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Found 12 results

  1. In an unusual case, the Bombay high court has suspended conviction of Ashok Sonawane, deputy chief officer, Mhada, who was convicted of allegedly accepting bribe from an individual who had applied for a MHADA flat, claiming to be eligible. Sonawane acquired some documents under the RTI Act which showed that a departmental inquiry had proved him innocent and stated that manipulation of documents had been done by two of his superiors. Read at: Mumbai: HC breather for MHADA officer accused of bribery | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis
  2. Hello,how to file rti appeal in high court after second appeal
  3. Aditi Thakur

    More information on MHADA Land

    Hello, I have a flat which is constructed by society of leased MHADA land... I want to get more information about the lease.. As i have been informed by the society that this land is leased by MHADA and only backward class people can stay in the society.. I want to get more information so that i can confirm if the society is saying the truth. Can anyone let me know who can I contact? Regards, Aditi
  4. Bombay HC sets aside dubious circular as reported by Krishnaraj Rao in India Together 02 Jun 2010 Once an offence is disclosed under the Prevention of Corruption Act, then the police must investigate, rules the court, and any government circular that interferes with this must be ignored. 02 June 2010 - When dozens of corrupt officials of the Bombay Municipal Corporation, the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority, the Registrar of Cooperatives, and the Mumbai Police colluded with crooked re-developers and the managing committee of Tilaknagar Cooperative Society to give Sanjraj Mangeshkar sleepless nights, they never imagined that he could have them booked under the anti corruption laws. But that is exactly what he succeeded in doing. Mangeshkar is a small businessman who travels throughout Maharashtra. He lives in Tilaknagar, in a building constructed by MHADA. In 2005, his society's managing committee decided to go for redevelopment of the relatively new building, invited bids from builders and finalised one without due process despite dissent from the Mangeshkar family and other members. In collusion with the managing committee, Mumbai's Municipal Corporation and MHADA issued an eviction notice citing the building's dilapidated condition, although they had no basis to support such a conclusion. Later, a new builder illegally entered the scene without bidding, and he partially demolished it even as the Mangeshkar refused to vacate. Then the police tried to force the Mangeshkar family to sign an agreement with the builder. Mangeshkar's attempts to bring the colluding officers to book were thwarted by a decades-old circular of the Home Department of the state government. This circular, which the police have often cited as the reason why they cannot prosecute corrupt public officials, says that when an official is accused of corruption, s/he must be first be scrutinised within the department, and only if the department believes there is a prima facie case of corruption, will the matter be taken up by the police or other investigating agencies. After desperately pursuing the matter for years with complaints, RTI applications and a writ petition in the Bombay High Court, Mangeshkar finally has the citizen's brahmastra within his grasp. The Bombay High Court ruled in September 2009 that the police would have to pursue cases against corrupt officials, without having to seek government permission for such investigation. This ruling has enabled Mangeshkar to register an FIR with the Anti Corruption Bureau in February 2010 against 28 officials, builders, police personnel and managing committee members. In his writ petition before the court, Mangeshkar asked the judges to stay the above-mentioned government circular, which has been in force since 1972. This document is repeatedly cited by the police as a reason for not registering citizens' complaints against officials. The effect of this circular has been to allow corrupt officials to function with impunity from the prosecution system. Now, Mangeshkar's successful plea in the court has now opened the door for thousands of other aggrieved citizens like him in their quest for justice. Mangeshkar's successful plea in the court has now opened the door for thousands of other aggrieved citizens like him in their quest for justice. The order by Justice Bilal Nazki and A R Joshi noted, "According to this circular when there is an allegation of corruption against an officer, before the Anti Corruption Department starts investigation it is required to refer the matter to the department to which such officer belongs, for a preliminary enquiry. We are of the prima facie view that once the offence is disclosed under the Prevention of Corruption Act, then the Investigating Agency under the Prevention of Corruption Act is bound to investigate the matter. Therefore, any circular placing restrictions on their power which is available to them under the Prevention of Corruption Act and the Criminal Procedure Code appears to be illegal. "On various occasions the respondents have sought time to argue the matter finally. Today also an adjournment is sought. In this view of the matter, we admit this petition and direct that the circular dated 21.2.1972 shall not be implemented by the Anti Corruption Agency and whenever a complaint is received by them, they shall investigate the matter irrespective of the circular, in accordance with law." This order relates to a Public Interest Litigation filed in 2008 by Anna Kishanrao More, with which Sanjraj's matter (Criminal Writ Petition 1845/09 and Criminal Application 402/09) was clubbed for hearing. The PIL and Sanjraj's petition are scheduled to be heard on June 10, and it is hoped that the dubious circular will be permanently quashed by the High Court. This will put a seal of finality on the new-found power of Maharashtra's citizens to put corrupt officials, cops and others under the scanner. ⊕ Krishnaraj Rao is an RTI activist, based in Mumbai. India Together: Bombay HC sets aside dubious circular - 02 Jun 2010
  5. 1) How can I verify that the builder is authorised to build the number of flats as stated in his plan? I have checked the BMC approved plan but how can i be sure that it is the real plan? Is there any way I can check with BMC directly? How do I check if he has taken right approval from the Water Board, Electricity Board and other relevant authorities? 2) What are the course of action we can take against the builder if the construction in delayed beyond the stipulated time as agreed by the builder?
  6. Redevelopment of our building got struck for last 4 years at Tilak Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai. M.C. members favouring builder for their own gain while other members suffering. During this tenure, partner of builder changed without the consent of all members. There is no proper partnership deed collected. Builder promised to hand over within 18 months after vacating the flat. But 4 years elapsed, the project is in infant stage. Developer making undue delay for their own benefit due to rising real estate prices. As per agreement tenants will be 9 floor and sale wing will be 10 floor and foundation made according to that. Builder promised us to give 323 SFt. + 60 ft. for flower bed area etc. He made sample flat which is below 300 sft. and height of inner area also below 9 feet instead of 9.6 as per agreement. But now the developer want to go for higher FSI i.e. 2.5 (which will go upto 3 fsi). When the members demanded more carpet area i.e. 486 sft. the builder in connivance with committee members not ready to give. Instead just extending meagre compensation. Another problem is that the foundation made on both wing according to 2.4 FSI only. How can the builder go for 2.5 + FSI on the same foundation and structure. Structural stability under question mark now. On the other hand, Managing Committee Members concealing many facts from majority of members and misguiding and misrepresenting the members in connivance with builders and not following due procedure of law. Whatever the problem arising and discussing by the members in the meeting not noting in minutes and the minutes are not submitting on time. Meetings are not conducting on time and always try to hijack the meeting and the agenda of the discussion. Various pressure tactics are adopting by committee members and builders and dividing members. Minutes of various meeting given together to members while dropping many vital issues and only written their point of view only and there is no proper balance sheet submitted and no documents collected from the builders. Please guide me what I do as an individual member and which authorities I should approach and their name and address.
  7. As reported by Linah Baliga at dnaindia.com on March 27, 2010 Mumbai: Residents of Juhu are up in arms against the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for allowing the construction of a club and bar on the Ronson Recreation Ground. On Friday, hundreds of Juhu residents gathered at the garden near Vidyanidhi High School to protest against the alleged parcelling off of public land. Residents have found, through Right to Information (RTI), that Ronson Foundation has violated contractual conditions and hacked down 1,000 trees. Also, 67% of the plot isn’t left open to the public. BMC had bought the plot from to Maharashtra Housing Development Authority (Mhada) in 1986. In 1990, the plot was handed over to Ronson Foundation under a caretaker policy. “As per RTI replies, the BMC had acquired the plot to convert it into an urban forest. So, how were permissions given for a club and a bar?” asked Sanjay Hegde, chairman, Gulmohar Area Societies Welfare Association (GASWA). “What’s more, the lease agreement of Ronson Foundation talks only about having a sports complex and a swimming pool. Further, 2000 sq m of the plot is marked as a BSES substation,” said Ashoke Pandit, secretary, GASWA. Source: Juhu residents oppose private club on public plot - dnaindia.com
  8. Atul Patankar

