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  1. How do I send a registered notice to college principal asking for return of original documents? ( I am asking for the procedure in drafting a registered notice.)
  2. Srinagar, July 25: As an ex-PIO of Services Selection Recruitment Board (SSRB) failed to dispose of an RTI application, seeking a copy of the merit OMR sheet for the examination conducted for the posts of assistant storekeeper-cum-clerk and accounts assistant, State Information Commission (SIC) has issued a penalty show cause notice against him. In addition to it, the SIC has sought explanation from the present PIO for the delay caused for disposing of the RTI application. Read more at: Early Times: Leading Newspaper Jammu Kashmir, Latest News about Jammu & Kashmir
  3. [TABLE=width: 1302] [TR] [TD=class: auto-style9][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: textmain1, align: justify] Srinagar June 22:Having failed to dispose off an RTI application within stipulated time, the State Information Commission (SIC) has issued a penalty notice to the Chief Education Officer (CEO), Kulgam, who is also the Public Information Officer (PIO) of his department in the district. The CEO has been asked to submit his written statement in this regard. Details available with Early Times reveal that one Ghulam Mohammad Ganai, son of Ghulam Nabi Ganai of Akhran in Kulgam district filed an application under J&K RTI Act, 2009 on October 13, 2014 addressed to Kulgam CEO, seeking attested copies of the certificate of Bashir Ahmad Ganai for seeking admission in 9th class many years back. In addition to it, he sought copies of discharge certificates issued by the school, particulars submitted by the institution to the concerned Board, page of admission register, DoB etc. Read more at: Early Times: Leading Newspaper Jammu Kashmir, Latest News about Jammu & Kashmir [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  4. Master doing clerks job in CEO's office Kishtwar Jammu, June 8: At a time when State Education Minister is trying his level best to streamline the education system in Jamm & Kashmir, we have some vested interested teachers who instead of providing education to students have preferred to remain attached with their administrative offices for various considerations. Some local residents have sought the details of this master from CEO's office under J&K RTI Act and that was denied and now the State Information Commission (SIC) has intervened which has issued penalty show cause notice against the Dy CEO and CEO of Kishtwar plus the information has also been handed over to Information seeker. As per details available one Raj Kumar Sharma S/o Mohan Lal R/o Keshwan, Kishtwar, moved an application dated 08- 11-2014 before the Public Information Officer (PIO) cum Chief Education Officer, Kishtwar under Jammu & Kashmir Right to Information Act, 2009. The applicant sought information related to persons in whose favour bills under SSA/RMSA have been drawn in District Kishtwar for the period 2009 to March, 2014. In addition to it applicant sought copy of Service Book, designation, appointment order and job under Civil Services Rules of Govt of J&K in respect of one Shahnawaz Ahmed (Master) working in the office of Chief Education Officer Kishtwar. The RTI applicant sought reason as to why an employee of Master grade is performing his duties of a clerk in the CEO's office? Read at: http://www.earlytimes.in/m/newsdet.aspx?q=151453
  5. Srinagar, June 1: The Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) has issued a penalty notice against the Deputy Director (P&S) who is also the Public Information Officer (PIO) at Mission Director ICDS for failing to provide information under Right to Information Act to an applicant. The CIC has also sought an explanation from the Mission Director ICDS as to why compensation may not be provided to he RTI applicant, hailing from Kupwara district of north Kashmir, for making him to wait for months to get simple information under RTI Act. Details available with Early Times reveal that one Farooq Ahmed Lone had filed an RTI application before the PIO Mission Director, ICDS J&K on 11.11.2014 to seek some information about the schemes implemented by ICDS in Kupwara. Under the provisions of section 7 of the J&K RTI Act 2009, a response to the RTI application was to be given as expeditiously as possible as but not later than 30 days. That means the RTI application was to be decided in any case by December, 2014. As Farooq did not receive any response from the PIO, he filed first appeal before First Appellate Authority (FAA)--Mission Director ICDS--on 1.1.2015. Early Times: Leading Newspaper Jammu Kashmir, Latest News about Jammu & Kashmir
