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Found 21 results

  1. subhendu pattanayak

    Encroachment and police enquiry Report

    Without applying for demarcation by competent authority a person filed a petition before Tahasildar and alleged that some portion of his private plot is encroached by some other persons of the locality.Hence he prayed for initiation of proceedings under U/S 144 crpc.Tahasildar admitted the case, initiated 144 crpc. and called for reports from concerned R.I. and local police officer.R.I did not demarcate the disputed land and did not submit any report. But local police reported that the allegation is true.On this police report the Tahasildar is going for eviction of a disputed permanent structure in the locality. I filed a RTI. Seeking the C.C of R.I.report from Tahasil office and the response of PIO is as follows: ''Perused your application and information sought for your application considers no merit in view of Orders passed by Hon'ble Information commissioner, Odisha, Bhubaneswar, on 24th May 2013 in 2nd appeal case no.668/2012.'' When I downloaded this SIC order it was clear to me that SIC has never prohibited any public authority for supply of C.C of encroachment report of a Revineu Inspector.So indiscriminate use of SIC order without considering it's scope and limitations by PIO is not only misleading but also improper and illegal.Then I filed a 1st appeal before Tahasildar cum FAA. 45 days already passed but no response. Shall I reconstruct another fresh RTI or proceed for 2nd appeal and wait for years? Now, information is very essential for me to prove that no demarcation is conducted by Tahasildar. Sent from my SM-J200G using RTI INDIA mobile app
  2. sumeetmb

    Encroachments done in the çomplex

    I want to know if I can file RTI againstba food outlet who has encroached the public pass way as well as the parking lot of the office complex. Sent from my ELUGA Ray using RTI INDIA mobile app
  3. Mr.N.Muthyalu who is a resident of konthapalli village shivam peta (M) of Medak district near Hyderabad was having 9.2 acres of land which was encroached by a real estate agent by paying bribes to the revenue staff who have addedseveral new names of the owners deleting the original name in the PAHANI after making lot of efforts right upto RDO , disgusted , he filed RTI in 2010 which was not replied by PIO and even first appeal was also not replied by FAA then he filed second appeal and before the SIC the new thasildhar accepted the goalmaal and agreed to correct the records with the approval of district collector. this is a long fight yet a successfull fight of a common man against corrupt burocracy.
  4. calljasprit


    Can encroachment be correlated to revenue loss and can the public servants be prosecuted. Or how to prosecute public servant not doing his duty
  5. Kindly guide me, if corrupt DDA ,MCD do not do any thing despite complaint and despite asking for action taken through rti, where else can I complain or what should I do
  6. deepa09

    Encroachment problem

    Hello, My parents are residing at WestBengal and suffering from encroachment issue since long 4 years. The neighbors are creating problems in roads and electric supply. They have illegally acquired all the spaces of road and don't even allow the electric pole to reach their houses. This semi urban area is underdeveloped and they don't allow any kind of development. After investment on land and house, my parents are not able to move from that place and they are suffering very badly. Kindly help and provide the best solutions. Local police is not helping and they are tired of complaining municipality department for support. Really disappointing to say that they are not getting any support in this democratic nation.
  7. Hello Respected Members, I had filed a complaint with the Municipal Corporation of my city to remove an illegally built road block/pillar built on an 8 ft. road near my house by a taxi owner. After 15 days of filing of complaint, an employee of Municipal Corporation came and broke the cemented portion of the road block/pillar but left the iron rods fixed in a scattered and dangerous manner. The rods were swinging in air without any support. This could have resulted anytime in a fatal accident so I myself went to meet the Encroachment Officer of the Municipal Corporation and gave a written complaint of the same to him but they did not bother to take any action on the complaint. After 3 days, I filed an R.T.I. application with the Municipal Corporation under the "Life or Liberty" clause to get information on the action taken on my complaint mentioning clearly the grounds for filing the R.T.I. application and how the matter was related with life of persons but the S.P.I.O. of the Municipal Corporation rejected the request for providing information in 48 hours saying that this matter is not related to the "Life or Liberty" clause and that I should have given evidence and proved as to how the information was related to life of persons or as per him- "death". The iron rods are still fixed and swinging. Kindly guide as to what should be my plea in the First Appeal and is there any decision of an Information Commission on such/similar matter? Thanks and regards.
  8. Hi All, I need the information on the village level roads, like how much is the width of road since the development of road, how many time dose it got tared, who was the contractor for the works done, is there any plan of expansion of the road in near future, NA(non agricultural land) and it maps of converted to plots and so on....... My intention is to check is there any encroachment in the public property in my village From whom I should ask for information on Village level roads by RTI? Thanks in advance
  9. Tasneem Sushant Dhumak

