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  1. [h=1]2000 govt organisations to accept online RTI applications[/h] This is the headlines of one of the newspaper which states that The newspaper states that After that there is some unrelated news to the main topic. Let us find out those 2000 Government Departments, they are large. What do you think?
  2. A Mumbai guy filed a RTI asking if the government is prepared for a zombie attack on India! Seriously This is what has been published in the news articles: Here’s what he exactly wants to know. Read the News here It's not just the foolishness of a person, its even worst to make a news (read TRP) about it. Your views please.
  3. I am married with my wife on 2008 March. Wife had a conjugal life of hardly 3 months with me, sometime in my native and for 1 month with me, left matrimonial house in 2009. Although my native place is in Raiganj, i live in Kolkata. She and her parents use to abuse me althrough-out. My father expired on April'2012. Earlier father has filed general diary against my wife, her parents on 2010 with local police station and again reported the same on 2011 giving all the details that she does not live with me, not returned bacl and I stay far away from kolkata. Wife filed dVA and maintanance case against me on May'2012. Lower district court send notice to me along with my widow mother and my brother. during june'12. My widow mother accepted her but denied to take notice addressed to me and my brother as a reason that she is not in contact with her children. I have not received/accepted court notice/summons till date although a letter basis court ex-parte judgement on monthly maintanance of 20K and arranging her to stay in my native house was shared to me via protection officer on July 2013. I handed the same to local lawyer. Now court has ordered warrant against me whose executing order is still pending. My wife with help of protection officer brought police along with protection officer, broke lock and keys of my native home last week where nobody stayed. Wife started living along with her mother regularly. Local lawyers told me that there is nothing to worry as because summons/notice were not sent to me through proper channels. Pasting in my residential place, court did not accept the same. No publication in newspaper as well. Although a court record exists that they have sent the same to my kolkata adrress. But I did not acknowldege the same at any stage nor did I recieve. Local Lawyer has done a RTI to get top of it as how the summons were served Particulars of Information to be sought are:- a) To which address the summary of Mr. Suman Ghosh S/O Late Suprabhat Ghosh the O.P No 1 of case no CR 292/2012 of Ld Addl J.M was sent by the protection officer? b) By which process the summons were sent? c) Whether any summon/notice was sent to the address of working place of the O.P No1 Mr. Suman Ghosh of case no C.R.292/12 by the protection officer before 18-12-2012? If so by what mode? d) Whether any summon or notice of case no C.R 292/12 was served upon O.P Suman Ghosh S/O Late Suprabhat Ghosh personally? e) Was there any impediment/objection to serve the summon on him personally? If so what was the reason? Kindly let me know what may be the outcome and how many days does it take to get informations on RTI. I shall be waiting for expert input on the same. Regards Suman
  4. PATNA: The irony could not have been more pronounced: When this newspaper asked Bihar State Milk Cooperative Federation Ltd (Comfed) MD Harjot Kaur why milk was being sold @ Rs 33 to 43/litre in Bihar and Rs 25/litre to a private dairy at Joya in Moradabad, she banged the phone. When the report got into print on May 29, the MD of Vaishal-Pataliputra Milk Union (VPMU) - one of the milk unions under the cooperative - presumably took it upon himself to deny the report, of which VPMU is only a small part. 'Presumably' because the denial is on plain paper, not on letter head, and the signature is also illegible. It does not have even a letter number. The gist of the three-page denial, which has used terms like 'baseless', 'misleading' and their synonyms at least 36 times, is that the TOI report is bunkum. Kaur, on her part, held a press conference to trash the TOI story. This newspaper was not invited to the presser. We exercised our RTI (right to information) to know who is misleading whom. And according to documents procured under the RTI Act, the state animal husbandry and fisheries department received complaints earlier this year, alleging milk unions under Comfed were sending lakhs of litres of milk to private dairies in Delhi and Moradabad for processing the same as powder. Thus, the milk powder plants, opened by the Bihar government investing crores from the state exchequer, are not being utilized. This causes losses worth crores to the state every month, the complaints alleged and added one private party was selected in violation of tender rules. Read more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/City/Patna/Bihar-milk-to-Moradabad-Who-is-misleading-whom/articleshow/36170685.cms
  5. chinmay.mandal

