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Found 31 results

  1. Hello, I want to file an RTI regarding dangerous levels or AIR polution in my area that is due to the contineous unloading of clinker, slag, coal & iron ore in my area done by Indian railway and What I am aware of: I have created an account on https://rtionline.gov.in This is regarding: Severe dust pollution due to unloading of coal, iron ore, clinker A few years back this unloading/loading was done in another area little far of (Asansol good shed siding, Asansol Division) People leaving close by to the previous area filed complaints, got air quality tested and what not. and got this issue resolved. The solution meant that this siding area was to be shifted close to my location (Barachak) Here is a document explaining the issues that people of Asansol division faced earlier. Please note: It documents exactly the type of pollutant, non-compliance in usage of sprinklers etc. : http://www.wbpcb.gov.in/writereaddata/files/Asansol%20Goods%20Shed%20Siding_1.pdf The issue has increased so much that many of the local residents are complaining of having breathing issues and cough. This can lead to serious consequences in long term. What I want to know: What all authorities do I need to reach out to. How do I reach out to the mentioned authorities. How do I get a air pollution test conducted in my area ? Which department do I need to request and how to get air pollution test done in my area. Where do I get the safe air pollution standards as per indian government from ? Will filing an RTI alon help us (residents of Barachak) solve this problem ? What else do I need to do going forward? Any kind of suggestions will be very helpful to help us approach this problem better. Kindly suggest and provide answers to the above mentioned questions and if any other feedback that you may have. Thank you, ChiraG
  2. I want to know about SENIORITY rule of Railway. Sent from my Lenovo K53a48 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  3. madan5555

    about noc from railway

    sir what is the proceor of get noc from railway Sent from my iPhone using RTI INDIA mobile app
  4. My husband is a Railway Loco Pilot in Western Railway posted at Porbandar (Date of Appointment Dec,2010), we got married in 2011 and have a 5 years baby kid. But My husband didn't mentioned these Family Declaration in his Service record, even he is hiding is marital status in service record. Tell me how to pressurize him to put the Family declaration in Service Record, so I and our kid will entitle for Railway benefits like Pass, Medical etc,. Also tell me what charges my husband will be entitle for hiding these facts in his service records. What related rules should I know and tell me which rule he falls? Thanks Anuradha
  5. gopuamit

    railway ticket copy

    Hello,I wana railway ticket pnr 2463446476 Dated 19/09/2014 for theft claim under consumer forum
  6. rk.kmt01

    To get railway NOC

    Helo every buddy can help me i want some imformation
  7. My father died in a train accident. i want the Final Investigation Report of the accident. How can i get the report? Can i apply for the document through RTI? If yes then what procedure should i follow?
  8. CHENNAI: No secret ballot, no poll notification, no election, ineligible office-bearers, retired employees as 'directors' and a collusive returning officer. An 'election' held for the resources-rich Railway Employees Cooperative Credit Society Limited is nothing but a sham, if contents of a petition filed in the Madras high court by a railway employee are anything to go by. Justice V Ramasubramanian, before whom the plea of G Sivakumar of Arakkonam came up for hearing on Friday, issued notices to the central registrar of Multi-state Cooperative Societies, besides the railway society and its 'elected' office-bearers, including its chairman for more than two decades N Kanniah. Read more at; http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/Plea-exposes-sham-poll-to-railway-society/articleshow/47660447.cms
  9. Respected sir, i want to know the cut-off marks of general in rrc group d exam held on november 2014. I would be thankful if i know the cut-off marks your faithfully avinash kumar
  10. For Hubli division:---------------------------See at: http://www.swr.indianrailways.gov.in/cris//uploads/files/1429160375596-RTI%20UBL%20nominations.pdf
  11. sumeshhandsom

    about railway mutual transfer

    Hello, sir. I have applied for mutual transfer on 8,/2014. From sadivision to trivandrum division. My all pappers are send to tvc division. But now the DPO of tvm division says that i have no right to contact mutual transfer with an obc candidate because of l am UR. Please give me clarification sir
  12. choudhar ashwani

