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  1. Moneylife Foundation hosted Shailesh Gandhi, former CIC for a seminar on understanding the RTI act and filing proper RTI applications.
  2. Moneylife Foundation hosted Shailesh Gandhi, former CIC for a seminar on understanding the RTI act and filing proper RTI applications. View full record
  3. Shrawan

    4 steps to file First RTI

    Here is our first RTI video to help new user to file RTI.


  4. I asked one of the information from Public Authority. The concerned PIO provided partial information without giving reasons for the leftover information. I went in for First appeal to FAA. As I was away from hometown, meetings with FAA was not possible though I indicated in the first appeal itself that in person presence is not desired due to my current academic interests. My repeated pleas (almost 08 Nos.) to FAA to pass the order in-between yielded no relief. FAA passed the order after almost three (03) months of date of receipt of appeal. The order states that information can't be provided as it is third party information under section 8. My query is - is FAA justified in passing such an order? Can FAA be penalized if I went ahead for second appeal? Thanks and regards.
  5. HEllo sir, I want to know if I have fiked an rti thtouh offline mode and didn't signed it. Also the postal order sent was blank. Can I expect reply from thr concerned authority?? I have filed in RRB chandigarh. Thanks
  6. I was working for a Bangalore based IT company between 1999 and 2004. I left the organization on 31-mar-2004. I didn't remember whether I withdrew my EPF amount of the organization. But I am sure I didn't transfer the amount to my next employer. Of late, I applied for my EPF withdrawal through the Bangalore organization. I got a letter from EPF Office, K.R. Puram, Bangalore stating that the claim was settled on 24-Jun-04. Unfortunately I am not able to recall it. I checked my ICICI bank transaction history of 2004. I didn't find any clue of having received the EPF amount. Now I have the following queries. 1) The claim was settled within three months since I left the Bangalore Organization (31-Mar-2004). I was told that if someone wanted to withdraw their EPF before retirement, they need to wait for a few months since they left the organization and only the claim can be processed. In my case, it had been settled within three month since I left the Bangalore organization. Is it possible? 2) Now I want to know the full details of My EPF account of the Bangalore organization like what was the balance amount available in the account when I left the organization and If the settlement is done, how the EPF amount was sent to me (through DD/directly credited in my bank account). How to get this details? Please help me. I am looking forward to response
  7. Hi, I want to obtain information that mobile phone can be used or not by the employee in the government banks during their working working hours ? I require this information because many times they remain busy in the mobile phone even though long Que of customers. Kindly help me to draft RTI. Or please directly reply me if you already know. Thank you. Shaikhstonevilla
  8. Friends, Can I request the following information in an RTI application? 1. Marks obtained by me in 7th Semester Supplementary Theory Examination(Separate Supplementary Examination) in the subject Financial Management & Accounts (Subject code: HU 701 Date of examination: 11.09.2013 Full Marks: 70). 2. Internal marks obtained by me in the subject Financial Management & Accounts (Subject code: HU 701). 3. Scanned copy of my entire answer script of the aforementioned examination. 4. I request you to allow me to inspect my answer script of the aforementioned examination. 5. Please provide scanned copies of theory answer script evaluation rules and internal marks evaluation rules for the subject Financial Management & Accounts (Subject code: HU 701) which were effective at the time of the aforementioned examination and internal marks evaluation. If any of them can't be requested under RTI please also mention the paragraph from the RTI act under which it's prohibited. I didn't ask this question before filing the RTI application. The RTI application is currently in 2nd appeal stage. I also want to know what procedure will be taken if some of the above-mentioned information can't be obtained via RTI. Will the application be entirely rejected? Or Will I get partial information? Regards, Manojit Ghosh West Bengal
  9. malcolmxavier

