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  1. The RTI applicant filed an RTI to obtain information of how many illegal diesel buses are stopped and action taken against them by Transport Deptt, GNCTD, Delhi. Transport Department replied with a general order stating that the Enforcement Branch is taking action against the buses as and when violation of the rules is done by the private buses. But the Central Information Commission while hearing the second appeal observed that this is a general order, not the specific reply to the RTI applicant complaint about which the applicant has sought information. According to RTI Applicant Mr. Kuldeep Singh the diesel buses cannot enter within 90 Kms of Delhi, but still they are plying in Delhi. According to him there are no authority stopping them and the case of Nirbhaya is one such example. Diesel buses cannot enter within 90 Kms of Delhi The case can be read here: Sh. Kuldeep Singh Vs. Transport Deptt, Delhi The RTI applicant sought certified copy of inspection report, FIR copy , copy of note sheet of officials on dereliction of duties, etc. Being unsatisfied with the reply of PIO, the appellant preferred First Appeal. FAA by his order dt. 28­01-2013 dismissed the appeal with the observation that the appellant may inform Enforcement Branch if he still notices such vehicles plying illegally to assist Enforcement Branch. This article has been created from the decision posted over CIC website. If you have any information about the legal provisions of the bus in Delhi, do let us know. There are many discussions on the issue of Section 3 and Section 19 (3) over forum.
  2. Reported by Newstrackindia.com on 26 Jul 2013 Delhi Police rapped for obstructing information on RTI query New Delhi, July 26 (IANS) The Central Information Commission has slapped Delhi Police officials with show-cause notices for obstructing the "supply of information" to a Right to Information (RTI) petitioner, a statement said Friday. Petitioner Subhash Chandra Agrawal had asked 14 questions to Delhi Police in his RTI query filed on Aug 19, 2011, regarding activist Anna Hazare's agitation for Jan Lokpal bill in Delhi. However, the assistant public information officer (PIO) at the police headquarters (PHQ) Aug 26 transferred the application to six different PIOs - namely crime, west district, east district, north-west district and north district. A letter dated Aug 29 by Mangesh Kashyap, the then central PIO at the Police HQ, informed Agarwal of the transfer which led to Agarwal filing a petition before the CIC complaining that police had only answered four of the 14 questions. During the hearing, the PIOs of the six departments informed the commission that questions one to three and eight to fourteen pertained to the PHQ and that they were taken aback by the transfer of the RTI query to them. After hearing the submission and perusal of records, the commission observed that the CPIO of the PHQ had "obstructed the supply of information to the appellant by transferring the whole RTI application to the PIOs, who were not concerned with the subject matter of the queries". "It appears from records that the CPIO, PHQ, had avoided to answer the RTI application of the appellant and had simply transferred the same to the PIOs... the CPIO had not even bothered to read the contents of the RTI application," said the CIC. Criticising the present CPIO at the PHQ, K.K. Vyas for failing to appear for hearing, the commission directed him to answer all the remaining queries within three weeks. The CIC has issued notices to Kashyap as well as Vyas asking them to show cause why penalty under section 20(1) of the RTI Act should not be imposed upon them. "The habit of CPIOs, PHQ, of routinely transferring RTI applications to the district units when queries clearly are to be answered by them is a serious malady of the RTI set-up in Delhi Police headquarters," observed the CIC.