    Encroachment upon public space by Hawker

    Sub: Illegal selling of Custom Goods at dirt cheap price(Hawker) in front of Vinayak Apt, Deendayal Nagar, Vasai (W) by paying "Hafta" to Municipality Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing this on behalf of my father (Mohsin Matiwala). My father is an electrician and owns a shop in Vinayak Apt in Vasai (W), since he’s in his 70’s and is physically handicapped he has to give the shop on rent. The person whom we had last rented our shop to (Mohammed Younus Lakha), he was just not ready to vacate our shop, he ‘s like a local goon, and after lots of hardship (filing a complaint against him in police station and also greasing the hands of the police)we were able to vacate him. My father now no longer has the strength to run down your offices nor his spine has the tolerance to bow down at your feet and beg for you to do what is to be your work “Nagar Seva”. He has already greased the hands of the police for vacating this same man from his shop. The amount he paid is the amount that his wife has been using to feed the mouth of her household from the time she came to his house irrespective of inflation be high or low. This shop means a lot to him and is his only source of livelihood. But now because this local goon sells his illegal goods on the road right in front of the shop. Due to this our shop gets covered and no one is ready to take it on rent due to his fear. The entire Vinayak Apt Society too fears him. And past 4 months there is not a single tenant. Even after filing a complaint against him in Vasai Municipal Corporation and in Police Station no action has been taken. We also went to our area corporator, but he too simply dismissed the case. And now this goon threatened him saying "we know where all you went to file complaint against us, even if you go to Thane Municipality no one will help, since I give "Hafta". Please Help Us. Your's Sincerely, Daughter.
  10. Dear members In mumbai, near bhandup west there is some illegal construction work carried out. earlier which was a small dingy shop hardly 60 - 80 sqft is now a 400 sqft area which has multiple businesses running. advocates, housiing brokers, tea-stall etc. The owner resides in our building and seems to have political links. I want to write an RTI to know: a). what was the allotted area by BMC as per original plan, b). is the electricity supply used as per commercial rates and legal. c). The water supply is as per commercial norms d). The multi-business carried out isthere licenses required and if yes does the owner has all of them? Whom should i address the letter, which department in the government Can i write the letter on behalf of our housing society? if yes can i just mention the chairman of the society as undersigned with society stamp or have to write a name. (the culprit is the secretary of the society) I have the entire society members backing to carry the RTI. Please advice. regards Pinaki
  11. I stay in an housing society in Mumbai since the last 40years. A part of our plot has been encroached by a few hutments since the time, our building was constructed on plot. we have been writing to the Municipal corporation to hand over our complete plot to our society as per the new town planning scheme and development plan. Despite several communications with the BMC ( Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation), nothing seems to be done by the BMC to vacate the encroached part of the plot. Now our society is planning for redevelopments of our buildings and as such the encroachment is causing a major concern / hurdle in the same in claiming complete benefits of redevelopment. kindly advice how should this problem be approached using the RTI act. regards Paresh Kamat
