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  1. VIJAYAWADA: The names of retired IPS officer BV Ramana Kumar, retired IFS officer M Ravi Kumar and advocate Katta Janardhana Rao were cleared for appointment as RTI commissioners. The selection committee consisting of CM N Chandrababu Naidu and Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu went through the applications submitted by several aspirants on Thursday before finalising the three names. Sources said that though leader of opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is also a member of the selection committee, the government was forced to complete the process without him as he skipped all the three meetings citing his preoccupation with padayatra. The names will be referred to the Governor for his approval. It is learnt the government will issue notification for appointment of RTI Chief Commissioner post soon and will complete the process at the earliest as there is a case pending in the High Court for completion of the exercise. With the HC taking a serious view of the delay in appointment of RTI Commissioners by the state government, the committee cleared the names of three persons for RTI Commissioners. BV Ramana Kumar one among the selected, was known for cracking the sensational Gold Dollar scam in the world renowned TTD. He also worked as the chief vigilance and security officer of TTD besides working as SP of various districts, DIG (CID and Krunool range) and Joint Commissioner of Police Vijayawada.
  2. The names of retired IPS officer BV Ramana Kumar, retired IFS officer M Ravi Kumar and advocate Katta Janardhana Rao were cleared for appointment as RTI commissioners. VIJAYAWADA: The names of retired IPS officer BV Ramana Kumar, retired IFS officer M Ravi Kumar and advocate Katta Janardhana Rao were cleared for appointment as RTI commissioners. The selection committee consisting of CM N Chandrababu Naidu and Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu went through the applications submitted by several aspirants on Thursday before finalising the three names. Sources said that though leader of opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is also a member of the selection committee, the government was forced to complete the process without him as he skipped all the three meetings citing his preoccupation with padayatra. The names will be referred to the Governor for his approval. It is learnt the government will issue notification for appointment of RTI Chief Commissioner post soon and will complete the process at the earliest as there is a case pending in the High Court for completion of the exercise. With the HC taking a serious view of the delay in appointment of RTI Commissioners by the state government, the committee cleared the names of three persons for RTI Commissioners. BV Ramana Kumar one among the selected, was known for cracking the sensational Gold Dollar scam in the world renowned TTD. He also worked as the chief vigilance and security officer of TTD besides working as SP of various districts, DIG (CID and Krunool range) and Joint Commissioner of Police Vijayawada. View full entry
  3. Andhra Pradesh got over Rs 129 cr as donations after cyclone Hudhud VISAKHAPATNAM: Answering an RTI query, the Andhra Pradesh government has revealed that the Chief Minister's Relief Fund (CMRF) received Rs 129.79 crore by way of donations after Cyclone Hudhud hit the city on October 12 last year. However, it has refused to divulge the identities of the donors, as was requested by K Dali Naidu, a resident of the city. This is in sharp contrast to the Odisha government, which had put up details of the donors and amount collected on its website soon after Cyclone Phailin. Replying to the RTI query, the assistant secretary to government and public relations officer, revenue (CMRF) department, AP secretariat, said that the government received donations worth Rs 129,79,10,000 as on January 19, 2015. "Nearly 6,000 donors have donated to the CMRF in respect of Hudhud cyclone," the reply further stated. To the question "How much amount (was) received from private companiescentral public sector undertakingsstate government public undertakingssocieties after the incident occurred?", the department said, "Providing information in respect of details of donors is under examination." The RTI applicant, however, feels that by not providing information on the donors, the government has put a big question mark on transparency. "The basic reason for filing the application was to know who contributed to the fund.After the cyclone, a lot of people announced that they are going to donate to the CM's Relief Fund. I just wanted to check if all those who made big promises in front of the media actually donated," said Dali Naidu, who is secretary of the Vistarana Mass Communication Society. "There is no confidential disclosure involved in this. Now a days, a lot of people write cheques in front of the media and after that throw it in the dustbin. Who is keeping track of that? I wanted to know who are the people really concerned about our city," he added. Pointing out that there is no reason for the government to withhold the information or delay providing the list of donors, he said, "If you take the instance of the Odisha government, they set up a website listing the name of each donor along with the donation amount immediately after Cyclone Phailin. This is very transparent and gives a clear picture to the public about the donors. Even they (donors) feel happy that their contribution has been recognised." Naidu said his next step will be to ask the state government as to how it intends to use the donations for the benefit of the city."Since it is for the city, we should keep an eye so that the money is not diverted or misused by some vested interests," he added. Read More: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/India/Andhra-Pradesh-got-over-Rs-129-cr-as-donations-after-cyclone-Hudhud/articleshow/46049416.cms