    information from railway

    Hello, how i can get infomation under rti fom railway about the passenger list of train from delhi to beenaguri (weat bengal) between 12th of june to 14th of june 2014. and what is the drafting of application .
  13. Hello, I have been parking my bike in perambu and villivakkam stations parking. In perambur they charge 10rs for 12 hrs, but whereas in Villivakkam they charge 20 rs for 12 hours. They speak to bad when we ask about this. Requesting you to help me on this. Thanks.
  14. Hello, Dear Members I want the passenger details S3 coach birth no. 40 of 12121 (MP SAMPARK KRANTI) on 22/3/2015 date. What is the formaility to apply under RTI? To whom should i apply and what is the procedure? Pl guide me. I rteally need this information.
  15. India together, 12.03.2015. Mr. Prabhu, here's one thing every traveller on Indian Railways need. Read more at; India Together: Mr Prabhu, here?s one thing every traveller on Indian Railways needs: Tanvi Bhatikar - 12 March 2015
  16. TOI in its edition dated February 26, had reported about the contradictions in accident and death figures furnished by Western Railway and the Government Railway Police (GRP) in response to a Right To Information query by Zaveri. While WR claimed 1,535 persons suffered injuries and 578 died between Churchgate and Dahanu Road stations in 2014, the GRP said 1,275 were injured and 1,200 died during the same period. The GRP's data revealed a high fatality rate of over 48%. See more at:Railway minister?s office to check contradictions in track death figures - The Times of India
  17. One of my friend's father was working as helper khalasi in nwr at bikaner divison. He was posting in signal department.later they transfered from bikaner to delhi cantt. In 1998 at delhi cantt he fight with officer in railway for delay in two month salary.but after fight they did not go back for job instead he stayed home for two months because of fear. Aftet 2 months they go to their posting place delhi cantt where incident took place but officer with whom he fight told him to go home and not to come again ad he wwas no more employer in railway. After this my friend's father is mentally disturbed.after 4 or 5 years delhi cantt is separated from bikaner railway divison and included in delhi divison. In 2007 my friend's father goes to delhi cantt again to join job.but they told him he is transfered to bikaner.and delhi cantt is no more under the bikaner divison. Officers of Bikaner and delhi both divisons are harassing him mentally.he does not know where to go to know about the status of his job.bcoz he did not get any kind of remuneration during petiod after 1998. Pls told me how to file and where to file rti to know about status of his employment in railway. It is very very urgent
  18. The long wait for a new railway zone in Andhra Pradesh is set to get even longer and AP's dream of getting a new railway zone post bifurcation will have to wait at least until the next fiscal, going by the reply given by the Union railways ministry to a Right to Information (RTI) query. Read more at: No new railway zone for Andhra Pradesh this fiscal - The Times of India
  19. Navin Verma

