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Found 29 results

  1. i'm studying engineering in andhra pradesh. now i'm in 3rd year and wanted to quit engineering. but the collage is demanding remaining two years fee to return my certificates.!help
  2. I want to file RTI ... please help me in drafting it.... Sub : Information required regarding Symbol for Indian Rupee design selection process... Department : Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs, Currency & Coinage Questions : Please let me know the total number of “Symbol for Indian Rupee” design entries received by 1pm on 15th April 2009? Total number of final entries considered eligible according to Finance Ministry “Symbol for Indian Rupee” guidelines? Please let me know the detailed parameters of selection of “Symbol for Indian Rupee” design entries? According to “Symbol for Indian Rupee” guidelines “The symbol should be applicable to standard keyboard” what that means? Did each and every entry have been thoroughly analysed before considering eligible? Provide the certified photocopy of record indicating details of D.D submitted by Rajkamal Aich eligible entry number 1307. Please provide me the name and the designation of the office who shortlisted the eligible “Symbol for Indian Rupee” design entries. Information under RTI Act, 2005 F.No. 3/40/09-Cy Dated 7th January, 2010 – Answering question number 4, I get to know from media that there were total 3331 eligible entries .But on Finance Ministry website there are only 2644 eligible entries list. Where are other 687 eligible entries lists? Initially eligible entry number 1138 was hold by Mitlesh Kothari according to the 1st list created on 26 Aug, 2009 and uploaded on Ministry of Finance website but now according to latest uploaded list which was created on 15 sep., 2009 his name is deleted. Please Explain. Please let me know the numbers of times your department updated the eligible design entries list without informing the public on your website? Please provide me the name and the designation of the office that prepared and updated the eligible “Symbol for Indian Rupee” design entries final list. Please provide me the name and the designation of the office that uploaded the eligible “Symbol for Indian Rupee” design entries final list on Ministry of finance website Ministry Of Finance Provide the names of 7 member’s jury and their present job position? Did your department forward the theme synopsis and concept to jury against each design in final top five design selections? Please let me know the numbers of hours’ or days sittings were conducted by 7 member’s jury for short listing top five out of final list of entries considered eligible? Did Minutes of meeting were put on record in any format regarding short listing eligible design entries and final top five finalist? If yes, please provide complete Minutes of meeting. Did whole selection processes were put on record on video? If yes, please provided unedited version of whole video footage. Did 7 member’s jury short listed top 100, top 10 finalists? If yes, please provide the list of top 100 and top 10 finalists. Total number of entries submitted by each top five participants? Did top 5 finalists design entries followed “Symbol for Indian Rupee” guidelines? Please provide certified photocopy of all the top 5 finalist entries original design and supporting documentation like theme synopsis and concept. Did 7 member jury were aware that Ms. Nondita Correa-Mehrotra written to RBI regarding rupee design back in 2005? Guy we got 22 must ask questions please advice how to go ahead with this kind of RTI application ? Looking forward for quick response from you guys.. Thanks in advance from group of Indian designers who want to fight against Indian bureaucracy...
  3. I recently came to know that someone made a voter id in my name without my knowledge and used it fraudulently. I would like to file RTI application to know the details of documents submitted, verification and on what basis the voter id was delivered to someone other than me. Kindly guide me if: 1)Should I file it to ECI or state election commision or at district level? Kindly suggest how to go about it. 2) Is it possible to file RTI online? Thanks and Regards,
  4. chetan thale

    7/12 fraud since 1989

    Hi team Could you please help me to sort the issue Sent from my Lenovo A6000 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  5. Hello Everyone, I just goes through the website nrega.nic.in and found a lot of fraud work have been done on my Panchayt. Payment have been done without any valuation. One person working on two place in same date. There is also a lot of fraud work in the list that never done on the related place. Even the work done in the care of person who is never aware of this. I was surprised after having a look at uploaded work status photos, when there is also completed work status in care of my own name and my friend's name, even we are living outside of the place Now please tell me, Now what should I do? where can I complaint against these frauds. These peoples are sucking poor public and their hardwork. I hope you will guide me in the right direction to get rid of this fraud. Regard Surender
  6. dear all these are the festival days in india so their is huge demand of sweets. but we all know that maximum of sweets are synthetic ,can you guide me how can we get permission to inspect and take samples from sweet shops
  7. I was working for a Bangalore based IT company between 1999 and 2004. I left the organization on 31-mar-2004. I didn't remember whether I withdrew my EPF amount of the organization. But I am sure I didn't transfer the amount to my next employer. Of late, I applied for my EPF withdrawal through the Bangalore organization. I got a letter from EPF Office, K.R. Puram, Bangalore stating that the claim was settled on 24-Jun-04. Unfortunately I am not able to recall it. I checked my ICICI bank transaction history of 2004. I didn't find any clue of having received the EPF amount. Now I have the following queries. 1) The claim was settled within three months since I left the Bangalore Organization (31-Mar-2004). I was told that if someone wanted to withdraw their EPF before retirement, they need to wait for a few months since they left the organization and only the claim can be processed. In my case, it had been settled within three month since I left the Bangalore organization. Is it possible? 2) Now I want to know the full details of My EPF account of the Bangalore organization like what was the balance amount available in the account when I left the organization and If the settlement is done, how the EPF amount was sent to me (through DD/directly credited in my bank account). How to get this details? Please help me. I am looking forward to response
  8. amit.gatewaysol