    Newtech La Galaxia

    Dear Sir/Ma'am, I want to know about a property, Newtech La Galaxia, Surajpur, Greater Noida. I wanted to know if the property is cleared from any disputes. Please advice. Regards, Chinmay
  6. Hi All, Don't you all feel disgusted and upset when you check newspaper or any news-channel as it only shows news related to scams, scandals, exploitation on minors, corruption cases, molestation, and all other anti social activities. There are very few news sources which share positive, inspiring stories, stories of unsung heroes of the country. I have come across one such news source which shares positive, inspiring, and happy news. You can all check it out: Happy News India | Facebook I think you guys will surely like this!! If you know any such story or if you would like to become a citizen journalist, then this is th place to be the part of.
  7. 8pmnews.com latest update news world news, india news, ap news, political news ,2011Tollywood gossip, telugu moves reviews, update news, ap, india,bollywood,celebrity, IT technology news,political, hot images tollywood, telugu celebrity gallery, breaking news ap india, tollywood news, telugu news, tollywood entertainment news, telugu music, toolywood gossips, latest videos, business news, spots news, latest tollywood galleries, tollwood celebrity news, toollywood movie reviews, events, tollywood actress & actor images.
  8. Hello and Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who takes the trouble to answer this question. I had submitted some original newspaper cuttings of a local Marathi newspaper, printed in the last week of Feb. 2005, as Evidence in a case of Defamation, in a Court Case in which I am the Plaintiff. The Case came up for hearing last week and I was told that the cuttings I had filed were not acceptable in Evidence. I cannot get fresh copies of the newspapers of those dates now (I have tried to do this already). Neither is the electronic format of the newspaper of that period available. So I am wondering if I can ask the concerned newspaper (they are one of the Defendants in the Court Case) under RTI, whether they have published such-and-such articles (about me) on so-and-so dates? If the newspaper is obliged to answer this question under the RTI Act, it would help me somewhat in the Court Case. Do newspapers come under the purview of RTI in this regard? I am a lady doctor that was assaulted by some political lumpen elements in Feb. 2005. They then contrived to get the newspaper to publish articles about me, which are defamatory. I would sincerely be grateful for guidance given on this Forum.
  9. abhinavpratapsingh

    Hello Seniors warm Regrds to you

    Hello I Am Abhinav Singh From Kanpur...I working as a Repoter For a Monthly news paper for rural india ...
  10. How often do you want to receive SMS's from RTI India SMS Channel ? RTI INDIA started RTI INDIA SMS channel to extend the reach of RTI beyond website and spread awareness about RTI. This service is free subscription based service and can be subscribed without the membership at rtiindia.org also. Many users have come up with suggestions on number of SMS that they find it acceptable to receive in a day. We would like to inform that number of SMS and the timings of SMS is completely controlled by the subscribers themself. Here is how: How many SMS can I receive per day? By default, you will receive 10 messages each day. You can increase this limit, by going to the 'Settings' link and entering a number you are comfortable with against 'Maximum messages per day:' Do Not Disturb (DND) feature If you do not wish to receive SMS then send one of the following commands 'dndon' OR 'donotdisturb' OR 'nodisturb' to 9870807070 How do I subscribe to a channel? To subscribe to a channel, click the 'Subscribe' button below the RTIINDIASMS description on the Browse channels page or on the Channels detail page. You can also click the 'Accept invitation' button below the channel description to subscribe to a channel that you've been invited to. To subscribe using your phone, you will need to send the following SMS to 9870807070: ON RTIINDIASMS You'll receive a confirmation message and the last message posted on the RTIINDIASMS to confirm your subscription. I don't want to be spammed by a lot of messages during busy hours. How can I control the number of messages I receive? Can I specify when I receive the messages? You can specify the maximum number of messages along with the time interval when you wish to receive them in a day. To specify these on the website, click the 'Settings' link. To do so using your phone, SMS 'SET max start end " to 9870807070. to be specified in hh:mm:am(or pm)format. For example, to limit the number of messages to 5 per day and to only receive them between 10:00am and 6:00pm , send the following SMS to 9870807070: SET MAX 5 START 10:00:am END 6:00:pm If the number of messages posted across your subscribed channels exceeds the maximum limit, you'll receive an alert along with instructions to retrieve the extra messages, if you'd like. Note: Operator-related fluctuations in delivery times of messages are beyond our control How do I unsubscribe from a channel? To unsubscribe from a channel, go to the 'My Channels' tab on the web front end. For the channel you'd like to unsubscribe from, simply click the 'Unsubscribe' button. To unsubscribe using your phone, SMS 'OFF ', to 9870807070 where is the name of the channel. For example, send the following SMS to 9870807070 to unsubscribe from RTIINDIASMS channel: OFF RTIINDIASMS I've registered to SMS Channels, but I receive too many messages per day. What do I do? By default you should receive only 10 messages per day. You can change this setting by going to the Settings page. If you are receiving too many messages please check the settings and input the appropriate number of messages that you would like to receive per day. However we still would like to know how much is the acceptability on numbers of SMS per day, because every SMS sent by us require efforts from our team. So please vote in this thread to let us know!
  11. Where should the buck stop? Is RTI Act limited to Grievance redressal like getting passport, voter ID, EPF? How do we use it constructively, say to help Government in formulating newer policy, or doing gap analysis on ongoing projects e.t.c. What are your view points?
  12. karira