  6. HYDERABAD: Using Right to Information (RTI), when 61-year old retired government employee Shaik Madar exposed over hundred-odd squatters illegally occupying government quarters meant for irrigation department employees, he was expecting a pat on his back. Instead, the ex-employee of the irrigation department Shaik Madar got a shock of his life when he was issued a show cause notice, asking him to vacate his official quarters, for exposing how illegal squatters in Nagarjuna Sagar Project (NSP) colony in Guntur owe Rs 2.01 crore to the government. What came as a shock was estate officer S V Rajendra Prasad in the show cause notice warning Madar that running an RTI campaign from his quarters was a crime. Read at: Govt employee unearths housing scam, gets notice - The Times of India - - - Updated - - - [h=2]RUNNING A GROUP TO EDUCATE PEOPLE ABOUT RTI FROM A GOVERNMENT QUARTER IS ‘MISUSE OF FACILITIES’: GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH[/h]S K Madar retired from the Irrigation Department of Government of Andhra Pradesh and has been living in Government quarters at Lingamguntla in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. He is an active Right to Information (RTI) user and has been seeking information from the Irrigation department on various issues. He is also part of an active group that educates people about the RTI. The Issue S K Madar has been using RTI to seek details of pending rent & other dues of occupants of the Government Quarters in the Nagarjuna Sagar Project area. He collected a lot of information from various agencies about these dues. A total amount of 1.45 crore rupees was due from the occupants as per the information provided by the Government. He also alleges that these quarters are often allotted to private people close to the officials and they never pay the rent. Armed with all this information, he even filed a petition in the Andhra Pradesh Lokayuktha in September 2014 which is still pending. Read at: Newslaundry ? Running a group to educate people about RTI from a Government Quarter is ?Misuse of Facilities?: Government of Andhra Pradesh
  7. HT had received the information about details of missing children under the Right to Information Act, 2005. According to the information given by the police, 22 children, including 14 girls and eight boys, were missing in city police's jurisdiction while 10 girls and three boys were still to be traced by the rural police. Read more at: Punjab: NHRC asks state human rights body to take notice of missing children
  8. In yet another embarrassment for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), the Delhi high court has issued notices to its legislator Surender Singh on a petition filed by BJP leader Karan Singh Tanwar. Tanwar has alleged that Singh gave false information with regard to his educational qualification in the election affidavit. Tanwar has based his allegation on an RTI reply received from the Sikkim University which said that it did not had any record of a student named Surender Singh. “As per the academic record of the year 2014-15 and all the past academic year’s there is no student by the name Surender Singh…” the RTI reply of the Sikkim University read. Read at: Second AAP MLA gets notice over ‘fake’ degree
  9. Jammu: The Division Bench of J&K High Court (Jammu Wing) comprising Justice HasnainMasoodi and Justice Janak Raj Kotwal Wednesday issued notice to the Chief Secretary, Financial Commissioner (Home), Commissioner/Secretary (GAD), Commissioner/Secretary (Revenue), Divisional Commissioner, Jammu, Director General of Police and SVO in a Miscellaneous Petition No.1/2015 seeking directions to the State Government to forthwith recover excess land from RB Educational Trust, Kathua (Family Trust of ChodhriLal Singh, Minister for Health, J&K) which is having land measuring 316 Kanals and 17 Marlas situated at Village KarandiKhurd, Tehsil Hiranagar District Kathua contrary to the ceiling prescribed under Section 2(1) read with Section 14 of J&K Agrarian Reforms Act, 1976.Read more at; Health Minister in dock, Court issues notice to CS, others
  10. Udupi: In a slap to the District Health Officer of Udupi, Dr Surendra Chimbalkar, the Joint Director (CMD), Directorate of Health and Family Welfare Services, acting upon the appeal in connection to DHO failing to provide information sought under Right to Information Act 2005 shot a notice to appear for enquiry. Read at: Joint Director of Health department serves notice to DHO under RTI
