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  1. Maharashtra State Information Commission (SIC) does not have information on its own orders that were challenged in courts, an RTI query revealed. The RTI was filed by city-based activist Anil Galgali seeking details of the orders it had passed that were challenged in courts. However, desk officer and Public Information Officer of the Commission M Kamble informed Galgali recently that no compiled information was available with the office in this regard. The Commission also informed him that no special lawyers were appointed to represent it in the court. Read more at; Maha Info Commission fails to provide data on its own orders | Business Standard News
  2. Ashok Nagar bandikui

    Indian postal orders validity

    I have filed a RTI on 1 may 2014 and IPO Date was 4 nov. 2013 Now he is denying for Information. Whether he is right or not?
  3. [h=1]No orders for Oct 2, Jan 26 and Aug 15 holidays?[/h] Lucknow: Even as India has observed Jan 26, Aug 15 and Oct 2 as national holidays, the government does not seem to have issued any formal orders for the same. The disclosure from the central home ministry came in response to an application under the Right to Information (RTI) Act 2005 filed by 10-year-old Aishwarya Parashar here. Read at: No orders for Oct 2, Jan 26 and Aug 15 holidays? | Zee News
  4. I have recently saw in one of the post that the Hon'ble UPSIC has recommended for CBI enquiry (If right 2 orders). Can any of our learned members can upload this order or give the link.
  5. I am attaching decision dated 01-04-2015 of CIC. Hats off to Ld. IC for such a decision. PENSION 48 HRS 010415.pdf
  6. NEW DELHI: The Central Information Commission today deferred the matter of bringing Delhi and District Cricket Association under the RTI Act "sine die" in a split verdict with one of three Information Commissioners ordered SFIO inquiry against the cricketing body. Read more at:Central Information Commission split over bringing DDCA under RTI; one IC orders inquiry - The Economic Times
  7. The orders of the CIC are as under : CIC/KY/A/2014/001348SA 3. This is a case where a wife is seeking the information about the medical records of her husband, who alleged to have physically tortured her due to his mental illness. The appellant and her brother alleged that husband and his relatives have suppressed the truth about his mental health to cheat her into marriage, which proved a hell for her thereafter. 4. It is a fact that husband was treated at respondent’s hospital as borne by medical record which she was asking for. Mrs Jyoti Jeena sought for copy of all the papers, documents, records, old reports, case history reports, opinions/advices, prescriptions etc., available in the file/folder maintained by the IHBAS in respect of about Sanjay Singh (husband). The PIO claimed that the information sought being psychiatric medical record of another person and hence exempted under Section 8(1)(e) of the RTI Act 2005. Similarly it is the duty of CPIO, First Appellate Authority and Information Commission to examine the right to life of the appellant and public interest in seeking the enforcement of her right to life which include right to divorce under legally permitted circumstances. If the record shows that appellant’s husband ‘has been incurably of unsound mind, or has been suffering continuously or intermittently from mental disorder of such a kind and to such an extent that the petitioner cannot reasonably be expected to live with the respondent’, she is entitled to relief from that kind of life through divorce. If the disease of her husband falls under any category mentioned in the Explanation under the clause of Section 13 of Hindu Marriage Act, she will be entitled to justice. Thus there is a larger public interest in demanding the information about medical record of her husband who is treated at respondent authority. The Right of Privacy of husband is an essential component of right to life envisaged by Article 21. The Supreme Court rightly said: The right however, is not absolute and may be lawfully restricted for the prevention of crime, disorder or protection of health or morals or protection of rights and freedom of others. Hence the appellant is entitled to know the disease her husband is suffering from to protect her right, prevention of crime of cruelty against her. The appellant being wife of the person whose medical reports she is seeking, makes the plea of privacy of the husband weak as she is legitimate family member whose consent will matter when husband cannot decide due to mental illness. the Commission holds that there is a larger public interest that require disclosure of medical records of a patient as mandated under Section 8(1)(j) and directs the respondent authority to furnish the information about the medical records of her husband to the extent she needed to establish the disease he was suffering from, its impact, continuity and incurability or curability, whatever it is along with necessary certified copies to protect her interest/right to secure divorce under the Hindu Marriage Act, to prevent crime of beating or cruelty against her allegedly being perpetrated or apprehended to have been perpetrated by her husband because of mental illness, shall be provided. CIC_KY_A_2014_001348-SA_M_151923.pdf
