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  1. Providing Personal Information under RTI Act not Obligatory : Naveen Agarwal Workshop on RTI Organised in Kota University Nagpur. "RTI Act section 8(1) (J) provides that it is not at all a legal obligation on the information officer to give the personal information of any employee," informed Naveen Mahesh Kumar Agarwal, a well known RTI Act expert and trainer, Registrar of Dada Ramchand Bakhru Sindhu Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur while delivering his address as the keynote speaker in a day-long workshop on RTI Act organised in Kota University, Rajasthan. Quoting a verdict of the honourable Supreme Court in this regard, Agarwal added that it is not binding on the information officer under the act to provide the information about the memos, show cause notices issued to the employees, their property, loans taken from any bank, income tax deductions, financial investments and gifts received or given in service period of the employees. But he further added that if the personal information of the employees is in the larger interest of the public, the Public Information Officer may decide to provide such information. The workshop was inaugurated with the lighting of the traditional lamp by the Chairman of the inaugural function Prof. N K Jayman, Chief Guest Dr. R K Choubisa, Keynote speaker Shri Naveen Maheshkumar Agrawal, Registrar Dr. Rajkumar Upadhyaya and Dr. Vikrant Sharma. Dr. Choubisa in his address spoke on all the important aspects of the RTI Act. Dr. Jayman opined that the RTI act should be included in the syllabus for the benefit of the students. Shri Agrawal was earlier felicitated with shrifal and shwal at the hands of Registrar of Kota University, Dr. Rajkumar Upadhyaya. The program was compered by Dr. Vikrant Sharma whereas Dr. H.S. Shaktawat proposed a vote of thanks. The program was largely attended by the teachers, employees, high ranking officers and students of the university.
  2. Santosh_V

    Complaint to Registrar

    What is your take on my complaint to registrar and the response?
  3. Agrawal Naveen