    Outstanding bill is Rs 741 crore

    As reported at expressindia.com on Dec 15, 2009 Mumbai The BMC is still waiting for Rs 741 crore, outstanding water dues from various government and private organisations, says the reply to an RTI application by activist Milind Mulay. Domestic users are suffering amid a 15 per cent water cut but private organisations owe the BMC Rs 351 crore, nearly half the total. Of the dues from State and Central agencies, MHADA tops the list with Rs 101 crore, followed by Western Railway with Rs.57 crore. The state owes 5.78 per cent of the total dues, the Centre 3.84 per cent. Central Railway owes Rs 28 crore. BMC’s wards offices and its sister concern BEST also owe money; various civic departments have a pending bill of Rs 7 crore. “Since water billing was computerised in April 2001, the dues have run into crores and the BMC has done nothing to retrieve it. They should have been aggressive,” Mulay said. Additional municipal commissioner Anil Diggikar said the BMC has been writing to these agencies. “A decision at state level is required to make them pay up,” he said. Source: Outstanding bill is Rs 741 crore - Express India
  9. I had purchased a Flat in Mhada property, which is not been transfered in my name, for reason Mhada has stopped transfering the Titles now. I wanted to know when Mhada is going to start transfering Titles and when can I do registration of my Flat and pay Stamp Duty on the same. Also want to know cost of Registration & Stamp Duty, approximate cost will also do.
  10. Atul Patankar