    railway freight

    Hello, i want to know about the freight rules regarding sending a bike through railway carriage from new tinsukia to delhi
  20. Dear Members, Kindly view the following order that is an example of the victory of the common traveller who stands up against a mighty organisation and wins due to two very important acts: a) RTI ACT gives him the information b) Consumer protection act gives him justice and compensation. IN THE DISTRICT CONSUMER DISPUTES REDRESSAL FORUM, SAMBALPUR IN THE DISTRICT CONSUMER DISPUTES REDRESSAL FORUM, SAMBALPUR. CONSUMER COMPLAINT NO.83 OF 2008 Prabin Kumar Hota, S/O. Late Banamali Hota, R/O. Maitrinagar, Gopalmal, Budharaja, Sambalpur. …….. Complainant. Vrs. 1. Union of India represented through its Officers Chief Commercial Manager, E Co. Railway,Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar 2. Divisional Commercial Manager, E Co.Rilway , Sambalpur Division, Sambalpur. 3. Squad I/C.Chief Commercial Manager, E Co Railway, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar. 4. Public Information Officer, O/O. The D.R.M., Sambalpur Division, E Co Railway,Sambalpur. …….. Opp.Parties. For Complainant: Shri N.K.Sarangi, Shri G,Pradhan & Shri N.K.Sribas, Advocates. For Opp.parties : Shri A.K.Senapati, Advocate. DATE OF ORDER : 02.7.2010 P R E S E N T : SHRI D.K.TIPATHY, PRESIDENT A N D DR.S.MISHRA, MEMBER. : O R D E R : SHRI D.K.TRIOPATHY, PRESIDENT: - The complainant Prabin Kumar Hota has filed this complaint against the Union of India represented through the Chief Commercia Manager, East Coast Railway and 3 others. The case of the complainant in short is that on 18.3.2008 he boarded the Bhubaneswar-Bolangir Super Fast Express train No.2893 on the strength of a Monthly Season Ticket (MST) No.X-66798104 from Sambalpur to Bolangir. The O.P.No.3 and his Squads were having ticket checking in the said train and on demand the complainant had shown the said ticket to them. But they objected the journey in the said train by virtue of the said MST stating that the said ticket is for ordinary mail and express and not for Super Fast express train. Therefore, they fined and collected a sum of Rs.301/- as per Receipt No.12C019347 dt.18.3.2008. The complainant entertained doubt about collecting excess fare from him for which he filed an application under the R.T.I. Act before the Public Information Officer (P.I.O.)of the Office of the D.R.M., East Coast Railway, Sambalpur asking about charge of traveling in Super Fast Express on M.S.T. along with its terms and conditions and fine to be imposed on the passengers. The officer has supplied the information on 16.4.2008. He obtained the information as described in his complaint petition and alleged that Rs.43/- has been collected excess than the actual fare due. The O.P.No.2 has no right to collect such excess fare which is unfair trade practice and hence they are found guilty for deficiency in service under the Consumer Protection Act., on the basis of which he has filed this case praying for refund of the excess fare amount of Rs.43/-, compensation for mental agony and litigation expenses of Rs.16,000/- and other relief as deem proper. 2. The O.Ps appeared through their Lawyer and filed their show cause wherein they have admitted about the checking in the said train on that day and traveling of the complainant then. However, the claim of the complainant that he had shown the MST has been denied by them. It is alleged by the O.Ps that while the complainant was traveling in the said train, on demand of ticket by the ticket checking staff, he failed to produce the MST during his travel in the said train on that day for which they demanded Rs,.301/- which includes fine and actual fare etc. and issued receipt. Even if the MST showed by him, it was not valid to travel in the aforesaid Super Fast Express train. It has been admitted that the complainant applied under the R.T.I. Act for information according to which fine for adult travel in the said train, the excess fare is RS.250/-, super fast supplementary charge Rs.8/-, total Rs.258/-, apart from it , the said passenger had to pay basic fare of Rs.39/- and surcharge Rs.2/- totaling to Rs.299/-. So, the O.Ps have admitted that the ticket collector has erroneously collected Rs.51/- as fare, instead of Rs.49/- from the complainant and the same is a bonafide mistake. The allegation of the complainant that the Railway has collected excess fare is baseless, and hence the same is liable to be rejected. 3. The complainant has filed Xerox copies of original MST, Identity Card, and receipt showing Rs.301/- issued by the Railway and the information issued by the P.I.O. The undisputed facts between the parties may be summarized below: The travel of the complainant in the Super Fast express train on the said day and checking of ticket by the ticket checking staff are not disputed. 4. So. question arises as to whether the complainant had produced the MST or not before the Checking staff and the excess fare charged by the O.P. is Rs.43/- as alleged by the complainant or Rs.2/- as admitted by the O.Ps and if so, whether there is any deficiency in service on the part of the O.Ps. 5. In this connection the complainant has filed the original MST which shows that he had purchased the said ticket on the same day that is on 18.3.2008 at 10.40 A.M. just before the arrival of the alleged train in the station and thereafter he boarded the said train. The aforesaid incident of checking of tickets took place in the train on the same day in between Bolangir and Sambalpur. So when the complainant was having a valid ticket at that time for the said destination, why he would not produce it before the checking staff of the O.Ps. It is the normal conduct of a human being that he would not act against his own interest. So knowing very well that he was having a valid MST, and if he would not produce it before the checking staff, it may expose him to humiliation, fine and to the extent of jail also. Man may speak lie but not the circumstances. Circumstances will speak for itself. So it is improbable to accept that complainant having MST had not produced it before the checking staff. For the reasons stated above, the defence plea of the O.Ps that the complainant did not produce the ticket at the time of checking before the checking staff seems to be false. A false defence will not sustain a charge but if there is other material, it would be an additional link to the guilt of the O/Ps. Hence it is concluded that the complainant had produced the MST before the checking staff at the time of checking and the defence plea that he did not produce the MST is not accepted. 