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  1. In reply to a RTI application, the Hyderabad police has disclosed the amount of expenses incurred by ONLY the police for Ganesh Immersion: 2014-15 6.21 Cr 2015-16 5.92 Cr 2016-17 6.62 Cr The reply of the PIO containing expenses under different heads is attached. Ganesh Immersion police expenses.pdf
  2. Hello, I transffered my car from Hyderabad to Puducherry. Car is having Podicherry registration. How to get the Reimbursement from Hyderabad RTA office?.
  3. Hello, I am working in Hyderabad and want to bring my bike. What i need to pay one year road tax in Hyderabad? I contacted West Bengal RTO, they said if i take NoC from there my bike number will be changed to Hyderabad number. As i will be going back to West Bengal i dont want to change my bike number.
  4. Hello, I have two small neem trees (4 years old) inside my residential plot in Hyderabad Telengana. Is permission required from govt authorities to cut them; what is the procedure to get permission. what are the exemptions available. Gopalakrishnan
  5. We have been seeing all these days that the bank official taking police help use to terrorise the lonees who are commn man and take away his bull,buffalo, goats etc., till the loans are repaid and there were cases where the farmers and small time lones even committed sucide unable to bear the HARASSMENT.This is the method for common man. When it came big lonees who have taken CRORES BY Pledging somebodys land, or properties worth lakhs for loans of Crores and who generally evade payment and for such people the bank staff are making SILENT PROTEST I BEFORE THEIR HOUSE with play cards "PLEASE PAY OUR LOAN" s they cannot do anything beyond that.For a genuine loanee they ask dozens of proofs but for rich they give loans like it is their JAGIR.Recently one ex MINSISTER OF AP TOOK more than 5 crores for FISH TANKS in different districts and the property pledged may not be worth 50 lakhs now the BANK MNAGER HAS BEEN BOOKED BY CBI.
  6. “The facts and figures through RTI really shocked me. The hospital sources revealed that seven inmates were brought dead and about 12 prisoners died within 24 hours of their admission into the hospital,” Jeevan added. However, the jail officials maintain that they are well-equipped with doctors and other paramedical staff to treat the prisoners. “We are taking all necessary precautions while handling serious cases or patients with long-standing chronic diseases. Read at: Lack of Doctors Hits Hyderabad Prisons - The Hans India
  7. The temporary outsourced teachers are all assistant professors. According to AICTE norms, undergraduate engineering colleges should have professors, associate professors and assistant professors in the ratio of 1:2:6. JNTU-Hyderabad has constituent colleges in Manthani, Jagityal and Sulthanpur in Medak district An RTI reply about faculty position in JNTU Manthani, signed by principal, R. Markandeya, stated that the college had 1,141 students across six branches. But the number of regular teaching staff was just four, among whom only two were professors and the other two were assistant professors. Read at: Hyderabad: Adhoc staff run 3 JNTU colleges
  8. rammohan2107

    passport details

    i lost my passport while transport. i now my passport No. (A2183238 Issue at Hyderabad Issue in 1996). i dint no details of my passport How to now the passport details.
  9. APPLICATION FOR SEEKING INFORMATION U/S 6 OF RTI ACT, 2005 To The DISTRICT EDUCATIONAL OFFICER, HYDERABAD. Name of the applicant : Mr. B. Murali mohan. C/o KRANTI PRAJA SANGH Address : H.no. 1-9-167, Ramnagar, Hyderabad. 500 020. PH. XXXXXXXXXX (Mobile No. deleted - Reason - posting of mobile no. is against the forum rules) Particulars of the information : A. Kindly provide the information relating to following aspects of the schools. 1. What would be the actual fees to be collected from the students from class V to class X for the recognised schools in GHMC Limits, as per the right to education act and respective provisions of the Govt. rules. Also, kindly let me know the List of Schools along with the addresses at which the recognition for that particular school is availed. 2. Kindly provide the information pertaining to the Prirvate Schools, whether all the requirements, such as rules and regulations relating to amenities, open ground, play area, parking place etc., are fulfilled or not. 3. List of new schools waiting for the recognition. I state that the information sought does not fall with in the restrictions contained in section 6 of the Act and to the best of my Knowledge it pertains to your office.
