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Found 26 results

  1. Munish Sachdeva

    Mutation of Flat in gurgaon

    I have bought the property in my name (residential flat) in freehold society. Please advise the process of updating mutation records in my name. Mobile XXXXXXXXXX (Deleted mobile no. as posting it on open forum is against the forum rules).
  2. Hello, We have bought a flat from Parsavnath builders who constructed independent floors on the purchased land from Ardee, who is an another builder. Regarding occupation certificate, the Parsavnath did not take the responsibility. However, Ardee office initiated the request with HUDA & received the Occupation certificate for all the flats. Some of the flats have been registered now, though they have paid hefty money to Ardee for the same. While checking from Ardee, they have demanded us 2 Lacs for this information. HUDA is also reluctant to share the information. How do I file RTI to get the copy of my Occupation certificate from HUDA, Gurgaon? Best Regards, Deepak
  3. Dear All, Kindly enclosed herewith find the scan copy of Hindustan Hindi dated 3rd July 2015 regarding the news " District Gurgaon Courts & DC Gurgaon Owes More Than Crores Rupees in Electricity Dues to DHBVN". Thanks for your time, Harinder Dhingra RTI activist Kindly enclosed herewith find the scan copy of Hindustan Times dated 2nd July 2015 regarding the news " District Gurgaon Courts & DC Gurgaon Owes More Than Crores Rupees in Electricity Dues to DHBVN". Thanks for your time, Harinder Dhingra RTI activist
  4. Dear Esteemed Members of the August Forum, I had filed a complaint on Human Rights Commission, Haryana regarding the human rights violation in the premises of District Courts. I complained(Copy of undersigned Complaint Enclosed): QUOTE " 1) There are no seats to sit for clients/litigants in Gurgaon District Courts and even for advocates which results In thronging the doors of the Court resulting in hampering Court Work; 2) Senior Citizens who are ill and physically challenged have no seating arrangements in District Courts in Gurgaon; 3) There are a couple of toilets in District Gurgaon Courts for a visiting citizens of around 2000 people daily which are so unhygienic that it is difficult to use these toilets: " ' 4) There is no litigant bench at district courts in Gurgaon; 5) There is no Case Status Display in District Courts; 6) The Courts are housed in bathrooms in District Gurgaon Court Complex thus living no space even to stand in these courts; 7) There is no ramp system for physically challenged citizens of Gurgaon in District Gurgaon Courts and no lift for elderly and physically challenged citizen's of Gurgaon to visit second floor Court rooms in Gurgaon District Courts. The above reasons contribute to human rights violations in District Courts in Gurgaon and-as such pray to Hon'bte Commission to pass appropriate orders under relevant section of the said Human Rights Act as deem fit by Hon'ble Commission." UNQUOTE The Hon'ble State Human Commission Haryana took cognizance of undersigned complaint bearing number 1064 of 2014 and on hearing held on 13th Oct 2014 and issued notice to Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon for submission of reply/report in eight weeks and next date of hearing was fixed for 12th Feb 2015. (Copy of Order Enclosed) On 12th Feb 2015, the double Bench of Hon'ble Human Rights Commission ordered that in view of serious nature of Complaint, the Deputy Commissioner of Gurgaon to file reply/report within four weeks and next date of hearing on 08th May 2015.(Copy of Order Enclosed) The matter is of having larger public interest and is clear cut case of Human Rights Violations as the conditions in District Courts premises in Gurgaon is pathetic and situation there inhuman. Harinder Dhingra RTI & Human Rights Activist HUMAN_RIGHTS.pdf