  11. KOCHI: State Information Commission has issued notices to two revenue officials in Ernakulam for not providing information under Right to Information Act (RTI) on use of land reoccupied in the eviction drive on MG Road in 2007. Read at: Denying RTI info on MG Road eviction: Notice to two officials - The Times of India

    SIC issue showcouse notice

    PIO failed to give information after order by FAA State commission issue showcouse notice.why not penalised to you
  13. [h=1]City bar council slaps notice on Tomar, to probe forgery claims[/h] Spelling more trouble for Delhi law minister Jitender Singh Tomar, the Bar Council of Delhi (BCD) has issued notice to him on a complaint alleging that he used forged and fabricated documents to enroll himself as an advocate. Honorary secretary Puneet Mittal said the council was holding an independent inquiry due to the seriousness of the allegation. The council has asked Tomar to come up with an explanation by March 20. The Delhi High Court had on Friday decided to scrutinise the authenticity of Tomar’s law degree even as the petitioner in the case sought to withdraw his petition that had made similar allegations. Mittal said that the BCD initiated the inquiry after it received a complaint from advocate Ripudaman Singh Bhardwaj against the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader seeking cancellation of his registration and initiation of criminal proceedings. He said the complaint was filed after an RTI query to Dr Ram Manohar Lahia Avadh University, where Tomar had claimed to have obtained an undergraduate degree in science, revealed that it did not have any records of granting any degree to him. The RTI reply, a copy of which is with HT, clearly says that Tomar’s degree, marksheet, and roll number are “completely fake”. “The Bar is of the view that the allegations are prima facie serious. If Tomar fails to give plausible explanation on the issue, we might also register an FIR. However, future course of action will be taken after his appearance,” Mittal said. The complaint received by the Bar said Tomar did not submit his provisional LLB degree nor his attendance certificate while enrolling as an advocate. It said non-submission of requisite documents “show that essential norms as framed by Bar Council of India (BCI) for enrollment purpose have not been complied with”. If the allegations are found to be correct, Tomar will not only lose his licence to practice as an advocate but will also face charges of forgery. If the degrees and certificates turn out to be fake and if Tomar had submitted the same set of documents with the Election Commission while filing his candidature he may lose his seat too. In 2013, the Delhi High Court had said that a false affidavit by a candidate at the time of filing of nomination papers is a ground for setting aside his/her election. Read More: City bar council slaps notice on Tomar, to probe forgery claims
  14. Surprisingly, CIC has imposed a penalty on a PIO without even issuing a show cause notice ! http://www.rti.india.gov.in/cic_decisions/CIC_SS_A_2013_002528-YA_T_145105.pdf An intimation, that the public authority holds no information on the queries sought by the appellant, was sent to him on 14.11.2014, which shows the lackadaisical approach of the PIO towards the RTI regime; further, he came late for the hearing in the instant case. He failed to clarify why RTI application was transferred to other PIOs and to whom, for that matter. In view of the above, the Commission imposes a penalty of Rs 10,000 (rupees ten thousand only) u/s 20(1) on Shri S.K. Gupta, CPIO/US, M/o Rural Development, for violation of the provisions of the RTI Act, 2005, on more than one occasion. This amount will be deducted from the salary of the Shri S.K. Gupta, CPIO/US, M/o Rural Development, in two equal instalments @ Rs. 5000/- per month starting from January 2015. The total amount of Rs. 10,000/- will be remitted by March 2015. The FAA/Secretary, M/o Rural Development, is directed to recover the amount of Rs. 10,000/- from the salary of Shri S.K. Gupta, CPIO/US, and remit the same through a Demand Draft or a Banker’s Cheque in the name of Pay & Accounts Officer, CAT, payable at New Delhi and send the same to Shri Shanti Priye Beck, Joint Secretary (Admn.), Central Information Commission, Room No. 302, 2nd Floor, August Kranti Bhawan, New Delhi – 110066.
