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  1. Dear Sir, I want to file an RTI (online) to Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, chennai. For filing the RTI online, I need to know following information 1) which Ministry/Department/Apex body I need to select to apply RTI? 2) Which Public Authority I need to select? 3) Is Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha (Welcome to Dakshin Bharath Hindi Prachar Sabha | Home) is a government authority or private? If you visit RTI Online :: Home | Submit RTI Request | Submit RTI First Appeal | View RTI Status | RTI FAQ you will fine these option that a user need to select (from drop down list). I am confused to select the options. I you visit Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha website(Welcome to Dakshin Bharath Hindi Prachar Sabha | Home), no information about the RTI is provided. Kindly let me know the answers for the above query. Thanks for kind help
  2. NEW DELHI: The land acquisition law passed by the previous government may not be the villain of the piece when it comes to stalled projects, according to data generated by a Right to Information (RTI) query. Read more at: Can?t blame UPA Land Acquisition Bill for stalled projects: RTI - The Economic Times
  3. New Delhi: Who is 'Eeshwar' in whose name top constitutional functionaries and legislators take oath of office? This RTI query stumped the Law Ministry, which said there is no constitutional provision defining the term. RTI-applicant Shradhanand Yogacharya also raised another query, seeking to know the meaning of "Satyameva Jayate", the motto inscribed at the base of the national emblem. The application, which was addressed to President's Secretariat, was transferred to Home Ministry which forwarded it to the Law Ministry. Failing to get any satisfactory response, Shradhanand took the matter to the Central Information Commission where, during the hearing held through video conferencing, a Law Ministry official told him that they can only provide information which is part of the records. Central Public Information Officer S K Chitkara also tried to convince the applicant that "Satyamev Jayate" was not part of any Constitutional provision and terms like "truth", "religion", "caste" were not defined in any part of the Constitution hence no information could be provided. He asked the applicant to understand the expressions in the context of circumstances or based on judicial explanations available in various judgements or law books.Read more at; Who is 'Eeshwar' in whose name oath is taken? RTI query stumps law ministry
  4. To check leak of key information, the Commerce Ministry has asked its officers to clamp down on unauthorised persons loitering around their departments and also keep a track on personnel carrying the files from sections to officers. Besides, the ministry has decided to be prudent while "liberally supplying the information" under RTI Act and deny the access in cases like bilateral trade, prosecution or litigation and "trade secrets" of exporters and importers, sources said. Read at: Commerce Ministry ups vigilance to stop info leak | Business Standard News
  5. As per details furnished by the ministry under the RTI Act, Kejriwal's letter of February 16 was marked to IG of Forests Rekha Pai on February 18 and forwarded to the DG Forests on the same day. The file reached the ministry on March 2 and is awaiting a decision, as per the information obtained under the Act, a copy of which is with ET. Read more at: Arvind Kejriwal's request of appointing Sanjiv Chaturvedi still pending with environment ministry - The Economic Times
  6. NEW DELHI: The home ministry is set to reject the demand of intelligence agencies for a "blanket" exemption from the purview of the Right to Privacy Bill and endorse the existing rider that requires them to intrude one's privacy only in the interest of "sovereignty, integrity and security of India". Read at: Home Ministry set to junk intelligence's plea for exemption from RTI - The Economic Times
  7. PTI. 22.3.2015 NEW DELHI: The I&B Ministry has issued an advisory to all TV channels not to broadcast live anti- terrorist operations to avoid any adverse impact on rescue exercise. The advisory came in the wake of some TV channels covering live anti-terrorist operations in Jammu and Kashmir's Kathua district on March 20. The Ministry asked the TV channels not to focus on location, strength, movement, strategy and other related operations being followed by security forces engaging with th .. Read more at: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/46651118.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst
  8. The Mahan coal block, that was the centre of anti-mining protests by locals and non-governmental organisation Greenpeace over the past few years, was marked off limits from the list of 74 coal blocks in Schedule II and III of the coal ordinance, a Right to Information (RTI) reply has revealed. Read at: Mahan block not to be mined: Coal ministry | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis
  9. NEW DELHI: The Central Information Commission has pulled up the environment ministry for providing "false and misleading" information that it had conducted no study on the harmful effects of mobile radiations. It has also asked the ministry to explain why it has allowed unrestricted installation of mobile towers and not formulated any policy on it in view of the recommendations by an inter-ministerial group and the World Health Organisation (WHO). Read at: CIC pulls up green ministry for ?misleading? info on effects of mobile radiation - The Times of India
  10. theinescapeable

    Ministry of Corporate Affairs

    Ministry of Corporate Affairs Text of Application Please provide information for the following 1) Whether a new group of persons while establishing a partnership firm can apply for the same firm name of a dissoluted partnership firm 2) Procedure for applying the name as raised in point 1 above 3) Cooling off period before the same firm name can be registered by a group of persons applying /registering a partnership firm Status REQUEST DISPOSED OF Date of Action 16/03/2015 Remarks Reply :- I am to refer to your RTI application and to state that you are requested to contact the CPIO of the Registrar of Firms of the concerned state where the firm is to be registered in the present case. This information is not available with CPIO. My question :- I am not well versed with the functions of the ministry but does the ROC )(Registra of companies) of different states have different rules to the question i asked and the Nodal Ministry only answers or frames rules for Delhi NCR ???
  11. CIC finds hills dug up in Mumbai; notices issued to Environment Ministry NEW DELHI: In a first, apparent environmental degradation in Mumbai has been treated as a complaint by the Central Information Commission which has taken suo-moto notice and issued notice to the Environment Ministry to explain if the digging of hills in the city was permitted by it. The smoke over Mumbai sky and digging of hills in the city, observed by Information Commissioner Sridhar Acharyulu, while on a visit to Mumbai, was treated by him as a complaint under the RTI Act making .. Read more at: CIC finds hills dug up in Mumbai; notices issued to Environment Ministry - The Economic Times Posters Note: Is there any such provision in the RTI Act for suo-motu cognizance ?
  12. Make activities, finances public: Ministry to IOA, NSFs NEW DELHI: In a bid to ensure transparency, the Sports Ministry today made it mandatory for the Indian Olympic Association and the national federations to disclose their activities and finances online, failing which their recognition could be reviewed. In a letter to the IOA and NSFs, the Ministry has said these instructions have also been made part of the National Sports Development Code of India, 2011. The letter said, "It has been noticed tha .. Read more at: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/46428692.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst
  13. ministry of home affairs ,govt of india gave information on my rti about z-security ......1.it ts stated that the responsibility for providing security rests primarily with the state govt. concerned in whose jurisdiction an individual ordinarily resides or happens to be. security to an individual is provided on the basis of assessment of threat carried by security agencies. security provide by union govt. ,it is stated that it is not possible to arrive the exact no of categorized protectees at a time as it is varying from time to time based on threat assessmnt made by central security agencies. however as on date there are 76 number of protectees in the central list . 2-regarding expnditure incurred on security ,it is stated that the responsibility for providing security rests primarily with the state govt.concrnd in whose jurisdiction an individual ordinarily resides or happens to be.due to involmnt of multiple agencies include state govt agencies ,it is difficult to estimate the expnditure on security.moreover such expnditure is incurred by the security agencies concerned under their own budgetary allocation and under their heads of accounts and such figure are neither centrally available nor maintaind .