  8. Orders attached CIC/SA/A/2014/901119 CIC_SA_A_2014_901119_T_151395.pdf
  9. Team, SIC has ordered Municipal Council, Rewari to pay a compensation of Rs. 1000/- and Rs. 1500/- to me for delay in information by 31 Dec 2014. Till date I have not received the money. Please guide what should I do now. Regards Rajender Soni
  10. NGT Registrar General passed 'illegal' RTI orders as FAA: CIC New Delhi: Central Information Commission has come down heavily on Registrar General ofNational Green Tribunal for issuing "illegal" orders "without application of mind" on RTI pleas, saying such actions will obstruct furnishing of information and scare away applicants. While issuing a show-cause notice to Registrar General Sanjay Kumar, Information Commissioner Sridhar Acharyulu also recommended that he be replaced from the post of First Appellate Authority (FAA) under RTI matters at the Tribunal. Kumar, the senior most officer in NGT, was directed to explain why he passed "such illegal orders, why he spent so much of time without hearing the appeal within the time prescribed by the Right to Information Act and insisted on personal presence and presentation of affidavits." Acharyulu said as the NGT is suffering from absence of coordination within the office, the Environment Secretary should look into administrative problems of the Tribunal. The case relates to activist Subhash Agrawal who had sought to know, through multiple RTI applications, the details of vehicles purchased and sold by NGT, rules and procedures etc on sanctioning of leave, LTC etc of the Chairman and members besides statistics about RTI applications and first appeals. National Green Tribunal is the legal body for adjudication of environmental issues. Not getting response in time, Agrawal approached the Commission alleging Kumar caused him serious harassment by insisting on his presence to prove originality of his RTI application, to explain about his RTI applications and prove number of envelops, postal orders and their genuineness. Kumar also wanted him to file affidavit duly verified and attested by the competent authority mentioning all the facts. "The Commission finds that there is substance in the complaints made by the complainant. Some of the aspects of the interim orders of the FAA are funny and strange. They will definitely impose obstructions in the process of furnishing information according to the RTI Act. It will scare away the information seekers," Acharyulu said. He said Kumar has not "applied his mind" to the facts, law and the circumstances of the case and made the hearing of the first appeal a very elaborate and unnecessary exercise on trivial matters because of which furnishing of information was totally obstructed. "The Commission also observes that the FAA orders reflect lack of understanding of law in furnishing the information which is harmful to the public authority (NGT)," he said. The Central Public Information Officer of NGT, sub-ordinate of FAA, who was present during the hearing said he does not want to continue to handle RTI responses as he was over burdened with work as he is also Accounts Officer of the Tribunal looking after Accounts Division. He said he has to personally go to another section to use the computer for typing the RTI responses. Acharyulu said, "Having heard the submissions, the Commission comes to conclusion that it is not proper to burden an Accounts Officer with RTI related work. "The Commission recommends the Public Authority to replace the CPIO with another officer by providing necessary infrastructure including the computer operator, so that he could attend the RTI matters in a careful manner, which is desirable for an esteemed organisation like the NGT which is dealing with important matters like environment/pollution." Read More: NGT Registrar General passed 'illegal' RTI orders as FAA: CIC | Zee News
  11. Madras High Court S.Seeniraj vs The Assistant Registrar on 10 February, 2015 IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE AT MADRAS DATED 10.02.2015 CORAM THE HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE T.S.SIVAGNANAM WP.No.17862/2013 S.Seeniraj .. Petitioner Versus 1.The Assistant Registrar, State Information Commission No.2, Theagaraja Salai, Teynampet, Chennai-18. 2.The District Chief Educational Officer O/o.The District Chief Educational Officer Virudhunagar District. 3.Mr.P.Kalaichelvan Public Information Officer cum Headmaster, Nadaar Magamai Higher Secondary School, Ellayirampannai Sattur Taluk, Virudhunagar District 626201. .. Respondents Writ petition filed under Article 226 of the Constitution of India praying for a writ of certiorarified mandamus calling for the records of the impugned order passed by the 1st respondent in Order No.52758/C/2012 dated 26.03.2013 and quash the same as illegal and consequently direct the 3rd respondent to provide the information sought by the petitioner in his petition dated 12.07.2012 under the Right to Information Act, 2005. For Petitioner : Mr.M.Purushothaman For R1 : Mr.Niranjan Rajagopalan For R2 : Mrs.P.Rajalakshmi, GA For R3 : Mr.S.Kamadevan ORDER Heard Mr.M.Purushothaman, learned counsel for the petitioner ; Mr.Niranjan Rajagopalan, learned counsel appearing for the 1st respondent ; Mrs.P.Rajalakshmi, learned Government Advocate appearing for the 2nd respondent and Mr.S.Kamadevan, learned counsel for the 3rd respondent/School and perused the material available on record including the counter affidavit filed by the 3rd respondent. 