  12. I guess, the PIO has denied me the relevant reports with a catch on the "latest" technicality clause in my questionnaire. I guess the right statement should be to provide me the encroachment/Action-Taken report that is currently maintained in Zone-8. Any other suggestions ? ===== From To Public Information Officer Zone-8, Corporation of Chennai, 117, N.S.K. Salai, Kodambakkam, Chennai-600 024. By Speed post AD. (Court Fee stamp of Rs.10/- affixed on top right hand corner) Subject: Encroachment of public places in Chennai Zone-8. Please provide me the following information in ENGLISH,which pertains to information regarding encroachment inspection and removal in Chennai Corporation Zone-8. 1) Name, designation, official address and office telephone numbers of the corporation officials who are responsible for encroachment inspection and encroachment removal in Chennai Zone-8 by each division. RESPONSE: List Enclosed in Format 1 2) Please provide dates of the corporation officials last two inspection visits in Chennai Zone-8 by each division for encroachment inspection. RESPONSE: Corporation Officials go for routine inspection daily. If an encroachment found action will be taken then and there. There is no exclusive inspection for encroachment. 3) Please provide me a certified copy of the latest Encroachment Inspection Report for Chennai Zone-8 by each division. RESPONSE: Recently there is no new encroachment found in any of the division in Zone-8. 4) Please provide me a certified copy of the Action Taken Report regarding these encroachments in Chennai Zone-8 by each division. RESPONSE: Recently there is no new encroachment found in any of the division in Zone-8. 5) Please provide me the details of the reports as in #3 and #4 as a softcopy/electronic format in a CD, if possible. Please mention the additional charges/cost to be paid by me or other forms and related charges, by which information can be made available to me. -- NIL--
  13. Vannakkam Members As requested by Mr. Karira the success story is narrated hereunder: In Tamilnadu, Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation area Ward No: 53, one miscreant encroached corporation common lane area and the neighbour's area and constructed a over bridge from North side house to South side house owned by the miscreant and his wife. This was done in the year 2007. This illegal acts was informed to the Municipal Corporation Authorities through complaint petitions by the neighbour and the common public. There existed Laxity and Lack of Alertness on the part of the Municipal Corporation Planning Department Officials, since they were purchased by the miscrant. The neighbour who was affected approached me ( I am an Advocate) seeking my opinion and to file a suit in the appropriate Court. I have gone through the facts and events happened, and thoroughly gone through the complaints already lodged before the Municipal Corporation Authorities, and observed the inactiveness on the part of the Authorities concerned. It is a naked truth that the Judicial process is a lengthiest and expensive one, and hence I adviced my client to send an application U/s 6(1) RTI Act, 2005, seeking information about the date of approval of the buildings plans sanction for the houses constructed by the said miscreant and his wife. In the same application my client had sought information about the status of each Town Survey Number (as per Corporation Records) adjacent to the newly constructed buildings and the measurement of each number and ownership details along with certified copies. The Application under RTI Act, 2005, was sent in the month of November, 2008.to the PIO of the Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation. The PIO had failed to send the reply even after 50 days, and hence I advised my client to file first appial under RTI Act, 2005, Section 19(1). The appeal was filed before the appellate authority in the Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation (The Commissioner, Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation), in the last week of December 2008. The Corporation Officials were alerted and made to a fix to see the back files and to inspect the building sites. The Officials one by one visited to the sites in the month of January, 2009 and inspected and issued notice to the miscreants to remove the unauthorised construction by encroaching the corporation area, and the naighbour owned by my client. The miscreants are removing the unauthorised constructed area stage by stage and forced to clear the encroached area. This is a great success to a law abiding citizen of India through RTI Act with less expense. Balu A.
  14. ganpat1956

