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Found 28 results

  1. Shree Vathsan

    RTI on FIR in Police Station

    I have been falsely implicated in a case by police for removing illegal banners. They have remanded me under Sec506(II) Attempt to murder on complaint from ruling party men. Though the FIR is available online I want copy of other documents like complaint letter, confession letter in which they have forcibly made me sign. I also want the CCTV footage of the police station at that particular date and time. I have already filed RTI in this regard and have had the information denied under Article 8 1 (h) saying the case is under investigation. Is this correct? Will First appeal be of any help?
  2. “Prabhakar gave my client information under RTI that one G M Divakar has been holding the contract of a canteen for the past 10 years in the institute. But the institute’s RMO gave information that the canteen is run by Students Representative Committee of the hostel,” said Patel’s lawyer Paresh Mehta. The petitioner said that “Dr M M Prabhakhar has issued false certificate to Divakar, proprietor of Nilkanth Caterers, certifying that the canteen of the institute is run by him with ulterior motive of qualifying the said contractor in civil hospital tender.” - See more at: Page not found | The Indian Express
  3. After a nearly four-year-long wait to access the missing documents of a residential building in Opera House under Right To Information (RTI), an FIR has been registered by the Agripada Police Station against the administrative officers who worked at the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation(BMC) from 1978-2011. This was done after they received an order from the BMC commissioner regarding the missing documents of the building. mid-day had earlier reported about the illegal alterations made by the landlord to Parekh Market Building in Opera House. - See more at: 4 years on, FIR filed for missing documents regarding South Mumbai building - News
  4. Angry over missing Govt file, Bombay High Court directs FIR against officers MUMBAI: Observing that information under Right to Information Act (RTI) cannot be denied to a citizen, the Bombay High Court has directed Deputy Secretary of Urban Development Department in Maharashtra to register an FIR against officers responsible for a 'missing' file. A division bench of the HC further directed that after filing the FIR, the investigation must be completed within six months and it should be headed by an officer not below the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police. Justices Abhay Oka and A S Gadkari imposed costs of Rs 15,000 on the State Government for the lapse on part of officers which led to a UDD file going 'missing' as a result information under RTI Act couldn't be provided to an advocate. "The case in hand is a classic example as to how the Government officers protecting their fellow officers tend to frustrate the basic intention of the legislature behind the enactment of the Right to Information Act, 2005," said the Judges in their order on Friday. The HC was hearing a petition filed by Sangli-based advocate Vivek Vishnupant Kulkarni, who is also an office- bearer of Swatantraya Veer Savarkar Pratishthan, a voluntary group which runs two schools having 1,600 students on rolls. The 58-year-old petitioner filed an application on September 5, 2008, with the Section and Information Officer of UDD seeking information under RTI in respect of a Government Resolution (GR) dated August 21, 1996. The resolution pertained to release of various lands in and around Sangli city in western Maharashtra which were acquired by the Government under the Urban Land (Ceiling and Regulation) Act, 1976. He sought information about the Government notings and other documents on the basis of which the GR was issued. By a communication dated September 22, 2008, the UDD Information Officer told Kulkarni the required information sought by him regarding file ULC/1089/2123//ULC-2 is not available on the Department's record and therefore, the said details cannot be furnished. In the same letter, the petitioner was also informed that some details sought by him is connected with the office of Deputy Collector and his application to that extent had been transferred to the said authority for further action. Being aggrieved by inaction of the Information Officer, the petitioner filed an appeal on November 27, 2008, before the Deputy Secretary of UDD. The Deputy Secretary asked the Information Officer to search the missing file and give the details sought by Kulkarni immediately. Read more at: Angry over missing Govt file, Bombay High Court directs FIR against officers - The Economic Times
  5. An additional chief metropolitan magistrate Tuesday directed the Azad Maidan police to file an FIR against doctor M L Saraf of Bombay Hospital, for having practised medicine without due registration for about 25 years. Read more at: Doctor in practice for 25 years without registration faces FIR | The Indian Express
  6. HI Please let me know if the FIR and any notice served to any one are public documents which can be received under RTI Act by applicant. I shall be grateful if relevent CIC decision can be provided in reply.
  7. Hi, My inlaws with help of police filed a case under section 65/66 of Information Technology Act against me and my parents. All they gave in evidence was a screenshot of their email account showing that some foreign IP address accessed it. They have so many relatives abroad. It could be any one of them This is on top of the false 498a , DV cases which I am fighting. Anyways I managed to get a copy of the FIR in the IT case. It is almost a year old, but no progress has been made. There is no evidence of any kind of loss suffered by my in-laws due to the supposed hacking. All the FIR says is that my parents and I hacked the account and are misusing information. Will I be able to through the use of RTI ask police for the progress they have made ? Can I also tell that FIR is false ? My parents are senior citizens. They don't even know much about computers. I want police to expedite the investigation correctly and close the FIR with the final report as soon as possible. Too much mental agony being caused in the name of investigation
  8. This order and amendment were issued by Director General of Police [DGP] by order from Bombay High Court in case Nos. Cr Writ Petition 112 /2012 and for correction in Cr W. P. 3386/2012. This may be very useful to RTI users where they have always problem in getting FIR Best Luck Standing Order 20 & Correction_DGP_Maharashtra.pdf
  9. kundan_scorpio