  15. Hearing of first appeal by FAA a must after issue of hearing notice The CIC has ruled that it is mandatory for a FAA to conduct a proper hearing after issuing a Notice of Hearing to the appellant. Otherwise the order of the FAA can be set aside. Summary: 1. Passing orders in first appeal without hearing or sending hearing notice is illegaland will render the order invalid. The Commission sets aside the order of FirstAppellate Authority for violating RTI Act and breach of natural justice by denying theappellant a chance of presenting his case and by raising entirely a new defencewhich was never claimed. Commission finds it deserves action though theconcerned officer retired from service and recommends Public Authority to initiatedisciplinary action against the concerned FAO for acting totally against the RTI Actin this case. First Appeal hearing mandatory.pdf
  16. jammu, Feb 6: The State Information Commission (SIC) has issued penalty show cause notice against Tehsildar North Jammu as the said officer failed to discharge his duties as Public Information Officer (PIO) while he was posted as Tehsildar Bishnah . The said officer had not provided information about Mutation and copies of Fard e Intikhaab one information seeker who alleges that he was done illegally in favour of his brothers after the death of his father. The information seeker who works with Border Security Force (BSF) finally filed a complaint against the officer before State Information Commission (SIC) who issued penalty notice against the then Tehsildar Bishnah presently posted in tehsil North Jammu. Read at: Info denied under RTI: Penalty notice served to Tehsildar Jammu North - Early Times Newspaper Jammu Kashmir
  17. Delhi High Court has sought the response of Bar Council of India, the poll panel and an AAP candidate for the Delhi assembly polls, on a plea alleging that he got himself enrolled as an advocate on the basis of a "false and bogus" graduation degree. Sharma has said he had filed a Right to Information (RTI) application in Awadh University regarding Tomar's degree and a response was received that the AAP candidate was not granted a science degree. Read more at: Row Over Degree: HC Notice to AAP Candidate, ECI and BCI
  18. Michael Selvaraj

    One Month vacating notice date

    Dear Sir, i, tenant have rental written agreement (rent - Rs 10500 and Returnable Deposit Rs 50000 )renewed on 01/11/2014 with house owner to vacate the house with one month prior notice from either side. As per this agreement i gave verbal notice to the house owner on 17th Dec 2014 and vacated the house on 31st Dec 2014; but the rent for the house i agreed to pay up to 15th Jan 2015 the date to complete one month notice obligation. The house owner agreed on 17th Dec 2014 at the time of prior notice; but later when i asked my Deposit money the house owner deducts the rent for full month up to 31st Jan 2015. So i refused to take back the deposit. So far she has never given any receipt for my rental payment. Please Advise me whether One Month Prior notice and rental calculation applicable any date in the a month or only first date of every month. Can i legally claim the excess rent for 15 jan - 31 jan 2015 ? Michael Selvaraj [Mobile numbers not permitted on this portal]
  19. Unnecessary delay in furnishing Information Jammu, Jan 17: As the Services Selection Recruitment Board (SSRB) made un necessary delay in dispatching the information sought under RTI Act by an information seeker from Poonch , the State Information Commission (SIC) taking cognizance of the case has shot penalty notice against the administrative officer of the SSRB who is also the designated Public Information Officer (PIO). Read at: SIC shoots penalty notice against SSRB - Early Times Newspaper Jammu Kashmir
  20. Dear All, Throwing all rules to the winds, the Chief Administrator of HUDA (Haryana Government undertaking) allows the Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon (Haryana)to pledge the land given on lease for 15 years to take the loan from IDBI Bank Limited which is akin to tenant taking loan on owners property. Now IDBI Bank Limited has put up a public notice that Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon has defaulted on loan of more than Rs 39 Crore and cautioned the public not to deal in these property which belongs to HUDA. A peculiar situation has arisen that loan has been taken on public land with the active connivance of HUDA top brass thus putting public property worth Rs 1000 Crore or so in dispute. A thorough enquiry is the need of the hour. Enclosed herewith find the scan copy of Hindustan Hindi dated 20th Dec 2014 captioned " Liz loan leker KOD in haat khade kiye". Mark my words, this is going to emerge as scam of 2014. Thanks for your time. harinder dhingra PS: Needless to mention here that it took undersigned one and half year of continuous follow-up on RTI applications to gather the above very important information.
