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Found 35 results

  1. Hi I would like to make an application under RTI to Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai for a copy of an approved plan of a Building in Western Suburbs of Mumbai. Please let me know a) in whose name the application is to be made ie PIO b) where is to be submitted/despatched c)in whose favour and of what amount is the Bankers cheque to be made? Arif
  2. Hi sir , I would like to know as per law , how many office barer and what are the grade to be present or available in a municipal council , please send me the details of office barer to be available . Thank you pH no .xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  3. rohitgoyal_asn

    list of municipal corporation

    Hi All, I want details of all the municipal corporations and municipality in a particular state. In which department should i send the rti application for the details
  4. Hi All , Kindly help me out with below mentioned query:- I have sent a RTI application to kolkata municipal corporation asking details of a trade license as mentioned in the form by the applicant. The information was denied mentioning that the personal details and trade secrets cannot be share. However i have asked for any trade secret or personal information but rather asked for general information as shop name , shop address etc. Further the same application was accepted by Mumbai Municipal Corporation and they provided me the information. Pls guide what should be my course of action against Kolkata Municipal Corporation???
  5. Namaste. On 3rd December 2013 I had filed an RTI application to Udupi City Municipal Council and asked them information on the construction of a fish market here. I personally handed over the application to the receptionist at the Council after paying Rs 10 fees. I waited for 29 days, I noticed that I hadn't got a reply. On the 30th day (January 2nd, 2014)I personally went to the Council and asked for the reply. I was asked to meet an official, who said that he hadn't even got the application. I showed him the fees receipt and my personal copy of the application. He asked me to come back the next day (January 3rd, 2014) for an official reply. The next day I went back and asked for the reply. I got a letter saying that my application has been forwarded to the Department of Ports and Fisheries as the Council was not involved in the fish market construction. Now, this has been done after 30 days of my filing the application. What do I do now? File an appeal or wait for a reply from the Department? Please help.
  6. According to the direction of Supreme Court of India, all the Medical Establishments ie., Clinics, Labs, Nursing Homes etc. need to have Change of User approved by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai according to DC Rules. As many of them do not have necessary permissions and specifications, their licences have NOT been renewed by MCGM since 1 Year. But the establishments are still working. I wish to know (1) How many Nursing Homes and other Medical Establishments are Registered in MCGM (Ward wise), (2) How many have their Licences Renewed (Ward Wise), (3) How many are operating without Licence (Ward wise) (4) What is the penalty for operating such establishment without licence (5) Who is the officer responsible in the Administration to ensure that such establishments without licence are not allowed to operate, (6) What is the punitive action against the officer who fails in his duty to ensure that the establishment has all the valid license, (7) And in an event where the establishments are being allowed to function without licence then why in the first place acquiring a licence is mandatory.
  7. Hello Members! I urgently need your valuable guidance and help in framing queries to retrieve information using the RTI Act from my city's Municipal Corporation regarding action taken by them on my written request for reconstruction of drain. The background for the same is as under: I lodged a written complaint three months ago with the Complaints Section of my city's Municipal Corporation regarding improper drain (narrow & shallow) in front of my house and opposite my house (approx. 6-8 metres total) due to which dirty water and filth flows out on the road. I also pointed out the fact that this particular area of drain was left out by the Municipal Corporation when they reconstructed the drains of my locality the last time i.e. 8 years ago. I requested them through this letter to reconstruct this area of drain. I got a Docket Number for my complaint. After a few days, seeing nothing happening, I again went to the Municipal Corporation's Complaint Section for enquiring about the matter. The clerk checked the status in his computer and told me that there is no status mentioned so I should go and meet the Junior Engineer in this regard. The J.En. asked me to wait for sometime for the "Tender Process" to get over. I came back but nothing happened. When nothing happened for 2 months, I made a written complaint to the District Collector who must have sent a letter to the Municipal Corporation because two weeks after that, I got a call from the Municipal Corporation informing me- "We will attend to your complaint soon" but still nothing has happened and 3 months have passed. I don't think they have issued any notice for any tender in this regard. Also, I am not sure whether issuing a notice for tender is required for such a small work as this can be treated as repairs. I want to use the RTI Act to get information in this regard urgently. Kindly help me in framing my queries. Thanks & Regards.