  14. [h=1]Coal Scam - CIC allows coal ministry to withhold records[/h] In a surprise argument, the coal ministry has said information related to minutes of screening committee meetings on coal block allocation cannot be made public as it will impede the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe, a plea allowed by the Central Information Commission (CIC) even though the record itself is available on the ministry’s website. An RTI applicant, Meenu, had approached the ministry seeking information regarding the minutes of screening committee meetings on coal block allocations. The ministry had replied that the CBI has registered a preliminary enquiry regarding alleged irregularities in the allocation of coal blocks and refused information citing Section 8(1)(h) of the RTI Act. The said section allows a public authority to withhold such information as may impede the process of investigation, apprehension and prosecution of an accused. However, the minutes of screening committee meetings on coal block allocations are available on the website of the coal ministry. Information commissioner Mr Yashovardhan Azad, an ex-Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, ruled in favour of coal ministry in the matter, saying, “The respondent stated that the files concerned have been seized by CBI for enquiry into the allocation of coal blocks and the same is pending, which is why information to the appellant cannot be provided.” Mr Azad said that “After hearing the respondents and on perusal of records, the commission accepts the plea of CPIO (Central Public Information Officer)/FAA (First Appellate Authority).” Recently, justice Vibhu Bakhru of Delhi high court had rejected a similar order by CIC allowing a public authority to withhold information under Section 8(1)(h) of the RTI Act without giving justification. Justice Bakhru had said that “merely citing that the information is exempted under Section 8(1)(h) would not absolve the public authority from discharging its onus.” In a stern order, he said “It is apparent from a bare perusal of the CIC’s order that it does not indicate the reasons that persuaded (it) to uphold the view of the public authority that the disclosure of information sought by the petitioner would impede the prosecution of the petitioner. He added that “Neither the FAA nor the CIC has questioned the public authority as to how the disclosure of information would impede the prosecution.” Read More: http://coal.steelguru.com/india/18892/coal_scam_cic_allows_coal_ministry_to_withhold_records
  15. Gifts given by Prime Minister a top-secret: Foreign ministry Bandra resident Austin Fernandes filed an RTI application asking for the list of presents given by the PM to heads of state on his visits abroad, but he was denied the information; the ministry of external affairs said that disclosing the details could affect India’s relations with other countries It is public knowledge that Prime Minister Narendra Modi gifted a copy of the Bhagwad Gita to Japanese Emperor Akihito during his visit to the country in September last year. During his visit to Australia in November 2014, Narendra Modi presented a memento to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott at the Melbourne Cricket Ground a replica of Mahatma Gandhi’s charkha with three cricket balls signed by Modi and World Cup-winning Indian captains Kapil Dev and M S Dhoni. Pic/Getty Images But, when a Bandra resident filed an RTI asking for the list of gifts that the Indian PMs between May 2009 and November 2014 had given to the heads of state during their visits abroad, his application was turned down. Austin Fernandes In its reply, the Ministry of External Affairs stated that disclosing the information would prejudicially affect India’s relations with the concerned foreign states. This, even though the Ministry itself publishes the lists of gifts received by ministers and officials on its website. The RTI was filed by Austin Fernandes on December 8, and the reply from the MEA, which reached him on December 26, said, “This is to state that the Prime Minister of India presents gifts, as per the laid down norms, to various foreign dignitaries during his official visits abroad. Information sought by you relates to details of gifts presented during the period mentioned above. However, disclosure of this information may prejudicially affect India’s relations with the concerned foreign states. Exemption is, therefore, sought under section 8(1) a) RTI Act, 2005, wherein no such information as may prejudicially affect India’s relations with a foreign state need be disclosed.” Seeking logic Earlier this month, Fernandes, who was unhappy with the MEA reply, wrote back to the ministry. In his appeal to the ministry, he has said, “The Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) had thus claimed a blanket exemption under Section 8(1)(a) for all information without any application of mind as to the applicability of exemption in each individual case and has thereby sought to frustrate my application. The reply of the CPIO is illogical, since the Ministry itself maintains a list of gifts received by officials in Toshakhana and regularly publishes the same on the website (Sorry for the inconvenience.). Going by the CPIO’s logic, publication of such a list would then prejudicially affect India’s relations with foreign states, which is surely not the case.” His letter goes on to say, “Many countries, like the United States, maintain lists of gifts given to their officials by foreign officials, which are published on the internet. For example, the US state department website has a list of gifts federal employees have received from foreign government sources Protocol Gift Unit The list for 2011 (http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/210473.pdf) includes on page 12 a gift received by President Barack Obama from Dr.Manmohan Singh, then Prime Minister of India viz. A 20’’ octagonal white marble table top with design of inlaid blue and yellow flowers, and octagonal stand decorated with blue and red flowers. Rec’d—11/18/ 2011. Est. Value $1,375.00. If the foreign recipients of gifts from the Prime Minister of India are pleased to disclose the nature of gifts without any fear of prejudicially affecting relations with India, this surely contradicts the CPIO’s blanket claim of exemption on this ground.” 