    rtiindia.org in the news

    If FTAs, the nuclear deal, SEZs and so on were India’s attempt to fashion policy to keep up with her neighbours, a large part of the UPA’s efforts, both in its first avataar as well as the current one, is to extend the domestic reforms of the 1990s to the provision of services for the poor. Top on the list is the Right to Information (RTI) Act. A brainchild of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, the RTI really flowed from the work of activists such as Aruna Roy who campaigned for the right to get muster roll data for various anti-poverty programmes. RTI portal rtiindia.org has already got 100,000 registered users, a sign of just how popular the RTI has become. Extract from: Re-engaging with the world
  13. I know that prima facie it appears too foolish. But is it that foolish ? Can't the fertile minds of this forum put our head togther to create a cituation bringing the Press also under RTI ? Of cource I have been maintaining an utopian idea which no none other than me is likely to agree. According to me everything in India is under its Constitution . Any public functionery inluding media function at the will and pleasure of the government. How can we say that the government has no control over the Press. The government can make the Press close down suo motu in many ways. What will happen if the government declare that the RTI is applicable to Press ? In fact the CIC and SICs can do it. Let the Press challenge it and make themselves a laughing stock of opposing one of the basic principles of the constitution The Press of a democratic country has the liberty to say no. Let them say 'No' The government has to take a stand that in case the Press is not prepared to abide by principles envisaged in the constitution vis-a-vis freedom of expression, it has all the liberty to take it out of control of government thereby sans advertisement, sans special quota of newsprint, sans concessions in vrious fields, sans invitation to attend government functions, sans release of government news, sans invitation to government Press conferences, sans attention of its existance. Let that paticular Paper function the way it desire without any of the controls or concesions from government. I have no doubt that the Press will fall at the feet and agree to abide by RTI. Cant' we persue ? We can project the question or seek the inconvenient informtion from the public authority under whom the particular media falls for administrative support..
  14. ganpat1956