  8. Respected sir, I am from Agra I want to know the rights and duties of Mayor of Agra Municipal Corporation. Please send me information about this as early as possible.
  9. Our Society i s regd we individually pay our Property Tax separately to Corporation but there is some outstanding due to the tune of Rs. 6 LAcs befire formation of society which has now increased to 10 lakhs with penalty and interest thecorporation is not giving separate flatwise list even after repeated request and letters as such we r not able to recover that dues and the amount is increasing can we file an RTI to get the break up flatwise
  10. I own a plot in south delhi. I need certified copies of Orders/documents related to my plot (with incomplete construction thereon), which were issued by the MCD but either never reached me or reached me via other sources in photocopy form only. How can I get certified copies of Orders/documents issued by Dy Commissioner (SZ)?
  11. ]RTI NEWS CHANDIGARH 17 DECEMBER 2011 A ‘RULE 49-O’ VOTE CASTED IN POLLING BOOTH IN SECTOR 22-D CHANDIGARH DURING MUNICIPALITY ELECTIONS[ [/b] During the General Election of Councilors for the purpose of constituting the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh under Section 4, which are conducted under Election Commission appointed under Section 7 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act.1957, having the superintendence, direction and control of elections to the preparation of the electoral rolls for and the conduct of all Election to the Corporation and responsible for the functions conferred on the Election Commission. During the these Elections on 17 December 2011 an unprecedented feat has been made in the History of Chandigarh as a voter exercised his right under Regulation 49-O of the Conduct of Election Rules, 1961, in Polling Booth No. 12 in Ward No. 3 by abstaining from the voting after marking himself present at the Booth and signing the register for the purpose. After getting his left index finger marked with indelible ink mark, instead of moving to the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) to cast his vote, the voter moved to the Presiding Officer of the Booth. He announced to the Presiding Officer that he want to exercise his right under Rule 49-O. A near chaos prevailed in the Polling booth, as this was beyond the imagination of the Presiding Officer and other Election Staff on duty in the booth. In a huff the entire staff just become anxious and started looking at the rule book. The presiding officer comforted Voter offer him a chair outside the booth, while they look for the solution. Presiding Officer made some inquiries over telephone to his superiors and, after a while returned to the voter and said, that “Sir, since you are rejecting all the candidates, a remark to the effect “voter rejected vote” will be entered in the register where voter had signed earlier. The presiding Officer did that, Shook hand with the voter and thanked him. Voter moved out leaving everybody perplexed. His voting in this manner will not count but will stand out. He has done so in the wake of notices sent to Election Commission of India to provide a Button on the EVM for Rule 49-O Voting so that the ballot remains secret. On a PIL filed by local lawyer and RTI Activist, H.C. Arora, a Division Bench of the HC comprising CJ Ranjan Gagoi and Justice Surya Kant issued notices for 02 February to Election Commission of India, Chief Electoral Officer Punjab, Union Law and Home Ministries, and State of Punjab. But in the existing procedure the name of the abstaining voter is revealed as the Register on which the voter was made to sign before abstaining is a public record for everyone to access and see. Also under RTI this information and record cannot be denied. Thus, the voter is exposed to exploitation by the vested interests, only due to the faulty procedure, which Election Commission has refused to set right, till now. He plans to obtain the record of the Register signed in the Polling Booth under RTI Act 2005 from the Chief Electoral Officer Chandigarh on Monday 19 December 2011. That humble voter was 59-year old Surendera M. Bhanot, Voter No. 389 in the Part 144 of the Voting List of Poling Booth No. 12 in Sector 22-D, of UT, Chandigarh.