  3. Hello Friends & RTI Experts. I need your expert guidance for the following: Delhi Police I need to file a RTI with the Delhi Police to seek info about two people's background - whether at any given point of time any case (civil or criminal) has been registered against them or not and if if yes I did like to obtain the certified copies of the complaint(s)/NCR(s)/FIR(s) registered against them. Secondly from the same organization, i.e Delhi Police I did also like to seek the certified copies of the documents filed with the department/organization for the purpose of obtaining the crackers license along with the copy of the license issued to them. In this regard I did like to know can I submit the application for both my queries at my nearest local police station itself or do I need to submit it elsewhere and is one application suffice or do I need to submit two different applications for the purpose of obtaining the information. Also please guide to whom should the postal order be addressed to in this case. I did also like to know what all details I need to mention in my application related to these two persons so that information sought by me is not delayed for the obvious reasons. 2. I did also like to obtain the information regarding the property owned/ rented by them or their family members (including their immediate family members & their dependents including but not limited to their parents also) in Delhi. My query in this regard is to whom should be RTI application and Postal order be addressed to and where should this application be submitted for the purpose of obtaining the desired information. I shall be very thankful for all the help. Looking forward to hear it soon from you people. Thanks & Regards Scorpy
  4. Hello Everyone I wanted to open a pool and snooker parlor in East Delhi, now my question is... Do i need to obtain any kind of licence from MCD/Delhi police etc.? Or Some1 told me if I name my pool and snooker parlor with the word 'Academy'...i won't be need any kind of licence,,,because it is kind of,,,supporting a sport. is dat true? Kindly reply soon I have only 20 days to open it. Thanks & regards
  5. abdullah.uk

    delhi police harassment

    this is the case so far. my friend was visiting a friend here, in sukhdev vihar. she had classes the other day and decided she wanted to go home and get to classes from there, so she decided to leave for home, which is a p.g. accomodation in gk1. since it was 4 in the morning, i decided to accompany her till her destination, which knowing how safe delhi is, is nothing unexpected. i did so, dropped her off, and headed back in the same auto. i stopped the auto to have some water since i was very thirsty at the time. a pcr van pulled up in front of us and asked why the auto was standing and not moving. imagine, that is their concern. had the auto been moving they would have had no problem. so i got off and explained the situation. they asked me where i lived and where i was coming from. i answered, jamia. they asked me my name, i answered. they asked me what address i had come to, and i told them. my friend's name they asked and i told them. they asked my for my phone number and i gave it to them. the sho who had asked me, called the number to verify if it was indeed mine, and my phone rang. then he told me i could leave. now, they have been going to the pg and harassing my friend, her landlady, who in turn harasses her thus for being harassed by the police, and have basically made my friend's stay in delhi miserable. if they really have a problem, which they do not state clearly at all, and all they do is imply that '' there might be something wrong going on with boys from jamia coming to this area at odd hours '', they have my number. they haven't intimated me once. not once. yet they go to the pg and create problems for my friend and the owner of the house several times a day. what do i do. it is always so hard to act under such circumstances because despite the fact that you know you have done nothing wrong, and are free to do everything that you have been given a right to being a citizen, the undue power the delhi police excercise is really intimidating. i know of my right to freedom of movement. i've known since i was a little boy in school. and why wouldn't i drop a girl off, do they think delhi is the safest place in the world for women. even in the day it is not, so i'm sure not leaving her safety to chance in the night. what should i do. kindly help.
  6. As reported at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on Feb 20, 2011 NEW DELHI: More than 30 personnel, from the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police to constable, were booked by Delhi Police on sexual harassment charges in the past three years. The alleged offences committed by personnel of one of the most elite forces of the country include molestation, rape with minors, beating up women, forcefully developing illicit relationship on fake identities, writing a letter using indecent and objectionable language and dowry harassment. Exercising his Right to Information, Ashwini Shrivastava sought information on cases of sexual harassment against Delhi Police personnel registered between 2007 and September 2010. According to the information received in response to his query, such cases were registered against 33 Delhi Police officers during that period. Some of the cases registered by it are still under investigation, while in some cases the policemen are facing departmental action. In a few cases, the officers were either terminated from the service or exonerated by the court. A complaint by Assistant Sub-Inspector Sarabjeet Kaur, working with 4th battalion Delhi Armed Police (now 1st Battalion) against ACP Balvir Singh on June 17, 2009, is being dealt with by police headquarters, the RTI reply said. In one of the three FIRs filed in Outer District in 2009, a constable, Rohtash, was accused of developing "illicit relations" with a woman and also "harassing" her. The case was registered on April 13 and a departmental inquiry was initiated against him on July 23 last year, it said. During the same year, constable Somdev allegedly "made sexual relations with a lady on false promise of marriage and concealed his real identity... A departmental enquiry has been initiated against him," the RTI reply said. The DE was also initiated against a Sub-Inspector, Brahm Singh, on the basis of a case registered by Khajuri Khas police station on February 2 last year for allegedly molesting a woman while both were travelling in an autorickshaw, it said. In West District, SI Mukesh Kumar was accused of molesting a woman ASI. "Besides registering the case (August 2, 2010 in Rajouri Garden police station) against him, he was placed under suspension and a DE has been initiated against him which is pending enquiry," the response said.