  4. The long wait for a new railway zone in Andhra Pradesh is set to get even longer and AP's dream of getting a new railway zone post bifurcation will have to wait at least until the next fiscal, going by the reply given by the Union railways ministry to a Right to Information (RTI) query. Read more at: No new railway zone for Andhra Pradesh this fiscal - The Times of India
  5. I have applied for assignment of new registration of my 2 wheeler after transfer from Kerala to Andhra Pradesh, its more than 4 months. Please help on these items - In whose favor DD should be made "Accounts Officer, AP Transport Department" ? I don't see specific information on transport department website - www.aptransport.org/html/right-to-information-act.pdf‎ I'm planning to pay Rs 20 total (Rs 10 RTI fee + Rs 10 for copies asked). Is it ok to pay it now itself ? Please review and suggest any changes in below rti application (attached RtiIndia_RTO_Application.doc) to find status of my application and get it processed. This application is with reference to Right to Information Act, 2005. Any information should be provided in English. Information can be sent part wise or completely as desired by Public Information Officer to the Postal address mentioned below - This RTI Enquiry is with reference to application for assignment of new registration Mark Dated – xx/06/2013, Application No – APxx/xxx/2013R Receipt No. – xxxx/xxxx for vehicle with registration number KL22xxxx. Copy of which is attached with this application. Information sought under RTI Act, 2005 are: Please provide certified copies of the correspondence, letters and documents sent for verification of vehicle registration to any of transport offices. Date of dispatch, Mode of dispatch and address at which above mentioned letters and documents has been sent. Please provide name and designation of Public Authority/ Office and Section/ Department where the above mentioned application is currently pending? If above mentioned application has been already processed, kindly provide Vehicle Registration Number assigned for this application. The fee for RTI application and charges for certified copies has been paid by Postal Order of Rs 20/-. It is enclosed with this application. The pay to column has been left blank to fill as per your need. Yours sincerely, Anmol More Enclosures: Copy of receipt for payment of cash for Registration COAREG Copy of Form 27 – Application for assignment of new registration mark to motor vehicle
  6. Hello, pls let me know the address of public iformatio officer of lic of idia i andhra pradesh. thaks
  7. I am writing an RTI for a friend. This is how he described the situation: The situation is about 3 years back My father applied a building plan for approval in town planning section at local municipal office and it was rejected for some reasons. When my father went for a clarification the officer asked for bribe and my dad didn’t give that. Later without the approval the building construction was completed and we are asked to pay the municipal house tax and we are paying it. This year after knowing the issue, I went to the concerned dept to get the building plan approved and they are saying that the file was moved to visakhapatnam(from my home town of Palasa(Srikakulam Dt)). I would like to know if I can use RTI regarding this. My goal: I want to take loan from with the house as a security. For this I need the building plan approval. Will RTI be helpful in the above case if so please help me through this as I am ignorant about filing an RTI and many things involved in the above case. ----End of description--- What kind of questions can he ask to get the resolution I seek? regards, Ravikanth
  8. As reported in expressbuzz.com on 06 Dec 2011: HC: Appoint information commissioners soon | AP high court | | The New Indian Express HC: Appoint information commissioners soon HYDERABAD: In a landmark judgement by the AP High Court over a petition filed by RTI activist G Bhargavi, the state government has been ordered to appoint commissioners to the State Information Commission within four weeks. Talking on behalf of the petitioner, her counsel advocate DB Rao said the petition was filed on December 1 and the court understood the urgency to fill the posts which have been lying vacant since November 17, 2010. “The office of the Chief Information Commission is a multi-member body but for the past one year it has been operating with just one chief information commissioner. This has lead to an increased number of pending cases,” said Rao. Interestingly, the High Courts of Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal and Uttaranchal had already passed judgements in the past one year seeking immediate appointment of information commissioners in the respective states. But while this helped create a ripple effect with even Rajasthan filling the vacant posts, the AP government decided to sleep on the issue. “Bhargavi had earlier requested the chief minister, special chief secretary as well as the governor for the same but everyone had some excuse or other to avoid the appointment procedure,” added Rao. He also mentioned in wake of the noconfidence motion being passed in the Parliament, there was a provision for the existing governor to appoint the required information commissioners with recommendation from the chief secretary.
