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  1. I had applied under RTI Act, 2005 to Rural Development Dept in Bihar State for seeking some information but in reply within the stipulated time they have mentioned as below: आवेदक के आवेदन पर सूचना उपलब्ध कराने हेतु विभागीय गै0स0प्रे0सं0-46/ग्रा0वि0 दिनांक-12.01.2018 द्वारा विभागीय प्रशाखा-05 को अधिनियम की धारा 5(4) के तहत प्रेषित। Now, what should be done next.... Also, the official portal https://www.biharonline.gov.in'>https://www.biharonline.gov.in done not contain any option for filing First Appeal so how to file first appeal at https://www.biharonline.gov.in
  2. Respected Members A RTI Application asking for details of funds, assistance provided by state government - in certain financial years for specific activities was asked. Reply for all questions received - The Sought information is voluminous in nature, hence you are requested to visit this office in any working day and collect the requisite information after depositing fee as per RTI Act ,2005. No , total no.of pages or anything such mentioned . What is advisable , in this case?? Please , Suggest.
  3. Respected Members , A RTI to Department of Central Government was filed to ask - detail list of personnel/officers of XYZ Department with their designation and posting place arrested on charges of bribery and malpractices by the CBI and police/vigilance. CPIO- Reply - Provided Name & Designation along with Reasons for suspension and Date of suspension . But denied the details of action taken by the department citing - "The Information is third party Information cannot be provided under 8(1) h of RTI Act.(Attachment of reply ) Now, :- My confusion is - in a similar RTI a Central Government department did not provided name /details /designation - citing same section (8(h)) or even any kind of details .(Which I have posted in this forum) So, please clear the uses of Section 8(h) . & Also What should be my next step. If, First Appeal then- on what ground , reasons. Please Guide.
  4. Respected Members I went through few of the news, in which looked senior Central Government officers were arrested by CBI for taking bribe. 1 .RTI application to know- the status of such case (specifically naming the person) and action taken by CBI is Exempted under RTI Act or will be replied.? 2. RTI to know - how many persons are suspended , arrested on charge of corruption , bribery of any department with their name , action taken by a the department in year like 201x,201x - can be asked ? Or what type of questions can be asked to know above thing of any department . Please , Guide accordingly - & suggest suitable way to ask questions. Thanks
  5. Respected members, 2nd Appeal to CIC - Diary no.is final application (appeal)no.? Or Further any another Registration No.will be generated ? Please, clarify.
  6. Respected Members For filing Second Appeal with CIC , is it mandatory to send copy of Second Appeal to PIO & FAA?? If yes. Then any proof (speed Post receipt) of sending copy of Second Appeal to PIO & FAA is to be sent to CIC along with original application ? Please , Guide.
  7. I had filed an RTI to ASI requesting the following details. I got answers for a few questions and few questions got transferred. When I file an RTI with CPIO it is the responsibility of the CPIO to collect details and provide it right why is he asking me to file again separtely with another dept under him? MY questions Please provide the following information with regard to RTI Act 2005. 1. List of all sites where excavation was carried out since 2000 and funds allocated for each of the site all over India. 2. Details of excavation carried out in Adichanallur, Tuticorin District, TN and funds allocated for the same from 2000 to 2017. 3. Details of how the fund was spent from 2000 to 2017. 4. Certified photocopy showing the discovery and findings of the excavation at Adichanallur. 5. List of presiding officer or Chief Archaelogical Engineer for the Adichanallur excavation since 2000. 6. Amount allocated for the excavation at Keezhadi, Sivaganga District, TN from 2010 to present. 7. Certified photocopy showing the Details of discovery and findings of the Keezhadi excavation. 8. List of panel members with their posts who had carried out the Keezhadi excavation. 9. Whether any sample/s was sent for Carbon Dating in US. 10. If yes provide details of the samples that was sent for carbon dating and the results obtained from carbon dating . 11. Basis on which selected samples was sent for carbon dating among the total discovered samples. 12. Details of excavation carried out in Dholavira , Kachch District, Gujarat and funds allocated for the same from 2000 to 2017. 13. Details on how the said funds was spent. 14. Certified photocopy showing the discovery and findings of the excavation at Dholavira, Gujarat. 15. Whether any sample/s was sent for Carbon Dating in US. 16. If yes provide details of the samples that was sent for carbon dating and the results obtained from carbon dating . I am also attaching the reply received. Since the time for FA has lapsed i have to file a new RTI on the same subject. ReplyDocument (1).pdf
  8. Respected Members , CCC (Course on Computer Concepts) is a monthly online examination held by NIEIT (National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology) under Ministry of Information Technology . RTI Application was filed by a candidate to get his Question Paper Online OMR Sheet Answer Key. Reply by CPIO - Data stored is in encrypted form, so can not be provided . (Reply image Attached ) Then - First Appeal was filed quoting a Supreme Court decision to provide details. The Honourable Supreme Court in the case of CBSE & Anr Vs Aditya Bandhopadhaya & Ors (Civil Appeal no. 6454 of 2011 arising out of SLP© No. 7526 of 2009) decided on 9/8/2011 has held that evaluated answer sheets of Universities, State Education Boards, Competitive Examinations, Recruitment Test, and Selection Tests etc are information within the meaning of RTI Act and therefore required to be disclosed under Right to Information Act,2005. Then reply came with quoting a judgment of CIC File no CIC/SM/A/2012/000346 dated 18-12-2012. Where CAG refused to provide details asked by candidate in similar case. Decision of FAA attached . Please, help what to do next.??