6. Secondly, about the collection of excess fare, whether the O.Ps have collected excess fare of Rs.43/- or Rs.2/-, P.I.O. of the Railways has intimated that the basic fare from Sambalpur to Bolangir in Super Fast express is RS.39/-, excess fare Rs.250/-, Supplementary charge Rs.8/- and development charge Rs2/-, totaling to Rs299/- but the O.Ps have collected Rs.301/-. The O.Ps have fairly admitted that the Ticket collector erroneously collected Rs.2/- in excess. It is true that traveling in Super Fast Express train on the MST of ordinary mail and express train is not proper. However, the complainant was not without any valid ticket at that time for such destination and distance. Therefore, he has the right to travel in the train but not in Super Fast Express train, so, he is liable to pay fine to the extent which is provided under law and not more than that. As per the report of the P.I.O.,he was to pay excess fare of Rs.250/-, and he was not liable to pay the basic fare of Rs.39/-, for the same distance and time. O.Ps can not collect the basic fare charge through fine and also through the MST because it can not collect two fares for the same distance at the same time. 7. The O.Ps have admitted collection of Rs.2/- in excess. This itself is a deficiency in service but not only that collection of Rs.39/- is aso illegal. So, the O.Ps would have, after having knowledge about the same refunded the amount and beg excuse for the mistake of wrong done by its employee. But Railway though a public undertaking meant for public service resorted to falsehood by defending its wrong doing staff alleging it to be bonafide. Therefore, the O.Ps are not only liable to refund the excess amount collected, but also pay compensation for the deficiency in service and litigation expenses. 8. Now the issue is not only award of compensation but also, who will pay the amount determined by this Forum for the harassment and mental agony, the statutoty authority or it should be realized from those, who are responsible for it. In this case, the Ticket collector, who issued the ticket, has not only ignorant of the fare charge but also negligent and acted arbitrarily. 9. The controversy has been settled at rest by the highest court of the land in the case of (Lucknow Development Authority Vrs. M.K.Gupta) 1994(I) CCC page-278(NS) Speaking for the Division Bench of the Supreme Court, Justice R.M.Sahai has observed as follows: Crime and corruption thrives and prosper in the society due to lack of public resistance. Nothing is more damaging than the feeling of helplessness. An ordinary citizen instead of complaining and fighting succumbs to the pressure of undesirable functioning in offices in stead of standing against it. Therefore, the award of compensation for harassment by public authority not only compensates the individual satisfies him personally but helps in curing social evil. It may result in improving work, culture and help in changing the out look. ………………. A public functionary if he acts maliciously or oppressively and the exercise of power results in harassment and agony then it is not exercise of power but its abuse. No law provides protection against it. He, who is responsible for it, must suffer. ……….. The court further observed ‘Now I take it to be perfectly clear that if a public officer abuses his office either by an act of omission or commission and the consequences of that is an injury to an individual, an action may be maintained against such Public officer………….. Quoting the view of a foreign court , the Apex court has observed It is now thoroughly well established that no action will lie for doing That wrong the Legislature has authorized, if it be done without negligence although it does occasion damage to anyone, but an action does lie for doing what the Legislature has authorized, if it be done negligently. ………….. Where it is found that exercise of discretion was malafide and the complainant is entitled to compensation for mental and physical harassment then the officer can no more claim to be under protective cover. ……….. Hence the Apex court has laid down the law as follows: It is now imperative an implicit in the exercise of power that it should be for the sake of society when the court directs payment of damages or compensation against the state the ultimate sufferer is the common man. It is the tax payer’s money which is paid for inaction of those, who are entrusted under the Act of discharge their duties in accordance with law. It is, therefore, necessary that the Commission when it is satisfied that a complainant is entitled to compensation for harassment or mental agony or oppression which finding of course should be recorded carefully on material and convincing circumstances and not lightly, then it should further direct the department concerned to pay the amount to the complainant from the public fund immediately but to recover the same from those who are found responsible for such unpardonable behaviour. ……….. - 5 – At the end the court held: The amount of compensation of Rs.10,000 awarded by the Commission for mental harassment shall be recovered from such officers proportionately from their salary. ………… Even, apex court insisted for compliance to the Supreme Court within time fixed by the court. ………. 