    Distressing news from Tamilnadu

    A 67-year old consumer activist from Salem was assaulted by some persons for seeking information under RTI Act.(Reported in "the Hindu" dt 01.12.2006) Mr A Annamalai of FEDCOT sought information under RTI Act about the waiver of loans by a cooperative society in his village. Following this, he was abused and attacked in front of his house. Following a complaint by one of the assailants, Mr Annamalai, a one-time Bhoodhan Movement leader, was taken to the police station and and made to sit on the floor in a corner. He was also abused and treated like a criminal. The police, instead of taking action against the asailants, obtained a commitment from him in writing that he would not file similar petitions in future. ===== Only last week, the office of another veteran consumer activist, "Traffic Ramaswamy", was ransacked in Chennai, following which, the Madras High Court has ordered a gun-man security for him. Mr Ramaswamy has filed a number of Public Interest Litigations in Madras High Court (This incident along with an interview was telecast in NDTV on 30.11.2006).
  15. NEW DELHI: Magassay award winner Arvind Kajriwal on Sunday urged the Delhi government to replicate the Bihar RTI model where applicants use helpline services, saying it would simplify the procedure of filing the applications. "Replicate the model of Bihar, in which instead of writing an application for seeking information, all one has to do is to dial a helpline number. A Rs 10 RTI application fee will be added to the telephone call charge," he said. "We will have to simplify the process of filing the RTI applications. The applicant does not know how to draft an RTI application," he said at a seminar on Right To Information Act organised by YMCA here. Source: Replicate Bihar model RTI act: Arvind Kajriwal-India-The Times of India
  16. Any news on priority given to senior citizens by CIC ? CIC ASKS SECOND APPEALS IN BOTH CATEGORIES TO BE GIVEN PREFERENCE Pune, June 01: Second appeals filed by senior citizens and differently abled persons under the Right to Information Act (RTI) will now be taken on a high priority basis, according to a directive of the Central Information Commission (CIC) in response to a petition by city-based activist Vihar Durve. The commission issued the instruction on June 19, after an email by Durve to the Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah on June 17. “The issue was discussed and agreed upon ahead of the agendas for that day. However, I had also made an appeal to consider people below poverty line which was not looked into,” said Durve. RTI petitions are first filed with the public information officer and then the first appeal is filed with the first appellate authority; the time limit in case of the reply for both the petition as well as appeal being 30 days. If the petitioner is unsatisfied with this reply, the next resort is a second appeal with the CIC or the SCIC. Durve said that the CIC which used to take four to six months to hear Central Government related second appeals and more than one and a half years to hear State related second appeals will now be giving priority to the cases in the two categories. “The demand was to fix a time limit of 30 days for the second appeal too, but the CIC has not committed to this. There are more than 2,000 second appeals pending before the city information commissioner. At least now it becomes mandatory for the State information commissions to give high priority to senior citizens and differently abled persons,” he said. Durve had sent the email on the basis of a 1996 High court circular, which said, “precedence would be given by courts for hearing and final disposal of cases wherein one of the parties is of advanced age who has crossed 70 years of age.” However, Durve said that the petitioners should send their age proof and differently abled medical certificate along with the RTI application. “For, senior citizens and physically challenged if appeals are already pending with the CIC/SCIC, they should write to the CIC/ SCIC about their status,” he said. (Acknowledged to Express News Service)
  17. ganpat1956

    News from Australia

    FOI requests costs hit $24.9 million January 12, 2007 THE Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs received more calls from the public trying to access information than any other agency in 2005/06, a government report showed today. The annual report of the Freedom of Information Act 1986 showed that government agencies received a total 41,430 requests in 2005/06, of which 94 per cent were granted. The processing of these requests cost the Government $24.9 million at an average of $601 per request. Only 2 per cent of the total was recovered in fees and charges. The immigration department received 14,627 requests, followed by Centrelink with 13,817 and the Department of Veterans' Affairs at 8330. Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said in releasing the report that the Act was achieving its intended purpose. “As far as possible, it gives the Australian community access to information held by the Australian government and facilitates access to personal information.” Eighty-five per cent of requests were for personal information about the applicant and other people. The remaining 15 per cent were for documents containing other information, such as documents concerning policy development and government decision making. The number of requests in 2005/06 compared with 39,265 in 2004/05 and 42,627 in 2003/04. Mr Ruddock said fees and charges had not increased since November 1986 when Labor was in government. “This demonstrates the Government's strong commitment to openness and accountability.” FOI requests costs hit $24.9 million | | The Australian
  18. NOIDA: RTI activists are up in arms against a notice issued by the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA) on Thursday, which says that an RTI applicant will be charged Rs 400 on first appeal, and another Rs 100 for getting the judgment of an appellate authority. They say this is an attempt to defang the Act by discouraging RTI applications and shield corrupt officials. As RTI activist and Magsaysay Award winner Arvind Kejriwal puts it: "It is an illegal and shameless attempt to cover up NOIDA's nefarious activities." The NGO, Parivartan, too condemned this as "subverting of the RTI Act". Expressing concern over the turn of events, state chief information commissioner Gyanendra Sharma said: "NOIDA's CEO cannot levy any charges for an appeal under the RTI Act. I have summoned the NOIDA principal information officer to Lucknow on Monday." It all began with NOIDA releasing a notice to a section of the media on Thursday. The notice said a "fee of Rs 400 will be charged if an RTI applicant files an appeal before Noida's appellate authority, about NOIDA not providing timely or desired information. Also, Rs 100 will be charged for obtaining the judgement of the appellate authority, who is NOIDA's additional chief executive officer." NOIDA has even introduced some "amendments" in the Act. While the law says information under the Act can be held up in "public interest", the NOIDA website announces it can be held up "in the interest of the authority" too. The website further states that the "competent authority" is the CEO of NOIDA. However, Section 28 (2) of the RTI Act limits the "competent authority" to speakers of legislative bodies, the President, state governors, Supreme Court and high court chief justices and administrators of Union Territories. Also, the RTI Act has no provision which allows even the "competent authority" to levy any fee for appeals. The competent authority can only regulate the cost of providing the information. Said RTI activist Commander (retd) Lokesh Batra: "Levying a fee for appeals is like saying the appellant will be penalised if NOIDA does not provide information under the Act. This move is an attempt to cover up corruption in NOIDA." In Jalvayu Vihar, claimed Batra, NOIDA has "even stopped providing sanitation facilities after a number of applications under the RTI Act were filed by the residents". Asked to comment, NOIDA CEO Sanjiv Saran asked to contact his deputy, saying: "Deputy CEO C P Singh is looking after RTI here. Please ask him." When Singh was approached, he in turn said, "Please ask the CEO as he looks after RTI."
  19. ganpat1956