  9. Respected Members CPIO of a Central Government Department did not replied to a RTI. Then 1st Appeal was filed. Order of FAA - directed CPIO to provide information if available within 7 days of receiving the order. Its 20 days - from the date of order, yet no REPLY from CPIO. Please , guide for next step . Attaching order of FAA.
  10. Hi, I am in a situation as stated below and I need advice on how to proceed next on this RTI filed, in Sept'2016, to Department of Education for records related to a school(Private Unaided), records as per below Period for which records are sought: 1997 to till date Please provide certified copies of below records held in your department which should have been collected, as per education act, during the registration & recognition of a school with your dept Society registration certificate Registered Society memorandum & rules and regulations Society governing body list Application forms for registration/recognition submitted to your department Any/All other documents that was submitted along with the application forms as mandated by rules/guidelines of your department during registration and periodic recognition renewal of a school [*]Please provide certified copies of below records held in your department which should have been collected, as per education act, during the periodic(yearly) registration & recognition renewal of a school with your dept Society registration renewal certificate granted by District Registrar Registered Society memorandum & rules and regulations (yearly submitted to DR for renewal) Society governing body list (yearly submitted to DR for renewal) Application forms for registration/recognition renewal submitted to your department Any/All other documents that was submitted along with the application forms as mandated by rules/guidelines of your department during registration and periodic recognition renewal of a school [*]SPIO did not respond within RTI act stipulated time. [*]First appeal filed with FAA FAA orders SPIO to furnish records within 3 days of receiving FAA order. [*]SPIO did not respond within 3 days or standard RTI act stipulated time [*]Second appeal (SA) filed with State Information Commission (SIC) SIC - SA Hearing day #1 : [*]Records received 1 day before the 2nd hearing date [*]Perusal of records indicate partial, incomplete covering letter by SPIO doesn't indicate what records have been provided and which have not. There is no justification provided for the records not provided Only records for 1997, 2004, 2007, 2014 & 2015 provided as below(note: records asked from 1997 to till date) [*]Prepared a written statement to respected SIC, clearly stating that records furnished after SAA order are partial, incomplete & no justification provided for records not provided [*]SIC - SA Hearing day #2 (I did not get time to scrutinize the records properly due to shortage of time) Respected SIC states if records not provided then i should approach High court I submitted my prepared written statement to respected to SIC [*]Awaiting SIC orde [*]Yesterday while further scrutinizing the documents found below shocking facts Records of #4 listed above should be a record [*]but the records of #4 listed above provided in the SPIO response don't have the official seal of the District Registrar Name of the Secretory and Signature of the secretory don't match All 11 governing body members signatures are present on first page Other places where all 11 are required to put their signature only 3 members of the governing council out of 11 have signed. I talked to couple of people whose signature is present in the first page as directors of the society in 1997 and they categorically denied ever signing such document and stated that they were not even aware of being part of the society members( they had not even heard of the society name nor have ever even entered the school premises). They verified the signatures on these records and confirmed they don't match with their official signature and clearly stated that these are forged signatures. [*]This leads me to believe that records of #4 listed above are fake/fabricated/forged records [*]Record #6 listed above is 100% false as when I cross checked, i found that all members of the governing body are from same family(5 brothers and their respective wife(s), and their own children) and all reside in the same house (HUF). This leads me to believe that this is also a fabricated record. ...given my above situation...please advise what should be my next course of action for below 1. What if SIC closes the appeal and directs me to go to high court if records not provided by SPIO are still needed? (they are needed) Is this how it happens in reality? Does SIC close the appeal even if partial records are provided without justification provided by SPIO on why other records were not provided to the applicant. (this is my first ever second appeal and i have come so far by going through various articles/posting on