  7. As reported in indianexpress.com on 19 July 2010: Delhi Police, MCD top list of most corrupt depts Delhi Police, MCD top list of most corrupt depts The two departments which have the maximum interface with the public, are also the most corrupt, according to the number of corruption cases filed by Delhi's Anti Corruption Branch (ACB) in the last three years. Delhi Police tops the list of government departments against whom the ACB has filed corruption cases, followed by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi(MCD). As many as 59 cases were filed against Delhi Police personnel followed by 27 against MCD employees. In all, as many as 300 Delhi government officials have been charged with involvement in corrupt activities between 2007 and 2010, the ACB said in reply to a Right to Information query by Ashwini Shrivastava. While officer at the level of inspector is the senior-most police officer charged with corruption, the other officers, including those from the MCD include commissioners, executive engineers, junior engineers, and senior clerks among others. According to the ACB, 57 cases were registered against 80 employees in 2007, 45 each in 2008 and 2009 against 122 and 64 officers respectively. Out of the 22 cases registered till May this year, ten were against Delhi Police officials, three against MCD employees and six against employees of other departments of the Delhi Government. Asked to comment on alleged instances of corruption detected by the ACB, the Delhi Police's Joint Commissioner (Vigilance) N Dilip Kumar said "We regularly organise vigilance checks in the department and act strictly on any complaints regarding involvement of any officials in corrupt practices. "Recently, we had carried out sting operations to nail corrupt police officials," he added. Asked about corruption in the MCD, its spokesman Deep Mathur remarked: "We have introduced e-governance in our departments to discourage corruption."
  8. As reported by Parikshit Luthra at ibnlive.in.com on August 21, 2010 New Delhi: A Right to Information (RTI) application filed by CNN-IBN reveals that policemen in India's national capital have been regularly skipping the mandatory firing practice in recent years, thus raising questions over their ability to tackle emergency situations such as terrorist attacks. The revelations come at a time when just a month is left for the commencement of the Delhi Commonwealth Games (CWG) scheduled to be held from October 3 to October 14. What's even more shocking is the fact that 2009 – the year succeeding Mumbai terror attacks - saw highest number of policemen abstaining from firing practice. In 2009, out of 240 Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACPs), only 27 attended the firing sessions while only 3 out of 40 Additional Deputy Commissioners of Police (Addl DCPs) undertook the practice. Only 7 out of 50 DCPs fired the mandatory rounds in 2009. The information received by CNN-IBN reveals that 2009 was not an exception. In the last 5 years, the numbers of policemen attending firing practice have been falling continuously. In 2007, out of 240 ACPs, only 111 fired practice rounds. It went up marginally to 143 in 2008. In 2007, out of about 40 Addl DCPs, only 13 practiced whereas in 2008, it went up to 17. Again in 2007, out of 50 DCPs, 19 attended firing practice. In 2008, it rose to just 21. The record was even worse when it came to senior IPS officers. Out of 8 Special Commissioners that are currently there in Delhi, only one has attended firing practice in last 3 years. Of the 17 Jt Commissioners, only 5 practiced in 2007. In 2008, multiple terror strikes by Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists in Mumbai exposed the inability of the city's police to tackle terror threat and it took three days for security forces to kill all terrorists. It seems the lessons of Mumbai have been forgotten. As India readies for the CWG, which is considered a high-risk event, CNN-IBN has learnt that not a single supervisory officer has undergone the firing session so far. Delhi Police rules make it mandatory for every officer to fire at least 30 rounds from a 9 mm pistol or a .38 bore revolver as practice each year. It's now fairly clear that even this minimum requirement is not being taken seriously. The more important point of how good they were still remains unanswered. When asked for a reaction, Delhi Police chose not to comment saying senior officers play only a supervisory role.
  9. Atul Patankar

    1,375 murders unsolved in Delhi

    As reported at sify.com on 10 July, 2010 At least 1,375 murder cases here are yet to be solved by Delhi Police, and almost half of them are over five years old, a right to information (RTI) activist has said. In their reply to RTI applicant Dev Ashish Bhattacharya, police said 644 of the 1,375 unsolved murder cases took place more than five years ago. 'The number of unsolved cases is definitely much higher than 1,375 (because) some police stations denied providing details stating that it's a time-consuming procedure. Some gave confused details,' said Bhattacharya, who filed the RTI application to the home ministry in March. 'When media creates a hype on some high-profile cases, the cops start investigating them while thousands of other cases are left ignored,' he said. As a result, families of thousands of victims are waiting for justice, he said. One such unsolved case is that of 22-year-old BPO executive who was found strangled to death at her home in south Delhi's Gautam Nagar neighbourhood Sep 9, 2008. The victim's father, who works with a bank and travels to the capital every month from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, hopes that the Defence Colony police will arrest the culprit who murdered his daughter. The unsolved cases also include the mysterious death of 41-year-old former soldier Janeshwar Sharma, who worked for industrialist Anil Nanda. The victim was admitted to the Safdarjung Hospital June 9 with 80 percent burns and died June 15. The brother of the deceased is waiting to know who killed his brother. Statistics provided to Bhattacharya show that the areas of Rohini, Alipur, Narela, Sultanpuri and Bawana have the highest number of unsolved cases. Of the 336 unsolved murder cases in outer Delhi district, 246 cases are more than five years old. In northeast district, there are more than 300 unsolved cases. In southeast district, there are 161 unsolved murder cases.