    RTI – A Fundamental Right : Naveen Agrawal

    RTI – A Fundamental Right : Naveen Agrawal One Day Workshop on RTI by Regional Labour Institute, Government of Maharashtra Nagpur. “Constitution of India, under its Article 19 (1) has entitled the Right to freedom of Speech and Expression as fundamental right, but if people do not have access to information, they cannot express their opinion. Hence Right to Information is at the core of the Right to Speech and Expression. This has been expressed time and again in the decisions given by the honorable Supreme Court”, said Mr. Naveen Maheshkumar Agrawal, Registrar, Dada Ramchand Bakhru Sindhu Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur and Guest Faculty, Right to Information Centre, YASHADA Pune while speaking to students in a one day workshop organized by Regional Labour Institute, Government of Maharashtra. Prof. Shri Prakash Nimje, Course Coordinator Regional Labour Institute has emphasized the need to make people aware about Right to Information. The workshop organized for the students of Master of Labour Studies was inaugurated at the hands of Prof. Shri Prakash Nimje , Chairman of the programme, Chief Guest Mr. Naveen Agrawal and a special Guest Neha Gaikwad. The workshop dealt in details about how RTI can be used for benefits of people and what information can be or cannot be given under this act. Ms. Tanvi Deshpande, Sharmila Kuntiya, Tushar Jaitgude, Krushnakant Mishra, Rakshit Bansod, Swapnil Patil, Sandip Mane, Mugdha Deshpande, Vinay Sawarkar, Snehal Palandurkar, Sukanya Dorle, Radhika Joshi, Snehal Nakhate and Pranjal Manwatkar worked hard for the success of the workshop. Ms. Sonali Bhagat conducted the programme while Mr. Siddarth Meshram proposed the vote of thanks.
  4. On International Right to Information Day Copies of Guide Book on The RTI Act Sent to 1500 People Naveen Agrawals novel effort to create Public Awareness Mr. Naveen Maheshkumar Agrawal, Registrar, Dada Ramchand Bakhru Sindhu Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur has made a very novel effort to bring about the awareness about RTI Act 2005 in public by sending Guide Book on the RTI Act to 1500 different people from various walks of life on the International Right To Information Day and has created a history. The Book has been prepared by YASHADA, Pune and it contains 466 pages highlighting the contents of the act in a very lucid language. Naveen Agrawal has sent the soft copy of the same to 1500 people and greeted them on the International RTI Day. The Guide Book also contains some of the important Court Decisions, Government Resolutions and Model Correspondence in regard to RTI cases. Naveen Agrawal, who is an RTI trainer identified by YASHADA, Pune and various government and non government organisations has created a record in 2017 by sending application under RTI Act seeking information from 101 organisation and in 2018 by sending the Copies of RTI Act to 1000 people with a view to creating awareness about the RTI Act and its provisions. On the invitation of YASHADA, Pune which is the Apex body set up of Government of Maharashtra for imparting training to state level officers, Mr. Naveen Agrawal has so far imparted training to more than 1000 government and semi government officers in the RTI Act. Dr. S.V. Kasbekar, Officiating Principal, Dr. S.V. Tewani, Dr. A.G. Thadani, R.R. Shimpi, Vice Principals, Raju Gehani, Shyam Shende, Milind Ambade, Dinesh Gupta, Ram Tejwani, Rajesh Tharwani, Shailendra Hanwate, Mulchand Mohadikar, Mahesh Asudani, Jai Keswani, Ashok Sharma, Dipak Pardesi, Kapil Kukreja, Vicky Datre, Anil Madke, Jyoti Jeswani, Jamuna Hirani, Poonam Sadnani, Devi Methwani, Jaya Hingorani, Megha Korde & Sarika Narayani congratulated Mr. Naveen Agrawal for his grand efforts in this direction.
  5. Nagpur. 28th September is observed as International Right to Information Day across the world. Mr. Naveen Maheshkumar Agrawal, Registrar, Dada Ramchand Bakhru Sindhu Mahavidyalaya, with a view to creating awareness about the Right to Information Act, 2005 in society sent the soft copies of the RTI Act to 1000 people on International Right to Information Day. It was indeed a novel way on his part to spread awareness about the Act. The copies of the Act were sent in English, Hindi and Marathi languages. Introducing transparency in the government work is the main purpose of this Act. But even to the lack of awareness in information seeker and information provider, the effective implementation of the said act is badly affected. In 2017 also Mr. Naveen Agrawal had sent 101 applications under RTI Act 2005 to different public authorities seeking information on different issues on International Day of Right to Information with the purpose of creating awareness about the Act. On the invitation of YASHADA, Pune which is the Apex body set up for imparting training to state level officers, Mr. Naveen Agrawal has so far imparted training to more than 500 government and semi government officers in the RTI Act.
  6. Nagpur: The Nagpur bench of State Information Commission has dealt a blow to registrar of Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University Dr Puran Meshram. The commissioner has issued directives that the entire record of log book of Meshram”s vehicle when he was finance and accounts officer and overtime of driver should be made available to Prof Sunil Mishra. The commissioner has stated that log book of vehicle is public document.Prof Mishra had sought above information under RTI application on December 23, 2014. He had sought entire record from time of making available vehicle to finance and accounts officer to December 23, 2014. After Meshram filed a written application that this information should not be given to Mishra, public information officer had denied this information to Prof Mishra. The first appellate officer had also upheld this decision. Later, Mishra filed second appeal in the Nagpur bench of information commissioner. Read more at: Big jolt to RTMNU registrar Meshram - Nagpur Today : Nagpur News
  8. NGT Registrar General passed 'illegal' RTI orders as FAA: CIC New Delhi: Central Information Commission has come down heavily on Registrar General ofNational Green Tribunal for issuing "illegal" orders "without application of mind" on RTI pleas, saying such actions will obstruct furnishing of information and scare away applicants. While issuing a show-cause notice to Registrar General Sanjay Kumar, Information Commissioner Sridhar Acharyulu also recommended that he be replaced from the post of First Appellate Authority (FAA) under RTI matters at the Tribunal. Kumar, the senior most officer in NGT, was directed to explain why he passed "such illegal orders, why he spent so much of time without hearing the appeal within the time prescribed by the Right to Information Act and insisted on personal presence and presentation of affidavits." Acharyulu said as the NGT is suffering from absence of coordination within the office, the Environment Secretary should look into administrative problems of the Tribunal. The case relates to activist Subhash Agrawal who had sought to know, through multiple RTI applications, the details of vehicles purchased and sold by NGT, rules and procedures etc on sanctioning of leave, LTC etc of the Chairman and members besides statistics about RTI applications and first appeals. National Green Tribunal is the legal body for adjudication of environmental issues. Not getting response in time, Agrawal approached the Commission alleging Kumar caused him serious harassment by insisting on his presence to prove originality of his RTI application, to explain about his RTI applications and prove number