  9. Can a Retired District and Sessions Judge become a FAA ? Aggrieved by the reply of the PIO of APSIC (AP State Information Commission), I made a Fist Appeal to the FAA. The FAA did not give me a personal hearing (as prayed for by me) but passed an order. Surprisingly, the order says on top: A. Mohan Krishnaiah District & Sessions Judge (Retd.) Secretary (Law)/Registrar & Appellate Authority My doubts are: 1. Can a retired Judge be appointed by the Government as a Secretary (Law) in the APSIC ? 2. What is the retirement age of a District & Sessions Judge ? 3. If he has retired as a judge, he must have obviously crossed the retirement age for Government Servants. Then how can anyone reappoint him even at this age ? 4. Whom to file a RTI to ask for inspection of all files about this persons appointment in the APSIC ?
  10. Reported by newindianexpress.com on 13 July 2013 14 MPs, 83 MLAs, 8 MLCs in Andhra facing court cases - The New Indian Express 14 MPs, 83 MLAs, 8 MLCs in Andhra facing court cases While a better section of society hails the Supreme Court’s judgment disqualifying an MP or MLA immediately on his conviction, a bunch of RTI replies procured by the Forum for Good Governance from the state police reveal that 83 of the 295 sitting MLAs in the state have cases pending against them and that 54 of them have been slapped with criminal charges. Of the 60 MPs from the state, 14 have cases pending against them, eight for criminal offences. Besides, eight of the 90 MLCs have cases pending against them and three of them face criminal charges. The data also shockingly reveals that 28 TDP MLAs are facing 83 cases, 14 TRS MLAs 57 cases, six MIM MLAs 39 cases and 26 Congress MLAs 40 cases. Congress has three MPs with criminal cases pending against them, followed by TRS with two MPs. TDP, YSRCP and AIMIM have one MP each with criminal cases. The information, collected from all district offices of the department, does not include cases pending with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The forum, which says that criminalisation of politics is damaging the electoral system and making people lose confidence in the democratic system, has appealed to all political parties not to field candidates with pending cases in the coming elections. “We do not mean to say that all are bad but it is due to a few that the system is considered bad. We appeal to all political parties to deny ticket to those with pending cases against them,” said M Padmanabha Reddy, secretary of the forum. According to D Reddappa Reddy, a retired High Court judge and president of the forum, amendments to the Representation of People Act is the need of the hour. “RPA should be strengthened to eliminate people with criminal track record from contesting elections. “Despite several recommendations sent by the Law Commission of India, governments have never implemented them,” he pointed out.