this website) 2. what should i do about the fabricated/forged/false records provided by SPIO? Thanks in advance for your time and valuable advice. (sorry in advance for any typo above) Sincerely, VAN with District Registrar official seal...as the society needs to registered with District Registrar of Societies Should be signed by President of the society Should be signed by Secretary of the society Should be signed by all other members of the governing council (11 members) of the society (signed at multiple places in the set of 12 pages) Should be signed by witness during registration of society with District Registrar School recognition renewal certificate in 2004 School registration/recognition application form for high school in 2007 School registration/recognition renewal for high school in 2014,2015 Society memorandum & rules and recognition documents(12 pages) 1997 dated**** Society governing body members list for 2015 (different list of members compared to members listed in #4 above...this may have changed between 1997 to 2015) A letter, dated 2015, to department by Society secretary stating that members of the governing body are not related to each other and are not from same family. Other 4 records related to school property dated 2015 Representative of SPIO attended hearing and stated that RTI application has been transferred to School as it is private & unaided. SIC says that records from private school dont come under RTI. Myself provides clarification that RTI application clearly states records requested are those which should be present/held in the department and my application doesn't ask for a single record which needs to be got from the school. Hence my RTI application should be honored and records requested should be provided by the department. SAA raps the officer for misleading and orders to provide the records requested within 30 days
  11. Respected Members , I filed a RTI Application to Excise Department Asking - procedure of allotment of shops, licenses for liquor vends/pubs/bars with details of rules & regulations dealing with it specifically + few more questions related to this. PIO replied - Rules Regulations available on Website. I went through those Acts(1000+ pages) , - it is not clearly related to my questions reply. Will it be advisable to - file 1st Appeal - asking for - mentioning Clause , Subclause dealing with it. Or What will be suitable. Please, Help. (I have read somewhere PIO is not instructed to Interpret the law.But at least - clauses , paragraphs can be mentioned ) Thanks
  12. Can some one help me how to pay RTI fees in State of Andhra Pradesh. I planning to get some info from Vijayawada Muncipal Corporation. I cout get details of PIO. But not able to get details how I can pay fee. Please elaborate in detail the fee payment procedure. Had seen some where in forums saying fee can be paid by way of court stamps. Where do I get them. Are there many types of stamps? Which type should I use.
  13. Dear Sir, Does a Foreign Non Profit organization offering several Professional/Technical online Certificate Course by conducting examination in multiple Indian Cities against $ 550 per Certificate examination comes under the Jurisdiction/Rules and Regulations of AICTE or any other Indian Agencies? Can such Agency carry out their business in India 1. Without giving any Grade Card/Mark Sheet to the Candidates 2. by keeping following information as "Confidential Information" a. Passing Marks in the examination b. Marks obtained by the candidate c. Total number of Candidate appeared/Passed/Failed in the examination I had been trying to find out the Name and address of the concerned PIO from the Website of AICTE. However, i became confused with several executives designated as PIO in the Website of AICTE. Can you help me to know the name of the concerned PIO. Moreover, in case i decide to file Online RTI Application, may i know how do i make the payment of RTI fees.....Joydip
  14. sandeepchoudhary21

    RTI Againest High Court Recruitment exam

    Hello Sir, I want to file a RTI against High Court recruitment Cell. So could you please tell me where i can file it online and to which department. Thanks in advnace Regards Sandeep
  15. Rahul Sharma1

    RTI & PG Portal

    Dear Sir, I have sent a set of Questions through RTI Application and Subsequently to FAA(When i failed to get reply from PIO) to a Central Govt Agency based out of Delhi. However Both PIO and FAA refused to give the information. Hence now i am preparing myself to approach CIC with the same set of questions. In the mean time, i thought of approaching PG PORTAL with the same set of Questions. However, when i visited PG PORTAL i found that on the first page of the Portal it is written that "RTI Matter should not be raised in this portal". Now my Question is "Is it possible to ask same set of Questions in the PG PORTAL which i have asked in RTI Application"? Or it is not allowed. Can you explain me this issue?