    RTI in Job recruitment

    Hi All I Need Your Valuable help and advice regarding A recent Govt. Job Recruitment I did quite well in the written exam and appeared for the interview. On the Interview Day Just Before I entered the Interview room one of the Interview Board member walked out just behind the Previous Candidate. so out of 4 Interview board members, 3 Interview me. (It was a Perfect Interview) At the end of the Interview i was told by a board member "your interview is very good but why did you score so low in your written exam"? Four days Later the result was Declared and three candidates was selected with two waiting list and i was placed in the waiting list no.1. Not satisfied with the result i filed RTI and got the statement of marks of all the three (3) selected candidates and my own marks in the written exams and Interview. I also got copy of my answer script and exam answer keys And i Found that I scored the second Highest marks In the written Exam just two marks behind the First. Shockingly the 3rd selected Candidate listed in the order of merit got 45 out 50 in the Interview and I got just 28 out of 50 and he was selected because conveniently he got a total of 1 mark above my marks. The Interview marks shocked me because I did very well in the Interview, Greeted them politely, answered all their questions etc . I have PG diploma in service industry management and working experience with 3 of the Best MNC's in India. Communication skills is My MIDDLE NAME. lol , I faced 1000's of MOCK interviews Before i joined Call MNC's and I always Sails through a Job Interview in the Private sectors, But Govt. Job, oops . I also found out that In the written exam i should get 4 more marks in the maths sections, because my answer is right and Answer key is wrong, and 4 marks where no answer is right, I got the answers verified and certified and I filed RTI again for re-evaluation of those questions and also some questions about Number of Interview board members etc and of the Interview marks awarded to me by each of the Board members? When i handed over my RTI application to the PIO, I only need two marks to be on 3rd of the selected merit list. he said even if i get extra marks i won't get a job because the Recruitment process is over!!!! i asked him to re-evaluate my answer script for the 4 marks in the Maths section etc. and see if there is any changes? and about the Interview process, The PIO said I cannot ask for the Interview details or file for Dispute since i got more then 50% ie 28 out of 50. Since the PIO is also one of the Interview board members, I ask the PIO two questions verbally 1.why did one of the Board member told me "your interview is very good but why did you score so low in your written exam"? But Contrary to that statement I got Second highest marks in the written exam and the lowest mark in the Interview, if my interview is so good why only 28 out of 50 marks for me? 2.why did the Chairman of the Board member WALKED OUT OF THE ROOM, before i entered the Interview room? Can an Interview Board member walked away with The Marks Assigned to Him without Interviewing me and awarding me the Marks? Even if he is absent i'm present, why should the marks lapse or walked away with him? He didn't say anything. I'm still awaiting Response from the PIO. and i also found out that the 3rd candidate is the son of one of the Richest man in my state. Q. he said even if i get extra marks i won't get a job because the Recruitment process is over!!!! i asked him to re-evaluate my answer script for the 4 marks in the Maths section etc. and see if there is any changes? Is this True ? Q.The PIO said I cannot ask for the Interview details or file for Dispute since i got more then 50% ie 28 out of 50! Is this True? Q."your interview is very good but why did you score so low in your written exam"? Because of this I filed RTI and Got everything Contrary to the above statement. Q. Can Interview Marks WALKED OUT OF THE ROOM? lol shouldn't they have a break and eat kit kat lol ? Please give your Views and Feedback's Thanks
  10. Sir, Recently i have obtained certified copy of saledeed which was registerd in my father name registerd in 1974 of bangalore south taluk.But in this certified saledeed there was NO SIGNATURE AND THUMB IMPRESSION OF MY FATHER.I want to verify the signature and thumb impression of my father.Kindly help me out 1) How to get copies of finger print register? 2)Can i inspect the register of fingerprint under RTI act in Kanrataka? Thanking You.
  11. amit g gupta

    Where is RTI workers group in MP

    Please mujhe RTI Worker se milna hai me issme kaam karna chahta hu mere pass bohat saare questions hai iss Madhya Pradesh government ke khilaaf me RTI k liye kaam karna chahta hu aur koi eesa NGO hai jo RTI kaa work karta ho to please mujhe contact kare My MO. XXXXXXXXXXXX - Deleted mobile number - posting against forum rules Please workers appnaa contact Information drop kare.. Thanks for giving answer ..
  12. amit g gupta