9. Applying the ratio of the aforesaid decision to the present case, we hold that admission of collection of excess charge of Rs.2/- is a deficiency in service by the O.Ps. Facts admitted require no proof. In addition to it, collection of Rs.39/-, the basic fare is an arbitrary action of the checking squad and contrary to the provision. Here the complainant has stated at para-10 that he is an officer of Western Electricity Supply Company and his prestige in society hampered on forcible collection of fare twice, the actual fare and excess fare of Rs.2/- by the Checking squad of the O.Ps. through the receipt in the train is not only arbitrary but also negligent and careless conduct of the Ticket collector, who has collected the fare and issued the said receipt. So, recovery of the amount and compensation from the salary of the concerned Ticket Collector will not only satisfy the individual complainant but also it would eradicate social evil and raise the efficiency of others. Hence, we hold:- The petition filed by the complainant against the O.Ps is allowed on context. The O.Ps are directed to refund the excess fare of Rs.41/-(Rupees Fortyone) recovered from the complainant. Claim of compensation of Rs.10,000/- by the complainant seems to be excessive, so the O.Ps are directd to pay compensation of Rs.4,000/-(Rupees Four thousand) and litigation expenses of Rs.1,000/-(Rupees One thousand) within one month, which in our opinion to be equitable and proper, failing which it would carry interest at the rate of 9 (Nine) per cent per annum till recovery. During this month the O.Ps are directed to ascertain the Ticket Collector at fault, who had issued the receipt and collected the amount illegally on that day and recover the awarded amount from his salary and pay for the same. In case of non-compliance of the order within the stipulated time, complainant to take steps for execution of the order as per law. As it is a monetary liability, sentence of imprisonment would be passed U/s 27 of the C.P. Act, on default, if needed at the time of execution. SHRI D.K.TRIPATHY PRESIDENT DR.S.MISHRA, MEMBER. I agree. Dictated and corrected by me. PRESIDENT.
  21. Dear Members I want the passenger details of seat nos 1-6 in s8 coach of jabalpur somnath express (jabalpur to somnath) on 18 nov. What is the formaility to apply under RTI? To whom should i apply and what is the procedure? Pl guide me. I am new to this forum. Rgds Ankit
  22. Hi all, I have booked an e-ticket though IRCTC online. After 2-3 days due to unavoidable circumstances I cancelled the tickets online though IRCTC website. The IRCTC e-ticket cancellation report shows the status as “Refunded in Account”. I bank with CANARA BANK. according to rules the amount need to come to my account. But till today it didn't happened. I have written several mails to both the departments. now CANARA BANK SAYS THAT... IRCTC banker has not sent the amount yet..... IRCTC SAYS THAT Kindly note that we have refunded the amount as per the details. Please contact your bankers for confirmation with the given details. BUT..... As per online status of IRCTC the status is shown as “Refunded in Account”. I really got confused as to whom to file the RTI...??? I don't know where lies the ACTUAL PROBLEM..!!! Please help me in this regard...I really appreciate your guidance. Do also help me in writing the question...effective question which will get my money back... HOPE YOU PEOPLE WILL HELP
  23. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/rajkot/Veg-railway-canteens-cant-serve-eggs-or-omelette/articleshow/9915348.cms 'Veg railway canteens can't serve eggs or omelette' Times of India Ahmedabad 08-09-2011 By Vijaysinh Parmar Junagadh: In a reply to an application filed underRight to Information Act, the Indian Railways said that eggs or omelette can't be served in vegetarian restaurants or dining halls on railway platforms. Junagadh-based RTI activist J P Shah had sought details of the agreement and rules about vegetarian restaurants on railway platforms from the railways. "I happened to visit the vegetarian dining hall on platform no. 3 of Bharuch (Gujarat) railway station on November 30 last year, but I was shocked to see trays full of eggs. Being a Jain, I enquired with the contractor as to how eggs were being stored in a vegetarian dining hall. He informed me that he was permitted by the railways to serve omelette and eggs in this vegetarian restaurant and pointed out to the menu board which showed these items. I enquired from the deputy station superintendent on duty, but none of the staff was aware of the rules,'' Shah said. Shah then filed an RTI application with the central public information officer of ministry of railways, New Delhi. "Recently, I have been supplied papers and information by additional divisional railway manager, Vadodara, in this regard and a copy of the agreement for refreshment room/restaurant on railway platforms. According to clause 21 of this agreement for vegetarian refreshment room/restaurant, the licensee (contractor) of Bharuch station is prohibited from serving or cooking or using eggs and products of eggs,'' Shah added. According to the agreement, the Licensee shall not sell or bring on the premises tinned or otherwise, cooked or uncooked beef or any other part of the cow's flesh, bacon, ham or pork. "The Licensee shall not serve, cook or use fish, meat or eggs or their products in any form or shape in the vegetarian refreshment room and shall also ensure that cooking vessels and other utensils in the vegetarian refreshment room are not used for cooking or handling these articles. (This will apply to Vegetarian Refreshment Rooms only).'' "It is very sad that not only deputy station superintendent on duty was not aware of the exact position of storing, serving or selling eggs and its products in vegetarian refreshment rooms, officers at Vadodara were not aware of exact rules regarding this issue. In case there is change in policy or rules (and CPIO may not be knowing it), at least prominent notice boards outside and inside such halls should be exhibited stating that eggs or its preparations are sold here, so that passengers may decide whether to consume other items in such halls or not. Right to know is a consumers right under Consumer Protection Act,'' he added. Shah has now filed a separate RTI application seeking copies of inspection reports if any carried out by railways of such restaurants to find out how such serious irregularity affecting the religious sentiments of passengers could not be located and checked by inspecting officials. Shah recently wrote to additional general manager, Western Railway, Mumbai, and said that he will be shortly consulting advocates for filing a writ against railway administration on this issue for connivance or negligence on the part of railways to maintain sanctity of religion of passengers. "I and my friends will be continuously visiting such halls to check compliance with rules of railways by licensees (contractors) on this score, as part of social audit. It is our right to know that what we are being served on platform and whether it hurts our religious sentiments,'' the RTI activist said.
  24. Deepak K Sharma

