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  1. My son late Kishen S. Babu was working with Hinduja TMT, Bangalore and he had P.F. Account in P.F. Office, Bandra, Mumbai. His Account number MH-40156-11416. My son expired on 25.12.2006 and I submitted my Claim for Pension. Many times the Claim Form was returned for various reasons, finally I submitted my Form Vide Receipt No.90177875 dated 01/07/2009 and I also visited P.F. Office in Mumbai, but the concerned Clerk was very furious because I had made an enquiry about the status through Internet. He was abusing me telling why have you given complaint to Vigilance, in fact I had not complained to any Vigilance. In fact, I had visited the office on 09.09.2009 and, the concerned Clerk from Group 55 Accounts, Mumbai Bandra P.F.Office finally told me that my Claim is almost ready, duly approved by the Commissioner and as that as xerox machine was not working on that day, he assured me he would forward my file to the concerned Department next day for disbursement. But to my utter shock, when I logged in next and checked the Status it is showing that 'your claim is rejected, contact the employer for more details', when I contacted the employer, they informed that they have not received any communication. Actually, my Claim was submitted vide Receipt No.90177875 dated 01.07.2009, but Claim Status shows Receipt No.90429474, which was actually my old Claim, which was rejected as I had an account in Bank of Maharashtra and that Bank of Maharashtra account is not valid for outside Maharasshtra, they had instructed me to open Account with some other Banks. I opened Bank account with State Bank of India and had sent my Claim form, which was received by P.F. Office vide vide Receipt No.90177875 dated 01.07.2009. Now, can anyone guide me how to proceed with the matter, as I have suffered a paralysis stroke and literally broke. Can I use RTI to pursue the matter.

    My introduction

    I am a Para legal practitioner from Bangalore. I am into R.T.I. Activism in Bangalore. I have filed many R.T.I. Applications to B.B.M.P. Bangalore asking for information regarding the building plan approval for Malls and Apartments.
  3. Hi, 1. My father was a Sr. Doctor with Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi and was employee of the Central Govt. Health Scheme (CGHS) 2. He retired in 1990 and was receiving his pension at the State Bank of India, South Extension Branch. 3. He had a stroke in 2004 and could not give his annual "Life Certificate" from 2005 till his death in 2008. 4. Inspite of submitting all relevant documents with the bank , the bank has failed to update his passbook/ release his pension due/ clear his arrears etc. 5. ALL queries with the said bank are met with..."We have send the documents to the central processing branch at Chandni Chowk". Now I wish to know under the purview of RTI who do I seek the relevant information regarding the status of my deceased fathers dues etc? The said Branch refuses to entertain any query. And secondly...what is the language that I need to use to succinctly put my case forward? Any reply regarding this would be most helpful, any links to similar problems too would be welcomed. Thanks all ! tanbir
  4. Hi, My father served as school teacher in State Government Aided school in Gujarat and retired in Dec 2004. He served for 5 years in one school and then shifted to other school and then retired from that school. Unfortunately he lost his Service Book Record from the first school so he gave a duplicate Record Book of first School and police FIR to the Pension office to support his pension file. Based on these documents, the Pension office has started approximate amount of Pension and opened a case against his last school. This case was file to revoke aid of this school due to negligence of duties by School Clarks. Now the Pension Office doesn't respond properly on my father's case. They always says that it's under this department and that department for approval. So I would like to know that what's process to file an RTI in this case? What all the documents required to support my RTI application? Where to post the RTI? Will there be any negative effect (from so called Babus and their chelas) to my father's pension case if I file an RTI? Thanks a lot in advance! VishaL
  5. my father-in-law has retired in 1993 in class one sales-tax officer, till today he is not getting the pension of class one officer, he has getting the lawer grade pension. just guide me, what to do ??? bhavin shah
  6. Atul Patankar