    Accident or murder?

    RTI activist found bleeding near Jnana Bharati dies of his wounds As reported by : Debi Prasad Sarangi in Bangalore mirror Posted On Wednesday, April 08, 2009 at 12:44:16 AM In a shocking incident, an RTI activist who had succeeded in saving government property worth crores of rupees from being encroached by land sharks died under mysterious circumstances near Bangalore University’s Jnana Bharathi campus on Monday night. The man has been identified as 48-year-old Venkatesh, a resident of Hosahalli in Vijayanagar. He was found lying near Papireddypalya Circle around 9 pm with injuries on the head. Passers-by, who saw him bleeding, shifted him to a private hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. As Venkatesh and his two-wheeler were found on the road in Kamakshipalya traffic limits, the traffic cops suspected him to be a victim of a road accident. But the bike did not have any damage. His body was sent to Victoria Hospital for autopsy and that is where the case took an intriguing turn. The doctors who conducted the post mortem refused to buy the police theory of road accident and said the death had been caused because of an assault. “There were two L-shaped injury marks on the back of his head and it suggested that sharp-edged weapons had been used to attack him. These were deep-cut injuries,” said sources in Victoria Hospital. Though the hospital is yet to give its report, the preliminary observations and inferences have not only shocked the family but have also left the police head honchos baffled. “It looks like a killing for vengeance, we will investigate further,” a police officer said. The officer who is reconstructing the sequence of events that resulted in murder said: “Venkatesh was returning on his two-wheeler after collecting rent from his tenant when he was intercepted by the gang. They assaulted him and escaped. While he was lying on the road, two persons shifted him to Hosmat.” The police have now begun to dig deep into Venkatesh’s activities and the threats he had received. According to close friends of Venkatesh, one of the motives behind his murder could be crusade against land sharks. “He was using RTI to ferret information pertaining to encroachments and was filing cases against land sharks in the courts and Lok Ayukta’s office. This had angered a lot of people,” one of his friends said. In fact, sometime ago he had made a representation to the Jnana Bharathi police stating that there was a threat to his life. Six months ago, Venkatesh had been instrumental in saving BDA property worth Rs 35 crore. He had obtained documents from BDA by applying the RTI Act to prove the actual ownership. Subsequently, the property was recovered. Similarly, he was trying to save a huge tract of land near Srigandhakaval from being occupied by private parties. (Inputs from Manjunath Sharma) Source: Accident or murder? , News - City - Bangalore Mirror,Bangalore Mirror
  15. As reported by Vinay Madhav at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 9 February 2010 BANGALORE: To clear or not to clear. That is the BBMP's dilemma as it views a report on encroachment over 8 acres around Yediyur lake in Jayanagar VI Block. This issue has cropped up time and again, and though the Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force (BMTF) submitted three reports to BMP (the erstwhile BBMP), no action has been initiated. Most often, the BBMP ducked the issue saying the land was tank bund area and the ownership lied to the revenue department. Now, it requested the BDA to look for the land documents going back to the 1940s when the City Improvement Trust Board acquired the land. The issue came to light in 2004, when RTI activist L Shankarlingaiah sought details on the encroachment by some individuals around Yediyur Lake. The issue was referred to the BMTF, which got a survey done by the Land Revenue and Land Records department and submitted a report to the BBMP. The survey stated that 8 acres, 2 guntas of land had been encroached upon around Yediyur lake, which falls under Yediyur and Dasarahalli villages. While the original lake area shrunk from 18 acres, 2 guntas to 15 acres, 23 guntas, there was further encroachment of 6 acres around the tank bund area. Besides, the encroached land has changed hands over the past 30 years, either through sale or through divisions in the families which owned it. During the past 10 years, a number of apartments have cropped up on the encroached land. In 2005, the then urban development secretary S V Ranganath directed the BBMP to initiate action against the encroachment. The BBMP replied the land belonged to the forest department as it was a tank bund area. The BBMP assured it would hold a meeting with the revenue department over initiating action, but the meeting never took place. However, in 2009, Shankarlingaiah applied for more information from the BBMP over a piece of land, which was part of the encroached land. The BBMP, in its reply, admitted that the land owner was 'Corporation of City of Bangalore' and said it was leased to V Krishnamurthy. Shankaralingaiah then lodged one more complaint with the BMTF, which got the third survey done. Even this report confirmed encroachment of 8.02 acres around Yediyur lake and on this land, private parties had constructed apartments. Source: Yediyur lake encroachment leaves BBMP red in the face - Bangalore - City - The Times of India
  16. Hi Rti India Members I live in Thane District of Maharashtra and would like to file an RTI to find out what the local civic authority have done to stop encroachment near my house. My Dilemma is that where do I go and submit this RTI Application ? Is there a separate commissioner or officer under each government office where I can submit or is there a common place to submit all question related to any RTI? Please help me with this
  17. Please refer to comments by Colonel Kurup sir at http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/48375-post6.html. At that time, the situation was imaginary. Now it has become acutely real.
  18. As reported by Sharat K Varma at indianexpress.com on July 20, 2009 Ludhiana : Of the thousands of encroachments in the city, the Municipal Corporation has managed to remove just a handful of them. The fact has come to light in information sought by the Anti-Corruption and Crime Investigation Cell, an NGO, under the RTI Act. According to the information, while under the Zone A of the MC, a total of 2,663 encroachments have been identified, of them only 42 have been removed. As many as 1,094 encroachments have been identified in the areas under MC Zone-B office while Zone C has 506 encroachments and 2,092 encroachments in Zone D. Interestingly, except 42 encroachments removed in Zone A, the MC has failed to provide data under the remaining three zones. Though the MC said that a committee was formed in November 2008 to look into these encroachments, nothing much has been done till date. The MC takes the plea that due to its employees engaged in election duties under the orders of the Election Commission, work could not be completed. "Initially we had approached the MC's Public Information Officer (PIO) but the MC did not provide us the information in the specified time frame. Then we moved the State Information Commission and procured the information," said Rohit Sabharwal, president of the NGO. Saurabh Gupta, legal advisor of the NGO, said, "The MC's plea action could not be taken as it had ample time to clear the encroachments if it was serious about it." Source: Encroachers have a field day as corporation looks the other way
  19. Atul Patankar