    Framing RTI against ngo

    dear members in our district their is a society (ngo) registered under society act.posing to work for blood donation.only one person is operating this.he only collects donations from individuals /organization.i want to check these fraud activities please suggest me how can i file an rti regarding the status of this ngo
  9. Hello, I have tried everything to find a solution to this problem but all in vain.This is my last resort, my last option 3 years back, my aunt asked my mother for monetory help and don't know what she said and what not, but duped my mother to help her.We have a good rapport in society so my mom got her 10 lacs from someone as a gauranter at 2% interest, without telling anyone at home. She paid the interest ( only interest) for 1 year and from the last two years, she hasn't given a single penny.She only says 1 thing - we are bankrupt and i dont have money at all.Now, the money lender is threatening my mom .The biggest problem is there is no proof at all. The amount is huge and I am just in college. Please, I would be heartly thankful if anyone, anyone could atleast show us a path what to do. I really feel helpess and alone in all this situation.
  10. Bhopal: A local court has convicted 21 people for swindling more than Rs 73 lakh as claims fraudulently from Employees Provident Fund Organisation's (EPFO) office here a decade ago.CBI special judge Manoj Kumar Shrivastava on Thursday awarded seven years imprisonment to key accused in case, the then lower divisional clerk Gajendra Singh in the EPFO Sub Regional Office (SRO) here, and imposed a fine of Rs 66 lakh on him. Three other accused - the then section supervisor Bhopal Pratap Singh, the then section supervisor of EPFO local office CT Joseph and the then assistant officer of EPFO local office D K Chandane -- have been sentenced to five-year imprisonment each and fined. Madhya Pradesh court convicts 21 in 2006 PF fraud case
  11. Then, based on a right to information report gathered by one Vijay Kumar Mishra of Teghara in Begusarai district, the same lawyer filed another complaint petition on March 13 last alleging that half-a-dozen government officers mainly from Bihar State Medical Services Infrastructure Corporation Ltd, Patna, had spent Rs. 14.5 lakh for fighting a court case. MD of the corporation, Devendra Kumar Shukla, ex-MD, Praveen Kishore, present principal secretary, health, have been made accused. The lawyer had claimed that RTI activist Mishra had obtained government reply on February 19 last to queries about government expenditure on the case related to alleged fraud in drug purchase. Read at: Probe ordered into Rs14.5lakh fraud - The Times of India
  12. Can I know the total complaint registered in labour court for a fraud company "Contentra Technologies" (Old Name:- Planman Consulting) without informing the company. And what step should take to recover our 9 months hold salary and take action against the company.
  13. farooquesha1