    Pension with interest for 9,600 claimed

    As reported by Manoj More at indianexpress.com on Feb 23, 2010 Pune : Delayed pension : Of 9,706 applications, only 38 got the case settled in the mandatory 30-day period Of the 9,706 persons who filed applications for pension with the Pune Employees Provident Fund office between January 1, 2008, and February 3, 2009, only 38 got their claims settled in the mandatory 30-day period. An RTI application filed by B T Bhujbal, secretary of the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) and S S Paranjape, general secretary of the sangh, found that one Sheila Dixit, a resident of Kothrud, received Rs 2,586 as interest in December, 2008, a demand that has been by the same body that all 9,668 individuals who never received the pension in 30 days as stipulated under the Employees Pension Scheme, 1995, also be paid the pension amount with interest. Claims of other 4,355 persons were settled in a staggered manner. While 795 got it after 31 days but within three months, 1,660 got it settled after three months but within six months. Another 1,569 got their claims settled after six months but before the year was up and for the remaining 331 it took more than one year to get their claims settled. "We are going by the law. The Act says if the commissioner fails to settle the claim in 30 days, he shall be liable to pay interest on the benefit amount and same shall be deducted from the salary commissioner. In fact, they have already paid one individual the interest. Now, they should pay it to others as well," said Paranjape. The BMS plans to take out a morcha to the PF office on Tuesday. PF Commissioner M K Sapkal acknowledged that Rs 2,586 has been paid to one individual by way of interest in lieu of delayed pension but refused to say anything more. Another senior officer said the amount may have been wrongly paid and the process to recover the same would be started soon. The BMS brushes aside this argument, saying it was paid in 2008 and the PF office cannot claim it is a mistake after a year when faced with the prospect of paying interest on delayed payment of pension to so many people. S Padmanabhan, the senior PF Commissioner, who also said he was not authorised to speak to the media, attributed the delay in the payment of pension to staff shortage. As to whether 9,668 individuals will be paid interest at the rate of 12 per cent for delayed pension, Padmanabhan said it was internal matter of the PF office and it would soon be sorted out. Officials at the PF office said the amount is not deducted from the salary of the commissioner, but from the salary of employees who cannot settle the claim in 30 days. "One clerk has to clear 600 applications in a month. We have 25 lakh accounts holders and only a staff of 300. It is a race against time and against a mountain of workload," officials said. Padmanabhan said, "We are expecting at least 200 more hands in the near future. Certain skilled staff has been recruited and would soon be on the job," he said. Source: Pension with interest for 9,600 claimed
  7. Dear All, Is pension drawn by a retired Central Govt. employee is exempt from disclosure u/s 8(1)(e) or (j) ? Thanks S.K. VERMA
  8. Hi , My father has expired last week and he was a retired police officer.Can you please help me with the info about the procedures to make the pension beneficiary to my mother.Any little info will be much appreciated - Mani
  9. Punjab distributes pension to convicted staff on ‘humanitarian grounds’ Chandigarh, December 20 The Punjab government seems to be too “humanitarian” for its officials who have already been held guilty and convicted on charges of corruption. A reply given by the Industries Department, Punjab, against information sought by advocate H C Arora regarding the action taken against the convicted officials, makes for an interesting read. Industries Department, Punjab - a place where employees convicted for corruption are given provisional pension on “humanitarian grounds” - is hard to believe, but the reply given by the Deputy Director (administration) under the RTI Act to an advocate on behalf of the Director, Industries and Commerce, Punjab, vide letter dated November 26 2007, states just that. In relation to one Darshan Lal Gupta, Inspector (Industries), who was convicted by Special Judge, Moga, on June 13, 2005, for six years’ imprisonment with fine of Rs 1,80,000 under the Prevention of Corruption Act, the letter of Deputy Director (Admn) reads “Darshan Lal Gupta, Inspector (Industries), Kotkapura has retired from service on July 31, 2001. His appeal against the sentence given to him by the Court of Special Judge, Moga, is still pending in the High Court.” The letter further reads “Provisional pension is being paid to Darshan Lal to await the decision on his appeal, and decision has been taken not to pay him gratuity.” Likewise, in relation to Avinash Kumar, Superintendent in the office of General Manager, District Industries Centre, Moga, who was sentenced to four years imprisonment along with fine of Rs 5,000 again under the Prevention of Corruption Act, the letter of Deputy Director (Admn) reads “Avinash Kumar, Superitendent, office of General Manager, District Industries Centre, has retired on June 30, 2002 on attaining age of superannuation. The appeal is still pending in the High Court. Thus, only on “humanitarian grounds” is he being paid provisional pension till the decision in his appeal, whereas a decision has been taken not to grant him DCRG for the time being.” The policy of “humanitarian grounds” has been invoked by the Department, whose employees were convicted in “trap cases”. Rule 2.2 of the Punjab Civil Service Rules, Volume 2, lays down that “The Government reserves the right to withhold or withdraw a pension or any part of it if the pensioner is convicted of a serious crime or be guilty of grave misconduct. “The rules further says “In a case where a pensioner is convicted of a serious crime, action shall be taken in the light of the judgment of the court relating to such conviction.” Punjab distributes pension to convicted staff on ‘humanitarian grounds’
  10. harigrastogi