'Just curious' When mid-day contacted Fernandes, he said, “The reason I filed the RTI was that there was so much hullabaloo over the PM’s visit and he had, in one of his interactions, publicly acknowledged that he had gifted the Gita to the Japanese Emperor. Hence, out of curiosity, I filed the RTI to find out the other gifts given by him and the previous PM in the May 2009-November 2014 period.” mid-day sent a detailed email to the spokesperson of MEA, Syed Akbaruddin, asking him why Fernandes’ request was turned down. We did not receive a reply. Expert speak “The details of these gifts do not spoil the relationship between two countries and should be given. The gifts are bought with money from the exchequer and, hence, information about them should be in the public domain,” said Bhaskar Prabhu, Co-Convenor, National Campaign for People’s Right to Information. Exemption clause Section 8(1) in The Right To Information Act, 2005 states: Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, there shall be no obligation to give any citizen (a) Information, disclosure of which would prejudicially affect the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security, strategic, scientific or economic interests of the State, relation with foreign State or lead to incitement of an offence Sandalwood gift sparked flurry of RTIs PM Narendra Modi’s gift of 2,500 kg of sandalwood to the Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal in August last year had become the subject of one of the highest number of RTIs to the MEA. The questions included the place where the trees had been chopped from, the cost of the 2,500 kg of sandalwood and whether the gift was legal, considering that export of sandalwood is prohibited. Shawl for Sharif’s mom Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam had gushed on Twitter about this shawl that Prime Minister Modi had sent for his mother after the Pakistan PM attended Modi’s swearing-in ceremony last year. “Thank u v much PM @narendramodi for the beautiful shawl for my grandmother. My father personally delivered it to her,” she wrote. Read More: Gifts given by Prime Minister a top-secret: Foreign ministry - News
  16. Home ministry prepares cabinet note proposing to make electoral bribery cognizable offence NEW DELHI: In what could be the first poll reform ushered in by the Modi government, the home ministry has prepared a draft cabinet note proposing to make electoral bribery a cognizable offence under the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC). A cognizable offence is an offence for which a police officer has the authority to make an arrest without a warrant. The police are also allowed to start an investigation with or without the permission of a court for cognizable offences. Currently, bribing voters, in cash or kind, during the election season is a non-cognisable offence under sections 171B/171E of the Indian Penal Code, which attracts only up to one-year of imprisonment or fine as punishment. The Election Commission of India (ECI), in 2012, had asked the home ministry to amend the first schedule of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, to make it a cognizable offence and also increase punishment to up to two years. That suggestion has been accepted by the new government. The home ministry, in a letter dated December 22, 2014, has informed the poll panel that the process to amend the CrPC has been "initiated" and that a draft cabinet note, approved by home minister Rajnath Singh, has been sent to the legislative department to prepare a draft bill. The ministry's letter was in response to the poll panel's query, dated December 11, 2013, regarding the status of the suggestion to make bribery a cognizable offence. "We made this query because it pertains specifically to the home ministry. Other electoral reforms are with the law ministry and they have sent it to the Law Commission for their suggestions on it," said a senior EC official, who did not wish to be identified. The EC has often lamented that without changes in the IPC and CrPC, it is like a toothless tiger as currently bribery is a bailable offence attracting only minimal punishment. "This is required for us to take any effective action. Without a warrant you can't even search the house of person who could be hiding Rs 20 lakh at home to distribute among voters at night,' said another EC official, not authorized to speak to media. Read more at: Home ministry prepares cabinet note proposing to make electoral bribery cognizable offence - The Economic Times
  17. also pls let me know who is the sanctioning authority for an officers post(group A) in the central government organisation(Civil/defence) info by RTI (Proposal put up for sanction of a particular post by the employer specifically in defence) or will this b treated as secret info?