    Mayor’s apathy dashes hopes

    As reported by Sangeetha Neeraja at The New Indian Express - Best of South India News, Entertainment, Cricket, Business, Lifestyle on 07 June 2009 CHENNAI: It has been a long-drawn battle of 15 years for residents of Ponnamal Nagar to gain access to a road which was encroached upon by a real estate agent. However, their hopes were dashed when the Chennai Corporation Mayor M Subramanian angered over their boycott of elections snubbed them and said “You dared to boycott the elections, then what right you have to come and ask me.” “You people know how to print a poster against the Corporation and talk to media about us. Now why come to me, go to them they will solve your problems,” the Mayor told a group of residents. When Express contacted the Mayor, he sidestepped the issue and said: “I was angry with the people for boycotting elections. Besides I didn’t know those roads were corporation property.” Ironically the fact that the roads under dispute, which falls under the Town Survey Nos TS: 50 and TS 18 were the property of Corporation and do not belong to any private parties. It was informed by the Corporation in a reply to an RTI filed by Ponnammal Nagar residents. This fact was contrary to the lie maintained by the Corporation for the past 15 years that these roads were not their property. “For the 600 residents of Ponnammal Nagar, they have to go through Ramapuram Panchayat and travel more than 2 km to reach K K Nagar because of the encroachment,” said Yesuraj, Secretary of Ponnammal Nagar Welfare Association. The Mayor told The New Indian Express when asked what next , “I will look into the issue if the land belongs to us.” Source: Mayor?s apathy dashes hopes
  20. As reported at www.expressindia.com on 22 April 2009 Ludhiana The Mandi Board department on Tuesday demolished an encroachment coming up near Arora Palace on Mandi Board’s land. The Mandi Board staff swung into action following a complaint lodged by Deepak Basil, a city resident. The land in question was for a parking lot for the Mandi Board grain market on Gill Road, where construction was being carried out by the owner of a nearby petrol pump. Basil said that he had received information under RTI Act from the Mandi Board, in which the market committee office had said that so far no permission had been given to make any boundary wall or any type of construction. It also stated that the site for a parking lot was lying vacant. Mandi Board officer Rajpal Singh, when contacted, said that a team had been sent to demolish the encroachment after receiving a complaint in this regard in the morning. Source: Mandi Board brings down illegal structure - Express India
  21. Atul Patankar

    RTI forces removal of encroachments

    As reported at www.expressbuzz.com on 19 March 2009 CHENNAI: A relentless campaign launched by an RTI activist and local residents has forced the Chennai Corporation to act remove an encroachment on the eastern corner of the Turn Bulls Road-Chamiers Road junction that has posed as stumbling block to free flow of traffic on the busy stretch. The disputed spot, located inside the Tamil Nadu Housing Board (TNHB) shopping complex along the Turn Bulls Road-Chamiers Road junction was under encroachment for last several years. It is said that the open space inside in the complex (along the corner of the road) was rented out to run a ‘vegetable shop’, but soon it flourished and become a full-fledged-eatery serving customers of the (now closed) TASMAC shop. Locals considered the TASMAC outlet on the junction a traffic hazard and petitioned the authorities to remove it, so that the area would be free of such nuisance. After a nine-month-long battle using RTI tool, we forced the State-owned TASMAC to shut its outlet in that TNHB complex last September and it was the same RTI which helped us to reclaim the area of roughly around 200 sq ft for the public use, R Natarajan, a resident and research scholar told Express. Though the officials removed the encroachment only after two months of passing the initial demolition order, the victory did not come easily, Natarajan added.To remove the encroachments, he filed his first RTI petition in 2007 with the officials concerned (TNHB), and the battle continued with them since they preferred not to part any ‘useful’ information to the RTI applicant. Irked with the dilly-dally attitude of the government machinery, Natarajan went on further appeals with them and also got the opportunity to inspect documents related to the disputed spot which clearly mentioned it as a space meant for a public road. In November 2008, left without any option to delay the process, a top official of the TNHB gave his nod to the removal of encroachment, thus enabling the civic body to clear it for extending the road space. With an intense campaign by Natarajan to remove the encroachment, the civic body officials last week removed it. It may be noted that the demolition order by the civic body was passed in January. It is now up to the Corporation to add the reclaimed space to the road-space, so that traffic is eased on the ever-busy stretch, Natarajan added. Source: http://www.expressbuzz.com/edition/story.aspx?Title=RTI+forces+removal+of+encroachments&artid=vxnIxr5HCss=&SectionID=lifojHIWDUU=&MainSectionID=lifojHIWDUU=&SEO=Tamil+Nadu+Housing+Board&SectionName=rSY%7C6QYp3kQ=
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