    illegal flat renovation

    Dear Sir, I live in a co-operative housing society of which my wife is the secretary. recently a flat was sold and the new owners have started intense renovation work to the extent of demolishing walls and attempting to illegally encroach upon the flower beds etc. thus defacing the external look of the building. The society has already requested them to furnish the necessary Municipal permissions of revert back to the original plan/layout of the flat. However, the member has not reverted and neither has stopped the renovation. The society has also filed a formal written complaint to the Head of department of the Municipal ward office today to take necessary action as members fear this may also affect the structural strength of the building. However, we fear that no action may be taken since the concerned flat owner is very well connected, influential, and financially well-to-do and has openly told the members that he would "take care" of the municipal officers and possibly bribe them. In view of the above, I have the following questions. 1) Can we file an RTI as a "co-operative society" rather than as "individuals" ? 2) Can we directly demand to know what action will be taken on the complaint registered by the society & enclose a copy of the complaint letter ? Can we also ask for a time frame for action taken? In your expert opinion, will this RTI application act as a follow up to our compalint and also force them to take the complaint seriously. or should we wait for a week and if no action is taken, then we should file an RTI asking for status of the compalint registered by us. Please help!!!
  13. Atul Patankar

    MC website in need of updates

    As reported by Khushboo Sandhu at indianexpress.com on Sep 12 2010 Chandigarh : Outdated information pertaining to nodal officials for RTI queries on display The website of the Municipal Corporation has not been updated for a while now. The names of officials to be contacted for information under the Right to Information Act listed on the website are those who were transferred out from the civic body two years ago. The website mentions the names of Talwinder Dhingra and S K Chadha as Central Public Information Officers and H S Kandhola as the Appellate Officer. None of these officials are working with the civic body at present. While Kandhola was repatriated to his parent cadre around two years ago, S K Chadha and Talwinder Dhingra have not been with the civic body for almost three years now. An RTI activist R K Garg says the information provided on the website is obsolete. “It is against the spirit of RTI: the basic information itself is incorrect. The purpose of having the website is lost if people cannot rely on the information being provided. When a large amount of funds have been spent on revamping the website, the information being provided should also be updated,” he said. Sachin, a resident of Sector 21, says that while he has complained a number of times to the civic body, there has been no improvement in the system. “The website is an example of wastage of public money. People rely on the Internet as an important source of information. We expect such information to be correct. Not everyone can know that these officers are no longer with the Municipal Corporation. It is only when one visits the office of the civic body that he/she comes to know that these officials are not present. We feel harrassed when we do not know whom to contact with complaints in case information provided by the MC is not sufficient,” he said. The lists of the ward committees are also yet to be updated, despite these being formed a couple of months ago. The residents also complain that they rarely get replies to the e-mails they send to the officials. Councillor Pallav Mukherjee says the website has been a complete waste. “There is a need to update the information. The website is in a state of disarray. It should also be ensured that prompt replies are received when communication is sent through e-mails. This is not being done,” he adds. The officials meanwhile say the process of updating the website is going on. Joint Commissioner-II Kamlesh Kumar says: “We will update the information on the website. It has been decided that instead of giving names of officials concerned for getting information under RTI, their designations would be displayed on the website. The process of updating the website is going on. In the coming days the changes would come up.”