  5. Dear members of this August Forum, I filed a Complaint with Haryana Human Rights Commission, Chandigarh seeking directions to DGP Haryana /CP Gurgaon for constructing ladies washrooms in nine Police Station of Gurgaon Commissioner-ate of Police. The absence of this facility is violation of Human Rights of our girl child/sisters. The information about non-availability of wash rooms was received from ACP Gurgaon under RTI Act 2005. Kindly find below the text of undersigned Complaint to Human Rights Commission: To Dated 11th March 2015 The Chairman, State Human Rights Information, Haryana Chandigarh Sub: Human Rights violations: Prayer fordirections to Chief Secretary/Home Secretary/ Director General of PoliceHaryana for implementing Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court directions tohave ladies toilets in nine police stations of Gurgaon Commissioner-ate Sir, Respectfully submits that human rights of Citizens areviolated in following Police Stations of Gurgaon Commissioner-ate by not havingladies toilets namely; 1) Pataudi Police Station; 2) Kherki Daula Police Station; 3) Bhondsi Police Station; 4) Farooq Nagar Police Station; 5) Badshahpur Police Station; 6) Metro Station Police Station; 7) Civil Lines Police Station; 8) Rajendera Park Police Station; 9) Udyog Vihar Police Station; The above information has been provided by learned ACPHQ cum SPIO of Gurgaon Police under RTI Act 2005 (Copies Enclosed) That above Police Stations situated in Commissioner-ateof Gurgaon in the State of Haryana are not having separate toilets for ladies,the basic human right and privacy of the female police personnel and othersfemale visiting police stations are being deprived. I draw your kind attentionto Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court order in CWP No. CWP-10756-2014 dated28th May 2014 (H.C. Arora Vs. State of Punjab and other) (Copy ofthe order enclosed) the Hon’ble Court directed, QUOTE “ The petitioner, appearing in person, seeks toadvance the cause of lady constables in the police stations as it is allegedthat there is absence of lady toilets in police stations and police posts, thedetails of which he has obtained after serving notice on the respondents. There is no doubt that adequate facilities in respectof the aforesaid are required. We would expect the Government to look into thisissue expeditiously and the Director General of Police with the Department ofHome Affairs to take necessary action for provision of toilets for ladyconstables in different police stations. We would also expect the action to betaken within a maximum period of four months from today. The petition accordingly stands disposed of.” UNQUOTE PRAYER AND RELIEF SOUGHT This is a fundamental right of our girl children/sisters.Thus, the Police Department must also be directed to construct separate toiletsfor ladies in Police Stations in the district of Gurgaon. The above reasons contribute to human rights violationsin above named Police Stations situated in Gurgaon District and as such pray toHon’ble Commission to pass appropriate orders under relevant section of thesaid Human Rights Act as deem fit by Hon’ble Commission. Thanking You, Yours truly, Harinder Dhingra RTI & Human Rights Activist, mobile number xxxxxxxxxxxx D-4A/7 DLF Phase 01, Gurgaon-122002 CWP_10756_2014_28_05_2014_FINAL_ORDER.pdf ACP Grg reply on ladies washroom in PS.docx rti cp women toilet in PS.docx
  6. The Gurgaon police has no data regarding the number of vehicles it has and those having pollution certificates, an RTI filed by city-based activist Jagjit Walia has revealed.The reply to the RTI also revealed that the police department has no clue whether police vehicles come under the Pollution Under Control (PUC) norms.Read at: Gurgaon police doesn’t know how many vehicles it has, reveals RTI | The Indian Express
  7. When an RTI activist tried to dig some information on what seemed like an illegal construction work in Gurgaon, he was in for some surprise. Sachin Gaur (RTI activist) was not only not allowed to check the records of the place, he was manhandled by some 8-10 goons and also booked in the Sector 4 police station for simply exercising his democratic right of asking certain questions.When recently Gaur read an article in an English daily about a 'ghost construction,' going on in the Sector 4 near HUDA District Ayurvedic office, he was intrigued. The English daily was calling it a ghost construction, since no one (either HUDA or MCG) was taking responsibility of the construction. Gaur, being an activist filed three RTI's and he received one reply from the CMO office. The application gave him the right to go and check the illegal construction file.- See more at: error page more at: RTI activist manhandled in Gurgaon: He was looking into illegal construction in Sector 4