    RTI HElP

    mere RTI me adhiniyam 5 ke tahat information dene se mana kar diya hai now what i do ??
  13. Dear sir/madam, i'm living in ahmedabad, there is one starch manufacturing company nearby my resident. it is producing very sour smell all times and 2 or 3 times per day whole area suffer very sever smell. this company has been here for many years, at that time this area was a outskirt area of city and now huge residency has been developed. can we do anything through RTI?, where should i ask details through RTI. my main concern is that company might have received all licenses at the time of its inception as there was not much residential area around it. now situation is that there is a dense residential area around this company. so company might have got all legal documents. need your support sir.
  14. anand prakash suraj

    need help

    please do the full detail of mobile no.
  15. Sir/madam Pl. study my following case and guide me accordingly A…….. I have sought information vide application dtd.01.9.2011 from Chief Information Officer Western Railway as follows 1) Name of the Chief Claimant officers of Western Railway with details of their (a) Designation with contact address, e-mail, fax, phone number etc. © service period (d) No.of theft/robbery complaint filed by common public during the span of his/her service (e) How many cases initiated for action and their specific results …….for last 18 years. 2. Specifically pl. give details for investigation carried out and the outcome against complaint filed on 01.01.1994 by P.F.Benny(P.F Arnold Bennet),husband of the undersigned, to your Sr.Divisional Commecial Manager, Western Railway, Pratapnagar, Baroda – 390 004 for the subject of Non- receipt of message of Return journey booking – Claim against theft of valuable property in Train. Train No. / Name : 6338 DN/ Cochin – Ahmedabad Exp. Date of journey : 10.12.1993 Station between : Cochin – Baroda Ticket No. : 81:795: 532 PNR No. : 210001 ( copy of complaint enclosed for your ref.) 3. The Outcome of your departmental letter No. 156/2/Direct/53 (93-94) dtd. 09.02.1995 ( as per the letter content/ promise till date I have not received any communication from your Dept. (copy enclosed) 4. since1995 I have been made many correspondence with your Baroda Dept. and your department have not responded in any way. Give specific reasons and who are responsible for the same and what are the legal actions to the concerned dept./personal for not attending a common man’s genuine complaint. 5. If any passenger(s) was/were looted /Robbed in running Train (plus its after shock- mentally, physically, financially etc).. due to the fault / negligence/ carelessness of Railway departmental staff (a)who is responsible for the incident ? (b)what are the legal action against Railway departmental staff ? (c ) what compensation to the bona-fide passenger/victim ? (d) in case of the undersigned complaint/claim dtd. 01.01.1994 –who were responsible for the theft? Your departmental staff namely (a) booking clerk of Baroda ?OR (b) Security/ RPF Authorities ?and how it related to above incident with clarification. 6. While traveling in Train No. 6338 with a bonafide passenger and the theft tookplace on 11.12.93 at Solapur Area who was responsible ? and in case the investigations had been not done/ replied by the concerned officials within 15 days, inspite of several correspondence/reminders, how a common man can get compensation against 100gm Gold of 1993 and to-day’s Market value ( after 18 years) - ? 7. What are the outputs/reporting against following communications, 1. the undersigned complaint letter dtd. 01.01.1994 2. letter from D.O,W.Rly.Vadodra-4, (after 3 months of complaint without any designation or name of the Authized official )No.G/156/2/direct/153(93-94) dtd. 07/4/94 3. letter No.156/2/Direct/53(93-94) dtd. 09.02.1995 4. my letter dtd. 17th May 2006 5. my various other correspondence/reminders with your Rly. department. B…..I have received Information on 19th oct.2011 as follows; “The information asked for is more than 3 years old. Being old case , no such information can be provided” C……..Then I have preferred for an appeal which I sent on09.11.11 (received by them by 11.11.11)As per the following ground The Ground Appeal (1) As per RTI Act 2005 the time limit for getting information is 30 days but I have received reply from Information officer after 50 days of my appln. (2) The information received after the lime limit is also against the RTI act. enacted by the Indian Parliament, and insufficient & incorrect because (a) As per the section 8(3) of The RTI Act : Subject to the provisions of clauses (a), © and (i) of sub-section (1), any information relating to any occurrence, event or matter which has taken place, occurred or happened twenty years before the date on which any request is made under secton 6 shall be provided to any person making a request under that section: (b) Since 1994 I have been writing to the Rly. Departmental officers concerned and they were never