    How to get your FIR lodged

    Here is all what a common man can do if police does not register FIR. a) Talk to SHO of the concerned Police station and ask him to register FIR. Most probably he will try to persuade you not to register FIR and instead ask you to write complaint on a piece of paper. Police is bound to take action on FIR as they need to give explanation of each & every FIR registered in a month to the district magistrate. No such boundation exists for a complaint. b) In case SHO does not register your FIR (which will be the usual case), you can meet ACP or DCP of that zone. c) In case you can't take off from your office work, write a registered mail to DCP with a copy to ACP or district magistrate of that district with a copy of the complaint and asking for an explanation that why your FIR was not registered? d) There is a website of delhi police where you will find all the relevant persons of all dcps, acps and commissioner of delhi police to whom you can contact through email. e) If nothing works out the last thing you can do is to call up at this number and register your complaint on phone itself. For Police related complaints you can also contact to Flying Squad of Vigilance Branch : (011) 23213355. Refer these websites for further information: http://www.delhipolice.nic.in/home/contactus.aspx http://india.gov.in/outerwin.php?id=http://mha.gov.in/ http://pgportal.gov.in/ Getting your FIR lodged is absolutely must as it makes police accountable to take action. This will definitely help to bring down the crime rate. f) If Police does not take action on your complaint or FIR you can file a 10 rs RTI which is a handwritten application to be deposited at DCP of that zone. [/color][/size][/font][/b] Hope this information is useful. Regards A Common aware Man
  10. Respected members, While travelling from jabalpur to patna in a train on 20 may 2012 a costly necklace that belonged to my mother was stolen at mughalsari railway stn and we lodged a formal FIR at the next stoppage i.e. patna railway police station. More than 8 months have passed and i want to get information regarding the investigation carried out by the police for finding the necklace using RTI. Does anyone to whom i should address the rti application to and on whose favor i shal make the DD and the relevant format and questions to ask for the rti application. If anyone knows kindly mail me the particulars at posting of email id is not allowed. regards deepak k rai.
  11. Friends , i need to know if i can use the RTI to get information on the progress the police has made on the FIR launched for the snatching the purse of my wife in Noida , UP ( Gautam Nagar Police Station).
  12. Village head lodges counter-FIR against RTI activists AS reported by Faiz Rahman Siddiquiin timesofindia.indiatimes.com on Nov 8, 2012 Village head lodges counter-FIR against RTI activists - The Times of India KANPUR: Kanpur Dehat police booked four activists who had been seeking information from a village pradhan (head) on various development projects in their locality under the Right to Information Act (RTI). Speaking to TOI on phone, Sunil Singh, a resident of Shahjahanpur Ninaya village, said, he had filed an RTI application at the office of the district magistrate in September seeking information from authorities on various developmental work and several beneficiary schemes taken up by village pradhan Altaf Husain in the locality after it was learnt that there had been misappropriation of government funds for the area. "But we were shocked to know about a police complaint registered against us by an aide of the village pradhan at the Gajner police station," alleged Singh. He alleged further that Husain and his henchmen had been threatening them with dire consequences since the time the RTI application was submitted. Another villager Gulab Singh, whose name is also in the FIR, said, "Cops at the Gajner police station not only used foul language but also misbehaved with our kin and did not let us go through the contents of the FIR. They charged us with paralysing' governments developmental related work in the area." Despite continuous threats and cops' refusal to provide security, Ram Milan Singh, a relative of one of the RTI applicants, sought police protection and addressed a letter to the director general of police and chief minister. He has also lodged a complaint with senior police officials, who inquired about the issue with the Kanpur Dehat police officials. Repeated attempts by TOI to contact Husain failed. "The pradhan and his aides in collusion with the local police have been threatening and mounting pressure on us to withdraw the RTI application at the office of the district magistrate. Citing the fate of RTI activists murdered in various parts of the country, they threatened us with dire consequences," said Gulab Singh another RTI activist. "When we went to district collectorate to seek information regarding RTI queries, there also, his supporters followed us and threatened us to kill if not stop chasing the `wrongdoings' of village `pradhan'. After the verbal duel, they left the place and warned us to withdraw RTI application," he added. Shiv Singh, a relative of one of the RTI activist said "His cousin received stringent life threats on his mobile phone since he had sought information through RTI application from the district authorities. The unidentified persons had threatened to kill him," he said. He claimed that filing of RTI was their democratic right and that Husain was scared of the RTI queries. Sunil Singh, who has filed an RTI application, claimed the complaint to the police was meant to deter them from filing RTI applications with the district authorities. Additional superintendent of police Ram Kishan, however, said the police were conducting preliminary inquiry into the incident and admitted an FIR had been filed against the seven villagers of Shahjahanpur Ninaya village on the complaint of a villager in this regard with the Gajner police station.
  13. Hello this is my first post in this very helpful forum. I lost my 10th certificates a week ago and tried to file an FIR at police station but the S.H.O refused saying he would only sign an acknowledgement. I would be willing to be more patient but I've recently been selected for a big-ish company and they are not willing to give me the offer letter without my original documents and they have set a final joining date for tomorrow or else the offer is off the table.I can't even file for duplicate from the education board as the S.H.O refuses to oblige my request.The writer at the Police station suggested that I try my luck at another P.S . I don't even know who to bribe.....things are that desperate..... This job could finally be the light at the end of the tunnel and the chance is slipping away........... Anyway thanks for reading my desperate plea, any suggestions will be HIGHLY appreciated. Regards.
  14. sidmis