  8. More than a third of police stations in the city do not have separate lavatories for women, forcing them — be it staff, visitors or suspects — to use common toilets. A reply to a right to information revealed nine of the city's 24 police stations do not have a separate toilet for women. RTI activist Harinder Dhingra, who filed the query, said this amounts to a human rights violation and that women police personnel and other women are deprived of privacy. "The Punjab and Haryana high court had ordered last May that such facilities are required. The Haryana DGP and home ministry should take necessary actions to provide toilets to lady constables," said Dhingra. Read at: No toilets for women in a third of Gurgaon police stations - The Times of India
  9. Dear Esteemed Members of this August Forum, Today the Hon'ble State Information Commissioner, Haryana Mr. Shiv Raman Gaur (IAS) heard the following four cases of undersigned and issued orders which are as follows: 1) Case number 5808 of 2014 titled Harinder Dhingra Vs Regional Transport Authority, Gurgaon. The undersigned sought information from RTA, Gurgaon about letters and documents sent for verification of vehicles registration to any of transport offices. 2. Date of dispatch, Mode of dispatch and address at which above mentioned letters and documents has been sent. 3. Please provide name and designation of Public Authority/ Office find Section/ Department where the above mentioned application' is currently pending? 4. If above mentioned application has been already processed, kindly provide Vehicle Registration Number assigned for this application. The learned SPIO cum RTI, Gurgaon Mr. Khatri did not provide any information. Filed first appeal but again no information was provided. Filed second appeal, HSIC ordered (Copy Enclosed) on 16th January 2015 to provide complete information in two weeks but issued show cause notice for 27th March 2015 as to why maximum penalty of Rs. 25000/- be not imposed but again the learned SPIO cum AS, RTA, Gurgaon did not provide any response. At today's hearig, no one from RTA, Gurgaon was present, taking a serious view the Hon'ble SIC imposed a penalty of Rs. 25000/- was imposed. 2) Case number 8394 of 2014 titled Harinder Dhingra Vs Regional Transport Authority, Gurgaon. The undersigned sought information from RTA, Gurgaon about number of Vehicles (Commercial and or otherwise) registered with/by your authority during April 2012- March 2013 including the details of vehicle such as make, place of sale & transferred from other places; As per section 2U)(i) of the Right to Information Act 2005. I wish to inspect all the files related to this issue, including flle notings etc. Kindly let me know at the earliest the location of the files and the date,time and venue where I can come and inspect the files. The learned SPIO cum RTI, Gurgaon Mr. Khatri did not provide any information. Filed first appeal but again no information was provided. Filed second appeal, HSIC Mr. Shiv Raman Gaur (IAS) heard the case in Gurgaon and directed to provide information in two weeks and issued show cause notice to RTA, Gurgaon as to why maximum penalty of Rs 25000/- be not imposed.. 3) Case number 7797 of 2014 titled harinder dhingra Vs City Magistrate, Gurgaon The undersigned sought information about mandatory registration of property dealers in Gurgaon by the office of D C , Gurgaon. I sought information on for property dealers of Gurgaon/working in Gurgaon to get themselves registered with the Deputy Commissioner of Gurgaon; Kindly provide the copy of Gazette notification issued in 2009 making it mandatory for property dealers of Gurgaon/working in Gurgaon to get themselves registered with the Deputy Commissioner of Gurgaon; Kindly provide the copy/ies of mandatory disclosure as stipulated under Section 4(1)(b)(xiii) of RTI Act 2005 in which the details of authorizations /Licence granted to Property Dealers of Gurgaon since the issuance of Gazetted notification in 2009 on the above mentioned subject; The City Magistrate, Gurgaon vides his letter number 7109/RT dated 29th Sep 2014 provided information on para 2). Filed first appeal with D C Gurgaon, who