  14. As reported by Viju B in timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 09 June 2010: Is BMC falling behind in rat race? - Mumbai - City - The Times of India Is BMC falling behind in rat race? MUMBAI: Human beings and rats compete for space in Mumbai. And by the looks of it, rats are winning the race, as the civic authority is failing miserably in its attempt to decimate the rodent population. Data procured from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation's (BMC) insecticide department show that 3,23,182 rats were killed in the 2005, but last year a mere 1,74,768 rats were eliminated. Civic official admit that the rat and bandicoot population are on the rise. "The main problem is the lack of manpower; there are merely 44 Night Rat Killers (NRK) who have the expertise in killing rats using a primitive but effective method of bludgeoning the rodents to death. We need an army of at least 300 NRKs to cover the city and the suburbs," said a senior civic official. but then NRKs get paid as little as 25 paise for every 30 rats they kill per night. "The NRKs decimated 80-90% of the total rats killed in the last five years," the official added. If left unchecked, the rat population will swell, so the BMC now plans to recruit 180 NRKs. Surprisingly, a large number of wards in south Mumbai have a large population of rats. "In many wards, residents do not clean their surroundings and throw their waste and garbage on the road," said an official with the insecticide department. Ward A (Madanpura, Nagpada, Lamington Road, Tardeo) tops the list with 1.86 lakh rats killed between 2005 and 2009, while B Ward (Masjid, Null Bazaar) comes second with 1.47 lakh rodents killed in the same period. "Rats thrive on garbage and organic waste. While the BMC may not be able to kill them because of lack of manpower, one should remember that rats multiply because of the callous attitude of citizens who dispose of garbage in an unhygienic manner," said RTI activist Chetan Kothari who filed a query on this issue. Sion-based activist G R Vora concurred: "We have noticed that uncovered garbage bins provide sustenance to the city's rats. The BMC should penalise citizens who dumping garbage on roads without a care." The swell in the rat population also poses significant health risks. "It is a known fact that diseases like leptospirosis can be contracted via contact with rats urine, a problem that is exacerbated during the monsoon when people are forced to wade through floods," said Dr Hemant Thacker, consultant at Jaslok Hosptial. '; var stindex=100; var stp=150; var taglen=0; var tmp; var tagcheck = new Array("div","span","br","font","a"); var storycontent = document.getElementById("storydiv").innerHTML; var firstpara = storycontent.substring(0,storycontent.toLowerCase().indexOf("")).toLowerCase(); function findptt(cnt){ zz++; if(zz == 10)return; var xxx=-1,yyy=-1; var ccnt = cnt; for(ii=0; ii "); if(yyy != -1){ taglen += yyy; stp = stp + yyy; yyy+=1; } break; taglen = taglen + tagcheck[ii].length + 3; } } if(xxx == -1 || xxx >= 150){ return; }else{ var tmp2 = ccnt.substring(0,xxx); tmp2 += ccnt.substring((yyy+xxx),ccnt.length); findptt(tmp2); } }findptt(firstpara); if(firstpara.length ")){ }else{ tmpminus = tmpcon.length - tmpcon.lastIndexOf(" =============== Chetan Kothari is a member of this portal and this RTI application and BMC's reply can be seen in the Directory section: Number of Rats killed in Mumbai - RTI Directory
  15. CIC complains to ACB about illegal houses as reported by Ambika Pandit, TNN, Jun 4, 2010, 03.11am IST NEW DELHI: Perturbed by the blatant violation of construction laws and the failure of a system that allows a flourishing nexus between builders and government officials, Central Information Commissioner (CIC) Shailesh Gandhi has lodged a complaint with the state anti-corruption bureau against illegal constructions in the city, including about 140 buildings in the Shahdara area. Gandhi said he felt it was his moral duty to bring such violations to an end even though as a statutory authority he was not empowered to taken action in this matter. Hence, he decided to lodge a complaint with the ACB which registered an FIR under the Prevention of Corruption Act against "officials of the MCD and others'' in February. "As the CIC, I have had the opportunity to decide on a batch of appeals on unauthorised constructions in different parts of the city," the FIR said. Gandhi went on to list various cases he had heard in his capacity as CIC and cited house numbers and details of the sequence of events as laid out by the complainants before him. Gandhi pointed out illegal constructions in Karol Bagh, Shalimar Park and Shahdara among other places. Gandhi cited an appeal which had highlighted unauthorised constructions in 65 buildings in just one MCD zone, Shahdara (South). "Buildings up to four storeys had come up without the MCD's permission. The superintending engineer concerned had acknowledged the presence of these unauthorised constructions. He had even informed the appellant and the commission that construction on 74 other properties in the Shahdara zone had been undertaken without