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Found 49 results

  1. calljasprit


    Respected members, a victimised person complaint regarding encroachment to MCD. The MCD instead of taking action on complaint challanned the complainant regarding trade license although in that area no shopkeeper is having a trade license in the area. He pursued his complaint through rti regarding action taken. MCD said that they take action from time time and is undergoing prosecution. When he asked for a copy of prosecution action he was told that it was subjudice and cannot be provided. So he filed first appeal and the pio smilingly said we are used to such letters and warned him that he should not pursue such appeals. Tomorrow would be 45 th day of first appeal. What action can be taken as it is believed that mcd could be beneficiaries to such encroachments.
  2. All public toilets at MCD, Delhi jurisdiction should have the information on their walls/boards in Hindi Language whereby the users would be able to identify the facilities available and the charges if need to be paid any. Therefore, CIC under its powers under Section 19(8)(a)(iii) of the RTI Act has directed MCD that the following information must be painted on the Walls/Boards on the public toilets (prominently): It is also in conformance with the requirements of Section (1)(b)(xvii). (Please read the guide here to file RTI Online) 1. Charges for using the toilet for different categories. 2. Timings for the opening and closing of the toilet. 3. Contact details (including mobile number) of the agency responsible for operation and maintenance of the toilet. 4. Name and contact details of the caretaker of the toilet. 5. Facilities available for users in the toilet complex. 6. Name, designation and contact of the authority for redressal of grievances/lodging complaints related to the functioning of the public toilet. 7. Availability of complaint register. 8. Copy of the MoU/agreement on the website. If you have any question regarding RTI head straight to our forums and post. The direct link to forum is here: Ask for RTI Query! And why don't you take our small RTI Quiz here! Not painting of information on walls of Public Toilets by MCD irks CIC The RTI applicant earlier had submitted that through her RTI application dt.31­12­2012, she had sought information about the toilets present in the Jagadamba camp – regarding the name of the contractor who has been given for their maintenance, what are the timings, what extra amount has to be paid if a family is having more than five members, etc. Claiming non­ satisfaction over the information furnished by the respondent authority, the appellant filed 2nd appeal before the Commission. Various officials involved in MCD have not implemented the decision of painting the walls/ boards on public toilets, and CIC issued show cause notice to (1) Director­in­ Chief, DEMS, MCD, (2) Engineer­-in-­Chief, Engineering Department, MCD and (3) The CEO, Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board, why penalty cannot be imposed on them for not implementing the Commission’s order, as complained by the appellant. Citation: Ms.Bandana Vs. Delhi Urban Shelter Improve­ ment Board, New Delhi You can discuss this decision at our forum here! This is an extract of the decision available on the CIC public website, and is meant for generating interest in our readers only. For the true detailed and authentic copy you must download the decision from the CIC website!
  3. Hi I have filed an RTI application to MCD ,Delhi (specific Zone) seeking property ID, Name of the owner and their pending property tax details. I have also inquired about the certified copy of notice issued in respect of the pending property tax in respect of few properties. I found it very disappointing that my application has been forwarded to to DDA (L&M ) which has no concern with the required information as property tax has been collected by the MCD and they also have the other details with them. To me it appears that either the PIO doesn't know his duty/work and he is shrugging off his responsibility or it is tactic to delay the whole process by forwarding the application to DDA. So now my question is should I immediately file a first appeal asking for reason to transfer of my application inquiring the Jurisdiction of Commissioner ,MCD ?or wait for DDA's reply which would take more than a month or sometimes the reply wouldn't even come from them and I loose my precious time as I also need those information in a particular Court case.
  4. I am thinking of buying some property in Delhi Through RTI I would like to know about the current property owner of record Can I ask for a specific property in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi a) Who is the registered owner b) How long has that person owned the property c) Manner under which the property was acquired (Inheritance, Will, Purchase etc.) d) Date the Mutation was granted who would be the appropriate authority to ask these questions (DDA, MCD etc.) Thank you for your input
  5. alikamu

    Who is PIO ?