  21. I am married with my wife on 2008 March. Wife had a conjugal life of hardly 3 months with me, sometime in my native and for 1 month with me, left matrimonial house in 2009. Although my native place is in Raiganj, i live in Kolkata. She and her parents use to abuse me althrough-out. My father expired on April'2012. Earlier father has filed general diary against my wife, her parents on 2010 with local police station and again reported the same on 2011 giving all the details that she does not live with me, not returned bacl and I stay far away from kolkata. Wife filed dVA and maintanance case against me on May'2012. Lower district court send notice to me along with my widow mother and my brother. during june'12. My widow mother accepted her but denied to take notice addressed to me and my brother as a reason that she is not in contact with her children. I have not received/accepted court notice/summons till date although a letter basis court ex-parte judgement on monthly maintanance of 20K and arranging her to stay in my native house was shared to me via protection officer on July 2013. I handed the same to local lawyer. Now court has ordered warrant against me whose executing order is still pending. My wife with help of protection officer brought police along with protection officer, broke lock and keys of my native home last week where nobody stayed. Wife started living along with her mother regularly. Local lawyers told me that there is nothing to worry as because summons/notice were not sent to me through proper channels. Pasting in my residential place, court did not accept the same. No publication in newspaper as well. Although a court record exists that they have sent the same to my kolkata adrress. But I did not acknowldege the same at any stage nor did I recieve. Local Lawyer has done a RTI to get top of it as how the summons were served Particulars of Information to be sought are:- a) To which address the summary of Mr. Suman Ghosh S/O Late Suprabhat Ghosh the O.P No 1 of case no CR 292/2012 of Ld Addl J.M was sent by the protection officer? b) By which process the summons were sent? c) Whether any summon/notice was sent to the address of working place of the O.P No1 Mr. Suman Ghosh of case no C.R.292/12 by the protection officer before 18-12-2012? If so by what mode? d) Whether any summon or notice of case no C.R 292/12 was served upon O.P Suman Ghosh S/O Late Suprabhat Ghosh personally? e) Was there any impediment/objection to serve the summon on him personally? If so what was the reason? Kindly let me know what may be the outcome and how many days does it take to get informations on RTI. I shall be waiting for expert input on the same. Regards Suman
  22. The Ministry of External Affairs has issued a public notice on 30 May 2014 clearly stating that there is no system in place for having any recogonised/authorised passport agents and warned the public about such agents: http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/pdf/Advisory_Caution_For_Public.pdf MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS CPV DIVISION ...... PUBLIC NOTICE No. CPV/PMU/551/10/11 30 May, 2014 It has come to the Ministry’s notice that some private portals/individuals have been claiming that they are ‘recognised /authorised’ by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, to extend passport assistance to the public. The Ministry hereby makes it clear that the passport portal (www.passportindia.gov.in) is the only Government portal offering passport services to citizens within India. The portal is web-based and can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere for seeking passport services. There is no system in place to ‘recognise/authorise’ any individual or any travel agency in this regard in the country. Any one dealing with such fraudulent portals/advertisers/claimants, will do so at his/her own risk and consequence. =============== This is probably a result of countless RTIs filed by me regarding "recogonised/authorised" agents. Generally these were touts who acted in collusion with the RPO staff. In fact the situation in Hyderabad RPO was so bad under the previous Passport Officer that when an citizen applied for a passport, the "information" would be leaked to a agent. The applicant would then get a call from the agent offering to expedite the process on payment of money. The RPO Hyderabad has now got a service desk manned by es serviceman who help complete the application process - for a very small fee. But we Indians are very smart.....the business of agents has now been taken over by Internet Cafes....who help get people appointments in PSKs - also in collusion with the RPO staff and sadly even the TCS staff.
  23. mohdshahabalam

    Degree Problem in UPTU

    Dear Sir, I was a student of B-Tech from UPTU in the session 2004-2008. But i was having a back paper in 4th semester which i along with my 3 more friends were not able to clear till the session last ie 2008. My two of the batch-mates passed the subject in 2009 which is one year after regular session ends. I along with my one batch-mate passed in 2010 which is two years after the regular session. The two batchmates got the degree written passed in 2008, though they have cleared in 2009. I along with my one batchmate got degree of 2010, which should be of 2008. This for your notice that the name of university changed to GBTU from UPTU in 2010, so was this happened due to name change as earlier also student who have back paper got the degree of regular session. Do the rules of UPTU change on candidate basis or they are set in the first year itself and are not changed throughout the session. It seems that we were having complete year back (as time period mentioned in the degree) Please help us to solve the problem as we are facing problem in getting jobs.