2.The petitioner has filed this writ petition seeking a writ of certiorarified mandamus to quash the order passed by the 1st respondent dated 26.03.2013 and to direct the 3rd respondent to provide information as sought for by the petitioner dated 12.07.2012. 3.The petitioner's son was a student of the 3rd respondent/School and the petitioner has sought for furnishing copies of the answer scripts of his son. The Headmaster of the 3rd respondent/School sent a reply to the petitioner on 19.07.2012 stating that he cannot furnish the information as sought for by the petitioner. Therefore, the petitioner filed a first appeal before the First Appellate Authority under the Act. The First Appellate Authority, also rejected the petitioner's prayer and the petitioner preferred a second appeal before the 1st respondent/Tamilnadu State Information Commission under section 19[3] of the Right to Information Act, 2005. The appeal was entertained by the Commission and notice was issued to the 3rd respondent/School dated 22.02.2013. At this stage of the matter, it is worthwhile to quote the relevant portion of the proceedings of the 1st respondent dated 22.02.2013, wherein the Commission was prima facie satisfied that the 3rd respondent/School is bound to furnish the information since the 3rd respondent/School is a Government Aided School. The relevant portion is extracted here under:-.......Fwpg;gpl;l gs;sp muR epjp cjtp bgWk; gs;sp vd;Wk;. mg;gs;sp ,r;rl;lj;jpd; fPH; tUtjhf ,t;thizak; gjpt[ bra;fpwJ.... 4.Though such observation was made by the Commission in its order, ultimately, by the said order dated 26.03.2013, the Commission dismissed the petitioner's appeal. It is shocking to note that the Commission has not assigned any reason in the final order which was passed. In fact, in the said order, they have stated that the 3rd respondent/School is amenable to the provisions of the Act. But the Commission would state that on account of fiduciary relationship in terms of section 9[1][e], the information cannot be furnished. It is seen that the order has been passed without due enquiry. That apart, when the Commission was satisfied that the 3rd respondent/School was amenable to the provisions, then the 3rd respondent is bound to furnish information sought for by the petitioner. The petitioner would state that his son was put to irreparable mental agony on account of the attitude of the 3rd respondent/School and he has lost his valuable time of one year in his career. 5.In the counter affidavit filed by the 3rd respondent/School, a different stand has been taken stating that the answer scripts which were kept in the Manager's room, were removed in the last week of July 2012 and the Management did not expect the present situation and the continuation of the legal process and therefore, it is not possible to acceded to the petitioner's request as the said answer scripts are not with the 3rd respondent/School. Such a stand appears to have not been admitted before the Commission. 6.In any event, the petitioner's son having been a student of the 3rd respondent/School, the 3rd respondent/School being an Aided School, is amenable to the provisions of the Act. The information sought for has to be furnished. In fact, this issue has not been properly dealt with by the Commission. Further, the petitioner made a representation to the Commission and the Commission declined to look into the matter and dismissed the same by the impugned order dated 26.03.2013. The manner in which the petitioner's appeal has been dealt with is not in consonance with law. Therefore, this Court is inclined to interfere with the impugned order. 7.Accordingly, the writ petition is allowed and the impugned order passed by the 1st respondent dated 26.03.2013 is set aside. The matter is remanded back to the 1st respondent for fresh consideration. The 1st respondent shall issue notice to the petitioner as well as to the 3rd respondent/School and after hearing the parties, pass a detailed order on merits and in accordance with law as expeditiously as possible, preferably within a period of three months from the date of receipt of a copy of this order. No costs.10.02.2015 NOTE:Issue order copy on 12.02.2015.AP To 1.The Assistant Registrar, State Information Commission No.2, Theagaraja Salai, Teynampet, Chennai-18. 2.The District Chief Educational Officer O/o.The District Chief Educational Officer Virudhunagar District. 3.Mr.P.Kalaichelvan Public Information Officer cum Headmaster, Nadaar Magamai Higher Secondary School, Ellayirampannai Sattur Taluk, Virudhunagar District 626201.T.S.SIVAGNANAM, J., AP WP.No.17862/2013 10.02.2015