  10. The Ministry of External Affairs has issued a public notice on 30 May 2014 clearly stating that there is no system in place for having any recogonised/authorised passport agents and warned the public about such agents: http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/pdf/Advisory_Caution_For_Public.pdf MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS CPV DIVISION ...... PUBLIC NOTICE No. CPV/PMU/551/10/11 30 May, 2014 It has come to the Ministry’s notice that some private portals/individuals have been claiming that they are ‘recognised /authorised’ by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, to extend passport assistance to the public. The Ministry hereby makes it clear that the passport portal (www.passportindia.gov.in) is the only Government portal offering passport services to citizens within India. The portal is web-based and can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere for seeking passport services. There is no system in place to ‘recognise/authorise’ any individual or any travel agency in this regard in the country. Any one dealing with such fraudulent portals/advertisers/claimants, will do so at his/her own risk and consequence. =============== This is probably a result of countless RTIs filed by me regarding "recogonised/authorised" agents. Generally these were touts who acted in collusion with the RPO staff. In fact the situation in Hyderabad RPO was so bad under the previous Passport Officer that when an citizen applied for a passport, the "information" would be leaked to a agent. The applicant would then get a call from the agent offering to expedite the process on payment of money. The RPO Hyderabad has now got a service desk manned by es serviceman who help complete the application process - for a very small fee. But we Indians are very smart.....the business of agents has now been taken over by Internet Cafes....who help get people appointments in PSKs - also in collusion with the RPO staff and sadly even the TCS staff.
  11. Hi My name is Sai Ghatpande, a resident of Mumbai. My passport was expiring this June and hence on 23 Jan 2009 i submitted my papers to the Passport office. It took 2 1/2 weeks and my papers hadn't reached my local area police station. When i made inquries, i was told that my papers were misplaced and i had to go to the CID office to get duplicate papers. The papers were then re-submitted to the Oshiwara police station and on 21 feb 2009 i went and signed for my verification. Since then i have been waiting for my passport to be delievered. Today when i checked on their website, it said that on 15.04.2009 my passport will be dispatched. Which means the whole proceedure will take over 2 months and i dont even know when i am getting my passport. I was told that filing a complain with RTI will help. I mailed my complaint to the address that was given on the mumbai passport website. I am hoping that you guys help me and tell me what i can do, can i gfile a complain? if yes, then where... Hoping to hear from you, Regards Sai Ghatpande
  12. As reported by Yunus Lasania in newindianexpress.com on 18 May 2013: http://newindianexpress.com/cities/hyderabad/Motorists-get-taken-for-a-ride/2013/05/18/article1595346.ece Motorists get taken for a ride The response to the query about the allotment of parking spaces in the city has revealed that not more than Rs10 should be charged for four wheelers for the first two hours, and not more than Rs 5 for every extra hour. Similarly, the price to pay for parking a two-wheeler is just Rs 5 for for the first two hours, and Rs 3 per subsequent hour. | EPS Ever felt that you were being fleeced at public parking spots due to the exorbitant charges? An RTI query proves that hunch and highlights the blatant violation by those managing the Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation (GHMC) public parking spaces in the city. The response to the query about the allotment of parking spaces in the city has revealed that not more than Rs10 should be charged for four wheelers for the first two hours, and not more than `5 for every extra hour. Similarly, the price to pay for parking a two-wheeler is just `5 for for the first two hours, and `3 per subsequent hour. All Hyderabadis would agree that at various public parking spots in the city, the spots are priced way higher, ranging from `20 for four-wheelers and `10 for two-wheelers. The parking tickets mention in print that the charge is applicable for only one hour and extra charges would be levied after that, without a mention of the amount – a clear violation of GHMC norms. “Not even a single parking place in the city has the tickets printed in accordance to the norms. Those who have licenses are supposed to carry a copy of their license at all times. Hundreds of people use the facility and the additional amount minted due to the misuse is unimaginable,” said RTI activist CJ Karira, who filed the query. GHMC rules also stipulate that the licensee should exhibit the rates in English, Telugu and Urdu at the parking lot Many parking lots were devoid of any sort of information with only a ‘GHMC Parking’ signboard visible. Moreover, even the tickets were unclear about the rates and other information, as some did not even specify the additional charges to be levied after the first two hours of parking. Some tickets in fact did not even have ‘GHMC’ printed on them. “The managements are also supposed to mention the operation time of the parking lots. None of the licensed parking lots mention this. The licensees are cheating people and GHMC seems to have turned a blind eye,” said Karira, slamming the civic authority. When contacted for clarification, GHMC officials said that they would look into the matter, but refused to comment.