also ordered to provide information but was not provided. Filed Second appeal with Hon'ble SIC who while hearing case today ordered to put details of all property dealers who are registered with government on its web-site so that people know the legal property dealers in Gurgaon to Check growing menace of cheating; 4) Case number 5365 of 2014 Harinder Dhingra Vs City Magistrate, Rewari The undersigned filed RTI on 4/6th Feb 2014 asking for copy of records duly catalogued and indexed in a manner and the form which facilitates the right to information under RTIAct 2005 as on date or the latest as the case may be, by your office namely Office of the D C Rewari, The Learned SPIO cum CTM, Rewari provided some information but partly. Filed first appeal with D C Rewari who also ordered to provide information but not provided. Filed second appeal and in todays hearing held in Gurgaon, the Hon'ble SIC Mr S R Gaur (IAS) ordered D C Rewari office to complete the compliance of Section 4(1)(a) of RTI Act 2005 within THREE WEEKS. I am enclosing all the relevant records. Harinder Dhingra RTA_Gurgaon_5808_of_20140001.pdf RTA_Gurgaon_8394_of_20140001.pdf City_Magistrate_Gurgaon_7797_of_20140001.pdf rti dc reg property dealer licence.doc Deputy_Commissioner_Rewari_5365_of_20140001.pdf
  10. Gurgaon may be home to scores of MNCs and have a 3,000-strong police force, but the city police have no records as far as CCTV cameras in the city are concerned, an RTI filed by city-based activist Aseem Takiyar has revealed. Read at: Police have no records of CCTV cameras in Gurgaon | The Indian Express
  11. Hi, I had sent one RTI to RTO Gurgaon office , asking how can one claim refund of tax for vehicles which were earlier registered in Gurgaon but now moved to another state & registered there. For this I sent RTI to RTO Pune & RTO Gurgaon. RTO pune office replied promptly saying this will need to be applied to RTO Gurgaon and they will give all info. However despite waiting for almost 4 months I have not recieved any reply from RTO Gurgaon. I have put Rs.10 court fee stamp and also attached Rs. 10 IPO along with my RTI> Is there something specific that needs to be followed for this? How can I follow up on this RTI? I am not in Gurgaon currently , so is this reason for them to no reply to me ? Or in other words can I appeal this delay without physically going to RTO gurgaon office?
  12. I resigned my previous organisation in 2008 which is having PF funds in Hyderabad. My next organisation has the PF office at Gurgaon. I transferred my Hyderabad PF account to Gurgaon PF account in 2009. When I checked PF balance in Gurgaon it does't include my transfered amount from Hyderabad. When I checked at Hyderabad they confirmed they transferd the amount in May'2009. There is no response from Gurgaon grievance cell for my repeated requests for the transfered amount, I'm resigned present company also and how to get the transfered amount status??
  13. This is my first post and I came to this forum looking for information about RTI to speedup the police verification. In my case I had applied for my son's passport (minor) about 1 month back and the police verification was done in just 2 weeks, however it has been pending for the report not been sent back to RPO. I was looking for the information to get this sorted out and suddenly I decided to look at gurgaon police department itself when I got across the website which shows the status of the police verification (Different from RPO website). It showed me the status as it is pending with DCP HQ, gurgaon and also the contact number for the office. I decided to call up where the call was handled in polite manner and I was told that the application is still with them and they will be sending it in about 3-4 days. I am keeping my fingers crossed and will let everyone know the outcome but sometime we keep looking at all the options whereas the most obvious one is overlooked due to past perception. Hopefully someone will be able to use this information. And thanks to RTI site where I bounced upon the idea by reading so many posts related to passport status.
  14. ssraghav

    RTI activist in Gurgaon

    I want to meet some RTI activist in Gurgaon seeking some help. Is there anyone who can help me out in Gurgaon or near by ?