  11. Hi, I need to send my RTI First Application to RTO, Rangareddy District , Andhra Pradesh (I have already sent the initial application but have not received any response). Can someone help in knowing this postal address? Thanks Aravind
  12. Sajib Nandi

    Wakf Board denies info, fined

    Reported by Timesofindia.indiatimes.com on Sep 9, 2012 Wakf Board denies info, fined - The Times of India HYDERABAD: Yet another incident in the endless saga of incompetence involving wakf properties, the State Wakf Board may have to shell out as much as Rs 25,000 for having refused to provide information on its properties in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy district that was demanded through an RTI application filed two years ago. The application was filed by city based scribe and RTI activist Mirza Ghani Baig on August 17 2010. His questions pertained to number of wakf properties in the two districts, the number of tenants the board has, the revenue generation and its use, selection of tenants, procedure for fixing rents, amount due to the board, and other issues related to the protection and maintenance of wakf properties. The board turned down the request replying that the information sought cannot be furnished under RTI Act. Even after appealing to the first appellant authority in the board, the information was not provided. The applicant then moved the AP Information Commission which directed the Wakf Board to appear on August 6 this year. The board through its Assistant Public Information Officer informed the commission that information cannot be provided as the request was "not specific" for furnishing under RTI. The commission reprimanded the board by saying that its stand was not correct and issued a show cause notice in addition to ordering payment of compensation to the appellant. A hearing was scheduled for September 7 for fixing the compensation amount but was adjourned as the board sought more time to present its stand. The applicant Baig said his objective was to bring in public domain the losses the board was incurring as the nominal rents from its properties have not been revised. tnn. "Properties in prime locations like Pathargatti where the rent for commercial space is more than Rs 10,000 are being leased for a few hundred rupees. Near Moazzam Jahi market a national bank which occupies one of the wakf properties is also paying meager rent. Many have even defaulted in payment of nominal rent. If the board gets its act in order this will benefit the community," he claimed.
  13. babjinuvvula

    details about sarpanch

    I want to know about sarpanch details like sarpanch funds, sarpanch rights and sarpanch qualifications..... thanking u
  14. Attached is the 2005 version of the AP Secretariat office manual. Will be useful for those members from AP who want to learn and understand about how the Secretariat works and the procedures to be followed. AP Secretariat Office Manual.pdf
  15. #StrangeDecision Further to my post: http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/7036-strange-interpretation-sec-18-1-p-state-information-commission.html I decided to do a analysis of the AP CIC's orders between 01 July 2008 to 31 August 2008. All data is available in the individual orders posted on the APSIC website. Spent about 6 hours reading all the 237 orders. The analysis is attached. As members can see, the results are astonishing to say the least. Reproduced below are a few strange points in the Hon'ble CIC's orders: 1. A particular SP delayed reply by over 9 months. Commission excused him because the reason given was that he was busy in organising security for Public Meeting addressed by UPA Chairperson Ms. Sonia Gandhi. 2. In one case the PA claimed that the same information has been given to another RTI applicant and that the records are in poor condition (they were 2 year old records). CIC ruled that the present applicant should contact the "other" applicant and collect the information from him since it has already been supplied to the other applicant. 3. Generally, the AP CIC gives 30 days to the PIO to provide information from the date of the order. In a few cases he has given some PIO's 90 days to provide the information. 4.One PIO said that he cannot supply xerox copies to the applicant (application made over a year ago), because there is no power in his office. CIC agreed and asked applicant to inspect. 5. In 2 cases, application was rejected because the "third party" objected to disclosure. When matter came up for Second Appeal, CIC added a few more sections of Section 8 (on his own) and rejected the appeal. 6. In 2 decisions, CIC orders have been cited incorrectly. Maybe this is a typing mistake or a genuine error. 7. In several matters CIC has ruled that information asked is not under as per definition in Sec 2(f) because the PA claimed that the papers had been "destroyed". 8. In one instance, CIC has sent the matter back to the FAA for "reconsideration" and to help the applicant in getting information. 