  18. The Ministry of External Affairs has issued a public notice on 30 May 2014 clearly stating that there is no system in place for having any recogonised/authorised passport agents and warned the public about such agents: http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/pdf/Advisory_Caution_For_Public.pdf MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS CPV DIVISION ...... PUBLIC NOTICE No. CPV/PMU/551/10/11 30 May, 2014 It has come to the Ministry’s notice that some private portals/individuals have been claiming that they are ‘recognised /authorised’ by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, to extend passport assistance to the public. The Ministry hereby makes it clear that the passport portal (www.passportindia.gov.in) is the only Government portal offering passport services to citizens within India. The portal is web-based and can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere for seeking passport services. There is no system in place to ‘recognise/authorise’ any individual or any travel agency in this regard in the country. Any one dealing with such fraudulent portals/advertisers/claimants, will do so at his/her own risk and consequence. =============== This is probably a result of countless RTIs filed by me regarding "recogonised/authorised" agents. Generally these were touts who acted in collusion with the RPO staff. In fact the situation in Hyderabad RPO was so bad under the previous Passport Officer that when an citizen applied for a passport, the "information" would be leaked to a agent. The applicant would then get a call from the agent offering to expedite the process on payment of money. The RPO Hyderabad has now got a service desk manned by es serviceman who help complete the application process - for a very small fee. But we Indians are very smart.....the business of agents has now been taken over by Internet Cafes....who help get people appointments in PSKs - also in collusion with the RPO staff and sadly even the TCS staff.
  19. Normally everywhere there is a corruption in Govt. Department but at least there should not be any corruption when its matter of pilgrimage. Ministry of Extrenal Affairs now handles Hajj Committee and Tour Operators for Hajj. The system is totally wrong and citizen looses its fundamentalist rights. Since Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has allotted a quote of approx.1.5 lac pilgrims to India, the quote should be directly distributed to the pilgrims instead of giving it to either Hajj Committee or Tour Operators. There are several tour operators registered with Ministry of Extrenal Affairs who have never organized any tour but they are getting quota from 50 to 200 visas of Hajj and selling them @15000 to @25000 per visa. The Right System is Here:- The full quota of 1.50 lac should be in the hands of Ministry of Extrenal Affairs and a new Hajj Department should be organized. Public should apply for Hajj and in the application form they could write the name of Tour Operator through which they wish to go to Hajj or even they can write as "Hajj Committee". A person can easily visit a tour operator and decide the rate of tour program finazlise all the condition and than just write the name of the Tour Operator in the form. If a person wants to go with Hajj Committee they will write name as Hajj Committee. Accordingly Ministry can forward quotas / visas to the desired tour operators or Hajj Committee. Please look into it. I want to have few details from Ministry of External Affairs and I dont know how to ask an information from RTI, will someone guide me.
  20. sachin21t

    RTI in ministry of defence

    Today i went to GPO pune to submitt a RTI applicationn in the ministry of defence. But they show me thier online regisrtation list of no of ministries / offices in central gov. but their is not included this ministry. they replied that you can apply it but not though RTI channel of post so i applied thorugh register post. WHY this?