    fraud in our society

    Hello, Farooquue here I had a problem in my society in mira rd govind nagar Sita Swapna CHS ltd for last 2 years there is a fraud in my society no AGM for last 2 years many time had complaint to Sub registrar but till date nothing had done plz guide me
  14. Investors, depositors have right to seek compensation in financial fraud In an historical decision, the NCDRC held that the remedy before a consumer forum is primarily a civil remedy, whereas the prosecution before and conviction by a designated court constituted under MPID Act is a criminal remedy The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC), in a significant decision, has held that investors and depositors have a right to seek compensation under the Consumer Protection Act in case of defaults from a financial establishment. In a related case, the apex consumer Commission has asked Nagpur-based Shivaji Estate Livestock And Farms Pvt Ltd to refund money invested along with a 9% interest from filing the complaint. The NCDRC also directed the company to pay 10% of the amount invested as compensation and Rs1,000 as cost of litigation to the complainant. The NCDRC judgement ratifies a financial consumer's right to seek compensation for a fraudulent default on part of a financial establishment. A Bench of Justice VK Jain and Dr BC Gupta, said, "It would be seen from a perusal of the provisions contained in Maharashtra Protection of Interest of Depositors (MPID) Act that the designated court has no power to grant compensation to a person who is a victim of the fraudulent default on the part of a Financial Establishment. Therefore, it would be difficult to say that the said MPID Act provides an adequate redressal of the grievances of a person who suffers on account of the fraudulent default on the part of a Financial Establishment, where such defaults also constitutes deficiency in the services rendered by a service provider to its consumer. We are also in agreement with the learned counsel for the complainant that the remedy before a consumer forum is primarily a civil remedy, whereas the prosecution before and conviction by a designated court constituted under MPID Act is a criminal remedy available to the victim of a fraudulent default on the part of a Financial Establishment." In this case, the complainants, Pratibha Adelkar and 372 others were represented by Adv Shirish Deshpande of the Mumbai Grahak Panchayat. Shivaji Estate Livestock invited investors to invest in its goat farming and allied activities by purchasing units of several schemes floated by it. In its brochure, Shivaji Estate Livestock said it has arranged about 500 goats in each goat shed with 25-50 such shed in each rearing centre, 100% of the livestock would be insured and there would be 100% guarantee of the invested amount. The company also told investors that they would have hypothetical charge on 1,000 sq ft of land of Shivaji Estate Livestock and one time investment would offer consistent benefit for 15 years, experienced vets and professionals would look after livestock. The company also assured minimum expected return on the investment and if targets are achieved, investors were also promised additional bonus. The schemes also provided for pre-mature withdrawals by giving 45 days’ notice. Initially, Shivaji Estate Livestock made payments of some instalments due to the investors under the schemes but later on did not fulfil the terms (for repayment to investors). When the investors applied for pre-mature withdrawals, the company failed to honour its commitment. Alleging deficiency in the services offered by Shivaji Estate Livestock, the complainants filed appeal before the NCDRC. No one except a director of Shivaji Estate Livestock filed any reply. In the reply, the company director took a preliminary objection that in view of the provisions contained in the MPID Act, the NCDRC has no jurisdiction to entertain the complaint, since the Act provides complete machinery for recovery of investors' deposits. It also stated that a complaint and FIR was filed against the company. A charge sheet was filed against the Company and nine others, under Section 420 read with Section 34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Section 3 and 4 of the MPID Act and the case was pending before the Designated Court. Shivaji Estate Livestock, however did not deny floating of schemes and accepting deposits from the complainants. The NDCRD Bench, said, "As per Section 2(1)(d) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, 'consumer' means any person, who either buys goods or hires or avails services for a consideration, but does not include a person, who avails of such services for any commercial purpose. The term 'service' has been defined in Section 2(a) of the Act to mean service of any description, which is made available to potential users. The Complainants hired or availed the services of the opposite party for investing their savings in the schemes floated by Shivaji Estate Livestock, and deposited money with it for investing on their behalf in goat farming and allied activities. Therefore, it can hardly be disputed that the complainants are consumers of Shivaji Estate Livestock within the meaning of Section 2(1)(d) of the Consumer Protection Act." The Bench then decided on whether the jurisdiction of NCDRC is barred under sub-section of Section 6 of the MPID Act. Adv Deshpande contented that since the consumer forum is not a court; the provisions of Section 6(2) of the MPID Act are not applicable to such forum. He also submitted that the remedy provided before a consumer forum is a civil remedy in a case where the fraudulent default, as defined in MPID Act also constitutes deficiency in the services rendered by a service provider, whereas MPID Act provides for criminal prosecution and punishment of the persons indulging in such fraudulent defaults. "...the designated court constituted under the provisions of MPID Act has no power to grant compensation, which a consumer forum can grant in a case of deficiency in the services rendered to a consumer," Adv Deshpande pointed out. Accepting the contention, the Bench said, "Section 3 of the Consumer Protection Act provides that the provisions of the said Act shall be in addition to and not in derogation of the provisions of any other law for the time being in force. The MPID Act came to be enacted much later than enactment of the Consumer Protection Act. Despite that the Legislation in its wisdom used only the expression 'Court' and not the expression 'Court or any other forum' in sub-Section (2) of Section 6 of the said Act. In these circumstances, it would be difficult to say that the legislative intent behind the enactment of sub-Section (2) of the Section 6 was also to exclude the jurisdiction of the consumer forum in a case where fraudulent default on the part of the Financial Establishment also constitutes deficiency in the service rendered to a consumer. Therefore, in our view, for the purpose of the sub-Section (2) of Section 6 of the MPID Act, consumer forum cannot be said to be a 'court'." While disposing of the complaint, the apex consumer forum, then directed Shivaji Estate Livestock to refund to investors, money deposited in different schemes along with an interest of 9% from the date of filing complaint. Read More: Investors, depositors have right to seek compensation in financial fraud - Moneylife
  15. Dear Sir This is to inform you that professional fraud Mr.********** office at ************* with malifide intentions has cheated and embezzled public money by perpetrating among corrupt officials of banks & other government institutions under Sec 420 IPC. Mr.********** acquires money fraudulently on basis of fraudulent documents in the ICICI bank account number **********. He has committed criminal offence by cheating public money off on the basis of procuring illegal Drug License, Sales Tax TIN No/ VAT, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Driving License, Pension Funds, Bank Loans etc. Mr.*********** has illegally bribed corrupted officials of various government depts. to garner public funds in the above mentioned bank account. He claims to have liaison with officials in Central & State govt. and performs illegal acts of cheat & fraud. He acquires advance payments in cash or bank deposits and then submits fraudulent documents at various government dept. for his personal gain. As a concerned citizen, I appeal to RTI to stop the abuse of fraud & embezzlement of public money in favor of public interest. I request to immediately take action of alleged cheating and misappropriating of money against Mr.***********. Thanking You Yours Faithfully Devendra
  16. ashwinig