    Hello friends, I would like to know the name and address of the PIO of MCD South Zone. And a bit of clarification : Can I pose more than 3 Questions in the RTI. Cheers !!! Thanks for help in advance.
  6. Jahaan

    Resident Basement

    Dear Team, What all activities/bussiness is allowed in residential basement in south delhi under category a and b. Rgds,Jahaan
  7. gregjenings

    Query for first appeal

    I have filed an RTI to MCD related to some queries regarding property Tax discrepancies. When I didn't received any reply from the MCD even after 30-40 days I filed First appeal saying no reply has been received till date. After that PIO send me a back dated reply which was unsatisfactory. So far I didn't received any reply from the first appellate body nor any letter regarding me to appear for any personal hearing. so now my questions are: Should I again file a first appeal to the first appellate body saying that PIO's reply is not satisfactory giving my reasons for the same. Or I should directly file my second appeal to the CIC. My second question is PIO in his reply "that RTI Act does not cast upon PIO any obligation to deduce the information from records and provide the information so deduced to the applicant sought under RTI. The PIO is only required to furnish such material information as is available in the records held by a public authority,In the instant case voluminous information has been sought by the applicant which in not available in the format as has been sought by the applicant which is not availbale in the format as has desired by the applicant and compilation of which can not be carried out without disproportionately diverting resources which shall not be in public interest." Can this reply be considered a valid reply. I have asked for few rules under which asseor and controller had given rebate to chosen few people. I have also asked details of outstand of 10 persons before and afetr the discount had been offered to them . It is not a vouminous information and PIO is deleberately hiding the information. What should I do now ?Please suggest as this scam might have cause loss of revenue to the govt and woth lacs or crores.
  8. How do i demand mcd map of a particular area/ward to check whether the building exists nearby my home is legal or built on government land.
  9. Hello Everyone I wanted to open a pool and snooker parlor in East Delhi, now my question is... Do i need to obtain any kind of licence from MCD/Delhi police etc.? Or Some1 told me if I name my pool and snooker parlor with the word 'Academy'...i won't be need any kind of licence,,,because it is kind of,,,supporting a sport. is dat true? Kindly reply soon I have only 20 days to open it. Thanks & regards
  10. I own a plot in south delhi. I need certified copies of Orders/documents related to my plot (with incomplete construction thereon), which were issued by the MCD but either never reached me or reached me via other sources in photocopy form only. How can I get certified copies of Orders/documents issued by Dy Commissioner (SZ)?
  11. As reported at zeenews.india.com on December 25, 2011 New Delhi: The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has received flak from the Central Information Commission for its failure to provide information to an RTI applicant and claiming otherwise. The curious case came before the Central Information Commission where an MCD official, when questioned by Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi during the hearing, said information sought by the applicant has been furnished. When grilled, the official Jagdish Prasad, produced a reply which said, "Since this information is time consuming the department may prepare the information, as and when report will be compiled and it will be provided to you as early as possible". Such a reply prompted a stern warning from Gandhi. "The Commission warns the PIO not to send people for hearings who do not have the capacity of understanding what information is," he said. The case relates to one Swarn Kumari Sharma of Karol Bagh who was trying for last one year to know details of Assured Career Progression scheme of teachers in MCD schools but was not provided any response to her questions. The RTI Act mandates furnishing of information within a month of application. "From the facts before the Commission, it is apparent that the PIO and the deemed PIO are guilty of not furnishing information within the time specified under sub-section (1) of Section 7 by not replying within 30 days, as per the requirement of the RTI Act," Gandhi said while issuing showcause notice to officials of the MCD. "Mrs Vijaylaxmi then PIO and Deemed PIO Mr Jagdish Prasad, School Inspector will present themselves before the Commission...alongwith their written submissions showing cause why penalty should not be imposed on them as mandated under Section 20 (1)," he said.
  12. Please see attached RTI and RTI response from PIO. Hindu Rao CCU has a serios rat problem for at least over a year and yet no comprehensive pest control operations have been carried out. I once had a chance to film a few small videos and have placed them on YouTube: I have seen these rats and they are big, scarry and flithy and sometimes bite patients and patient attendants. My wife was once bitten by one these rats when she was taking care of her mom. She visited anti-rabies section of the hospital for vaccination and Hospital admistration is not aware of any such incident. CCU is for critically ill heart patients where several costly equipments are kept with lots of wires and the rats could cause a lot of damage. They won't let you enter the facility with your shoes on but rats rule the nights with possibly several types of bacteria/virus etc. Please review and suggest what should be my next action. RTI Application and Response.pdf
  13. I joined MCD in january 1992 as asstnt teacher in the pay scale of 1200-2040/-.The fixation of my pay was done wrongly according to the 5th pay commision .All my colleagues with same appointment date as me, were fixed at 4750/- whereas i was fixed at 4625/- as on 1.1.1996,which is one increment less than others.I've been trying to correct this from past 10 years,but got no success.plz guide me as to how i can get this fixed correctly!!!
  14. mjainonline

