses and phone numbers for last 3 academic years (2008-09; 2009-10; 2010-11). (viii) Please provide me information whether the school has to submit the attendance register, minutes of the meetings, agendas, decisions taken in the PTA meetings to the Education Department. (ix) Please provide me information as to whether your office verifies and checks such details and information submitted as per above question (viii). thanks and regards
  21. What i have experienced with a particular public authority is that in response to the First appeal, the response that we get from the Public Authority is that there is a letter/reply (in response to First Appeal) from the Office supdt of the deemed PIO on which first the deemed PIO countersigns and then PIO and finally the Appellate Authority. Such response from the first appellate authority almost always is just unsatisfactory. Most of the times, the reply is like that whatever reply has been given already is just alright and for any further information, you can come over to the office and see the record. This is just the evasive response adopted by the first Appellate Authority. My question is that whether in response to my such an evasive and unsatisfactory reply from the appellate Authority, can i write again to First Appellate Authority in the form of a Addendum to the First Appeal reminding the first appellate Authority that this is not the proper response to the first appeal urging him to once again have a look at the RTI application and PIO's reply, apply his mind and then convey the final decision in response to the first appeal. Can i do that? --- 'cos i am quite aggrieved by such responses of an Appellate Authority.
  22. Hi All, Aggrieved by the insufficient and incomplete information provided by the Public Information Officer, I had filed the First Appeal with the First Appellate Authority which was received in his office on 7th February 2011 and The FAA is suppose to reply and dispose off the appeal before 22nd March 2011 (45 days). BUt, He didn't responded to my appeal, neither disposed the same off. Though I can file a Second appeal / Complaint with the information commission, I didn't do it Rather I had sent a reminder (as advised in this RTI Forum) reminding the FAA about my appeal. I had received the response for the same in early June But surprisingly, He disposed off the appeal rejecting the sought information on the same grounds mentioned by Public Information Officer, Though I had clearly explained in the appeal as to How those things won't comply with my case and how the Public Information Officer had intentionally dodged the information. The FAA seemed to have not read the appeal at all but just denied the information on the same grounds. Its been more than 90 days after these events happened (Time after filing the First appeal + receiving no response + sending a reminder + responding to the reminder but no information provided).. It is almost 6 months after the same. Is there any chance I can file a Second appeal with the Information Commission Now? Its been more than 90 days. But I heard that There are cases where commissions condone the delay in filing the second appeal following inclusion of necessary and required prayers in the appeal. I request the forum members to help me out with this. If I can file the second appeal even now, What are the relevant prayers/grounds I can mention in the appeal as the reasons for delay? If I cant file it now, is there any other way to go? Thanks and Regards Raghavendra
  23. I complained to BMC about an illegal construction and as usual nothing happened. I filed an RTI asking for : 1)what actions has been taken by BMC on my complaint? 2)Copy of the opinion/order given by Asst. engineer on my complaint. 3)Name of the junior engineer (jise karyawahi ka aadesh diya gaya ho). xerox copy of that order. 4)If junior inspector has visited the site, copy of his inspection report. 5)If no action has taken, reason for no action. after around 30 days, they gave me one page of information. Jo complaint maine diya thaa, usi page pe unhone front and back pe kuch likh diya hai jo main thik se padh bhee nahi sakta. They gave me xerox copy of that. It is like zero information. So I want file a first appeal now. Can anybody please give me a format for filing first appeal for incomplete and unreadable information in this case. Thank you.
  24. bathindaab

    FA with SIC punjab returned

    I filed an appeal an appeal against PIO with the SIC Punjab and sent a registered letter along with (1) RTI application copy (2) Original copies of B forms signed by the PIO (3) letter with details (4) copies of IPO's I also sent the required documents with Email. Now i have received a letter from SIC Punjab where they have returned for not attaching the following documents (1) An index and copies of the documents referred to in the appeal or complaint and original application under section 6 of RTI act. (2) A certificate stating that matter under appeal or complaint have not been spreviously filed or pending or decided by any of the state information commissioner. (3) complaint should be sent in two sets (along with the copies of all above documents) (4) In the address postal PIN code of appellant/ Complainant and PIO should be given. You may re submit your appeal / Complaint as the case may be along with original objection memo after enclosing the above mentioned documents in above serial order. Now i fail to understand (1) original application under section 6 of RTI act. (2) You may re submit your appeal / Complaint as the case may be along with original objection memo after enclosing the above mentioned documents in above serial order. Can anyone help
  25. I submitted my RTI application in a college. In the application, I mentioned I will collect the information in person. For next 40 days , I did not receive any communication from them, though the RTI application have my address and the phone number. So I filed first appeal and within 4 days I got a call that my information is ready and I can come and collect it. They sent me one letter too in which they have mentioned that the delay is not their fault. Since I have mentioned in my application that I will collect my information in person, I should have come to college and collect the information within 30 days. They are claiming that their information was ready. Now I have few questions here : 1)Though it was my responsibility to collect the information within 30 days, they never contacted me. How I will know that the information was ready? Can I counter their claim? Can I fixed the responsibility of delay on them? Any link to a rule or any court order regarding this? 2)In my first appeal, I asked them for free information as 30 days has passed by. They replied in that letter that since it was my fault, I have to pay for information. Can I get it free or I have to pay for it? 3)In the information, I asked the xerox copies of the bank passbook in which they deposit students fees. They replied saying its a private document , so xerox copies of a passbook can't be given. Is it true? Since this institution takes grant from Govt, we have the rights to know their bank details? If it is true, can anybody give me a link of rules related to this or any court order? 4)In the letter they posted me, they wrote that my application for first appeal is cancelled since the delay was my fault. can they really cancel it? I have to go for first appeal again or I have to go for second appeal? I will be very grateful if someone helps me in this regard. Thanks in advance.
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