replied or responded to my letters except a letter from D.O, W.Rly.Vadodra-4, (after 3 months of complaint without any designation OR name of the Authorized official ) No.G/156/2/direct/153(93-94) dtd. 07/4/94. and so - where is the Question of more than 3 years old? - why they did’nt replied in time? and -why they waited to reply after receipt of my RTI Application ? and -How they can say the information asked can not be provided and - Who is responsible for this case to make older than 3 years ? and why the dept,did’nt replied or guided timely ? -The officers concerned were received their salaries regularly during all these period from 1994 to 2011 OR not ? From whose pocket ? of course, from the pocket of common public like me. Then why they did not worked OR can not work for the common public”s genuine case ? (3) Vide my RTI Application I have sought various information and any of the responsible and learned officer can reply without referring old documents (i.e. no need of referring old docs.for replying to sr.No.1,4,5,6 etc. of my RTI appln.) but they simply replied commonly that it is more than 3 years old and can not be provided the information sought . So “ As the PIO refused OR obstructed OR destroyed OR given incorrect incomplete information OR failed to furnish the information which means they have violated the RTI Act and punishable under section 20(1) of RTI for one or more categories and liable to pay the penalty from the date of receipt of my application.” (4) As per section 20 (1) of the RTI Act Penalty can be imposed, if the PIO has: i) Refused to receive an application ii) Not furnished the requested information within 30 days of receiving the application iii) Malafidely denied the request for information iv) Knowingly given incorrect, incomplete or misleading information v) Destroyed information which was the subject of the request vi) Obstructed in any manner, in furnishing the information prayer I ,the undersigned. pray your Lordship to go through the papers enclosed and punish the Dept/officers concerned as they failed to give information or inadequate information supplied and or suppression of information for One OR More categories as per section 20(1)of RTI ACT. AS per the RTI Act 20(2), “Where the CIC or the SIC at the time of deciding any complaint or appeal is of the opinion that the central public information officer or the state public information officer has without any reasonable cause refused to receive an application for information or has not furnished information within the time specified or denied the request with mala fide intention or knowingly given incorrect, incomplete or misleading information or destroyed information which was the subject of the request or obstructed in any manner in furnishing the information, it shall impose a penalty of Rs 250 each day till application is received or information is furnished. However, the total amount of such penalty shall not exceed Rs 25,000.” Sir, I am a lady complainer and one of the common public from a middle class family. I have made my complaint in 1994 and thereafter many request letters/reminders to the departmental officers concerned. But they never bothered or replied or even responded in any way. Then I preferred for RTI, here also the officers concerned are not responsible to do their duty. Sir due to the negligence of the Railway staff while booking the ticket, I have suffered a lot by way of financially, mentally and physically since 1994. (pl. refer to my complaint letter). Hope you will use your power as per above Act, and will pass the order favorably so that a genuine complainer will get the justice/ compensation and will prove yourself as a responsible officer of the Dept. without any partiality as all the evidences and facts are clear under the above Act and against the PIO /Rly. officers/ staff concerned. (Sr.No.1-4). Unquote : sir/madam pl.guide me in this case as my loss is due to the negligence of the Railway Booking clark/officer. What if they reject further incase. waiting for your valuable guidance
  16. FIRST APPEAL-CUM- COMPLAINT-ON GRAVITY OF MISCONDUCT, THREATENED TO APPLICANT 1. The First Appellate Authority, O/o The Social Security and Women & child Development, Punjab, SCO No. 128-129, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh Phone: 0172-2608746 2. The District Programme Officer, Department of Women & Child Development, Kapurthala. 3. The Child Development Project Officer, New Dana Mandi Complex, Hoshiarpur Road, Phagwara-144401 (Pb) XXXXXXXX Sir, I submit as under: 1. The appellant applied for information under RTI Act on 3rd Jan 2011. The said application had been transferred under Sec 6(3) on 17th Jan 2011 to PIO cum District Project Officer, Kapurthala and said letter received by the appellant on 24th Jan 2011. It was directed to the PIO to provide the sought information. 2. On 28th Jan 2011 the letter received by the appellant posted on 25th Jan 2011 to provided the said information to District Project officer, Kapurthala and C.D.P.O. Phagwara. 