9. In another case, matter sent back to PIO (after 1 year of the original application) with the statement, he PIO should now provide information in 30 days. 10. AP CIC does not belive in the existence of Sec 18 of the RTI Act. He does not accept any complaints under Section 18. Anyone filing under Sec 18 is bound to have the appeal returned and asked to follow Sec 19(1) before coming to the SIC. This includes those cases: - Where more than 30 days passed in PIO's reply -Where applicant did not recieve any reply from PIO - Where applicant could not submit application because PIO refused to accpet - Where envelopes were returned back to applicants without being opened, with the note "No such person" or "No such post" exists. 11. In 237 orders only 1 show cause notice issued. 12. None of the other 237 cases has the word "penalty" or "Section 20(1)" or "Section 20(2)" mentioned. 13. No penalties levied in the 2 months under study. This is in spite of all cases where appeals were upheld, the PIO had long overshot the limit of 30 days mandated under Section 7(1) 14. Total 237 orders passed. Working days available: approx. 44 No. of orders per working day: 5.38 "Effective" orders passed: 74 (Only includes Upheld, Rejected, Deferred and those orders, where there is a need for some application of mind) Effective orders passed per day: 1.68 AP CIC Analysis.doc
  16. Hi Brothers and sisters of india, Area: Andhra pradesh Issue : We have 2 storied house in one of towns in AP (Complete residential area), we have rented out our ground floor to post office branch since 2001. I learn from muncipal corporation that the ground floor comes under commercial space and since then the commercial property taxes are going high frequently. As you all the current situation and budgets for a dept like post office, its paying us Rs6,500 per month = 78,000 p.a. As the floor comes under commercial area, till last year we were levied a tax of Rs 25,000/- p.a. This year this tax is suddenly doubled almost 50,000/- p. a. I want to understand on what basis these tax calculations are done per sqft ? Does the govt have a rule to consider the prime areas or residential areas. We will be certainly forced to ask the post office to leave our premises because i am sure they will not be able to pay this rental charges (Because we were forced to request for more rental each alternate year due to raising taxes). For a retired employees like us depending on such little income is difficult task ahead (With raising infation, raising taxes..etc) Regards, Ramakrishna Rao P
  17. how will get the information on industrial projects coming to andhra pradesh. mainly industries like glass and glass based industries.
  18. IIT-H sacks gay activist Ashley Tellis as reported by Nikhila Henry in Times of India, TNN, HYDERABAD: Jun 11, 2010 In an AMU redux south of the Vindhyas, Indian Institute of Technology (Hyderabad) management sacked gay rights activist and faculty member Ashley Tellis, apparently discomfited by his sexual orientation. The academic, with around 20 years of experience, was shown the door last fortnight less than a year after joining IIT-H. Being on probation, Tellis's services were terminated summarily. However, reliable sources said he was asked to leave for his "unlawful behaviour" and "deviant mischief". IIT-Hyderabad director Uday Desai did not take calls and his office said he would be available only after June 21. It's learnt that Tellis's exit from IIT was being planned by the management ever since AMU's S R Siras was sacked for being gay in February this year. Tellis has filed a right to information (RTI) application seeking reasons behind his sudden termination and intends to have a face-off with IIT-H. Tellis was assistant professor with the liberal arts department and is a well-known voice in the gay rights movement in the country. A published author, Tellis has a PhD from Cambridge University and a long teaching career. He faced strong resistance at IIT-H from the day he joined. "Ashley's entry was controversial with several groups among IIT faculty not wanting him in. There was internal bickering and resistance right from the beginning," said a source. Prior to Tellis's appointment, several faculty members had objected to his appointment. "There were group mails sent against his appointment, asking the IIT director not to appoint him," a source said. Some faculty members blamed Tellis for being too candid in discussing gay issues on campus. His article on `man-boy' love in a national daily further ruffled feathers. "The institute has a humanities wing but it is meant for technical education. It was found that students were extremely annoyed with Tellis's behaviour," said a faculty member. However, a number of students disagreed with the faculty members. "He was one of the best teachers. Not many students had problems with him until the administration and other faculty members began asking questions about Tellis's behaviour in classroom," said a student. Students