of envelops, postal orders and their genuineness. Kumar also wanted him to file affidavit duly verified and attested by the competent authority mentioning all the facts. "The Commission finds that there is substance in the complaints made by the complainant. Some of the aspects of the interim orders of the FAA are funny and strange. They will definitely impose obstructions in the process of furnishing information according to the RTI Act. It will scare away the information seekers," Acharyulu said. He said Kumar has not "applied his mind" to the facts, law and the circumstances of the case and made the hearing of the first appeal a very elaborate and unnecessary exercise on trivial matters because of which furnishing of information was totally obstructed. "The Commission also observes that the FAA orders reflect lack of understanding of law in furnishing the information which is harmful to the public authority (NGT)," he said. The Central Public Information Officer of NGT, sub-ordinate of FAA, who was present during the hearing said he does not want to continue to handle RTI responses as he was over burdened with work as he is also Accounts Officer of the Tribunal looking after Accounts Division. He said he has to personally go to another section to use the computer for typing the RTI responses. Acharyulu said, "Having heard the submissions, the Commission comes to conclusion that it is not proper to burden an Accounts Officer with RTI related work. "The Commission recommends the Public Authority to replace the CPIO with another officer by providing necessary infrastructure including the computer operator, so that he could attend the RTI matters in a careful manner, which is desirable for an esteemed organisation like the NGT which is dealing with important matters like environment/pollution." Read More: NGT Registrar General passed 'illegal' RTI orders as FAA: CIC | Zee News
  9. Hello, Sir, I had made an application to the above authority seeking information about an association registered with said authority as per the societies act. The application was made under RTI Act 2005 on the similar lines suggested by the forum members via. G L N Prasad and others I have now received a reply from the Dist. Registrar which is reproduced below: Lr.No.323/RTI/2015 Dt.11.02.2015 On perusal of the your application vide reference cited, you are hereby informed that as per this office records a society by name VASAVI TOWERS FLAT OWNERS WELFARE ASSOCIATION was registered as No.415/2009 on 28/05/2009. It is to inform that, the certified copies of By-laws, annual returns, amemndments if any as per RTI act-2005 G.O.Ms.No.454 General Administration (I & PR-II) dated.13.10.2005, Section 4 (A)for furnishing the same you have to pay for each document Rs.300/- (Rupees three hundred only) by submitting an application under Section 29 of A P Societies Registration Act , 2001 vide G.O.Ms.No.475/Revenue (Regn -II)Department /2012 dated.25/07/2012 communicated vide Endt.No.G1/6954/2012 dated.26/07/2012of commissioner and Inspector General of Registration stamps act, A.P. Hyderabad read with G.O.Ms.No.564 Revenue (Regn - II) department dated.12/11/2013 at any MEESEVA CENTRE. Note: If you are not satisfied with this reply, you may appeal within 30 days to the Deputy Inspector General of Registration and Stamps, D.No.50-50-35/10 Gurucharan Marg, Seethammadhara Visakhapatnam. This information is furnished under Right to information act 2005 S/d District Registrar, Visakhapatnam In this reagrd I wo8uld like to mention that on going through the G O s mentioned in the dist. registrars letter the fees mentioned appear to be irrelevant. May I request the form mebers to guide me how to proceed further in the matter. Virupakshappa
  10. Hi guys , I don't know whether this is the correct forum to place my question/query as it is in context to the reply I received from the registrar cooperative societies's office against my RTI's, whose reply if they have provided to me would simply expose the corruption happening in the registrar office. So here is the reply: With reference to your RTI's mentioned above,it is informed that you may come to this office dated at 12.00 oclock for inspecting the records/redressal of your grievances. My point is, I have never asked for any inspection so why instead of providing me the documents they are forcing me to inspect the records. The other important point is they have also forwarded this reply to the society and also asked them to visit on the same date ,which is absurd as there is no information that I have asked pertains to the society. So now I would like to ask you guys what should I do now ,I am in the opinion of filing of first appeal but don't know under what section I should raise the issue of sharing my RTI with the society. I would also like to know how my non appearance for inspection would affect my first appeal as well as second appeal.Asking the society to appear confirms that there is a nexus between registrar office and the society but also keep me worried that they might harm me physically as society has already tried such act in the past. Can I raise this concern of my physical assault in my first appeal.Please guide me at the earliest possible.Please excuse me if this is incorrect forum.As PIO not only jeopardises the security of myself and my family member but can he has the power to ask society to come and visit him in his office related to my queries. Thanks
  11. Dear sir, we have registred a society in 1993 in 2005 Registrar of Co Operative societies sold. changed the name of Society and handed over to some oher person who is not having any concern with us not even we know him. members of new changed name society are diffrent, society registration number is same. i asked information one month ago under RTI, no response yet received. second time I sent RTI application, yet no response. I also sent a complaint to Registrar regarding reason & procedure done for changing the name of our society. No response received yet. tell me any suggestion, our money is in bank and registrar trying to take over the society due to some complaints of misgruntled elements
  12. Hi, I need help and guidance from all the esteemed RTI activists as I am not certain that should I file 2nd appeal to CIC after going through the reply of my first appeal(See the attachment) There are also some points which I would like to bring to your kind notice: First when asstt.registrar was made well aware of the fact that documents are missing from the file during the meeting of first appeal ,he has still mentioned "Copies can be taken by depositing necessary fees." Also he try to hide information saying" no information has been sought" specially under number 5.He had knowingly cut short the original question. No straight reply has been given even though I have asked for it like"if there is no rule then say no rule. Also information related to rules ,I was asked to visit their domain,which doesn't have any such information and also can he is authorised to give such reply. I am not sure whether I asked wrong information under question 9. Also I have been asked "this information pertains to the society and as par Hon'ble CIC society is not public authority (under10) then how can I get information,society has already refused to give me any information. for 11 and 12 I was also told that information is not legible to ask, as well as I was asked to pay for free copy of citizen charter Registrar has also asked society to submit reply in 15 days but after 30 days neither society has given any reply nor I have received any further correspondence from registrar cooperative society. 1.pdf
  13. vireshnayar@hotmail.com