  12. In a decision that would benefit students, parents and the public, the Madras High Court has directed Tiruvalluvar University in Vellore district to dispose of within a month a representation that information about the functioning of the university be published in its website. Read more at: HC orders varsity to look into RTI mandate - The Hindu
  13. Please refer attachment, where this issue is discussed in details and will be useful to serious users of RTI BCAI JAN 2015.pdf
  14. Two brothers, retd colonels, got 31 plots under HUDA quota Two retired Army colonels being probed as part of an investigation into allegedly fraudulent multiple allotment of plots to individuals by the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) had between them got as many as 31 plots. Karan Singh Yadav and Dharam Singh Yadav, who are brothers, were allotted these plots in various urban estates of Haryana between 1998 and 2004 (including the time they were serving), documents submitted in the Punjab & Haryana High Court show. The scam is being probed by HUDA on the orders of the court. Over 325 FIRs have been registered against beneficiaries, including 188 defence personnel, who allegedly got more than one plot in their name, or in the name of their spouse or children. The Yadavs have got an interim stay on their arrest. Read More: Two brothers, retd colonels, got 31 plots under HUDA quota | The Indian Express
  15. I gave 100 application to police station about nuisance created by loudspeaker in Gurudwara. Police came many times but the loudspeaker is still creating lot of noise each day in the morning. I also submitted the photocopy of the orders given by the supreme court to the police station. But police still not able to remove the loudspeaker. Please tell me what kind of RTI and to whome i should use.
  16. Hi Guys, I am looking for some judgments, Rulings either by CIC or High Courts or even Supreme Court which made it easy to get information from a cooperative society (Specially Cooperative Housing Society). I know I can use 2f of RTi act to achieve some limited information from the governing body related to the Cooperative Society but I want that I should get the information directly from Cooperative society which is not possible under current RTI Act. The governing body shows their helplessness in this regard pretending they can't do anything else if society refuse to provide info. So please share some info related to it as I am very much disappointed by the process and harassment by Cooperative Housing society.
  17. Friends, If CIC has passed an Order or gave directions or made rules, then whether it is applicable only for the CIC itself along with Central Govt depts or it will be applicable on SCIC, SIC and all the State govt Depts. ? regards Namitabh
  18. File Notings of "Quasi -Judicial ORDER" Can It be disclosed - Need urgent help
  19. Over yesterday and today, several orders/decisions of the new IC's have been uploaded on to the CIC website. Here is a brief analysis and highlights of the orders. Please note, that these are still early days and the analysis is only based on those decisions which have been uploaded as of 2200 Hrs on 21 October 2008. Hon'ble IC Satyananda Mishra: 1. in ALL orders uploaded, except TWO, matter remanded back to the FAA: - Remanded back because FAA did not hear the case (even when matter is pending for 18 months in CIC) - Remanded back to FAA because the FAA has not given proper attention while passing the order - Remanded back to the FAA also when the FAA has rejected First Appeal because appellant did not pay the requisite fee for First Appeal 2. Since matters coming up before the Hon'ble IC are very old (some dated February 2007), he clearly mentions that the matter has been transferred to him after he took charge as IC. 3. Some notable excerpts: http://cic.gov.in/CIC-Orders/SM-15102008-11.pdf (This is a order relating to disclosure of file notings and notes. There is some apparent typographical mistake in the dates - they vary from 2008 back to 2006 and fast forward to 2007) I have scrutinized the various documents enclosed with the appeal. From these records, it appears that the First Appellant Authority has not heard the appeal preferred to him. Therefore, I remand this case to the First Appellate Authority to hear this case expeditiously and, certainly, within 15 working days from the date of receipt of this order and pass a reasoned order. While considering the first appeal, the First Appellate Authority must keep in mind the various pronouncements of this Commission on what constitutes an information as expressly defined in the Right to Information Act and not go by the instructions or advisory, if any, of the DOPT as it appears from the order of the CPIO. (Readers will note that Hon'ble IC was the DoPT Secretary before assuming charge as Information Commissioner and DoPT has still not ammended its website regarding "file notings") http://cic.gov.in/CIC-Orders/SM-15102008-06.pdf (Wide interpretation of Sec 7(4)) The Section 7(4) of the RTI Act provides that the CPIO should give assistance to those Applicants who are