    RTI activism takes ugly turn

    RTI activism takes ugly turn : State info commissioner files FIR against activists as reported by Ashutosh Shukla DNA Activism took an ugly turn on Tuesday evening with 11 Right to Information (RTI) activists being arrested on charges of rioting and obstructing work of a public servant. The activists were arrested for storming into the Mantralaya cabin of Dr Suresh Joshi, state chief information commissioner. Confirming the arrests, Sanjay Amrute, senior police inspector with Marine Drive police station said that the accused will be produced before a court on Wednesday. Several IPC sections dealing with rioting and forceful entry have been slapped on the activists. Those arrested include Krishnaraj Rao, G R Vora, Mohammad Afzal, Sunil Ahya, Vijay Chauhan, Mukund Parekh, Sanjay Ghatalia, KN Singh, Pramod Kadam, Ravi Kiran Haldipur, and Dr Shrikant Prabhu. The activists had come to observe the hearing of an appeal filed by Dr Prabhu. Observing a hearing is allowed. However, once the hearing was over, the activists sought an appointment with Joshi to discuss some other issue. "We had not taken an appointment with Joshi because he never gives us one. When we requested for a time, he first denied saying he had to visit a doctor but later agreed," activist GR Vora told DNA. "We wanted to point out that the information commission's office is falsifying records," he added. Once the activists entered Joshi's office, one of them wanted to sing the National Anthem. As they began singing the anthem, Joshi objected and refused to stand up saying that the activists were insulting the National Anthem. "Joshi then lost his cool and called the police," claimed Krishnaraj Rao. Contradicting the activists' statements, Joshi said that they started singing the National Anthem in the courtroom itself. "This is disrespectful to the National Anthem and they cannot hold the system for ransom," he said justifying his move to call in the police. "I was willing to hear them but they just refused to cooperate," he added. Activists alleged that the police were not registering their counter complaint against Joshi. "We want to file an FIR against him but they are not even showing us the FIR they have registered against us. Instead they are asking us to sign on some surrender/ arrest document," said Rao. DNA E-Paper - Daily News & Analysis -Mumbai,Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, India#
  15. I NEED your help and advice. I have been living in Canada for last 23 years. I had purchased a flat from Senior Citizen Housing Complex Welfare Society (Regd) in Greater Noida Distt GB Nagar U.P. Joined as a Member in 1996. All payments were made and after much delay and many changes, finally a flat was allotted to me and possession given in Nov 2008. Now I understand that another party is claiming ownership. I have written to the Distt Magistrate Distt GB Nagar U.P. I am not sure if that is the correct procedure. Somebody living in India has suggested that I need to file an FIR in person in Gr Noida at the police station in the area. I wish to know if can be done online instead of visiting India for this purpose? It has also been suggested that I go ahead, hire a lawyer and file a SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE case in the Court. Please advise how this can be handled and which website to access. Thanks.
  16. Would like to know if one can file a RTI to know the action taken by police against a FIR, if I am not a party to the FIR will it be treated as a third party information or any law abiding citizen has this right to seek details of action taken/initiated by police. In this particular case of Hit and run by an unknown vehicle, wherein a man lost his life. Police inaction is adding to the apathy of this family who have been harassed to this extent that they may not be willing to resort to RTI to fetch out this information. Thoug out of context - does any one of us have an idea about the mandatory time limit if any in which the copy of post mortem report has to be provided to next of kin of the deceased. Thanks
  17. As reported by TNN on timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 26 July 2008: Police still reluctant to lodge FIRs-Lucknow-Cities-The Times of India Police still reluctant to lodge FIRs LUCKNOW: At least 800 complainants in the city took legal recourse to get first information reports (FIRs) registered in 2006 and 2007. Besides, the police registered FIRs in 17% of complaints in 2006 and 4.5% in 2007. The facts and figures have been released by the office of SSP Lucknow to an applicant under the Right to Information (RTI) Act. The figures are bleak not only against the backdrop of CrPC provision that calls for registration of FIR in all the complaints received at police stations but also against the government's assurances made in similar vein. At least 75 to 80 complaints are received at each police station in the district every day. In 2006, 258 aggrieved people knocked the of judiciary to get the police register an FIR on their complaint and in 2007, this number doubled up to 578. The office has also revealed the astounding number of complaints received by it regarding matters in which no FIRs were registered. In 2006, the number of such complaints was 30,356 and in 2007, it was 26,303. However, when the police took cognizance of these complaints, registered FIRs and investigated the matter, gross apathy and neglect on the part of police came to fore in 2,885 cases in 2006 and 761 cases in 2007. The complaints were received from 37 police stations of Lucknow district.