    Quick Question

    Hello all, I am trying to find out if I can get a letter from the registrar of Marriages whether a marriage was registered or not. Please help!
  14. Hello friends, I require your valuble guidance and suggestions in the matter related to section 139 of Delhi cooperative society's Act 2003 which provides Right to information towards the members of a cooperative society. As Cooperative societies don't come under RTI act 2005 this is the only way to get any information from the society. But unfortunately due to high corruption in registrar cooperative society office,Assistant registrar don't take it seriously and often either delay the matter by 3-4 months without any resolution or give wrong information and judgement. So now I would like to know whether I can appeal under section 139 against the assistant registrar's decision if yes the who would be the second appellate authority and what should be the process. Also Can I make CIC intervene in this matter ? Do Lieutenant Governor. of Delhi has any power in this regard? What other legal options I can avail against the culprit Asstt. Registrar and the Society? There is a very strong Nexus between Astt Registrar and society as so far not even a single society has been punished not mention honest person is often humiliated and loose it's appeal. Can Asstt. registrar's reply is maintainable as he always comes up with excuse of staff shortage to shield himself in the matter of delayed reply and wrong decision? I hope some of you would come forward and help me in this matter at the earliest. thanks Greg
  15. I am humbly coming in your kind attention to help me with the fraud case that am encountering right now the name below given is the man who is the head of this fraud case. I jst want to get my money back from him. ACCOUNT NAME- Johnson wool, ACCOUNT NUMBER- 00910076, SORT CODE- 110291, BANK HALIFAX. ADDRESS- 144 RUSHEY GREEN LONDON SE6 4HQ. BENEFICIARY BANK- BANK OF SCOTLAND, GLASGOW. SWIFT CODE- BOF SGB2S MOBILE NO: +440000000000 ELEZABETH NO: +440000000000 (JOHNSON'S MOTHER) I am here working in dubai, he told me that he will help me coming there in London to settle everything especially to get married, he sent a package with a laptop jewlry and cellphone inside plus the money that i will used to process some document here, but the courier from malaysia they called me to informed me that my parcel is been held by malaysian custom bec they saw some money inside, Value Starnet Courier Services asking to pay the fine, the vat which been paid already so that they released the package right away...after receiving the payment tthe courier asked a certain amount again for certificate of money laundering so that the custom will deliver the package again but until now the package is not yet been delivered...i know that the courier and johnson is the headof this operation i want my money back could you please help me.
  16. I am confused as on one hand under section 139 of The Delhi Co-operative Societies Act ,2003 there is a provision for a member to exercise Right to information but on the other hand Registrar Cooperative societies and Group Housing society refuse to provide information saying that Cooperative society is not a public body and hence it is not bound to oblige with any information under RTI ACT. Kindly help me out here what section 139 means in relation to RTI act. Is there any other way I can access information using section 139
  17. Hello, I did purchase a flat in March 2010, in a registered society having all documentation and OC clear. But there has been a huge fight among the society members and the society committee has been dissolved since. The fight was so terrible that there wasnt even a society bill for a whole year. Its been more than a year now, but neither the bill name has been changed to mine, neither the share certificate. Now, I am looking forward to selling the flat, but as there is no committee, nothing can be done. What is a solution to this. There is neither a secretary, treasurer or chairman in the society at the moment too. Please help. Alwyn.
  18. sseema