    Metro-II raises many questions

    As reported by Ninad Siddhaye & Linah Baliga at www.dnaindia.com on 12 May 2009 Mumbai: Hundreds of concerned citizens turned up for the public hearing on the proposed second metro line organised by Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (MMRDA) on Monday. Top officials of the urban development department heard peoples' grievances throughout the day, as a proposed car shed on a 40-hectare Mhada plot at Charkop stood out as the biggest bone of contention. While senior BJP leader Ram Naik was among the hundreds who opposed the Metro car depot planned at Charkop in Kandivili, social activist Medha Patkar demanded the hearing be conducted by an independent panel to avoid conflict of interest. "I oppose the Charkop car shed since it would render over 14 thousand families of Ganesh Nagar, Sanjay Nagar, Lalji Pada, Gandhi Nagar, Ekta Nagar, and Janata Colony homeless. Moreover, there are several schools, temples, mosques, churches, shops and industries which may face the axe. I have submitted the demand before the hearing panel," said Naik. Patkar blasted the authority for not being transparent in providing information about the project. "My RTI application was rejected with the excuse that "it may prejudicially affect the sovereignty and integrity of India and the security, strategic, scientific or economic interests of the state". How can sharing information threaten national security? We know that the state government has coordinated with Japanese Bank for International Co-operation (JBIC) and private companies for financial help," Patkar said. Juhu residents felt that there were serious lacunae in having an elevated Metro Line, and that the ground realities along Metro corridor in Mumbai are different from that in Delhi. "An elevated mass rapid transport system is not suitable along the Metro corridor, and alternate options such as an underground Metro need to be considered," said Sherley Singh, secretary, Juhu Scheme Residents' Association. MMRDA received more than 8,000 suggestion-objections for the 32-km-long project and the authority has replied to over 8,500 letters Source: DNA: Mumbai: Metro-II raises many questions
  11. skyblue125

    Mhada Sweet Home Sceme

    I apply for Kandivali charkop Scheme in 1992 and glad to say i was lucky winner the scheme but till date my file is not process I visited several times in last 15 years the problem is CRZ norms now (man grows) if the case process in the court mhada give the details & status of the case
  12. Mhada official arrested for fraud as reported by V Narayan, 9 Sep 2008, TNN MUMBAI: Two Vikhroli residents invoked RTI to unearth a fraud where a group of people with the help of Mhada officials, tried to usurp their properties. Irfan Khan, a construction worker and Ashok Pawar, an employee with an oil company, residents of Tagore Nagar in Vikhroli east lodged a complaint with the Vikhroli police in July. On September 4, the police arrested former estate manager of Mhada, A M Udeshi (68) for allegedly forging ownership documents of Mhada tenements. Apart from Udeshi, the police arrested the current Mhada estate manager-III Suresh Wagh (57), rent collector Jaywant Hire (56), clerk Anita Vanmali (50) and Prakash Mohanlal Dave (47) who claim to be Mhada agents as well as two tenants Umesh Kotian and Raghunath Singh. All are currently in judicial custody. In 2005, Khan had rented out a portion of his 650-sq ft tenement to Umesh Kotian for Rs 1,000 per month. In July this year, Kotian who works with a private company, claimed ownership of the tenement and asked Khan to vacate the premises. Kotian produced ownership documents saying the property was transferred in his name. In a similar fashion, Pawar was duped by Raghunath Singh, who runs a private security agency. "In 2004, a part of the tenement was given to Singh, who ran Eagle Guards Force Limited, at a rent of Rs 1,000.'' According to him, the house belonged to his mother Bharati who died on June 15, 2008. "Singh claimed that Bharati transferred the property in his name on June 20, five days after her death. This is impossible,'' Pawar said. According to him, his father Hari Pawar, before his death in 1991, had willed the property to his five children. In July, this year, Pawar and Khan filed an application under RTI seeking details of ownership of the two tenements. In reply, they got two sets of documents-one showing their names as owners and the other mentioning Singh and Kotian as the owners. "Before Singh and Kotian could get hold of the original documents, they were caught,'' said inspector R D Malekar of Vikhroli police station. Police investigations revealed that Kotian and Singh approached Udeshi to get the rented house transferred in their names in June 2008. "Udeshi, the mastermind, was well-versed in forging property documents,'' said Malekar. The police are now hunting for the two advocates who had misused their powers and notarised the fake documents. "Many more such frauds will come to light soon,'' Malekar said. Mhada official arrested for fraud -Mumbai-Cities-The Times of India
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