were even told to "be careful" with Tellis and "report abuse", the student said. When contacted, university authorities refused comment saying only the director was authorized to answer these questions. "Tellis is no longer with us. We do not know whether he was sacked or left on his own," said an official in the director's office. A scan of IIT-Hyderabad website revealed that Tellis's name has been deleted from the faculty list. Director in charge U V Varadaraju, when insisted upon by TOI, said, "Prof Desai is out of station." Sudheer Chella Rajan, HoD of Liberal Arts Department and Tellis's boss could not be reached despite attempts. Tellis's close associates said that this is not the first time he was targeted for being gay. He had complained of being forced to quit or being terminated for being articulate about gay rights even earlier. His stints at Bombay University, where he taught in 1991, and later at St Stephen's College, Delhi, too weren't pleasant for Tellis, and he quit both jobs. "Tellis was under constant pressure of being sacked even during his stint at English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad," said one of his associates. IIT-H sacks gay activist Ashley Tellis - India - The Times of India
  19. Rosaiah strikes deal with Naidu on APIC posts as reported by Saswati Mukherjee in Times of India, TNN, HYDERABAD: Jun 14, 2010 It’s most likely going to be a fixed match at the Andhra Pradesh Information Commission (APIC). With not only chairman C D Arha retiring but the other three members laying down office by November, a deal has been worked out by chief minister Rosaiah with leader of opposition Chandrababu Naidu, suggest highly placed sources. As part of this deal, Rosaiah’s principal secretary Jannat Hussain will be the new chief but Naidu will be able to get ‘men of his choice’ as information commissioners. Under the statute, the appointment of chief information commissioner (CIC) and other information commissioners (ICs) has to be approved by the leader of opposition. “While this provision was made to ensure that only candidates of high stature make it to the post, Rosaiah and Naidu are proving to be smarter and doing a deal,” a senior bureaucrat said. TOI’s attempts to contact Naidu for the last three weeks on this issue have proved futile. The rank of an information commissioner is equivalent to that of the chief secretary, while the chief is equal in status to that of an election commissioner. That the law does not provide for any special qualifications for the post of the information commissioners makes the job of match fixing simpler. The qualifications of commissioner is that they should be men of eminence in their field. But it is not defined who can be qualified to be an eminent man. “They become eminent only after being appointed to the commission,” chuckles RTI activist C J Karira. Under the law, Andhra Pradesh can have 10 information commissioners besides the CIC. However, there are presently only three members. Last time around, when they were appointed in 2005, then chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy had proved to be too wily for Naidu. The latter had at that time sent a list of ten candidates of his choice but YSR managed to jettison them. In the event, at least two of the members appointed were of very modest stature. The claim of one of them - K Sudhakar Rao- was that he had been in engineering college in Gulbarga around the time that YSR was studying medicine there and that he was a pal of the advisor of the chief minister K V P Ramachandra Rao. Little wonder that on the web site of the information commission his credentials are presented as “participation in student activities in college and school days’’ and an “interest in management of industries.” Analysts point out that the Right to Information Act (RTI) was brought on the book to deepen the traditions of democracy but the appointment of such nondescript persons is making a mockery of the institution. In most states, information commissions have been packed with retired bureaucrats, but when persons of no credentials like Sudhakar Rao are appointed, the retired officials look better, they say. However, RTI and citizen activists contend that retired officials whose entire life has been spent in denying information to the public are poor choices for the post. They feel that officials in their new avatar can hardly rise up to the challenge of their new positions. Thus they prefer really distinguished civil society members to be members of the information commission. “We are asking people to lobby that members of civil society become information commissioners in the next round of appointments,” said Krishnaraj Rao, RTI activist. Activists have created websites wherein citizens are being asked to ‘apply’ for the posts across the state commissions. With the RTI kicked off in 2005, in most states vacancies have arisen in information commissions. “The idea is to create a pool of eligible persons,” Rao told TOI.