    Sub Regitrar

    is RTi aplicable to sub registrar, aligarh for the purpose of getting title deeds of Properties for property share holder
  19. I need help. We have sent the registrar department P southward in Wadala, mumbai a application and seeked a response and he has not replied to us. But instead shared our letter and details with the people whom the complain was against, and also gave them a clea chit. Can i file a RTI asking him to give me all the communication he has sent to and fro after our application? If yes, whom do i adress it to? and what are the chances of the registrar changing the documents and giving me some different inforamtion? Requesting help on this at the earliest....we are running out of time. Thank You
  20. Registrar fails to answer RTI petition on birth certificates Chandigarh, June 5: The Registrar Births and Deaths, Chandigarh does not seem to know rules and regulations laid down under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969. In reply to a query asking who should be contacted on account of a delay in issuing a birth certificate, the department replied ‘ No such specific information in record in this regard “. The department took nearly three months to give this ‘vague’ reply to an application moved under the Right to Information (RTI) Act by Suresh Kumar of Sector 41-B, Chandigarh. Kumar had to wait for nearly three months in order to receive this information. In his application dated February 15, Kumar had sought information to 31 questions, including who is responsible to inform the applicant about delays in issuance of birth certificates; if certificates are not issued on the committed date, who is the appellate authority and will accept the complaint in writing; explain the process of fee refund in case of non issuance of certificates; list the specific circum-stances/cases under which fees are refunded to the applicant?; what is the liability of the official responsible for delay as per the government rules for issuance of birth certificates after acceptance of fees?; if appellate authority also refuses to accept the complaint in writing, what is the remedy as per the government rules and regulations with the applicant?; after acceptance of fee for issuance of birth certificates, if certificates not issued on committed date, who is responsible to put extended date in writing to the applicant as per government rules? The questions did not seek any private information about any individual that could have been denied by the department and merely asked the procedure entailed in the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969. Surprisingly, rather than supplying the information, the department answered to all the queries in one line which reads “No such specific information in record in this regard”. A month after filing the application, when Kumar approached the concerned authorities, they directed Kumar to deposit Rs 10 as fees for supplying information. Much to his chagrin, Kumar was made to visit the office umpteen times in order to deposit Rs 10. Kumar filed an appeal before the Joint Commissioner cum appellate authority, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh, who then directed the department to supply the information. Taking no chance this time, Kumar deposited Rs 50 to get the information. In the end Rs 40 were charged from him for a reply that supplied no information. Kumar had asked three questions on the procedure of registration of birth certificates in his application, to which the department had no reply. After acceptance of late registration fee, how much time is required under the rules to record the entry in the birth register? Quote specific government rules and provisions and notifications made by the government. List the number of instances in which birth events have been recorded after one year of birth by your office without SDM orders. What is the period for the issuance of birth certificates after receipt of fee by your office? While the first and third queries received the same reply, “No such specific information in record in this regard”, the reply to the second question given by the department was just “No”. When contacted, Additional District Registrar Births and Deaths Harsh Vardhan, who had signed the aforesaid reply, said, “Actually, there was no delay on the department’s part. The applicant must have sought something specific, which could not been replied to.” Registrar fails to answer RTI petition on birth certificates
  21. smot2228

    who typed the order?