    Entertainment Tax

    We had paid entertainment tax for 3 shows which we did last year and this year. It was an musical event. I have been going to do the collector office which is in bandra almost everyday for the refund of the balance tickets which were not sold. The inspector who was suppose to give the report to the office whether the number of the tickets sold is correct or no has still not given the report. My money is pending there since a year. That inspector has retired and has still not given the report. What should I do??
  17. 1.I have booked tablet called through the official site of ‘Aakash’ tablet Aakash Tablet Official Website in the month of November. My booking ID is PM0C9A9. Then i followed up on 30th dec about the delivery status, in reply to it, supportin@datawind said that the delivery would be made in Jan end. 2. I got a mail from Supportin(DP)” 3. I couriered cheque no. 000017, Bank of India, dated 4th february,amount Rs.2999/- on 4th Feb 2012( Maruti couriers consignment no. 1063102023009). The same cheque reached there on 8th feb and has been realised on 14/2/2012 and payment made to DATAWIND as per my bank records. 4.Then there was a long silence from Datawind innovation Pvt Ltd. And the i followed up again and again and finally they mail me on 11/3/2012 regarding the receiving of cheque of Rs.2999/- 5. Then again there is no communication from Datawind team against my continuous follow-up . In april they promised me and committed to deliver my tablet within Six weeks i.e. within 15/5/2012. Then again they mailed me and said that it will be delivered between 15th may to 31st may. 6. But this time also they failed to keep their promise. I was in continous touch with 7. But they did not deliver my tablet ‘Ubislate 7+’ till promised dates. 8. I had asked for REFUND process at their customer care no. and then sent the relevant details concerning my bank and account no. etc via Email. But then again they asked for more details, i sent them further too, but still they did not paid the refund. I called up customer care again and again and the executive promised that refund will be made in next 24hrs max but still no progress. 9. Now I want my money back with compensation of 5000Rs for mental harrasment. Abhishek Tiwari Email:xxx@yyy.zzz - Deleted email id - posting against forum rules
  18. ChavaliM

    Just useless system

    I tried to seek info as per the rules on 31-12-2011 till now no reply, sent againinformed concerned, and also state info comm. and then governor still n use.What they say is will send in two to three days or at times it has been sent check your post.This is reg. JNTU recruitment fraud.Yes thats right, can contact at XXXXXXXXXXXX - Deleted mobile number - posting against forum rulesalso check I PAID A BRIBE | Uncover the Market Price of Corruption that many complaints even after RTI act in place? Why?
  19. Dear sir My father bought 50 nos. of SBI equity shares @ Rs.100 on 25.02.94, in the following names : 1. S.R.Ghosh 2. Pratima Ghosh 3. Subhashis Ghosh Now, at December,2009, we applied for transfer this to S.R. Ghosh's demat a/c. But, the form was filled up by the share broker named Amit Vyas and signed by my father S.R.Ghosh. So we were not aware in which name he transferred the shares. Till date we have not got those shares in our account. We need the detail updated information about the folio no. SB 1258537 to launch FIR and legal action against that share broker named Amit Vyas. Regards Subhashis Ghosh (son of S.R.Ghosh) ph : (Posting of mail ids/mob no. is against RTI India - Forum Rules - hence deleted)
  20. i see many corruption around me or crime . time to time i am giving online information to police, vigilance, news channels. but no action taken against the information. narayan public school.doc
  21. Kothakota Ashalata Prabha