    Tamilnadu RTI news

    For the benefit of the RTI community, I furnish hereunder extracts from a news report that appeared in the Chennai edition of Indian Express(16.11.2006): "The RTI Act is gaining momentum with around 300 NGOs including consumer groups, pensioner associations, women's group and trade unions joining hands for the state-wide RTI campaign The month long campaign is being headed by the Federation of Consumer Organisations-Tamilnadu & Pondicherry(FEDCOT) Besides conducting street corner meetings everyday, they have also been distributing phamplets in schools, colleges and among the general public on how they can utilise the RTI Act to get information from the public authorities."
  20. Times of India Report on 25th: NEW DELHI: In just one year of implementation of Right to Information (RTI) Act 2005, your right is already in trouble. An examination of appeals pending with Central Information Commission (CIC), the final appellate body for RTI Act, reveals that on an average an applicant has to wait at least seven months to be heard. And experts predict that at this rate within two months, this waiting time is all set to increase to two years. If this is shocking, then wait till you see how CIC has been disposing these cases. According to a survey conducted by Parivartan, an NGO, of 568 appeals before CIC, 309 cases were disposed of without even being heard. Neither the applicant nor the public information officer (PIO) was called in these cases. This means that over 54% of the applicant were not even heard. According to RTI Rules 2005, it is upto the appellant to decide whether he wants to heard in person or in writing or not heard at all. The appeal rules lay down that it is the duty of CIC to give them an opportunity to be heard. CIC, however, says that it is not possible to call all appellants. Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah said: "The Commission cannot call everyone. If we start calling each appellant, we would not be able to dispose of appeals. We call people when we see the need for it." Legal experts, however, say that this is against the principle of natural justice. RTI expert and Magsaysay award winner Arvind Kejriwal said: "Their job is not to dispose appeals but to dispense justice. What would happen if Supreme Court starts saying this?" The disposal system is slowing down. The number of appeals are increasing at a very fast pace. On September 4 this year, CIC received 89 appeals in a single day. In the last one year till September 8, 2006, CIC had received 3,059 applications. Out of this number, it has disposed only 1,531 cases. The waiting period of applicants varies. While R P Jain, a Delhi resident, had to wait 195 days before his case was disposed, Piyush Mahapatra had to wait for 72 days. Habibullah said: "We set ourselves a two month target to dispose one case. I agree, this wait is much longer in many cases. But we are trying to improve our system. We have engaged data entry operators to get a system in order. As soon as a case comes to us, we would feed it in our system. We are trying to make some changes." Kejriwal, however, disagrees. "There is a need to impose penalties. Since CIC is not willing to impose penalties, the government officers are not scared to deny information and every case goes to CIC. At this rate, the waiting period of each appeal would increase manifold in just two months." Of the 1,531 cases disposed so far, CIC has given two orders issuing penalties against officers. While it has already withdrawn one order, it is in the process of withdrawing the second one as well. [sourse: TOI 25th Sept 2006]
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