    Hi, We have been rejected an appeal that we had filed to the deputy registrar in mumbai as the chairman of our society was not willing to transfer the share certificates of the flat from our aunts name to our name. We are in possession of the flat on basis of a court decree that clearly mentions that the estate/flat belongs to us. We have a feeling that the copy of the order that was sent to us was typed & printed on the computer of the lawyer which the society had engaged & NOT in the office of the registrar. The font/font size, wordings & style of writing of the order is similar to the petition that was submitted to the deputy registrar by the societies lawyer.The order nevertheless carries the stamp of the Registrar. Is there a way to check this fact? If yes would then what would be the process to go ahead & would this benefit the order to be in our favour ? Regards, S.
  22. Our Managing Committee has committed many defaults viz ... 1) Non calling of Special SGM as requested by more than 1/5 of total members of society. 2) Non supply of copies of society records by Managing Committee as requested by member/s. 3) A member being persistent defaulter appointed as Manager of society. 4) Managing Committee showed lack of interest in day -day upkeep, Maintenance & Administration of society. Apart from above 4 points there are many more point, brought to the notice of Dy. Registrar by a compliant filed by 17 members out of total 40 members of our society. After 3 hearing at the Dy. Registrar's office, he passed an order under sec. 89/A to inspect the records of the society. Now, more than a month has passed but no notice of above order has been issued to the Managing Committee. Can anyone suggest how long does the Dy, Registrar take to issue a formal order and depute an Administrator to act on the order ?
  23. hi dear all, I am a new arrival here. I have just had a glance of questions and your valuable answers. It is worthy of hundred dictioneries. Now I have a problem with my CHS, that's why I am here. In my upper floor apartment, the new member started renovation, complete marble flooring after removing the tiles, and alteration in the bathroom. Our bldg. is 30 years old and it does not look very healthy. Before this, the old member in the upper floor renovated the flat only 2 years ago by changing completely the tiles in the bath room where I had faced leakage problem. However, after the old members work, I had not faced any leakage problem from his toilet and bathroom, for which I paid 50 percent of the expenses and supervised the work. Now the new member is completely changed the flooring system, several cracks appeared in my ceiling as well as water dripping near the beam when they removed the tiles and started the work. I complained this to this upper floor flat owner, then he and his contractor promised me that the present leakage is a teporary affair and it will stop but his promise was without any guarantee. Since I plastered and painted my flat only two years ago, they have now defaced my ceiling with cracks and leakages and they are not willing to fill the cracks or ready to paint the ceiling. I have taken up this matter with my society, but the society is not willing to help me. They said the leakage problem inside, so these problems to be settled by parties concerned and society will not interfere into this, even after he made an alteration in the bathroom with the option of european closet and to this he made a big hole in the rear wall of the bldg. I made a complaint in writing to the society and secretary promised he will convene an emergency meeting. But in the meeting neither the members not even the secretary turned up. Now the secretary is asking me to complain individually either to police or municipality. As I fear damage to property and loss to life because of these newly developed cracks, it is an issue of the society as the new member had tampered with the original work. In this case, to whom should I complain for the redressal of my grievances, whether to the registrar or municipality.
  24. devinchopra

    Greetings Everyone - I am Devin Chopra

    Hello, My name is Devin Chopra and I am a new member on this forum. I along with many concerned residents of my Co-operative Housing Society [CHS] are trying to find advice on how to deal with the Chairman of out society - that is the reason I have joined this forum, to seek advice. I hope I will find what I am looking for!
  25. New Delhi, August 2: THE Central Information Commission (CIC) directed the IIT Delhi administration on Thursday to reinstate its suspended Registrar Col Rajendra Singh within two working days. Information Commissioner O P Kejriwal said it appears the institute director suspended Singh to settle “personal scores”. IIT Delhi Director Prof Surendra Prasad had suspended Singh for non-payment of a penalty imposed on him by the CIC in an earlier case. Delivering his order, Kejriwal said the HRD Secretary should take suitable action against Prasad, emphasising that he had “exceeded his authority”. According to the order, Singh should be back in office latest by Tuesday. The CIC had in an earlier case imposed a penalty of Rs 25,000 on Singh. In case of non-payment the amount was to be deducted from his salary. The CIC noted that it had subsequently received the complete payment in two instalments. Its Thursday order came on a complaint submitted by Singh on Monday that he had been victimised and suspended by the institute. The CIC said the way he (Prasad) acted it appears to be a means of settling personal scores. Kejriwal said the CIC had directed the institute only to recover the penalty from Singh’s salary and in no way empowered the director to suspend him by way of administrative action. Reprimanding Prasad for misusing the CIC’s order and the RTI, Kejriwal has recommended action against him. Singh was suspended last Friday, a day after he approached the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) seeking an investigation into “misappropriation of funds at IIT Delhi”. Singh had sought investigations into an order issued to him by the IIT administration for release of Endowment Funds for foreign junkets of faculty members during the first week of July this year. Reinstate Registrar by Tuesday, CIC directs IIT Delhi
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