requisite permission from the MCD," Gandhi stated in the FIR. "All these constructions took place in the past six months without any permission. There is a clear modus operandi at work to ensure that illegal buildings can come up without any hindrance. The builder starts construction, most likely in violation of norms, and officials concerned turn a blind eye. And to top it, no cognizance is taken of complaints,'' the FIR said. Gandhi said citizens who exercise their Right to Information (RTI) make little headway as the agencies concerned state in their replies that there's no record of any illegal construction activities. "The buildings are constructed in about six months time and subsequently, declared as old buildings. Such blatant defiance of the law benefits the builders and some government officials, but leads to a breakdown of the legal system," he said in the FIR, adding that it was clear from the magnitude of illegal constructions in the city that they could not have been carried out without help from MCD officials. "It is shameful that government officials in the capital of a country violate the law. Shocked by the extent of unauthorised constructions, the brazenness with which they are carried out and the fact that so many illegal buildings came up in one zone alone, I wrote to the MCD commissioner. In response, he did not give any clear picture of the action taken or what he proposes to do with the erring officials," Gandhi said in the FIR. No arrests have been made so far in the cases cited in the FIR. Additional commissioner of police, ACB, ID Shukla said investigations were on. "Most of the properties with illegal constructions have been identified and the role played by the errant officers will be probed to pin down responsible," Shukla said. CIC complains to ACB about illegal houses - Delhi - City - The Times of India
  16. PMC's got mail, but nobody to check as reported by Snehal Sonawane-Sawant, TNN, May 18, 2010 PUNE: The callous attitude of civic officials towards administrative affairs came to the fore on Monday when Right to Information (RTI) activists found the letter boxes of all the departments, barring three, in the main building of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) not cleared since as long as 2006. All the letter boxes, except that of the municipal commissioner's office, tax collection and assessment department and the city engineer's office, which are kept on the first floor of the building, do not have locks and were overflowing with sealed letters. The RTI activists visited the PMC building to check some documents as municipal records are thrown open to citizens from 3 to 5 pm every Monday. Some activists first noticed some letters lying on the floor near the shelves of the letter-boxes the first floor. As they tried to place the letters back in the box, they realised that most boxes were overflowing. "We discovered this apathy accidentally. The doors of most of the letter boxes were open. Some boxes were filled to the brim and letters were seen kept on the boxes. When checked carefully, we found some sealed letters which were delivered in 2006-07," a visibly upset Vivek Velankar said. Other activists Jugal Rathi, Vishwas Sahasrabuddhe and Pravin Bajaj, who were also present at the time of the discovery, also looked shocked. Rathi said it just shows the civic officials' attitude towards their work as they didn't even bother to collect some very important correspondence. "We found that there was one letter from the information commissioner's office dated 2009 and it was unopened. Imagine if they give least importance to such an important letter, what can the citizens expect from them? There were also some legal notices, applications from job aspirants, dated 2007. They are playing with people's lives," Rathi said. When contacted by TOI, municipal commissioner Mahesh Zagade said it was shocking that such a thing was happening at the civic head-office. "I will not tolerate such negligence. Immediate action will be taken against those found responsible. It is a serious matter, and I will look into it without delay," he said. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/City/Pune/PMCs-got-mail-but-nobody-to-check/articleshow/5942929.cms
  17. As reported by Nidhi Singhi, TNN at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on Apr 1, 2010 LUDHIANA: The officials of municipal corporation continue to show laxity in extending replies to queries submitted under Right to Information Act. During the year 2009-10, of 752 letters received under RTI, MC provided information to only 416 applicants. As many as 336 are still under scrutiny. The civic body has even failed to submit replies sought the state information commission in as many as 23 cases, due to which it has even been penalized. As the financial year drew to a close, officials were seen trying to finish as much work as possible. According to information, of 336 pending cases, the time limit of extending replies to 145 cases has already lapsed. The state information commission also imposed heavy penalty over RTI in-charge of the civic body, K P Singh, said, ‘‘We have disposed of as many cases as possible.’’ The alleged casual approach being adopted by MC in dealing with the applications under RTI Act had also proved dear to it. For instance, in one case, state information commissioner Surinder Singh had asked it to hand over a compensation of Rs 5,000 to an appellant on October 20, 2009 for delaying information. Similarly, on May 6, 2009, Punjab Information Commission imposed a penalty of Rs 22,500 on three municipal corporation officers for their failure to provide information under RTI Act within the prescribed period of 30 days to NGO, Anti-corruption and Crime Investigation Cell. In another case, a penalty of Rs 10,000 was slapped on legal adviser-cum-PIO of MC Kanwaljit Singh Kahlon and a fine of Rs 2,500 on the then joint commissioner-cum-PIO Devinder Singh for failing to provide information to an NGO, Resurgence India. A penalty of Rs 10,000 was imposed then executive engineer, zone C, HS Khosa for denial of information on the pretext of third party information. In this case, the information was sought in August 2008 about matters concerning metalling of Gill Road. Source: Civic body ?takes it easy? on RTI applications - Ludhiana - City - The Times of India
  18. I have submitted an application to Guntur Municipal Corporation seeking information on the 14 surplus lands/sites sanctioned by State Govt.for construction of Schools, Public Health Centres, Community Centres etc., during the year 2008. I have furnished the Survey numbers,location and extent of each land/site in my application. The information sought for is 1. Whether the all lands/sites are in the possession of the Corporation. 2. Particulars of boundaries of each land/site. 3. Detials of constructions made/started in those lands/sites. 4. Details of measures taken to protect the lands/sites from grabbers i.e., laying fencing, construction of compound wall etc. The reply given by the PIO. With reference to your representation it is to inform that the required information about Survey Nos. particulars in the Survey No. can be provided. You shall pay Rs.250/- per each Survey No. The content of this letter may be understood that I have to pay Rs. 3500/- for 14 sites information. I think that the information sought for may be maximum 14 pages i.e.,one page per one land/site. But the PIO has not informed the number of pages to be supplied. Now whether I have to write the PIO to inform the number of pages to be supplied or file first appeal to the A.A.
  19. Vannakkam Members As requested by Mr. Karira the success story is narrated hereunder: In Tamilnadu, Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation area Ward No: 53, one miscreant encroached corporation common lane area and the neighbour's area and constructed a over bridge from North side house to South side house owned by the miscreant and his wife. This was done in the year 2007. This illegal acts was informed to the Municipal Corporation Authorities through complaint petitions by the neighbour and the common public. There existed Laxity and Lack of Alertness on the part of the Municipal Corporation Planning Department Officials, since they were purchased by the miscrant. The neighbour who was affected approached me ( I am an Advocate) seeking my opinion and to file a suit in the appropriate Court. I have gone through the facts and events happened, and thoroughly gone through the complaints already lodged before the Municipal Corporation Authorities, and observed the inactiveness on the part of the Authorities concerned. It is a naked truth that the Judicial process is a lengthiest and expensive one, and hence I adviced my client to send an application U/s 6(1) RTI Act, 2005, seeking information about the date of approval of the buildings plans sanction for the houses constructed by the said miscreant and his wife. In the same application my client had sought information about the status of each Town Survey Number (as per Corporation Records) adjacent to the newly constructed buildings and the measurement of each number and ownership details along with certified copies. The Application under RTI Act, 2005, was sent in the month of November, 2008.to the PIO of the Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation. The PIO had failed to send the reply even after 50 days, and hence I advised my client to file first appial under RTI Act, 2005, Section 19(1). The appeal was filed before the appellate authority in the Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation (The Commissioner, Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation), in the last week of December 2008. The Corporation Officials were alerted and made to a fix to see the back files and to inspect the building sites. The Officials one by one visited to the sites in the month of January, 2009 and inspected and issued notice to the miscreants to remove the unauthorised construction by encroaching the corporation area, and the naighbour owned by my client. The miscreants are removing the unauthorised constructed area stage by stage and forced to clear the encroached area. This is a great success to a law abiding citizen of India through RTI Act with less expense. Balu A.