  18. Police not bound to register FIR: SC Pioneer News Service | New Delhi The Supreme Court in a recent judgment has said that the police was not bound to register a First Information Report if it thinks appropriate to first conduct a preliminary inquiry. Though the intention of the court was to screen out frivolous complaints borne out of vested interests, the recent decision seeks to upturn the law previously laid down by the apex court by which the police had to oblige every complaint. The Bench of Justices SB Sinha and HS Bedi said, "Although the officer in-charge of a police station is legally bound to register an FIR... the same by itself however does not take away the right of the competent officer to make a preliminary inquiry, in a given case, in order to find out as to whether the FIR sought to be lodged had any substance or not." The court was referring to the facts of a case where one Rajinder Singh Katoch had approached the Supreme Court challenging the order by the High Court of Punjab and Haryana refusing to direct the police to lodge an FIR. Katoch had complained to the Chandigarh Police seeking registration of a criminal case against his brother for wrongfully restraining his entry into a joint property left by their father. He stayed in the house in 2001 but on his return after a brief visit to Delhi a year later he was refused entry and to take possession of his belongings. The Bench held, "the SP himself has, pursuant to the directions issued by the HC, investigated into the matter and visited the spot in order to find out the truth ... It was found that the complaint was false and had been filed with an ulterior motive." The Pioneer > Home
  19. A false hit and run case has been registered against me under IPC 279. The complainant is interested for compromise in criminal case. I would like to know the consequences of the compromise. Would a compromise mean that I have committed the crime? Would the records of Police reflect me as a criminal? If a compromise is made, what would be its effect on the ongoing civil case against me which is on the verge of conclusion (only three or four dates remaining). I was and I am having a valid driving license and insurance policy since the date of accident reported by complainant. I would specifically like to know that whether I would be having any difficulties in getting the VISA (after making compromise) in case it is required in future? Can I apply for this kind of information under RTI act? If yes could anyone confirm the complete procedure for the same?
  20. As reported by Nivedita Khandekar at hindustantimes.com on February 28, 2010 Possibly in a first-of -its-kind action, the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) of Delhi government has registered an FIR in connection with rampant illegal construction across the city, especially in the jurisdiction of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). The ACB received a complaint from Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi, who deals with Delhi and MCD related cases at the Central Information Commission (CIC). Gandhi’s complaint (HT has a copy) mentioned details of several proceedings as part of CIC hearings in which MCD officials admitted to have taken no action even when complainants wrote to them. He also sent them copies of three CIC orders and a list of 74 properties in two MCD zones in Shahdara. “It is clear from the scale and extent of the illegal construction that they could not have been carried it out without some level of collusion with MCD officials,” Gandhi’s complaint read. “It appears there is a modus operandi to ensure that illegal buildings can be made without any hindrance,” he said. “The builder starts constructing the building -- most likely in violation of the law -- and the officials turn a blind eye towards it. No cognisance is taken of any complaint,” he observed. A case has been registered under section 13/1 (d) of Prevention of Corruption Act. “The FIR mentions 141 properties and other illegal construction across the city, both buildings being built and already built,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (ACB) I.D. Shukla said. The officials would investigate all government land where construction has been carried out and also evacuate properties (government land, which earlier belonged to people who left India for Pakistan at the time of partition). “People can send in any information about illegal construction activity to us with detailed evidence at P. O. Box 8610, Civil Lines Post Office, Delhi, PIN--110 054,” Shukla added. When contacted, MCD Commissioner K.S. Mehra refused to speak on the issue. Source: MCD officials allegedly involved, case lodged- Hindustan Times
  21. A false hit and run case has been registered against me. The complainant is working with a govt. organization and has shown his income as 50000/- per month in his complaint to get a handsome amount of money from me through the court. I would like to confirm his income from govt. organization. Can I do that under RTI act? If yes, could someone inform me the complete procedure for that?
  22. Jiten_upraity