  10. As reported at hindustantimes.com on June 21, 2010 The Delhi Police is taking no chances as far as safety and maintenance of law and order during the Commonwealth Games are concerned — and it wants Delhiites to do the same. In an expensive effort to seek public support to check crime and educate the capital's residents against possible terror threats, ahead of the Commonwealth Games, the Delhi Police will spend over Rs 20 crore on advertising and publicity this year. "The amount is double that which had been spent on advertising and publicity in 2009-10,” said a senior police officer requesting anonymity. Out of its total sanctioned budget of Rs 23 crore for advertising and publicity this year — up from the Rs 9.21 crore during 2009-10 and the Rs 10.19 crore in 2008-09, the Delhi Police has reportedly already spent nearly Rs 2.27 crore between April and May this year. The Delhi Police's total budget for the current year is Rs 2,755 crore. “The amount was spent on publicising public-friendly measures such as helplines and creating awareness among citizens on how to check untoward incidents,” the officer said. The Delhi Police revealed all this and more in reply to an RTI query filed by Ashwini Shrivastava, who sought details of the amount spent by the law enforcement agency on publicity measures. “The purpose of the advertisements is to inform the city's residents about various measures being adopted by us to check crime and thwart untoward incidents,” said Delhi Police spokesperson, Additional Commissioner of Police (ACP) Rajan Bhagat. “Besides this, ads are also issued to disseminate information about missing children in adherence to the Delhi High Court's directions in the matter,” Bhagat added. The RTI reply maintains that there has also been an increase in the number of advertisements issued to different media. According to the reply, a total of 1,348 adverts were carried in print and electronic media in 2008-09 — which increased to 1,701 in 2009-10. “We put out 940 endorsements related to promotion of various helplines and schemes and to make people aware of various anti-terror measures, besides other similar steps taken between January and May this year,” he added.
  11. NSCS spying case: RTI reply shows cracks in police theory As published in the Hindusthan Times, reported Press by Trust Of India, New Delhi, May 30, 2010 Loopholes seem to be emerging in the probe into the 2006 National Security Council secretariat spying case as an RTI reply said there is no record of Delhi Police seeking NSCS' opinion on documents found in computer of an accused, which later became the basis of his arrest. The Delhi Police had claimed that it had sought the views of the Secretariat on two electronic documents recovered from the computer of one of the accused, retired Navy Commander Mukesh Saini. A director at NSCS, Vinod Kumar Mall, had opined that possession of the said documents was unauthorised and classified which became the basis of Saini's arrest under the Official Secrets Act. However, in an RTI reply to Saini, the NSCS has said there are no entries in its records of receiving such communication from Delhi Police. It also said that there are no file notings to show how the opinion was formed by Mall who was then director at the Secretariat. NSCS is the top intelligence coordination body of the country which is headed by the National Security Advisor. After the alleged spying case came to light in June 2006, the Special Cell had carried out searches in Saini's house in Delhi Cantonment area on June 11, 2006 and claimed to have found some classified documents, computer hard disc and other material. The two electronic documents recovered by police from the hard disc seized from Saini's residence were related to a project Secure Information Database Information (SIDE) and minutes of meeting of Indo-US cyber security forum which took place in 2003 of which the officer was coordinator. According to Special Cell, in two letters 2871 and 2872 dated June 30, 2006 - a day before the arrest of Saini - it sought the views of NSCS whether the possession of these documents was authorised. Mall in his "undated" replies, letter no 1206/Dir(VM)/2006 and 1207/Dir (VM)/2006, to Delhi Police had opined that the documents and its contents are "classified and possession can be termed as unauthorised". The views of Mall became one of the reasons for slapping charges under OSA against Saini and his arrest. In an RTI reply to Saini, the NSCS said it has "no entries in NSCS records regarding receipt of letter no 2871 and 2872/ACP/NDR dated June 30, 2006" from Delhi Police. NSCS spying case: RTI reply shows cracks in police theory- Hindustan Times
  12. As reported by Noor Khan at samaylive.com on 18 Aug 2009 New Delhi, Aug 18 Delhi Police have refused to provide information on the vehicles used by them including pollution details, citing security reasons. In reply to an RTI query, the police authorities said "as this involves security issues and operational matters of Delhi Police, hence, in the interest of security, the registration number of the vehicles cannot be provided." Rakesh Aggarwal, Secretary of an NGO 'Nyayabhoomi' had asked for details of all the vehicles being used by Delhi Police and copies of the last three Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate for each of them. In response, the Assistant Public Information Officer of Delhi Police asked the applicant to deposit Rs two per page for the information and visit his office to inspect the record in order to get the information. The officer, however, did not give any details about the inspection modalities and the office where inspection can be done. Aggarwal then moved a first appeal to Joint Commissioner of Police (Provision and Logistics) against the officer's response. The First Appellate Authority refused to disclose the information citing "security" reasons but said "...all the police vehicles bear Delhi Police logo which is very much visible.