  20. Hello, I would like to know how to access information regarding Loans from a particular Municipal corporation. Suppose I want to know how much loan it had taken in last 10 years & how much it had paid back, whom & where should I contact?
  21. I used this site to file for RTI applications with GHMC - Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Right To Information Register But i doubt if it is working and wanted to find if anyone has managed to get an RTI application serviced completely using the online form. The reason i got a doubt is my RTI registration number is 10RTI1031 and based on this pattern i started looking at statuses of other apps (10RTI1001, 1002 and so on) and found that ALL the applications are PENDING. I even went to last year's applications (09RTIXXX) and and they are ALL pending as well. I get a feeling that online applications are either not being followed up correctly (which is more likely) OR they are not having all the information so the departments are unable to give the required info. Anybody has any thoughts on this?
  22. As reported by Sachin Dravekar at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 16 November 2009 NAGPUR: Nagpur Municipal Corporation, that pleads lack of funds for virtually everything, does not mind splurging citizens' money on official vehicles of mayor, municipal commissioner, civic officials and office bearers, often against the rules. The shocking facts was revealed in answer to a Right to Information (RTI) query filed by N L Sawarkar, general secretary of Jansamasya Nivaran Sangharsh Samiti, recently. Citing funds crunch, the NMC has also effected steep hike in water and property taxes and tried to fleece citizens by making licences mandatory for shop owners, hawkers and hospitals. It often blames its poor financial condition for absence of such basic works like repairing pot-holes and providing toilet for citizens. As per the information provided by general administration department (GAD) of civic body, the NMC spent Rs 39.47 lakh on fuel for 32 official vehicles this year. Last year, NMC had spent Rs 36.80 lakh for the same. Mayor Maya Iwnate has three vehicles for herself-- a Hyundai Elantra (MH-31 CE1), an Ambassador (MH-31 Z 128) and a Maruti Gypsy (MH-31 AG 9469) and incurred an expenditure of Rs 5.90 lakh this year (2008-09). This is Rs 1.58 lakh more than last year. Municipal commissioner Aseem Gupta spent Rs 1.94 lakh on his two official vehicles-- a Hyundai Accent (MH-31 BG-1) and an Ambassador (MH-31 G 9909)-- this year which is Rs 60,913 more than last year. Sawarkar told TOI that there was a state government's directive to allot only one official vehicle to one person. TOI had recently exposed that the civic bosses and office bearers in the municipal corporation were also employing multiple peons in their offices. The civic chief has an astounding 11 peons deployed at his residence and three at office, mayor has five peons, deputy mayor Kishor Kumeria has four peons while leader of opposition and NMC standing committee chairman have three peons each. Most of the time they do not have any official work and are often used for carrying out personal or political work of their boss. The vehicle of deputy mayor Kumeria-- an Ambassador (MH-31 BG-2)-- incurred an expenditure of Rs 2.75 lakh while that of standing panel head Pravin Bhisikar's vehicle Rs 1.70 lakh. Additional municipal commissioner Vishnupad Bute's Maruti Esteem consumed Rs 1.23 lakh worth of fuel and ruling party leader Anil Sole's official Ambassador Rs 1.11 lakh. Total expenditure came to Rs 39.47 lakh. Sawarkar further said when the divisional commissioner, who looked after the entire administration of five districts, and Nagpur Zilla Parishad president and chief executive officer were had only one vehicle each, how could the mayor and municipal commissioner get multiple vehicles. Source: Mayor has 3 cars, civic chief reveals more abuse of power - Nagpur - City - The Times of India
  23. Atul Patankar

    MC lax towards the RTI Act

    As reported by Manvinder Singh at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 16 August, 2009 LUDHIANA: Though strict actions had been taken many a time against the Municipal Corporation (MC) officers due to there callous attitude towards giving the information under the Right to Information (RTI) act but they continue to defy the law as more then 60% of the total applications received by them ever since the inception of the act have not been replied yet. This is contrary to the fact that two of its senior officers Joint Commissioner Mahinder Pal Gupta and Assistant Commissioner VK Sharda had tendered written unconditional apology from the State Information Commission. The information attained by the RTI activist Rohit Sabharwal the President of the Anti Corruption