  13. Hi All Recently i face issue with RTO of Hyderabad. I Bought Second had car in HYD & I was 3rd Owner. Actually 1st Owner was cerntral Govt Employee so TAX was exempted for this car. Then Some once else bought this car & he owner got transferred. Now i bought this car & Car manufacturing date is 2001 Nov. When i applied for Owner Transfer then it got transferred & i can see all details online in AP RTO website. Issue : But i went to RTO office asking for my smart Car i.e. RC then they are saying that we can't issue RC because TAX is showing as Rs 0 so i told that this car was owned by central govt employee initially so tax was exempted & i told you issued RC for second owner with Rs 0 TAX mentioned in RC then what is wrong with ME ? But they told me that you have to pay tax ... they are not ready to listen any thing. Please help... Car Registration is valid till 2016 & life tax was exempted initially.
  14. Hi, I've submitted my IT returns for 2004-05, which has a refund. I've contacted the IT department for morethan 10 times, and each time I get different response. Once they say, that the printer is not working, and other time, they say the concerned person is not available, where in the cheque is ready for signature. I've raised a Grievance at Grievance Redress Mechanism in Government for which there is no response. I've sent written request to the Director of Income tax - Grievances and Hyderabad Income Tax director, with no use. I've now relocated to Bangalore and wondering how further I can get this resolved. Please suggest me a way to get the refund. Thanks for any help in advance. Rgds, Raghu
  15. Subject: AP life tax paid on the Vehicle being No. UP-15U-9998 on 08-12-2006 amount of Rs.31,570/- (Thirty one thousand five hundred seventy only) Respected Sir, I am a resident of Meerut, UP, my husband in the month of March, 2006 was posted to Hyderabad on a project by his employer for a short term. We own a Wagon-R car Registered at RTA, Meerut in my name. The said vehicle is brought to Hyderabad since it would be comfortable for transportation within the city. On 16-11-2006 the RTA, Hyderabad issued a challan (No.1852212) and raised demand to pay AP life tax. We had informed the RTA authorities that our stay at Hyderabad would be for a very short period and therefore the payment of AP life tax is un-warranted for which the RTA forced to pay the AP life tax and stated when the car is taken back to Meerut the remaining unused part of the AP life tax would be returned after deducting the used portion of AP life tax. Having no other alternative we paid the AP life tax on the Vehicle on 08-12-2006 amounting to Rs.31,570/- wide DD. No. 118176 dated 06-08-2008 of ICICI Bank and Payment receipt No.m3/1045544. On completion of assignment at Hyderabad, the car was taken back to Meerut and RTA was requested for refund of the un-used portion of AP life tax. On 05-05-2008 we submitted a letter to the Joint Commissioner & Secretary, RTA Khairatabad, Hyderabad stating that the car is shifting from Hyderabad, AP to Meerut, U.P., and requested to refund AP life tax after deducting the used portion of life tax. RTA did not refund the un-used portion of AP life tax, Instead we were advised to submit proof of vehicle returned back to home state. RTA, Hyderabad demanded the proof of vehicle being present in Meerut (U.P.) hence the vehicle was produced before the RTA, Meerut. On 22-08-2008 the RTA Meerut on verification of the Vehicle issued a certificate informing that the vehicle has returned to Meerut which is the original place of registration and said certificate is produced before the RTA, Hyderabad on 10-09-2008. The same letter was received by RTA, Hyderabad on 15-11-2008. Even after receiving the said request letter the RTA did not refund the un-used portion of AP life tax. On 10-02-2009 Vehicle was brought to Mumbai, Maharashtra and 1 year tax paid duly wide receipt no. 076269. We have been abiding lawfully and respectful towards taxations laws of states. We request you to guide us getting refund of the balance amount of AP life tax paid after deducting the used portion of AP life tax. Thanking You, Truly Yours, Richa Saran W/O Navin Saran
  16. How do I apply for information under RTI to Hyderabad passport office. I went personally to the office to figure out, but there was only one "public relations officer" for whom there was a long queue. We were in the queue for 2 hours, but they closed the office and left quoting lunch time. Is there any way I can apply for information under RTI to hyderabad passport office by post? If so, do I need to send a cheque/draft for some amount? I have applied for passport renewal 4 months back but havent got the passport yet.