    Mininum Pension

    August 1988, I got retired from INDIAN ARMY. I got 20% disability pension in 1990. My pension was not fixed to minimum pensions as per rules. As a Low category for mental illness I could not represent my case properly. But I repeatedly wrote to all Authorities of INDIAN ARMY. They say that, it cannot be done NOW. There is no fault on my part. I want to Fight The Case in Legal Court. Will RTI Help Me and How?????
  11. Hi, My father receives pension from Jharkhand Government. He has been told by the Bank that he has to be present live before a bank officer at a particular State Bank in Ranchi. Is it possible that he can show his live presence at a state bank elsewhere, say in Mumbai.
  12. santanu.sanyal

    Pension Query

    My aunt was a high school teacher under West-Bengal Government. After retirement she is receiving her pension. She has a unmarried daughter. My Question is after her death is her daughter eligible to get the pension as she is unmarried ?
  13. Hello Sirs, My father retired from state bank of india, Kurnool Branch on 28.02.1988. He completed 20 years of regular service as on date of superannuation. But, he was denied pension by the Bank quoting the rules 7(a)&8© of the State Bank Of India Employees Pension Rules. As per the rules, employees appointed after the age of 38 years are not eligible for pension. My father was kept in darkness till the retirement about this. However, he reconciled with the situation. But, recently, I came to know that the above said rules have been amended by the Courts. As per the judgement of Madras High Court, employees retired prior to 1993 and having completed 10/20 years of continuous service are also eligible for pension. Based on this information I got through INternet, My father applied for pension to LHO/SECUNDERABAD through SBI/MAIN BRANCH/ KURNOOL in December, 2007. But, till now no reply has come from the Bank authorities. In this context, it may please be informed whether the rules 7(a)&8© have really been amended by the SBI or not and if amended, why my father's application is not replied by the SBI authorities. I have applied through Ministry of Pensioners' and Public Grievance also, but they have simply forwarded my plea to the concerned bank authorities and nothing has resulted till now. Thank you and anticipating information on this account. P SRINIVASA NAIDU.
  14. Hi... I have gone through the forums dedicated to EPF... However, I did not understand one of the aspects about Pension Fund... if we transfer the EPF, how is it that the Pension Fund is not getting transferred... If that is the case, how can we get the details of the Pension Fund. Regards, Harshad
  15. bassu


    hello everybody, i have sent my PF papers duly filled to my previous employer 0n 14th sep 2009 . how can i know whether they have forwarded it to the concerned PF office or not .. MY pF no is KN/BN/22504/4074 i worked in Bangalore .
  16. yathirajyam143