  16. Dear Sir, My father is Imam for a particular Mosque now he is (86) year old due to old age and his ill health he is not able to perform the duties of Imamat so that on behalf of my father my uncle is performing his duties of imamat. The services of Imamat has been awarded to my ancestors from the Nizam govt. about may 150 years ago, from that period my family members performing these services and now my father is the 5th generation.Actually this services becomes under (mashrutul kidmat mash) means some acres of land allotted by the Nizam Govt. after dividing the family members of the previous generations the small peace of land is left to my father, in accordance withe services and take the benefit of the agricultural land, by taking the benefit of my father ill health one person who is even not belongs to our family, by misguiding the local patwari and municipality by giving some bribe has taken the letter that he is performing the duties of imamat get the fake authority letter and approached to the Dist wakf office and regional wakf office by giving bribe has taken the authorization letter for the year 2012-13. On behalf of the fake documents. In other hand my father has all the legal documents of Virasat and Muntaqab on his name from the Atiyat (Revenue Dept). In this connection we have submitted letter to Dist. & Regional Wakf office by submitting all the legal supporting documents in my fathers name to cancel his temporary authorization letter and ask them to give the letter in favour of my father for permanent mutawalli and Imam. But the corrupt officials of the wakf are not caring our request since One year has already passed after submitting our request to cancel his temporary authorization for a Imamat. So many times we approached to them but no result is being considered by this wakf dept. Even though we have engage the advocate for this problem to get justice. According to the advocate the wakf authorities are not moving the files to the higher officer for peshi or counseling.In the above circumstances our advocate himself advise us to put RTI application in this regard. Therefore your are kindly requested to advise us how to frame the question under RTI act against the wakf officials and oblige. Your prompt action and suggestions is highly appreciated. Thanks & Best Regards, xyz
  17. Sr. Members, FAA ordered CPIO to provide information within 20 days but not provided by him. Even personal meeting with both of them has not worked. Should I approach to CIC, where time to decide appeal is not known as per pendency. If IInd appeal is to submitted, I Want the following: a) Procuring information as ordered by FAA. b) Filing a complaint with CIC for imposing penalty & praying to order his Disciplinary Authority to take Disciplinary Action. (DEEPAK DANG)
  18. Information Officer is not required to furnish information which require drawing of inferences and/or making of assumptions. In the decision Kerala HC - Mohd Saiyad Vs State, decided that though RTI Act provides access to all information that is available and existing, if the information sought is not a part of the record, and where such information is not required to be maintained under any law or the rules or regulations of the public authority, the Act does not cast any obligation, to collect such non-available information and then furnish it to an applicant. The Information Officer is also not required to furnish information which require drawing of inferences and/or making of assumptions. PIO not to draw inferences or make assumptions to provide information The very scope of information as held by the Supreme Court in Central Board of Secondary Education and another v. Aditya Bandopadhyay and Others (rti_SC_CBSE) [(2011) 8SCC 497] is to seek the information which is available in a material form. The Decision is available here: Kerala HC - Mohd Saiyad Vs State
  19. If the information asked under RTI is available after the reply to RTI, the PIO should not wait for the second appeal to happen to give those documents, instead it should be provided to the RTI applicant immediately. The PIO has earlier furnished incomplete reply due to unavailability of the documents. However, subsequently he had the documents, but did not give to the RTI applicant for approximately a year. Instead it waited for the second appeal hearing at CIC for more than a year and then produced the documents in front of the CIC. If you have any question regarding RTI, please post at our forum here! Central Information Commission directed the PIO that he should not wait until he receives the hearing notice from the commission. The commission directed the PIO to stick to this principle that as and when he is able to collect the information sought by the applicant, it should be provided to the applicant immediately. Don't wait for the hearing Notice from CIC Earlier the applicant has filed RTI asking for copies of various orders issued by the respondent authority in 1997 and 1998 regarding recruitment of TGTs along with copies of panel of selected TGTs in 1997­98 and related details, etc. Claiming that the respondent authority i.e Directorate of Education Old Secretariat, GNCTD has not furnished complete information, the appellant filed 2nd appeal before the Commission. The respondent authority submitted that the information sought by the appellant was not available at the time of his RTI application. Now that the complete information is available, the respondent authority has presented a full set of information to the appellant during hearing, who has acknowledged the same. The citation can be read here: Sh. Dinesh Kumar Vs. Dte of Education You can discuss this decision at our forum here! This is an extract of the decision available on the CIC public website, and is meant for generating interest in our readers only. For the true detailed and authentic copy you must download the decision from the CIC website!