  17. how will get the information on industrial projects coming to andhra pradesh. mainly industries like glass and glass based industries.
  18. Hi, I am working in Hyderabad and planning to get my car which is in Madhya Pradesh. Having an IT professional, My job location is not Fixed. I will be staying in Hyderabad for 9 months. Getting my Car de-registered from MP and registering in hyderabad will not solve my problem as i will move after 9 months. Can anyone help me knowing the rules for Temporary Road tax payment for my stay (certain Time period) in hyderabad? Is there any way that i can pay Road Tax only for Quarter/1 Yearly/2 or 3 Year? Awaiting a response. Thanks, -Bhupendra
  19. Hi All, I need to move my car from Hyderabad to Pune, it is 5 years old, So what are the procedures to follow in Pune: 1. Do i need to get NOC from Hyderabad 2. Do i need to pay road tax in pune etc Please guide me for peaceful use of car. Thanks
  20. Guest

    Hyderabad Real Estate

    Pragati Group offers you Villas and Plots in the midst of carefully cultivated natural environs. The Villas and Plots are separated by well laid internal roads. Fruit bearing and Wood yielding species are planted and tended carefully by experienced horticulturists. The pollution free environment is the most ideal place for your dream Villa. Your Villa or Plot is located next to eco-friendly resort, golf course, 100 acre Lake. Pragati is nearer to Hi-tech City. The distance to the Pragati Resort from Gachibowli junction is only 21 Kms along the proposed ORR (Outer Ring Road) or a just 25 minutes pleasant drive Pragati Group has taken the task of developing the barren & waste lands into a lush green nature habitat creating an enchanting landscapes and water bodies making optimum use of natural contours of the lands. Pragati Group is also intensely commissioned to take combative measures against Global Warming and polluted metropolitan existence by attributing all its impassionate efforts towards facilitating “the current-age modernity entwined with green nature as a novel way of life”. Pragati Resorts is world’s first Resort to obtain Integrated Management Systems for ISO-9001-2008, ISO-14001 & OHSAS-18001. Mosquito-free environment, Oxygen hub and located all around with more than 20 lakhs of Herbal, Aroma & Medicinal Plants. Hyderabad Real Estate | Resorts in Hyderabad
  21. Hi, I am addressing an RTI application to below . This is for Income Tax refund cheque revalidation pending with Income tax deptt of Hyderabad: The CPIO, Addl. CIT/JCIT, Range-12, AAYKAR BHAWAN, BASHEER BAGH, HYDERABAD – 500004. However , I am not sure as to who's name should I make the Rs .10 IPO(Indian postal order). Please reply if you know for sure. Thanks, Gaurav
  22. IIT-H sacks gay activist Ashley Tellis as reported by Nikhila Henry in Times of India, TNN, HYDERABAD: Jun 11, 2010 In an AMU redux south of the Vindhyas, Indian Institute of Technology (Hyderabad) management sacked gay rights activist and faculty member Ashley Tellis, apparently discomfited by his sexual orientation. The academic, with around 20 years of experience, was shown the door last fortnight less than a year after joining IIT-H. Being on probation, Tellis's services were terminated summarily. However, reliable sources said he was asked to leave for his "unlawful behaviour" and "deviant mischief". IIT-Hyderabad director Uday Desai did not take calls and his office said he would be available only after June 21. It's learnt that Tellis's exit from IIT was being planned by the management ever since AMU's S R Siras was sacked for being gay in February this year. Tellis has filed a right to information (RTI) application seeking reasons behind his sudden termination and intends to have a face-off with IIT-H. Tellis was assistant professor with the liberal arts department and is a well-known voice in the gay rights movement in the country. A published author, Tellis has a PhD from Cambridge University and a long teaching career. He faced strong resistance at IIT-H from the day he joined. "Ashley's entry was controversial with several groups among IIT faculty not wanting him in. There was internal bickering and resistance right from the beginning," said a source. Prior to Tellis's appointment, several faculty members had objected to his appointment. "There were group mails sent against his appointment, asking the IIT director not to appoint him," a source said. Some faculty members blamed Tellis for being too candid in discussing gay issues on campus. His article on `man-boy' love in a national daily further ruffled feathers. "The institute has a humanities wing but it is meant for technical education. It was found that students were extremely annoyed with Tellis's behaviour," said a faculty member. However, a number of students disagreed with the faculty