    About pension scheme

    Hello! I am a government employee, I joined service as an electrician in Naval Dockyard,Mumbai related to INdian Navy. I joined on 29 Nov 2005 and I got an oppurtunity in Other department as outside vacancy DEO-A (Data Entry Operator Grade-A) and I have to resign for That Electrician service by some late submission of my through proper channel application , My application got rejected and i administration said to resign from and not to technical resignation, OK in this case my last service from 29 Nov 2005 to 5 Nov 2008 got lost and my new service get started from 6 Nov 2008. So, as per rule in new pension scheme they drawed money about 12% every month about 3 years that I had paid to the government. When and where I get the money back. No one cares me! No people have idea about how to claim for this DCPS(contributory pension scheme) and I have not paid DCRB also(Death cum Retirement fund) as thrownout from the service they should pay all the emoluments and benefits i get, But no one informed me to make a claim, already it is about nearly one year after resignation. Whom I have to ask ............. Otherwise is there any book to refer that Can I get the money of DCPS and DCRB is there any rule that I can ask the administration............... please help me as i tool loan from a cooperative bank and some borrowings from my colleagues about 2.5 lacs and I have to pay them. So please help me ........... My details Naresh kumar Yathirajyam R/o Mumabi - 400023
  17. As a Cent Govt pensioner, I draw my pension from SBI. SBI has, in my opinion, been vindictive in finalising my revised pension subsequent to 6CPC. Can I ask for info under RTI from SBI? In other words, does SBI come under the purvue of Govt/ Govt of India Under-Taking? If yes, under which Ministry?
  18. As reported at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 15 Jun 2009 LUCKNOW: The RTI Act is proving to be of great help to aggrieved pensioners. State Information Commission (SIC) has heard at least three such cases last week. The pensioners had complained that government departments they were drawing pension from have not responded to their RTI query. The pensioners had sought reply on why their pension was not getting credited to them. One of the complainants, 85 years old, Mankeshari Devi had sent an RTI application to basic shiksha adhikari (BSA) of Azamgarh but her application was not responded to. She had then filed her complaint with SIC. However, when her case was taken up for hearing on June 8, commission was told that her pension has been credited. She has not received the pension amount for four months. However, commission refused to take a lenient view of the logic put forth by the BSA that department did not have enough funds during the period. The commission has fixed next date of hearing for July 13 into the case. Another case heard on June 8 pertained to Subhash Chandra Arora, retired reader from IT College. The use of RTI Act helped him get his pension but he has complained that he was given no interest on delayed pension amount. Commission took strong note of the fact that his complaint was not heard by the first appeals authority. The commission has ordered that first appeals authority at chief secretary's office should listen to the complaint filed by Arora and intimate commission about that before July 13, the next date of hearing. The third matter heard on the same date concerned a complainant from Shravasti, who was a beneficiary under pension scheme for physically disabled people. The man complained that his pension has been abruptly stopped and when he inquired about it using the RTI Act he was denied information about that. Gyanendra Sharma, chief information commissioner (acting), UPSIC, has ordered the DM to provide account of complainant's pension. Source: RTI Act comes to the rescue of pensioners - Lucknow - Cities - The Times of India
  19. Mahesh_Kandwal

    Medical Pension for Army personal

    Hello,I am Mahesh Kandwal ( ex-serviceman) worked in Indian Army for 9 years 8 months ( 30th.March 1979 to 30th.Nov. 1988 ) as a Radar Technician and get Medical Board out ( Neurosis Anxiety State 300) stated that not attributable to the Military Service , so no disability pension is admissible to you as per rules.Though , i have written so many letters requesting for the reconsideration of my case to Ministry of Defence , Record office EME and CDA (P) , unfortunately i could not received any favorable decision form these offices.I have seen one news in Times of India Dated April 15, 2003 " Army To Pay disability pension" as per this news Honorable Delhi High Court has quashed the Government’s order of stopping the disability pension of those ex-servicemen who did not meet the minimum disability criteria."We make it clear that pension is neither a gratuity nor a bounty given by the respondents. It is an obligation on the part of respondents ( government) to have granted pension, including disability pension. If the same has not been granted, the fault lies with the respondents, " a division bench comprising Justice Vijender Jain and Justice B N Chaturvedi said in their order.The scan copy the news cutting is attached herewith for your reference.I want to know the how i can get the benefit of it ? how do i know that the Court order has been converted in to ruling OR not ? if yes , how i will get that ruling for ref. for claim.OR this case is still pending in the Supreme court,Please suggest me.My personal mail Id is Mobile No (Posting of mob. no. & mail ids is against forum rules-hence deleted) Address: XXXX Noida UP PIN - 201305
  20. Dear Sir/Mam, My father was having an account with Union Bank of India, SDA Branch unfortunatley he expired dated 19/02/09. Now his Pension account is to be tranferred to my Mother's name but we are unable to get the form for the same as currently they are not having the form with them. So, I kindly request you to provide me with the "Pension Transfer Form", so that we can apply as early as possible. Thanks & Regards Kumil Singh
  21. Atul Patankar

    'Ineligible persons getting pension'