  20. RTI misused to target us, says Vellore police as reported in Deccan Chronicle by DC Correspondent, June 11th, 2010 The right to information (RTI) Act, brought in to ensure transparency in government sectors and enable the common man get information, is slowly turning out to be a powerful tool in the hands of miscreants to harass government officials. In fact, the police department seems to be the worst hit with petitions flooding it to corner officials with a personal motive. Senior officers in the department in the district said they received around 150 petitions per month. Most of them are drafted by petitioners to harass or corner a particular police man from the level of inspector to the top brass. Though the Act has been widely welcomed by the department and has benefitted a number of persons, genuine applicants are rare. “We regularly receive petitions from a certain number of lawyers and persons with criminal background. They use the Act to harass police officers by drafting questions related to the personal life of the officer or pose irrelevant questions,” said a senior police officer. A few persons repeatedly file RTI applications to corner a particular police officer. The officials pointed out that though the information commissioners were well aware of this, they continue to encourage such applicants rather than dissuading them. “In fact, some lawyers are also encouraging their clients to seek information of the case under investigation through the RTI Act. The questions are framed in such a way that they try to entangle the investigation process,” said another police officer. Some applications consist of more than 60 questions, causing problems. But this is not the only difficulty faced by the department. Senior police officers said the information commissioners were becoming authoritative and giving instructions to officials. “The information commissioners are often going beyond their designated duty by insisting we act according to their directions.” RTI misused to target us, says Vellore police | Deccan Chronicle | 2010-06-11
  21. Petition against RTI application dismissal as reported in Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad, June 11th, 2010 A division bench comprising Chief Justice Nisar Ahmad Kakru and Justice P.V. Sanjay Kumar of the High Court on Thursday admitted a writ appeal filed by Mr Ravi Raj, a para legal worker, challenging the dismissal of his writ petition under Right to Information Act by authorities. The petitioner told the court that he had asked for details of the landless and houses allotted to the poor in Vuyyuru mandal of Krishna district. He said the officers had provided only partial information and his efforts seeking more details were brushed aside. Deccan Chronicle | 2010-06-11 Here is a link to same news in The Hindu
  22. Depts stave off queries claiming immunity as reported by Saswati Mukherjee, TNN, HYDERABAD: Jun 6, 2010 The Right to Information Act is meant to make all government departments accountable but some have found a way to get around it claiming that the government stake in their outfit is far too less for them to field RTI queries. However, a close analysis of these organisations reveals that they actually enjoy a substantial funding from the government and yet prefer to call themselves RTI-proof. Take for instance, GVK Emergency Medicine and Research Institute (EMRI), which enjoys 100 per cent government stake but has to date not appointed any information officer. “We do not know whether we come under the Act and we do not have a public information officer to deal with queries,’’ said Venkat Chengavalli, CEO, GVK EMRI. So, in February this year, when a citizen filed an application with GVK EMRI, seeking information on a patient who was taken to hospital in a ‘108’ ambulance, he was denied the same. He filed a second appeal at the A P Information Commission recently. However, the commission turned down the application on grounds of it being technically inadmissible. Analysts say that since GVK EMRI technically falls under the family welfare department, the latter should then be responsible to field such queries. In the EMRI league falls another notable firm — Deccan Infrastructure and Land Holdings Limited (DILL). Deccan Infrastructure, which has a series of SEZs dotting the state has 57.44 per cent equity share and a 42.56 per cent equity is held by the state government. But the firm refuses to be covered under the RTI Act, maintaining that it is a company established under the Companies Act with “limited public money” inflow. Recently, an RTI query was filed at the Andhra Pradesh Housing Board seeking information on the extent of land allotted to DILL and the market price at which the land was sold to it. The housing board transferred the appeal to DILL which did not answer it claiming immunity from the Act. “The very fact that the application was transferred to DILL means it is a public company,” said the appellant, expressing her determination to approach the appellate authority — APHB. Activists claim such organisations enjoy substantial government funding and are also partially controlled by the state government. “A government stake of 42.5 per cent (in the case of DILL) cannot be considered insignificant,” said Rakesh Reddy Dubbuddu, co-convener of United Forum for RTI Campaign. Similar is the story of the Andhra Pradesh Medical Council and