  15. thevikas

    Guy from Gurgaon

    Hey, I have been very interested of using RTI for some time now. I can invest time for this process but I need a place to casually enquire about how to compose my first question. I live in Gurgaon and work in Noida. Hope here I can find people who can assist the first timers like me. Regards, Vikas
  16. As reported by Bhawna Gandhi at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on Feb 20, 2011 Its a rather stinking truth about the Millennium City there are not more than 20 public toilets for a population of over two million. The local administrations apathy towards sanitation is clearly visible from the fact that most of these public facilities are located on old Gurgaon, and no new public toilet has been built in recent past. The Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) and Haryana Urban Development Authority ( HUDA) get scores of complaints on a regular about the sanitation problem, but nothing substantial has been done so far. In an RTI reply, the MCG has accepted that there are only seven functional public toilets in the areas falling under its jurisdiction: main post office, Khandsa Road, Kamla Nehru Park, Bus Stand, Sheetla Mata Road, Feroz Gandhi Colony and Dayanand Colony. A visit to these hygiene facilities revealed the sorry state of affairs as people preferred to urinate on roadside. Everyone is relieving in open because the public toilets are reeking like hell. It seems that toilets haven't been cleaned for days. There is no water, said one commuter at the bus stand. To begin with, there are not enough public toilets in Gurgaon. The condition of the few functioning public conveniences is in shambles due to lack of maintenance and years of neglect, said a resident of Dayanand Colony. Sarita Kumar, a social worker, said that public toilets are so unhygienic that people especially women are vulnerable to deadly infections: It is such a discomfort for women who also have to bear with the torture of seeing men lined up anywhere facing the wall. There is absolutely no toilet for the labourers. The situation becomes a nightmare for the first timers in Gurgaon. We keep reading about the bad roads and traffic problems, but I couldnt believe that a city like Gurgaon has no public toilets, said Nikhila Lalwani, a resident of Lajpat Nagar in Delhi. While Old Gurgaon may still have a few defunct structures in the name of public convenience, the other side of the Expressway has none at all. Residents say that a little respite can only be seen in some markets where the traders associations maintain public toilets. According to PK Bhatia, president of Sushant Lok RWA, every market in Sushant Lok has sanitation problem. The market itself is so dirty that one cant even imagine the condition of the washrooms. The market buildings have got the toilets but there is no one to look after them, he said. When asked, members of some market committees said that it was not there job to clean toilets. We are unable to check drivers, house keeping staff and servants in the markets who leave the toilets dirty. Maintenance agency was also deployed but the workers had usual fights, said official of a market committee.
  17. As reported at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on Feb 11, 2011 GURGAON: Seven years have elapsed since the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) held a draw of lots for 3,000 plots in Sector 57. But a majority of the lucky owners are yet to get the possession of their properties. HUDA, on its part, says the process is getting delayed since its engineering wing has not submitted a report of completion of developments works. The urban development body of Haryana government disclosed this in an RTI reply. In 2004, HUDA had announced to allot over 3,000 plots of six categories in Sector 57. But so far, only 1,250 persons have got possession of their plots, as per the RTI reply. About 1,800 plot owners, who are still waiting for their properties, now allege that HUDA has been following double standards. Almost all of us had no clue about the time frame that HUDA follows for giving possession of plots after it holds draw of lots. Only an RTI reply exposed that it doesnt follow any such norm, said B M Kukreti, a plot owner. He added that the 1,800 plot owners, who have been waiting for a long time for their plots, have paid all dues to HUDA. To detect what was delaying the allotment, Kukreti formed a group of plot owners and filed an RTI with the department. In the RTI, I demanded to know the reason behind the delay in the allotment. The HUDA estate officer replied that they were waiting for a report on developmental work undertaken by their engineering wing and that the work has not been completed. We are shocked to learn this. How is it possible that the engineering wing report is complete in case of some plots and in case of others they have not yet completed the job? Kukreti asked. The plot owners also alleged that HUDA has not yet provided the exact number of the properties and the location of these plots in the Sector. Till today, there is no way to find out the exact location of the plots that we have got in the lucky draw, said Kukreti. He said most of the group members waiting for the possession of plots suspect some irregularities in the process and that HUDA must order a probe into this. Meanwhile, sources said whenever HUDA has held a draw of lots in the past, the land where the plots were to be allotted was barren and no infrastructure development had taken place there. So, the properties are demarcated only after completing the infrastructure development. This has been true in the case of several residential plots developed in the past. No doubt, this delays the process, which is painful for those who have paid all dues for their properties, said an officer in the know of entire process. However, to avoid any such delay in allotment, HUDA has changed its approach of developing future sectors in Gurgaon. Sources said that learning from Greater Noida, the authority has given the task of infrastructure development in future sectors on turnkey basis to major private players.