    As reported by Vaibhav Ganjapure, TNN at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 09 April 2009 NAGPUR: In a petition before the Nagpur bench of Bombay high court, a retired Lieutenant Colonel has alleged that some persons are illegally reaping pension benefits granted by the Central government to veterans of the Second World War (WW-II). A division bench comprising justices J N Patel and Filomeno Reis on Wednesday asked the government to lodge an FIR against those found guilty and directed the collector to file an affidavit in this regard before April 29. According to the petitioner Lt Col Shrikant Kane, who retired as a regular officer after over two decades of service, WW-II veterans or their widows used to get Rs 300 monthly pension. The government raised this amount to Rs 600 in January 1999 and finally to Rs 1,275 in 2004. Citing reports received from the Accountant General (AG) under Right to Information (RTI) Act, the petitioner had claimed that Zilla Sainik Welfare office, Chandrapur, illegally paid Rs 2.18 lakh to three persons — one male and two widows — who claimed to have participated in WW-II. Assistant government pleader Nahush Khubalkar however pointed out that the petitioner himself was holding additional charge of Zilla Sainik Welfare office, Chandrapur, from June to October 2002. Kane argued that he was just holding the additional charge, and in no way did he pass on any benefits to ineligible persons. Taking cognisance of petitioner’s contention, the bench gave oral directions to the collector to take strict action against such persons. Source: 'Ineligible persons getting pension' - Nagpur - Cities - The Times of India
  22. Hi All First of all, this is an amazing forum! I am impressed beyond imagination, and though I used to call myself educated; it is only after reading through this forum that I realized how ignorant I was. The two issues I am currently facing are: 1. My non-issuannce of passport. I had applied in Aug 2007. The police verification took place on 24th Jan 2009, after re-submition of personal particulars form. Since then, there has been no update. The online status has been the same since the date I applied, "House locked for police verification". I am going to file a request under RTI Act to get information regarding my application, in an as detailed manner as possible. 2. I am an ex-cadet of the Indian Military Academy, and I was medically invalided with 30% permanent physical disability in Mar 2007. I have not received any communication regarding the monthly ex gratia and the disability grant that I am eligible for. I am going to file a request under RTI Act to get information regarding the status, in an as detailed manner as possible. Any for me are most welcome and appreciated. I will keep this thread updated about how both of the above proceed. One query I have is, is there a way to find out the status of a request filed under the RTI? Also, can a cheque, say from ICICI Bank or some such be used to make the RTI fee payment? Thanks and Regards Sairam THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT 2005.doc THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT - MoD.doc
  23. Calculation of pension doesn't come under RTI Act: CIC says As Reported by Press Trust of India New Delhi, Jul 22 (PTI) The Central Information Commission (CIC) has rejected a defence ministry employee's plea seeking details related to calculation of his pension through an RTI application. "The question of calculation of pension is simply an accounts matter and has no bearing on the RTI Act," Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah said. The Commission has passed the order on a petition filed by one K S Bakshi, a resident of Chandigarh, seeking information regarding the fixation of his pension and family pension from the Ministry of Defence (MoD). The Commission observed that the plea moved before it is beyond its jurisdiction and dismissed the plea of Bakshi after finding no material in it. Earlier, the CPIO of MoD, Sandeep Sarkar, requested the Commission to direct the petitioner, Bakshi, not to use the CIC for his "perceived grievance redressal and to stop making unwarranted correspondence". Sarkar alleged that Bakshi wanted to have his pension fixed on the basis of a own formula based on his interpretation of government orders. The petitioner was informed by the CPIO that redressal of grievances, especially those related to the interpretation of orders and rulings didn't come under the RTI Act and he was not required to furnish clarifications on its applicability. Defence Account and Appellate Authority informed the Commission that the detailed information had been furnished to the petitioner on the matter. PTI Calculation of pension doesn't come under RTI Act: CIC says