the AP Pharmacy Council, which have not included any information related to its RTI wing on their website. A mandatory rule in the RTI Act is that all public authorities should declare the names of their PIO’s concerned and the appellate authorities on their website to furnish information under the purview of the Act. So while the council has a PIO it does not update the contact information of the same on its website. “We do not know if information related to RTI Act should be put up on our website. An update of our website is done on a regular basis but the contents are decided by the senior officials,” said Satyanarayana Murty K, registrar and the PIO of the AP Medical Council. The Indian Railways Welfare Organisation (IRWO) which too claimed immunity from the ACT despite having only former railway employees on its board of trustees was declared a public authority in a recent ruling by the Delhi High Court. The IRWO, set up under the patronage of the Ministry of Railways, Government of India, promotes social welfare schemes such as providing help to acquire accommodation to serving and retired railway employees. After the Andhra Pradesh Information Commission ruled that IRWO was not answerable under RTI, the appellant challenged it in Delhi High Court, which ruled that the organisation was sufficiently funded directly or indirectly by the railway ministry and thus fell under the Act. Depts stave off queries claiming immunity - Hyderabad - City - The Times of India
  23. Info commissioner in dock for 'rubbishing' RTI query as published in Times of India, TNN, May 2, 2010, 06.04am IST HYDERABAD: It was a complete shock for N D Prasad from the city when the state information commissioner “rubbished” his queries under the RTI Act by stating that those were “motivated.” The commissioner went on to rule that the information was not required to be provided to him. Responding to a bunch of appeals by Prasad, state information commissioner Ambaty Subba Rao in his April 3, 2010 order said that the request for the information was motivated. The commissioner expressed impatience even over the number of queries. “In all these appeals, the questions are more than 90 in number. The tone and tenor of the request is in the nature of roving enquiry and the appellant by making such requests is trying to fish out something he himself is not aware of,” the commissioner said. Subba Rao ruled that “After carefully traversing the record, it is to be seen that answering questions does not fall within the ambit of RTI Act, 2005.” Prasad had sought following information about the agriculture and cooperative department: Whether there was any provision to give promotions to the officers on humanitarian grounds; if the superintending engineer had required educational qualifications to hold the office; whether there were proposals to grant fire stations in market yards; whether the marketing department had issued all its advertisements through a particular ad agency, and the like. As the public information officers (PIOs) failed to respond, he filed appeals with the Commission. Now, Prasad lodged a complaint with the chief commissioner against the commissioner for “overstepping his brief.” According to Prasad, the commissioner was not supposed to attribute motives to a petitioner. Info commissioner in dock for 'rubbishing' RTI query - Hyderabad - City - The Times of India
  24. Just i wanted to know full information on How Much AP government spent on each district in last 5 years, How many Jobs it's created and Given to unemployed, How much revenue the state government got from each district. I am not sure, How to frame the question for this and to whom i need to send this application. Whether i need to send 3 applications or only one application is enough. Whether i am eligible to get this information or not. Please let me know.
  25. Atul Patankar

    AP Information Commission is a farse

    As reported at An Experiment Called Life: AP Information Commission is a farse I have really bad experiences with AP State Information Commission. These guys at APIC are care free birds. For the information commissiors their designation is important. They enjoy the luxuries of the designation and do very little to do justice to RTI spirit. In one hearing that i attended there, they asked me to come to their office and pickup the information on last saturday. I went to their office today (2 work days delay) assuming that information will be available there and I just need to pickup from them. they gave me one sheet which is response from GHMC Superintending Engineer-II (Lt No SE-II/GHMC/PA/2008-2009/1669. With just one line response "Total no of speed breakers in GHMC are 4261" My request contained what is the total footpath and usable foot path as well as how many speed breakers and for how many of them indicators are available. When insisted for information in complete, they said go and meet Mr. Sudarshan SE-II at GHMC office at 3PM tomorrow. Also they are blaming me for not turning up on last Saturday. When I asked for next level of escalation, they said it is at "High court". Actually I filed RTI appeal (2nd appeal) with APIC in May 2008, and there is a long gap for the hearing. The Information commissioners are really big junk guys there. They are the best people in the state who are killing the "SPIRIT OF RTI".
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