  24. ]RTI NEWS CHANDIGARH 17 DECEMBER 2011 A ‘RULE 49-O’ VOTE CASTED IN POLLING BOOTH IN SECTOR 22-D CHANDIGARH DURING MUNICIPALITY ELECTIONS[ [/b] During the General Election of Councilors for the purpose of constituting the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh under Section 4, which are conducted under Election Commission appointed under Section 7 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act.1957, having the superintendence, direction and control of elections to the preparation of the electoral rolls for and the conduct of all Election to the Corporation and responsible for the functions conferred on the Election Commission. During the these Elections on 17 December 2011 an unprecedented feat has been made in the History of Chandigarh as a voter exercised his right under Regulation 49-O of the Conduct of Election Rules, 1961, in Polling Booth No. 12 in Ward No. 3 by abstaining from the voting after marking himself present at the Booth and signing the register for the purpose. After getting his left index finger marked with indelible ink mark, instead of moving to the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) to cast his vote, the voter moved to the Presiding Officer of the Booth. He announced to the Presiding Officer that he want to exercise his right under Rule 49-O. A near chaos prevailed in the Polling booth, as this was beyond the imagination of the Presiding Officer and other Election Staff on duty in the booth. In a huff the entire staff just become anxious and started looking at the rule book. The presiding officer comforted Voter offer him a chair outside the booth, while they look for the solution. Presiding Officer made some inquiries over telephone to his superiors and, after a while returned to the voter and said, that “Sir, since you are rejecting all the candidates, a remark to the effect “voter rejected vote” will be entered in the register where voter had signed earlier. The presiding Officer did that, Shook hand with the voter and thanked him. Voter moved out leaving everybody perplexed. His voting in this manner will not count but will stand out. He has done so in the wake of notices sent to Election Commission of India to provide a Button on the EVM for Rule 49-O Voting so that the ballot remains secret. On a PIL filed by local lawyer and RTI Activist, H.C. Arora, a Division Bench of the HC comprising CJ Ranjan Gagoi and Justice Surya Kant issued notices for 02 February to Election Commission of India, Chief Electoral Officer Punjab, Union Law and Home Ministries, and State of Punjab. But in the existing procedure the name of the abstaining voter is revealed as the Register on which the voter was made to sign before abstaining is a public record for everyone to access and see. Also under RTI this information and record cannot be denied. Thus, the voter is exposed to exploitation by the vested interests, only due to the faulty procedure, which Election Commission has refused to set right, till now. He plans to obtain the record of the Register signed in the Polling Booth under RTI Act 2005 from the Chief Electoral Officer Chandigarh on Monday 19 December 2011. That humble voter was 59-year old Surendera M. Bhanot, Voter No. 389 in the Part 144 of the Voting List of Poling Booth No. 12 in Sector 22-D, of UT, Chandigarh.
  25. CIC issues show cause to notice to CBI as reported in Governance Now by GN Bureau | June 09 2010 Office of the SP, CBI, Mumbai, did not provide information within the stipulated time period The central information commission (CIC) on Monday issued a show cause notice to superintendent of police, CBI, Navi Mumbai. In August 2007, Ram Kumar had filed an application in CBI headquarters, Delhi, under the right to information act. The application was transferred to CBI’s Mumbai office. In October 2007, Kumar received incomplete information. He was asked to deposit Rs 10 to obtain the copies of weekly diaries pertaining to a case which he had demanded in his RTI application. However, even after submitting this amount, he was not provided with this piece of information. Ruling in the applicant’s favour, the CIC has directed the office of SP, CBI, Navi Mumbai to provide the requisite information within 15 working days. “CPIO S.N. Saxena, Superintendent of Police, CBI, A 2 Wing, 8th Floor, CGO Complex, Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra) is further directed to show cause as to why a penalty of Rs 250 per day from the date information fell due i.e.3.6.'08 to the date when the information is actually supplied, not exceeding Rs 25000/- should not be imposed on him under Section 20(1) of the RTI Act,” said the order. Source : GovernanceNow.com | CIC issues show cause to notice to CBI
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