sensorily disabled, so that they can have access to the desired records. It is true that the Applicant is not sensorily disabled. It is also true that the Ordinance Factory, Kanpur in general and the CPIO in particular have already provided a lot of information contained in those two files concerning the Applicant’s case. Nevertheless, in view of the Applicant’s admission that he is not properly educated and that he can understand documents only with the help of outside assistance, I tend to interpret the expression ‘sensorily disabled’ more wildly to include illiteracy or inadequate education and, therefore, to be ground enough for grant of permission to use or get the help of an assistant for inspecting or accessing the records. http://cic.gov.in/CIC-Orders/SM-15102008-04.pdf (Matter relating to DRDO - organisation covered under Sec 24. Not giving opportunity to appellant and respondent to come to CIC) The Section 24 (1) clearly mandates that nothing contained in this Act shall apply to the intelligence and security organizations specified in the Second Schedule, being organizations established by the Central Government, provided that the information pertaining to the allegations of corruption and human rights violation shall not be excluded under this sub section. I find that the DRDO is included at Sl. No. 20 in the Second Schedule as an organization established by the Central Government. I also find that the information sought by the applicant is neither on any human rights violation nor expressly stated to be regarding any corrupt practice. Thus, I find the contention of the CPIO and the First Appellate Authority in denying the information on the ground of the DRDO’s inclusion in the Second Schedule a just decision. Since no purpose will be served in summoning the appellant and appellate authority or the CPIO and it would prevent infructuous public expenditure involved in the cost of travel, I tend to reject the appeal filed by the appellant. Hon'ble IC Annapurna Dixit 1. Very frequent use of the phrase "lenient view taken" in the orders/decisions and therefore not levying penalty or not even issuing "show-cause notice" 2. Some notable excerpts: http://cic.gov.in/CIC-Orders/AD-10102008-03.pdf (Matter regarding disclosure of AIIMS question paper and AIIMS claiming IPR on those question papers) After hearing the arguments presented by the Respondents and going through documents presented by them, the Commission holds that while normally there should be no reason for withholding question papers from the public, in this case the AIIMS is justified in not disclosing its question papers as it would affect the quality of Doctors going for specialization. The Commission is also convinced that no larger public interest is served by the disclosure of the question papers. http://cic.gov.in/CIC-Orders/AD-03102008-03.pdf (Not allowing disclosure of information if applicants query is phrased in a particular manner) The Commission noted that information against points 1,2,3,5, 7 in the RTI request has already been provided to the Appellant and holds that the queries which are more in the nature of demanding explanations or clarifications (points 4, 11, 12, 13, 14. 15, 17, 19)need not be answered by the Public Authority since the RTI Act does not cast any obligation on the Public Authority to answer queries with prefixes such as ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’. Hon'ble IC Shailesh Gandhi 1. Very dilligent in the time line of the RTI Process. All dates of application, PIO's reply, first appeal, etc. are clearly mentioned in the order. 2. Issues "show cause" notice for every violation of dates by the PIO 3. Does not show any favour to either PIO or to the applicant 4. No notable excerpts Hon'ble IC M L Sharma No orders uploaded, so no analysis possible.
  20. Now public can view all GOs on internet As reported in Siasat, Friday, 13 June 2008 Information, Technology and Communications Department (IT&C) has ensured that automatic uploading of Government Orders on the internet would take place henceforth. At the request of Andhra Pradesh Information Commission (APIC), Suresh Chand, Secretary, e-Governance, IT&C, spot tests were done on various department for some of the GOs issued and it was found that uploading was most thorough and comprehensive. A simple but very useful IT application ensures that each and every order issued by the departments are available for public viewing on the internet for instant dissemination. Earlier it was difficult to monitor whether the Government departments are putting GOs on the internet or not. The new system developed by IT&C, which is one of the first of its kind in the country, has inbuilt self-enforcing features that ensures the GO is made available for public view as soon as it is issued by the respective departments without any delay. Citizens can view GOs of all departments at www.ap.go.in/goir. The State Information Commission appreciated the initiative taken by IT&C Department in creating a mechanism which provides proactive disclosure of orders to citizens immediately. Siasat
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