    What should I do next?

    Sirs, Plz guide me, Maine RTI ke madhyam se ek soochna Railway Jan Soochna Adhikari jo DMM (Divisional Material Manager) hota hai usse maangi thi. Jan Soochna Adhikar (DMM) ne meri application concerned Railway Nodal Officer jo ki Sr. DPO (Divisional Personnel Officer) hota hai, ko dhara 6(3) ke antargat bhej dee ki aap seedhe applicant ko soochna uplabdh (Provide) karayen. Lekin Nodal Office (Sr. DPO) ne mujhe soochna abhi tak nahi dee. Jabki total 30+5 = 35 days passed ho gaye hai. Is samabandh mein (in this connection) maine First appeal kar dee. Maine yeh poochna chahta hoon ki " FAA kaun honga" Basically DMM jo hota hai woh PIO hota lekin usne concerned Nodal Officer bhej dee. Kya Nodal officer bhi PIO ban sakta hai? Agar First appeal karni ho to kisko chahiye DMM ko jo ki basically PIO hota ya FAA jo ki ADRM hai usko. Please batayen kisi First Appeal kise karoon. Deepak Sharma I demanded information through RTI to the PIO (Sr. DMM - Senior Divisional Material Manager). Basically Sr. DMM is the PIO in Northern Railway and he transferred the RTI application the appropriate Nodal Officer / PIO the concerned application. My application have been also transferred U/s 6(3) of RTI to Nodal Offficer (Sr. DPO - Senior Divisional Personnel Officer) to provide the information to me directly on priority basis. But, till now, No information have been provided to me. Now, I want to ask you that " I want to file first appeal in the connection but I don't know that who will be First Appellate Authority in this matter. Basically ADRM - Assistant Divisional Railway Manager is the First Appellate Authority. Now, I should file First Appeal to the ADRM - Assistant Divisional Railway Manager or Sr. DMM - Senior Divisional Material Manager. Plz suggest me who will be FAA in the matter and What should I do to get the information? Thanking you, Deepak Sharma
  25. As reported by Binoo Nair and Virat A Singh at mumbaimirror.com on May 10, 2011 Following a private citizen’s request to be given video footage from surveillance cameras set up on a particular railway station in Mumbai, the Central Information Commission (CIC) is going to decide this week whether his request could be granted. The citizen filed a request under the Right to Information Act (RTI) some months ago. Keeping in mind the confidentiality clauses of the RTI Act, railway authorities refused to give details about the person. However, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) which is responsible for the CCTV systems at all suburban railway stations rejected the plea citing national security. The RTI applicant then took the case to the CIC and the matter has now been posted for a final hearing on May 12. So far, the agencies the Railways shares CCTV recordings with are the railway police, the CBI and other investigating agencies. “The problem is that no one knows how this thing moves from here. A study of CCTV recordings of the city’s railway stations helps security agencies such as the RPF and railway police form strategies to combat crime and terror on the railway system. The other side of the coin is that a thorough study of these recordings can also help a person with nefarious designs to nullify the strategies of the RPF and the railway police,” said a railway official. City-based RTI activist Krishnaraj Rao said there’s no harm in sharing such data. “Section 24 of RTI clearly state agencies that are not allowed to disclose information under RTI, but all others need to. Since the matter is in for hearing we can hope a decision is taken keeping in the rules of the Act in mind.” Rao added that it does not take time for people with malafide intentions to get such information by bribing the right people. “I think the trouble could be in storing the huge data if they have to give it under RTI,” he said. Central Information Commissioner Annapurna Dixit who chairs RTI hearings related to the ministry of railways refused to comment when contacted.
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