  18. As reported by Yogesh Kumar at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on Jan 27, 2011 GURGAON: The city police on Thursday said that the couple, who run the Institute of Business and Research (IBMR) in Gurgaon, is absconding after a complaint was filed against them by a student who alleged that the institute is not certified by UGC and IGNOU. Based on his complaint, the cops had filed an FIR, following which the two have gone missing. Over 150 students, who have enrolled with the institute for an MBA course, were shocked when they came to know about the FIR against the institutes director, Pawan Jain and his wife Simple Jain. The students, agitated by the irregularity of the degrees offered, had a showdown with the staff when they came to the institute to meet the proprietors on Thursday. The students got angry when they were told that the director and his wife are not present at the office. They called up the director Pawan Jain to know about the status of the institute. He told me that he is in Noida for a wedding and will come back after four days before disconnecting the phone, said Anurag, who is pursuing a course at the IBMR recently. The police registered the FIR on January 21 after an independent probe ordered by the commissioner confirmed that the institute did not have certification of the UGC and IGNOU, as claimed. Anurag took admission in August last year and had paid over Rs 3 lakh for the course. At the time of admission, the course counsellor had told me that the institute is certified by the UGC. But now I am told it is not and that its degree has no value in the job market, he said. Along with other students, Anurag is planning to meet the district magistrate and the police commissioner on Friday. We will seek their help to get our money refunded. Many parents are coming to Gurgaon to discuss the matter after they got to know of the dubious status of the institute, said Anurag. Naveen Kaushik, the student blew the lid on the fraud, used the RTI to get the related documents. I have now submitted them to the police, said Kaushik. The police are on the lookout for the proprietors. Investigations are on and they will be arrested very soon, said a senior police officer.
  19. Dear All, First of all a big thank you to all of you who have put up this site and helping others with RTI. I think you guys are doing a great job !! Keep it up. So i took inspiration from somebody on this website and I filed my road tax refund from Bangalore RTO. 6 months later i filed my first RTI on 3rd Nov 2010 asking for the status of my refund. No response in the first 30 days. Yesterday 9th Nov 2010, I sent a first appeal to the Joint Commissioner asking for status of First RTI application and why no response. I got a call right now from the Bangalore RTO, who told me that the reason my refund cannot be processed is because Gurgaon RTO ( where I got my re-registered) is not responding to the Bangalore RTO and if I could help in talking to Gurgaon RTO to have the papers processed. I said, how can I help with that and why should they listen to me ? He said this is only a request. I am was completely stumped, not knowing what to respond ? I told him if he can send me details of whom it has been sent to in Gurgaon RTO. He said he will do that in 2 days time. Now I am confused . With the details given by Bangalore RTO, do i need to file a fresh RTI with Gurgaon RTO ?with payment fees attached or will it be a follow up filing to the main RTI ? I mean how long will this go on ? and why should I do the following up with various departments which ideally should be done by Bangalore RTO. If govts are not responding to each other, how can I by filling an RTI get a response from these guys ? Please advise as I need help on this matter ? Look forward to you all and thank you in advance. Warm regards Kartik