    MCD Moti Nagar and Karol Bagh

    Dear Team I registered my RTI query on MCD Online portal which are not being answered since last 3 months. is there any portal or contact office for which we can ask why they are not providing the details in one month time. Online Complain Id no. are 34195 and 34200 ( On MCD RTI website ) Can u plz help me on this.
  15. RTI query on VIP pyre platforms built by MCD as reported by Abhinav Garg, 1 Oct 2008, TNN NEW DELHI: Can the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) discriminate even in death and accord VIP cremations to some while denying it to others? Central Information Commission will take up this question on Wednesday on an RTI plea seeking information on criteria adopted by MCD to allow utilisation of its three newly built platforms for funeral purposes. The issue arose on an RTI plea, filed by Subhash Chandra Aggarwal in August this year, where he made queries about ‘‘reasons to build three semi-VIP pyre-platforms at Nigambodh Ghat Cremation Ground, and criterion for allowing cremation on these three semi-VIP pyre-platforms.’’ In his plea, Aggarwal further wondered if it was ‘‘fair that discrimination is done by MCD even in cremation between ordinary and influential persons’’ also demanding to know if there was any procedure of allowing cremation on the only high-raised VVIP platform which is-----* pressed into service. Responding to his questions and demand for file notings, the information officer for the civic agency claimed that the construction of these so called VIP platforms was infact for ‘‘public-benefit’’ and that everyone could use them subject to availability. However, the CPIO remained mum on the query about procedure to apply for use of VIP or semi-VIP platforms and refused to furnish any related file notings. Unable to comprehend how erecting three platforms which are different from the rest as they have a grill around a block of three pyres could benefit the public, Aggarwal went in appeal, suspecting it was more to satisfy the ego of certain persons that a separate facility like this was provided for by MCD. The appellate authority too failed to shed any light on procedure followed to allow usage of VIP and semi-VIP platforms at Nigambodh Ghat. CIC is slated to consider the appeal on Wednesday. RTI query on VIP pyre platforms built by MCD-Delhi-Cities-The Times of India
  16. sameerkrjain

    How to file complaints

    I,m sameer kumar jain having a small business unit in narela industrial area in new delhi. Now we in narela industrial area facing all types of problem like no tap water, no street lights, overflowing drains , mosquitos menace, lots of potholes in the roads or unmotorable water filled roads, burglaries,snatching in evenings and nights to which nobody listen or take action.Even media is not interested in covering our area and hear to us. I wish to know how to bring this menace to concerned people notice and force action. Even policemen says we cannot even visit every roads as they are too bad or waterlogged.
  17. In my recent RTI application I asked questions about a complaint system at PA's website which is non-operational since last one year. In my application I have asked the date since the system not working, efforts made by department to rectify it and name of concerned department and officers responsible for the delay. In reply to the application the PIO has just replied that "the link is not working" to all the questions. FAA too has supported the PIO and my appeal is now pending before CIC. I am expecting its hearing in this month. I would like to know if it is mandatory for Public Authority to maintain a complain center/system at their website under section 4 of the RTI Act or any other rule?
  18. santosh742598