    Not new in IT field but new to RTI

    Namaskar to all members of RTI India community. Thanks for making this community portal in field of RTI. I hope It will be very helpful to me because I am facing the problem regarding right to information.
  23. rajeevrampal

    Case inquiry

    My sister death happen due to accident but I have doubt its a pre planned to murder her & get death claim form the municpality thorugh her husband. what is the procedure to re-investigate my sister case through police or court. please help me to guide
  24. jayant7k

    Obtaining no trace report

    What is the process of obtaining No Trace Report for lost things? I had lost my official laptop around 7 months ago and had filed a FIR for the same. After submitting the FIR, the insurance company is asking for a No Trace Report before they release the money.
  25. As reported by Utkarsh Anand at www.expressindia.com on 30 May 2009 New Delhi The Delhi Police’s Crime Branch has lodged an FIR against 12 personnel, including the station house officer, of the Mukherjee Nagar police station, under charges of custodial torture, abduction and fudging of records. This comes a year after the area magistrate concerned ordered Delhi Police Commissioner Y S Dadwal to register an FIR against the police personnel and initiate investigations into a complaint filed by one Neeraj Mishra, an IAS aspirant, living in the Mukherjee Nagar locality. An FIR was lodged on May 22 against SHO Indira Sharma and others after the magistrate directed so, in the wake of them failing to get any reprieve from the sessions court against a lower court’s order that had come in April last year. Mishra had approached the court seeking an FIR against the cops, alleging they on April 10 last year beat him up inside the police station after detaining him illegally. As per the complaint filed by him, it started due to his friendship with the daughter of one Vinod Sharma. Sharma did not approve of their friendship and the two had allegedly offered him a drink laced with unknown substances when he went to their house in August 2007. When he subsequently went to the police to lodge a complaint, several policemen tried to pressurise him into withdrawing his complaint. Mishra alleged that he was repeatedly called to the Mukherjee Nagar police station, where he was threatened, bashed up, and had Rs 12,000 snatched from him in one incident. He, however, filed other complaints regarding these events as well. The complaint also states that on April 10 last year, Mishra was arrested in a false case and beaten up in barrack no. 1 of the police station on the direction of SHO Sharma. Inspector Surender Nath and SI Prem Singh had put their revolvers on his forehead and asked him to withdraw a complaint against the SHO and others. Mishra was then taken to Jagjeevan Ram Hospital but instead of preparing a true report, the doctors there abstained from making his MLC and did not mention anything about his injuries, the complaint states. Mishra then decided to approach the court and represented himself during the hearing when Metropolitan Magistrate Vinay Singhal passed the order against the police personnel. He adduced all the documents, including those procured through RTI, to establish the prima facie case against the officials. “In view of the serious allegations of illegal arrest/detention coupled with the custodial torture upon the complainant at the instance of SHO Indira Sharma and other named persons on April 10, 2008, indeed it is necessary and expedient that an FIR be registered against SHO Sharma as well as others,” MM Singhal had said in his order on April 21 last year. The police commissioner was asked to get an FIR lodged at a police station other then Mukherjee Nagar and to have the matter investigated by an officer not below the rank of ACP. SHO Sharma and others had then moved a sessions court against this order but the judge asked them to face prosecution by a order in January this year. Two other complaints filed by Mishra for registration of FIRs are pending at the Rohini courts. Source: FIR against 12 cops for detaining, beating man - Express India
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