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  1. Pl. let us know how to proceed in such cases? Have to move to High Court first to get the orders for reconstitution of missing records and then again confront the CIC with High Court"s order to that effect. In short, how should one go about constructing such case to get the requested records claimed 'missing' by the P.I.O of a Public Authority and the FAA and the CIC both condoning the callously casual attitude of the P.I.O in withholding the records and the information claiming them to be missing. As there are so many cases of this type it will help lot of information seekers who have thus been cheated by PIOs who claimed non availability of the requested records with impunity and the CIC condoning their act. I can cite at least four such cases. It will be of much help if the whole procedure is described in detail for our information and taking necessary action, when confronted with such a situation-SANJOG MAHESHWARI
  2. Dear Experts, PIO & Dy. Commissioner, GHMC, HYD(A.P) has returned my RTI application with Postal order for Land Revenue available Records information. Please view his reply below. I have attached, my RTI application(Land-RTI-Forum.docx) and reply from PIO (PIO_GHMC_23_05_13.pdf ) =============================================== Information Disclosed Under RTI Act, 2005 The information sought by you, under RTI Act 2005, vide reference cited, regarding land records, revenue etc., can be obtained from Mandal Revenue office of your area, as the information being maintained by Revenue Department. This is for your favour of Information SD/- Public Information Officer & Deputy Commissioner, GHMC, HYD ==================================================== In my opinion this is not allowed under RTI, indeed I did mention following RTI section in my RTI application, which was ignored by PIO. “2. E. If the requested information is not available in GHMC Circle No. IV office/PIO, please provide full details of PIO having above said information and transfer this application to concerned PIO under Section 6(3) of the RTI Act.” Please let me know your valuable suggestions on this matter. Thank you so much for your help and support. Land-RTI-Forum.docx PIO_GHMC_23_05_13.pdf
  3. Nikhil_M

    To do RTI or No to do..

    Recently, a Private Cinema ticketing agency has been denying me a prize citing that I could not connect to them as there was a technical failure on service provider and hence they are not going to do anything. While in fact, I had connected to them successful and I have call records of my phone and have noted their representative name. So I want to know how can RTI help me in revealing the truth.
  4. Hi Every One, I am from Ongole. I have land in ongole(mukthinuthalapadu) under the survey number 2/3 which I got from my grandfather. Grandfather has 3 sons where each has 2 children. After my grandfather death my father and his brothers got equal share of land where there were no documents and they were left in court after the judgement where my grandfather won. Pass books were issued to 3 sons indicating each 0.51 acres of land. But now I got a document where my grandfather has given land to some of our relative in 1921, It was written in the document that Out of my 3.7 acres present in survey number 2, I am giving 1.56 acre of land. Here the problem persist, As mentioned in the document that my grandfather land is 3.7 acre in survey no.2 after giving 1.56 acre remaining should be 2.14 acre. After equally distribution among 3 sons it should be 0.71*3=2.14 acre while it is 0.51*3=1.53 acre. Can some one show some light on this and help me what all I should need to do to get our remainig land 0.61acre. Please help me in all possibilities to process. I had went to VRO of the village and seen the passbook distribution list and adangul copy, Out of 8.31 acre present in the survey number 2/3 for 7.7 acre of land passbooks were issued and 0.61 acre is left. where we are having 0.51 acre each. Even I got to know that in my neighbours land 0.47 acre land is excess while there were doing survey. Please help me in getting my land as there were no documents with me except the document with our relative which my grandfather had written. #Can I know how much land my grandfather exactly has when writting this document to our relative. #After writing the land to our relative how much land is left on grandfather name, Is it subtracted proprly and listed. # If properly listed then how come my father and his brother get less land if it equally shared. #If not divided correctly then how can I approach to get it done. Thank you for the patience in reading this and request you all to please throw some light on this and help me in this regard. PLZ PLZ PLZ....
  5. Section 4 (1) (a) provides as under:- “Every Public Authority shall maintain all its records duly catalogued and indexed in a manner and the form which facilitates the right to information under this Act and ensure that all records that are appropriate to be computerized are, within a reasonable time and subject to availability of resources, computerized and connected through a network all over the country on different systems so that access to such records is facilitated”. However, there are two catches in the Section. First is ‘subject to the availability of resources’ and second is ‘reasonable time’. The Public Authorities avoids the obligation under the Section on the pretext of non-availability of resources. Further ‘reasonable time’ is also a vague expression. Therefore, S 4(1) (a) is required to amended make it obligatory for every public authority to maintain all its records duly catalogued and indexed in a manner and the form which facilitates the right to information. For this specific time must be prescribed, otherwise no Public Authority is going to take action in this regard. For this, pressure is required to be build up on the Law makers. However, till the Act is not amended, we all the members of this great forum should file applications under the RTI Act with the different Public Authorities to intimate as to what actions have been taken by them to implement this provision of the Act. If no action has been taken, the reasons under S.4 (1) (d) should be requested. This will atleast create some pressure on the Public Authorities.