    MCD reply- A joke

    can you say what reply I reply I received from MCD to the following quiestions Is 2 wheeler/ Bike banned in any road in New Delhi? If so please give details of such road. Please give details of meetings/ file notings leading to such ban of 2 wheeler/ bikes.(for Q No. 1) Whether Delhi airport plan (T3 terminal)was authorized/concurred by MCD? Whether GMR has signed any MOU/ agreement with MCD in regard to airport building/ plan/ services. If so please give details. Whther MCD authorized/ concurred/ permitted banning of bikes/ 2 wheelers in departure/ arrival lane of T3 terminal? Is MCD authorised to take action against GMR if GMR is banning bikes/ 2 wheelers in public roads(Departure lane/ arrivale lane) without MCD\'s authority? If so please provide the procedure. The answer was "This does not pertain to this office , hence no information is available in this office. It pertains to Delhi Traffic police." with remarks transfer to DCP(Traffic)/ PIO This reply I received from Office of the Supertindant Engineer(P)-I MCD can be viewed online from with registration no. 29706
  19. I filed RTI month back with MCD, during this period, MCD officials visited my place and tried to explain that due to budget constraints the task could not be undertaken and now after one month I have received a receipt, FORM G8 A, stating RTI registration fee of 10/-. mode of payment is cash. I am completely at my wit's end about this . Why have I received this receipt when I was expecting response from MCD. Does it mean, my RTI has been cancelled or what? Please suggest me the next steps and what can I do to get required information. Thanks
  20. As reported by ASHWINI SHRIVASTAVA at news.outlookindia.com on April 12, 2011 In a bid to speed up its probe, the CVC has asked Chief Vigilance Officers of government departments to prepare a list of officials who were allegedly involved in corruption while executing Commonwealth Games related projects. It has also asked all civic and construction agencies to put documents related to the Games works carried out by them on CVC's website. A special team of the Commission probing the Games related work for alleged graft has found evidence against senior government officials for rigged tender process, undue haste that led to supply of inferior quality products and poor construction of infrastructure related works. Sources said the Commission will make a department-wise list of such 'tainted' people who were involved in the corrupt practises to take speedy corrective action. "There have been several complaints from Non-Government Organisations and whistle blowers claiming that host of government employees were involved in corrupt practises. We have sent the complaints to concerned CVOs for investigation and report," a CVC official said. He said a complaint has also been sent to the CVO of Sports Ministry to probe the role of certain incompetent officials involved in carrying out infrastructure related works. Sources said the CVC has found series of financial irregularities on part of certain government employees from departments like Central Public Works Department (CPWD), Public Works Department (PWD), Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and Games Organising Committee among others. They said the watchdog has received a number of complaints alleging that various "incompetent" people were involvement in several projects that led to unjustified cost escalation and corruption. The move assume significance as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appointed High level Committee under the chairmanship of former Comptroller and Auditor General V K Shunglu has found series of wrong doings by government officials. The Committee has faulted sacked OC chief Suresh Kalmadi and Secretary General Lalit Bhanot for their alleged involvement in irregularities. Besides Delhi Lt Governor Tejinder Khanna and Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit were blamed for alleged inadequacies in CWG projects. According to an RTI filed by PTI, the Commission is looking into at least 40 CWG-related construction and procurement works carried out by different government agencies for alleged financial irregularities. An analysis by Chief Technical Examination Wing of CVC had earlier found alleged financial and administrative irregularities worth about Rs 2,500 crore in 16 construction and procurement projects. Six of them were done by PWD, 3 by MCD, 2 each by CPWD, DDA, NDMC and 1 by RITES, a Government of India Enterprise, a CVC report said.