  20. Hi! We are new in this forum and represent an RWA (Residents Welfare Association) in Gurgaon. Our problem is explained below and are looking at how we can resolve this issue. We would like to express our problem of extreme negligence of Post Office – Sector 56 Gurgaon on non delivery of all postal mails and destroying them to avoid distribution. For last almost 6 months we the residents of Ardee City, Sector 52 – Gurgaon facing immense problem of not getting our postal mails regularly. We have received several complaints from residents regarding this matter including some of important postal mails sent to RWA were also found missing. Therefore we decided to send couple of representatives to Sector 56 Post Office. After having talk with the delivery postman and postmaster it has come to our knowledge that complaints are true in nature. Postman and postmaster accepted that they are not delivering postal mails to Ardee City residents for long period due to shortage of staff. Also they said they cannot do anything and situation will remain same for future as well. Earlier when one of our residents had visited post office to check his mails, found that the whole post office was looking as a garbage dump, full with postal mails, parcels etc at all over the room and surrounding areas of post office as well and delivery post man was segregating mails on the basis of importance and the mails related to magazine subscription, newsletters, bank statements, credit card statements, acknowledgements were being kept as waste material and used for burning or simply thrown away to dustbins. We approached head post office Gurgaon with our complaint but no one was there to listen and when we again contacted the postmaster of Sector 56, he resisted and asked us to get out of the office, saying that we will work on our own and don’t need our advice and if you force us then we will completely stop delivering postal mails to Ardee City. They do not realize the importance of postal mails for residents. Postal department claims big achievements but reality is very far from claims. One can visit post offices at ant time to check their working style and handling of mails. We request you to please highlight this issue in general interest of residents of Ardee City and to communicate higher authorities of Postal Department or how to invoke RTI Act to resolve this extremely critical issue..
  21. Sonik

    RWA and RTI

    Are various Resident Welfare Associations responsible under RTI. Also can Board of Managers of an RWAs authorise structural changes inside an Apartment in a high rise? Specially in a seismic zone like Gurgaon. If such a change is being made, do I have a right to see the modified Structural Engineering Design?
  22. I would like to file an RTI application with HUDA at Gurgaon to find out the status of all necessary sanctions that the Builder is supposed to have, before allotments to investors/applicants and whether same have been awarded to my Builder. Pls let me know what shall I ask HUDA PIO and where shall I file the RTI appln. A format or correct language will be of great help!
  23. Atul Patankar

    Fake voter I-cards in areas of Gurgaon

    As reported at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 5 March 2009 GURGAON: A Gurgaon-based NGO Matdata Jagruk Manch has found glaring irregularities in the issue of Electronic Photo Identity Cards to voters in some areas. An inquiry ordered by deputy commissioner confirmed the same. According to the NGO, it took up cases of 11,000 voters in Gurgaon's ward number 2, of which 5,500 were found to be fake. The NGO had also sent 50 RTI applications to district electoral officer seeking attested documents of some persons that were produced for voter IDs. Meanwhile, deputy commissioner Dipti Umashankar, who had ordered an inquiry into the matter, said action will be taken against delinquent officials. Source: Fake voter I-cards in areas of Gurgaon-Delhi-Cities-The Times of India
  24. saviodcunha


    hi all - can i use rti to know my provident fund balance - my pf is held in gurgaon, haryana -- however i worked and lived in mumbai - company used to have their payroll and hr team in gurgaon - hence the pf ac was in gurgaon - its been almost 3 years since i quit the company - please help
  25. Hi, I am very interested to buy almost three acres of land in Gurgaon District for the purpose of setting up a Research Institute in the future. I have identified three pieces of land, however due to recent acquisitions by the govt, Reliance and private builders I am very skeptical about putting my money in any of these. So, I have decided to file RTI for each of these lands and request Haryana Urban Dev Authority (HUDA) to give me a No Objection Certificate for buying/not buying. I would request the members here to help me frame the right questions. If any of you have ever filed such an application before, please share it with me. Are there any additional methods to seek such information besides RTI. Thanks very much.
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