  6. In response to our RTI queries many times we get a plain answer----"Record is too old so could not be traced" etc.How to counter question such response of PIO's ?
  7. RBI to roll out records mgmt policy soon as reported in Financial Express, Financial Express Bureaus, Pune: Jun 03, 2010 The RBI will soon roll out an Archival and Records Management Policy. The RBI governor D Subbarao said the committee of the central board of directors had approved it and it will be rolled out and implemented soon. The governor pointed out that the Right to Information Act had added a new dimension to storage and retrieval of information in public institutions. The RBI is now faced with a situation where paper as well as electronic records are being created. “An important task on the way forward for the RBI Archives was to efficiently manage this transition from physical to digital records. The volume of information we are creating and storing is expanding at a mind boggling pace, he said. RBI to roll out records mgmt policy soon
  8. (a) if Public Authority is not disclosing officials records even after CIC decision ordering disclosing official record ( official record means a record which is not created but made out of a normal office process ) What the CPIO is doing he creates a record for RTI applicant ( specially ) and submits to rti applicant , this specially created record is not having any signature of any other official baring CPIO -- so in turn CPIO creates the record ( possibly hide the public interest information which is center of RTI application ) and submits it to RTI applicant this specially created record is NOT xeroxed and is the result of printout from printer ( note : this specially created record has signature of CPIO ) (B) apart of this cpio in its covering letter does mentioned other documents but these documents never included in the envelope to rti applicant What is best possible solution experts pl. suggest 1) again complain to CIC 2) again put another RTI application 3) Write to higher ups in department ( which I believe are aware of this, and still higher ups want to hide information ) ( already CPIO is informed of goofing up with records ) 4) ????????? What else one can do as needed information is of great importance Thanks
  9. Hello, Under section 4.1b(xiv) is a Public Authority obliged to make public (or at least have available) a list of "heads of information" that is under its control or held by it? Thanks and regards Milind Khadilkar
  10. As reported by Himanshi Dhawan of TNN in The Times of India, New Delhi, Aug 28 2009. Welcome - Times Of India ePaper PMO Has 28,685 Secret Files; Hasn’t Opened Even 1 To Public This Yr What steps does the government follow while deciding to declassify its old secret documents? You may never get to know since the manual that details the declassification process in the country is itself marked confidential. Meanwhile, the PMO has admitted it has 28,685 secret files but has not declassified any this year. The Indian government’s arbitrariness and complete lack of transparency regarding classified material is in sharp contrast to the international practice of making secret files public after 25-30 years. Some countries declassify their documents after just 10 years. While the government says it makes files public after 25 years, the policy remains largely on paper. In response to an RTI query, the PMO said it had declassified 37 files in 2007, 25 files in 2008 and none in 2009. However, even these declassified records cannot be accessed by a bonafide researcher, let alone an ordinary citizen, as the material continues to be housed in the PMO and has so far not been transferred to the NAI. ‘‘If the records continue to be held by PMO, there can be no access to such material. Proper and time-bound declassification is in national interest,’’ said Anuj Dhar from endthesecrecy.com. Dhar, along with Chandrachur Ghose, has been campaigning for transparency in administration through regular declassification of records. Only three files declassified by PMO in 2 years New Delhi: PMO has admitted it has 28,685 secret files but has not declassified any this year. Chandrachur Ghose campaigning for transparency in administration through regular declassification of records had filed the RTI application seeking information on the government’s declassification policy. In response, the PMO said, ‘‘Declassification of files is done as per the manual of departmental security instructions issued by the ministry of home affairs. The ministry has marked this manual as confidential and has declined to provide it.’’ The Public Record Rules, 1997, state that records that are 25 years or more must be preserved in the NAI and that no records can be destroyed without being recorded or reviewed. On paper, it’s mandatory for each department to prepare a half-yearly report on reviewing and weeding of records and submit it to the NAI. The rules also stipulate that no public records which are more than 25 years old can be destroyed by any agency unless it is appraised. RTI activists, however, complain that these rules are rarely followed. While the PMO says the declassification process is ‘‘continuous’’, its response on the number of files that have been declassified inspires little confidence. Only one file was declassified in 2005 and two in 2006. Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative programme coordinator Venkatesh Nayak, who had also filed a RTI asking for the manual of departmental security instructions, was denied the information as well. The matter is at present before CIC.
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