  21. As reported by Ashwini Shrivastava in ptinews.com on 23 December 2008: Home, Law min in row over State Emblem of India Act Home, Law min in row over State Emblem of India Act New Delhi, Dec 23 (PTI) When it comes to deciding on prosecution for any violation of the State Emblem, two Union ministries seem to be in a quandary. Correspondence between Home and Law ministries following an RTI application appears to bring out lack of clarity in dealing with violation under the State Emblem of India (SEI) Act, 2005. Despite being the administrative ministry, the Home Ministry has asked the Law ministry to inform "the level of the officer in its (MHA) ministry who may be competent to give sanction for prosecution under the Act." According to an RTI query, the Ministry of Home Affairs was asked to provide details of prosecuting authority in the Centre to sanction prosecution under the State Emblem of India (Prohibition of Improper Use) Act, 2005. The RTI applicant also asked the MHA to advise the number of cases of prosecution instituted under the Act throughout the country along with details of convictions that may have taken place under the SEI Act. The Home Ministry, however, sent the reply that said, "... Information sought by you (the applicant) is being finalised in consultation with the Ministry of Law and Justice". It then forwarded a note to the Law Ministry asking advice, the reply included. The MHA in the RTI reply has also asked the Law ministry "whether an offence under section 3 and/or 4 read with section 7 of the State Emblem of India (Prohibition of Improper Use) Act, 2005 is cognizable or non-cognizable?" PTI
  22. There has been a lot of discussion in this forum about non implementation of Section 4 by Public Authorities (PA's). I came across the following template on a Government Website (linked to website of Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions). It is very exhaustive. If a PA fills this template up dilligently, I think it will meet its obligations under Section 4 of the RTI Act. The template can be viewed at: http://www.righttoinformation.gov.in/Circulars/RTI-Templates.pdf If any member/guest is interested in seeing all Circulars and Notifications issued by the ministry regarding RTI, they can visit: RTI-Circulars
  23. NEW DELHI: The environment ministry, it seems, is so weighed down by its workload that it can’t get its facts right. Responding to two separate Right to Information applications, it has contradicted itself on formulation of new rules to regulate 7,500 km of Indian coastline. In one reply, it denied any attempt to rejig the rules and in another, it admitted that it was finalising a new set of rules to control development activity along coasts. The confusion prevails, despite the fact that the government has availed a $90 million loan from the World Bank to operationalise and ground-test the rules that are yet to be finally approved. TOI had earlier reported on the existence of such rules and its details. The rules, sources said, were now lying with the highest officials in the government for their consideration. In 2004, the government had set up a committee under M S Swaminathan to review coastal regulations. The committee submitted its report in 2005. Since then, the government has been formulating the new rules in a hushed fashion. In its response to one RTI application, the ministry said the Indian Law Institute was commissioned to formulate regulations based on Swaminathan’s report. Several coastal states had written to the government demanding that coastal regulations notified in 1991 under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, be eased to allow ‘development’ of coasts with Maratha strongman Sharad Pawar reportedly pitching hard recently for opening the salt pans of Mumbai to development as well. The 1991 notification has been under severe pressure from the construction lobby and states wanting to open the sea front to development. In submissions made to the government, Maharashtra had demanded that it be allowed to increase the floor space index restriction in the regulated coastal belt. Gujarat wants to open coasts to mining and industry while Kerala and Goa have demanded that the vulnerable coast be opened to tourism. The new draft rules allow the states to undertake commercial activities and infrastructure building like beach tourism, SEZs, water sports, ports, developing salt pans, mining, ship breaking and manufacturing, roads, railways, pipelines, power transmission lines and harbours within areas demarcated by government-hired experts as vulnerable to natural hazards. The demarcation of this vulnerable line is being carried out in some states using the World Bank loan while the draft rules are yet to be finalised. nitin.sethi@timesgroup.com 19 Oct 2007, 0002 hrs IST,Nitin Sethi,TNN
  24. ganpat1956

    NTPC plays golden goose for ministry

    NEW DELHI: NTPC produces power, naturally. Not so naturally, it also supplies to the powerful. India’s top utility, a listed company 10.5% of whose stock is held by the public, is busy these days not just generating thermal power, but also supplying power ministry honchos with eatables, floor carpets, car rides, plasma TVs, even footing their telephone bills. The NTPC chairman and managing director could not be contacted for his comments on the development. A disclosure under the Right to Information (RTI) Act has revealed that NTPC spent more than Rs 50 lakh in the last two years supplying power ministry mavens with a range of comforts ranging from electric lawn mowers to plasma TVs, sure, all for office use. These details were furnished by NTPC after the Central Information Commissioner (CIC) asked the PSU to respond to a petition filed in this regard. The petition, filed by an Allahabad-based individual, had earlier been rejected by NTPC on grounds that the information required was personal in nature. The CIC slammed that defence citing that the main objective of the RTI Act was to ensure transparency in the functioning of public authorities. In its detailed reply, NTPC admits that it had incurred Rs 2.78 lakh in the last two years providing "consumable items" to the ministry. This has been broken down as pantry items (Rs 2.4 lakh) and stationery worth Rs 38,000. NTPC plays golden goose for ministry-Power-Energy-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times
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