  13. As reported by Utkarsh Anand at www.indianexpress.com on May 22, 2009 New Delhi : Cases of drug peddling are considered heinous offences and can even entail death penalty under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. A response under the Right To Information (RTI) Act from the Delhi Police’s Narcotics Branch, however, raises grave doubts over how serious the investigating agency is when it comes to arresting the accused and putting them up for trial that could go on in the courts for years. In most of these cases, the accused are made to languish behind bars and are not allowed bail till the court pronounces its verdict. According to a reply sent in pursuant to an RTI application by Kamran Siddiqui, general secretary of the NGO Real Cause, though the Narcotics Branch registered 20 cases under the NDPS Act between January and February this year, they could not, for unexplained reasons, nab even a single prospective buyer. Moreover, the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime and Railways, answered in the negative when asked if the department officials had a list of gazetted officers and area magistrates before whom an accused could be produced, if he so demanded. Notably, the NDPS Act accords legal right to a person detained for possessing contraband to ask the policemen to take him to a gazetted officer or area magistrate concerned for conducting his search. Such officials are enlisted by the authorities. The provision has been inserted in the statute as a check to ensure that the accused cannot allege during trial that narcotic drugs were maliciously planted by policemen. The reply has stated that no such list was provided to the department and hence remained silent on the question as to what would be the policemen’s response if an accused wanted his search conducted only before a designated officer. Also, the department had in no case taken the designated officer along while conducting raids or arresting the accused, it contended. In another query regarding the purchase of an investigation kit (comprising accessories for weighing and collecting evidence while making arrests) by the Narcotics Branch, the department said that it had not bought any investigation kit during the last year. On the query relating to the period after which a fresh kit was to be handed over to investigating officers, the RTI reply refrained from commenting. Siddiqui’s application had also pointed to another relevant provision of the NDPS Act, asking in how many cases had the policemen offered to get themselves searched or allowed an examination of their vehicles before the accused. The reply claimed that though the policemen had offered to get themselves and their vehicles searches in all the cases, the accused did not avail the opportunity in any such incident. In all the 20 cases, there was not a single public witness willing to testify before a court that he was present at the spot when the policemen arrested the accused with the narcotics. When contacted by Newsline over the replies, a senior official of the Delhi Police refused to comment saying the Code of Conduct was in place at the moment. Siddiqui, on the other hand, claimed that a close scrutiny of the drug cases would disclose that though hundreds of sellers had been nabbed, the department failed to arrest any prospective buyer, for the reasons known only to them. “Moreover, a majority of theses cases end up in the acquittal of the accused, depicting how fair the arrest proceedings could be considered,” he added. Source: RTI exposes chinks in Delhi Police narcotics branch
  14. As reported on zeenews.com on 10 August 2008: Zee News - Delhi Police local booths Delhi Police disowns its local booths and cops inside them New Delhi, Aug 10: It might sound very strange but if you want to reach out to the 'men in uniform' at the local "police booths" near your residence, don't be shocked if you get a negative response for the Delhi Police have disowned any "responsibility for the booths or the cops inside". If authorities are to be believed, these 68 ft booths (size varies) seen in most of the localities carrying display boards of Delhi Police with some khaki-clad men sitting in them are merely an "eyewash". Police disown any such establishments and have declined either sending their personnel there or supervising over these structures. Moreover, they say that these booths are constructed without their consent. "We don't recognise them as our affiliations and our men also don't go there," Delhi Police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat said. Police also denied to have permitted or extended any help to get electricity connection, space, logistics support from such booths and sanctioning its men to such booths. Answering to a Right to Information Act application filed by an NGO 'NyayaBhoomi', the Delhi Police had informed that most of the beat boxes were either built by residents or market welfare associations of the area concerned. The beat boxes, numbering around 1,000 across the national capital, were built on pavements or in private land without fulfilling any formalities of the civic body. "The Delhi Police don't permit such set ups. Instead, we ask people to contact nearest police station whenever there is need," Bhagat said.
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