    Ms kothakota ashalata prabhakar

    Hello To Net Users, I just joined the website. I am a senior state bank of hyderabad employee. Right now, I am placed under suspension though I am not guilty of any charges framed against me by corrupt and fraudulent staff. In fact, it is the erroneous calculation done by the Office Administration Department staff of the SBH Head Office Gunfoundry, Hyderabad and the irregularity committed in the calculation of the increment due to me and the LOP from 2002 to 2006. In order to cover up their errors and fraudulent calculation, the staff have cooked up fake and flimsy charges against me. I am desperately trying to seek justice to punish the corrupt and the evil doers, but in vain. I am not disheartened in my endeavor and I shall continue to strive till I am justified either by hook or crook ways. My mother and aunts used to say, Diamonds cuts diamonds. Or else tit for tat.
  22. Dear sir, I had complaint about Unicon india in RTI forum about 2 months before. Then Unicon reply me that they are taking action. But the fact is they are keep me irritating. The Emplyee of Unicon called me daily, but always say sorry for couldn't arrange the payment.every Saturday I visited to Faridabad with my little son and husband. But they are just enjoying on my situation. How can I get my payment Refund How can I take strong action upon them. Can I file complaint on consumer court. what is the procedure. first complaint in below. Geetakshi Singh Dear Sir My name is Geetakshi Singh W/o Jaspreet Singh residing at Faridabad. I want justice from your side. I HAVE BEEN CHEATED BY Unicon EMPLOYEE/PARTER On August 2010 we visited to new launch Residential project of Ferrous Height Faridabad. Mr. Imran Kureshi & Mr. Rajinder from Unicon pvt. ltd. Convince me to book the aparment. Then I told them I havn't 10% booking amount now, we need time to arrange. Then they again convince me to pay to only 50,000 rs for book the particular unit. I asked again if we will unable to pay full 10% amount then ?? They replied me within 15 days to book the unit you can go for cancel your unit. and company will return 50,000 rs via cheque. immideatly. I believe on them because they are from Reputed brokrage firm. So i provide them cheque of rupees 50,000/- chq no-000005 Dated-01/09/2010 Then they demand 2 cheqes for only security purpuse. Without our permission they will not use those cheques. Then I provide the same. Within 7 days i approch to Imran Kurshi and Mr. Rajinder than I am not able to pay you rest booking amount. So please cancel my unit and return my 50,000 rs and security chq. They told me ok. Very soon you will get cancelletion letter and refund of your amount. But they cheated me My security cheques got bounced. When I again complaint them. Then they just ignore my phone always they ignoring me. My past record of Banking has been ruined. Now it has been passed 4 months but neither chque nor compansation amount I got. WHAT I WANT?? I want to file my complaint against MR IMRAN&MR. RAJINDER .They commited me wrong I want my chque payment refund. I want bouncing cheque clarification. waiting for your Action. Geetakshi Singh
  23. Dear Sir/ Madam, I recently resigned from a firm. During my tenure at the firm, our salaries did not ever come on time (delayed by 15 to 20 days). After my resignation in february end, our salaries(pending) were again delayed by 16 days due to which my credit card bill was over due and interest was charged. Further, our reimbursements have been pending for over 4 months now. When I sent an email explaining my situation, one of the directors blackmailed me (mail withheld) and said that if I didn't apologize in 24 hours, he would put my pictures in the newspapers announcing that I have done bad things at the office and that I'm not worth employing. I have my salary account statements for proof of late salaries and the blackmail email that the director sent me as proof of blackmail and threatening. Kindly advise how I may proceed to take action against this firm. I need to take action against them at the earliest.
  24. :(hi my question is related to supreme court of India> if the petition is dismissed due to delay and if advocate is responsible for delay in filing petition for SLP and charging a huge amount and later not giving back the amount. where can I complain against the advocate and what action should I be taking i am a female dealing with injustice I have already complaint to the bar council ,the supreme court of India, chief justice of India and many more authorities and in police station also the day I came to know about his fraud its almost 4months now but have not received any information related to my complaints can u plz guide and tell me what all I can do now I want permission to reappear in the court and I want my huge amount back which I gave it to this advocate of mine he mislead me and harassed me a lot I have the evidence against him what do I do.

    issue with airtel

    Airtel has dumped useless goods on me, without my consent, either in written form or even a verbal consent - In my case, DUMPING PC Secure and Online Desktop Storage(ODS) and NEVER informing me of the same – be it a quick call or an email/snail mail or even a remote SMS, from atleast one of their numerous outsourced providers, some even in Timbaktu! So is it not a fit case of Dumping Goods on Gullible Customers without their consent(Written or verbal, whatsoever!)??
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