  20. I have filed the RTI by online on july 11th Iam checking daily status in online every day. Today i have seen this message in status what does it mean Status:REQUEST DISPOSED OF as on 16/07/2015 The information sought directly pertains to New India Assurance Company Limited (NIACL) and is not available with this public authority. NIACL is an independent public authority under Section 2(h) of RTI Act, 2005. You may approach the concerned public authority directly for any of your specific query. The name and address of the CPIO is Sh P K Sahu, Chief Manager and CPIO, New India Assurance Company Limited, 87, M G Road, Fort, Mumbai-400021. Presently there is no provision for online transfer of application to CPIO of NIACL, however a physical copy of RTI application is being transferred to NIACL under Section 6(3) of the RTI Act, 2005 At last i have seen that they transfered to the niacl i dont know what actually happened any one give clarity on this ...
  21. RTI Act 2005 Success Story: I had submitted RTI application to Income Tax Department asking them to show me the documents I submitted, the form I had then filled in 2009 for PAN card application. But they made a mistake in my father's name in the PAN card, then, and I had to pay Rs 100 to make necessary changes. I had asked them through RTI to show me my original form and refund my money if not my mistake. And guess what? They have refunded my money. The question is not about money. It is about they accepting their mistake. This is the power of RTI Act 2005. Use it!!!!!
  22. I recently made an RTI request. I received a letter confirming that the documents have been prepared and I am supposed to submit some amount. However I do not want the information any more. What should I do?
  23. Hi, With the help of RTI, How can i get detail on fake connections made by LPG distributor & how can i take action against him ? Regards, Jafar
  24. Hi, My name is ANAMIKA I applied for my passport on 18-08-2008.. My File Reference Number is : RCH-A020516-08 police verification has already been done but it has still not been submitted. There is no change in status from last onw month. Plz help me to find out what is the actual problem. Thanking in advance
  25. Central Public Information Officer, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi is unaware of Bokaro District Industrial Co­operative Federation Limited which promised employment by taking Rs 1000/- from thousands of persons under the Multi­ State Co­operative Societies Act, 2002. Agri Ministry submitted that they were not aware of the existence of Bokaro District Industrial Co­operative Federation Limited as it was not registered with them. As per the Multi­ State Co­operative Societies Act, 2002, a cooperative is registered only if the the proposed multi-state cooperative society satisfies the basic criterion that its objects are to serve the interests of members in more than one state; The Act states that: Multi-state cooperative societies which may be registered (1) No multi-state cooperative society shall be registered under this Act, unless, (a) its main objects are to serve the interests of members in more than one state; and (b) its bye-laws provide for social and economic betterment of its members through self-help and mutual aid in accordance with the cooperative principles. The RTI applicant had submitted that he was a member of the Bokaro District Industrial Co­operative Federation Limited. He further submitted that he was amongst a thousand persons who had paid Rs. 1000/­ each to the Bokaro District Industrial Co­operative Federation Limited and had been promised employment. He had also undergone training of a week at the above Federation in 2008. However, he had neither received any certificate regarding the training that he had undergone; nor had he been given any employment. They further submitted that under the Multi­State Co­operative Societies Act, 2002, they could not look into the day to day functioning of even those Societies that were registered with them. They, therefore, pleaded their inability to address the grievance of the Appellant or provide information The appeal was filed in front of Sh. Sharat Sabharwal, Information Commissioner who heard the appeal and decided that "In so far as the RTI application is concerned, we are satisfied that it has been responded to in keeping with the provisions of the RTI Act, 2005 and no further action is pending on it. " Decision: File No. CIC/LS/A/2013/001521/SH Date of decision: 28th January 2014 (Sharat Sabharwal), Information Commissioner Name of the Appellant : Shri Bharat Singh, Dist. Bokaro, Jharkhand­ Vs Central Public Information Officer, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi
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