  21. As reported by Neelam Pandey at hindustantimes.com on February 14, 2011 MCD’s education department has received several complaints alleging that a number of schools are not admitting students from the economically weaker sections (EWS), saying the seats are full. There are 757 schools recognised by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) -— a number of which are violating the RTI guidelines, which makes it mandatory for schools to reserve 25% of its seats for children belonging to the EWS. The civic agency has now asked its education department to inspect these schools, and initiate action, including derecognition, against those found guilty. “Several parents met me personally complaining that a number of schools have not been giving admission to their children. Some of these are posh schools in south Delhi that have got land from the DDA at cheap prices but are not fulfilling the RTI guidelines. We will be taking strict action against them,” said Mahender Nagpal, chairman of MCD's education committee. “We have already sent two notices to schools asking them to give us details of the students that they have admitted under the EWS category. A survey will be carried out after February 15, which is the last date for admitting students from EWS. We will prosecute the authorities found guilty,” Nagpal said.
  22. What is the policy of MCD or NDMC in Delhi regarding allowing residents or non-residents parking their cars on footpaths, particularly on Main roads like Asiad Games Village Road? The footpaths were created and well designed during CWG. To allow pedestrians to use the footpaths instead of walking on main road and to not allow people from parking their cars on footpaths, pillars were fixed on these well designed and tiled tracks. However, now we find that the residents have uprooted the pillars and started parking their cars on the footpaths. What is happening? Why the agency entrusted to keep the pedestrians walkways free not removing these obstructions and fining the culprits?
  23. Dear Sir/Madam I need to know about the planning of the Delhi Government about how we Construct a Building or House in LAL Dora Land. Heard that you can construct 100 percent of your land and the Layout Plan will be approved from MCD for the Lal Dora Plot. is this just a rumour or is it a fact? Regards Manish Gupta
  24. I had filed a request for mutation of land in my name after purchase of a house. Am getting a royal runaround from the MCD, who have sent me requests for copies of property tax challans when - in their own online records - my property taxes are paid and up to date. Subtle signals are given that the job will get done if I grease palms - something I absolutely will not do. What's the best way to ask an RTI question on the status of my application (I have a copy signed and stamped on 28th July 2010) Thanks in anticipation!
  25. NGO ordered to pay Rs.75,000 for transparency law abuse AS reported in ThaiINdian.Com Oct 20 2010, by IANS ( Leave a comment ) New Delhi, Oct 20 (IANS) The Delhi High Court Wednesday imposed a cost of Rs.75,000 on an NGO which had sought an inquiry into the role of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) engineers in the alleged mismanagement of Commonwealth Games (CWG) projects. The court dismissed the petition after the MCD submitted that the petitioner NGO, Pardarshita Public Welfare Foundation, had questioned the parentage of the engineers through a Right to Information (RTI) application. Dismissing the petition, Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Manmohan said the present petition amounted to abuse of law. “Seeking information about the parentage of a person and his medical history is unwarranted and uncalled for. (Such) information is bound to create a storm in anybody’s mind,” said the bench. The bench said that the RTI law was not enacted for abusing people and seeking personal details. While dismissing the petition, the court directed the petitioner NGO to deposit the cost of Rs.75,000 within a period of four weeks. In its petition, the NGO alleged engineers of the MCD indulged in corrupt practices in connection with the several projects of the Commonwealth Games. It alleged that several MCD engineers misused public money for personal gains. “According to the NGO, several letters were written to the officials of the MCD but no action was taken. Allegations have been made against the officials but without any grounds,” said the bench. The court also took strong cognizance of the RTI application filed by Har Kishan Das Nijhawan, general secretary of the NGO, asking an MCD engineer about his parentage. He also asked whether the civic agency’s engineers were suffering from any sexual disorders, whether they had carried out a DNA test for their mother, whether their mother was a surrogate mother or step mother, and also sought the name of their biological father and step mother. “It’s an abuse of provisions under the RTI Act. We cannot give any type of clean chit to the MCD engineer, but the information which has been asked by the petitioner exposes vindictive attitude,” said the bench. The petitioner defended his move and said that the engineers were blackmailing him and also used unparliamentary language against him, so he asked certain questions through his RTI application. The court rejected the contention saying that the petitioner could have filed a complaint against such people instead of abusing the process of law. –Indo-Asian News service pks/rah/vt NGO ordered to pay Rs.75,000 for transparency law abuse
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