members. "He was one of the best teachers. Not many students had problems with him until the administration and other faculty members began asking questions about Tellis's behaviour in classroom," said a student. Students were even told to "be careful" with Tellis and "report abuse", the student said. When contacted, university authorities refused comment saying only the director was authorized to answer these questions. "Tellis is no longer with us. We do not know whether he was sacked or left on his own," said an official in the director's office. A scan of IIT-Hyderabad website revealed that Tellis's name has been deleted from the faculty list. Director in charge U V Varadaraju, when insisted upon by TOI, said, "Prof Desai is out of station." Sudheer Chella Rajan, HoD of Liberal Arts Department and Tellis's boss could not be reached despite attempts. Tellis's close associates said that this is not the first time he was targeted for being gay. He had complained of being forced to quit or being terminated for being articulate about gay rights even earlier. His stints at Bombay University, where he taught in 1991, and later at St Stephen's College, Delhi, too weren't pleasant for Tellis, and he quit both jobs. "Tellis was under constant pressure of being sacked even during his stint at English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad," said one of his associates. IIT-H sacks gay activist Ashley Tellis - India - The Times of India
  23. hi, I'd like to know which SPIO in Hyderabad, AP, should I communicate to if I want to seek information under RTI Act from Service Tax Department?? The following link is the information I could gather after searching on google. service tax OFFICERS TO BE CONTACTED UNDER RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005 Name/Designation/Address of the CPIO/CAPIO Districts Sub-Division Address Shri R.P. Raheja, CPIO All districts of India All sub-divisions of India Additional Director General, DGST, 9th floor, Piramal Chambers, Jijibhoy Lane, Lalbaug, Parel, Mumbai – 400 012. Phone No. : 2418 1418 Shri P.K. Sinha, CAPIO All districts of India All sub-divisions of India Additional Director General, DGST, 9th floor, Piramal Chambers, Jijibhoy Lane, Lalbaug, Parel, Mumbai – 400 012. Phone No. : 2418 1420 thanks.

    Satish Babu...About me

    I am a working journalist with 25 years experience both in Print and Television media. I would like help people for their information needs. I have a passion to commence an organisation for the information needs of innocent and illiterate and help them to acquire the knowledge.
  25. As reported expressbuzz.com on 27 Jul 2010 HYDERABAD: Of the 114 shops on the premises of the Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station, only two are registered with the department of sales tax. The scenario came to light after an RTI application was filed by one Ganji Srinivas Rao of the Lok Satta Party. According to Section 17 (7) of the VAT Act, every commercial establishment having an annual income of over Rs 5 lakh should register as a turnover tax (TOT) dealer. If only the monthly licence fee to the Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation is taken into account, which ranges from few thousands to Rs 2 lakh, about 40 shops come under the purview of VAT. However, only two commercial shops are paying tax to the government. This has been going on for the last 16 years and neither have the shops bothered to pay nor officials gone about collecting tax. According to the RTC regional manager, 114 shops are functioning in the MGBS building. “We wanted to bring to light how the exchequer is losing crores of revenue due to such practices,’’ said Ganji Srinivas. He further said, “If the government can ensure that all commercial establishments pay VAT, it would get more revenues. There is no need for a hike in VAT which has been increased from 12 percent to 14.5 percent, burdening the consumer further.” Srinivas Rao first made an application to the Gowliguda circle on October 20, 2009 seeking the details. The commercial tax officer replied by saying the MGBS does not fall under its purview. He then made an application to the Afzalgunj circle where again there was no response. After the expiry of time period of 30 days for response, he went for an appeal. Again, he was told the MGBS was not under its purview and they were forwarding the application to the Gowliguda circle, under which it falls. This time, they were forced to divulge the information. The RTI activist said, “If the situation at a bus station in the capital is like this, you can imagine the situation at bus stations across the state. It could not have happened without some kind of understanding between officials and politicians supporting the shops.’’
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