  24. RTI Act turns out a 'good samaritan' AS Reported in Merinews THE UPA Government has hailed it as its landmark achievement. This legislation has led to so much churning in the bureaucracy and ensured openness and transparency that the vested interests have been shaken but the public is not complaining.. CJ: merinews network , 15 hours ago Views:88 Comments:0 GOING BY the impact of the Right to Information Act (RTI), it seems that the legislation has worked effectively across the country, bringing relief to a large number of people, says a Press Information Bureau (PIB) report. Thanks to RTI Act, thousands of Indian Railway pensioners will at last get their outstanding dues. Indian Railway Pensioners Association of Western Railway, over the years, submitted hundreds of representations to GM Western Railway to get the payment in these cases. 137 specific cases of non-payment were filed in the pension adalat but nothing happened. On March 16, a request under RTI Act was submitted for disclosing the reasons for not implementing the judgment of the apex court. Now things started moving. The authorities accepted the liability for making payment and all the divisions were advised to take immediate steps for making the payment. The pensioners, in the twilight hours of their lives, can also use RTI Act and get the entire working sheet regarding calculation of pension. This can be verified to point out any error in calculation of pension and gratuity. Another noteworthy case relates to problems faced by MTNL subscribers in Mumbai. Even after surrendering their phones, they have had to wait for months and years to get the refund of their deposit. Moreover, MTNL did not pay the interest accrued on the deposit to its subscribers. But the Right to Information Act (RTI) came to their rescue after one such harassed subscriber in Mumbai used the Act to get his interest accrued on the refund within 20 days of filing the RTI query. Kishore Chitalia, a Santacruz resident, said, “I must have made at least 50 calls, but I always got an answer that the matter is under process,” he said. Ultimately, in January this year, Chitalia received the deposit refund cheque of Rs 3,000, but he realised that they had not paid any interest for keeping his amount in their kitty for nine months. A few weeks later, he filed an RTI query on the issue and soon got a cheque for the accrued interest. But the right to seek information from a public authority is not absolute. Sections 8 and 9 of the Act enumerate the categories of information which are exempt from disclosure. At the same time Schedule II of the Act contains the names of the intelligence and security organisations, which are exempt from the purview of the Act. The exemption of the organisations, however, does not cover supply of information relating to allegations of corruption and human rights violations. http://india.merinews.com/catFull.jsp?articleID=135756
  25. CIC comes to widow's rescue over pension As reported in Yahoo! News on Mar 6, 2008 For over 20 years, Parvati Bai Yadav of Kumharkala village in Chhattisgarh has been in the dark over her widow pension and allowances promised for her two children's education. Few years after her husband Rangnath, an employee in Madhya Pradesh State Mining Corporation Ltd, died on February 23, 1986, her children had to pull out of school and the family's income went below the poverty line. The last straw for Parvati came on April 4, 2007, when the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner, Raipur, disposed of her appeal under the Right to Information (RTI) Act, "correcting" Rangnath's date of death to January 24, 1987. Worse still, as per the records cited by the Commissioner, her husband's claims were "settled" in 1988, post his "retirement", almost two years after his death. Interestingly, Rangnath's date of death was cited as his date of retirement in the Commissioner's order. "Rangnath's claim was settled on November 16, 1988, at the Regional Office, Indore, and the date of leaving service was February 23, 1986. His date of death was given as January 24, 1987. Thus the case was not that of death while in service as per our records," observed the Commissioner. Taking up the case, the Chief Information Commission (CIC), apex body under the RTI Act, noted that promoting "accountability" in the working of public authorities was still a "major concern". "The fact that a widow and her children have been denied of their entitlements for decades demonstrates the lackadaisical attitude of the officials concerned who have failed in their duties," Information Commissioner M M Ansari observed in a recent decision. Noting that a "large number of retired employees" were resorting to RTI to redress grievances on payment of employees' provident fund (EPF), the CIC quoted its February 15 order to the Central EPF Commissioner to file an action-taken report on the setting up of an "efficient system to meet the expectations of the retired employees within a reasonable timeframe". Seeking particulars of the officials "responsible for non-payment of the widow pension" to Parvati, the RTI body directed the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and Regional Provident Fund Commissioner, Randra Samal, to show cause why a compensation of Rs 1 lakh ought not to be paid in favour of Parvati. For "furnishing misleading and incorrect information about the date of Rangnath's death", the Commission gave the official 15-day time to explain why a penalty of Rs 25,000 not be imposed on him. The CPIO has been directed to be personally present before the RTI body on March 24. "It is indeed difficult to believe that a woman pensioner in India of the 21st century has to wait for so long to get her entitlement," rued the CIC. Copy of the Decision is available for download here. http://cic.gov.in/CIC-Orders/Decision_25022008_20.pdf
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