and crime investigation cell in this regard from the MC presents the grim picture of the havoc created by the civic body officers with the act that aims in empowering the general masses. Just look at this fact since the implementation of act from February 2nd, 2006 to March 31st, 2007 the civic body received 682 applications under the act out of which only 281 have been answered by it but 401 out of them are lying pending with it. Similarly from April 1st, 2007 to March 31st, 2008 the MC received 963 applications under the act out of which 452 are lying pending with the civic body. But the civic body created the mess in the last year as April 1st, 2008 to March 31st, 2009 it received 1143 application sunder the act out of which only 353 have been answered and a whopping figure of 790 applications are still pending with it. In the same manner from April 1st 2009 till July 30th, 2009 the MC has received 310 applications out of which 184 are pending. Talking to the TOI Sabharwal said that the present state of affairs as exposed by this information is only reflective of the chaotic state of affairs in the department. He said that all of this is despite the fact that the Punjab State Information Commission has penalized the MC officials more than two dozen times and has also directed disciplinary action under the Punjab Government Service Rules against their top brass. Sabharwal said that the basic intention of the MC officers behind denying information under the act is that their misdeeds should not come out in open to the public. Source: MC lax towards the RTI Act - Ludhiana - City - NEWS - The Times of India
  24. Dear Friends I have gained a lot of information from our circle. Further I want any one of you to help me draft an application for seeking information from Municipal authorities on the upcoming shopping complexes in Hyderabad and also the related mandatory rules governing establishment of such complexes. The main problem is that we have severe traffic problems and fire accidents in such complexes and authorities are turning blind eye towards them. Please provide all the questions which can be put in one application under RTI.
  25. As reported by TNN in timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 05 October 2008: BMC officer sat on 67 RTI queries-Mumbai-Cities-The Times of India BMC officer sat on 67 RTI queries MUMBAI: What do you do when babus refuse to hear your appeals under the Right to Information (RTI) Act? You file a series of RTI queries asking for the status of these appeals. That’s what a group of civic activists did when ward officials sat on appeals pending for months. Acting on these RTI queries, the civic administration initiated an inquiry against ward officer A B Khanolkar after it was found that during his tenure as assistant commissioner in Dadar-Mahim (G-north), he did not take up for hearing as many as 67 RTI appeals. “He never bothered to even look at these pending appeals. This is in blatant violation of the RTI Act,’’ said Bhaskar Prabhu of Mahiti Adhikar Manch, an NGO that takes up RTI-related issues. Prabhu had filed an RTI query, seeking details of pendency of appeals across wards after he came to know that public information officers and appellate authorities were delaying giving information within the stipulated 30-day period. S K Nangia, coordinator of AGNI, another NGO, then followed up on the matter. He filed an RTI query asking what action had been taken against Khanolkar for this “dereliction of duty”. “I got a reply from deputy municipal commissioner Sudhir S Naik saying a showcause notice had been issued against Khanolkar, asking him to explain the lapses,’’ Nangia said. Activists were shocked that though a monthly review meeting was conducted across all wards, the G-north ward officials initially claimed that there was no pendency of appeals. “It was only when we filed an RTI query that the lapse came to light,’’ Nangia said. Meanwhile, Khanolkar said the delay was not due to his fault and the office superintendent did not submit the files to him on time. “I did not know that the hearing for these cases was pending. Once I came to know about it, the cases have been disposed of,’’ he said. A senior official with the municipal corporation said the appellate authority (in this case Khanolkar) was fully responsible for taking up the cases and could not shrug off his duty. TOI had earlier reported about how the huge pendency of appeals was slowly rendering the RTI Act ineffective in the long run. The six information commissions across Maharashtra had a whopping 16,866 appeals pending till June this year. Mumbai alone had 4,818 appeals pending till June. The information commissions received 26,870 appeals but disposed of only 9,914 in the same period.
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