3. On 11th Feb 2011 the appellant received letter from C.D.P.O. to come to collect information on 14th, 15th or 16th Feb 2011. 4. On 14th Feb with prior intimation to the CDPO given on her Mobile number xxxxxxxx ; called one day earlier i.e. on 13th Feb that tomorrow the applicant will come to collect the said information from her office On reaching her office no information has been provided to the appellant and harassed to go to village Bhabiana to get the information. 5. On reaching Village Bhabiana as per direction of CDPO the concerned Circle Supervisor Mrs. Amarjit Kaur was not available. After the call she reached after 50 minutes of the call. But failed to provide information sought. 6. On my request to provide the record pertaining to pensions disbursed in Village Bhabiana the concerned official called Sarpanch at Anganwadi Centre who came with about 15 villagers and shouted on the applicant and put (Lalkaras to applicant). 7. That the Sarpanch and his supporters misbehaved and acted in an undisciplined manner, it gave stigmatic effect upon the conduct of inspection. The staff of the CDPO office is duty bound to provide the sought information or deny specifying the section under RTI Act but it is unfortunate that the applicant should be misbehaved by Sarpanch and his associates and make shouting (Lalkararas) in the presence of the staff of CDPO and the staff keep mum and enjoying the Lalkars considering them as their supporters. 8. That the enquiry kindly be conducted from the appropriate authority. As the incident occurred in Anganwadi centre in the presence of the officials concerned XXXX, Circle Supervisor, Mrs. YYYY Anganwadi worker and Mrs. ZZZZZ Anganwadi worker and Aganwadi helper and in presence of little kids. The concerned officials are duty bound to report the matter to the appropriate authority when Sarpanch and other members started lalakars (shouting) and had been questioning the appellant on what powers you have come to inspect. Who has sent you? Show them written orders with applicant? Who sent you to conduct the inspection? Tell us what do you want (Hun dus tainu ki chahida)? Today we shall get the matter resolved? 9. That the contention raised is that without giving any opportunity of hearing and without following the rules of discipline of the school and Anganwadi Centre, the Sarpanch and other members misbehaved in the school premises in front of tiny tots. The School incharge, the concerned officials have malafidely, arbitrarily and in illegal way breached the principles of right of the citizen and natural justice so it is requested to the authorities to please interfere in the matter. 10. That if such an indisciplined attitude continued in Anganwadi centers then it will affect the career of the children, students, and it would also be very uncomfortable atmosphere for the applicants. So, in the larger interest of the applicants the enquiry should be initiated and the decision kindly be intimated to the applicant. 11. That if the staff, Sarpanch or other associates have any objection in the priciples of natural justice, the representations to that injustice should be made to the appropriate authority. As the inspection is concerned with the Anganwadi and hue and cry in the Anganwadi Centre should be reported to the appropriate authorities. But the discipline should be maintained in the premises of Angawadi Centre. 12. That the matter is put before yourself on question of MAINTENANCE OF DISCIPLINE IN ANGANWADI CENTRE. There cannot be a second opinion on the aspect that the discipline in any school would be of paramount consideration. 13. That if Sapanch and his associates had misbehaved with the applicant, it would be required for the incharge of Anganwadi Centre and the official to independently examine the matter, they are not supposed to remain mum when they found misbehaviour in their premises. The Angawadi Centre officials were to take right action at that time. If the appellant indulged in arguments then obviously the untoward incident may occur. 14. That this is violation of Human Rights and the victim can pray to the appropriate Court for exercising power under Article 226 of the Constitution of India. The matter has been put before yourgoodself to initiate inquiry in the matter. Justice Sought: 1. Kindly hold an inquiry in respect of the subject matter of the incident. 1. After considering the material as may be available on record, pass appropriate orders to provide the information sought and copies of documents sought. 2. Kindly pass appropriate orders regarding the incident keeping in view the observations made herein. NOTES CONCERNING INFORMATION; 1. No document can be classified arbitrarily secret or confidential except as provided for in the Act. 2. Section 7(9) can be used to refuse the document. The PIO or APIO or the other officials can not refuse to provide sought information on the directions of Sarpanch, his associate persons. It the department has objection then there is a proper way to deny information, it is not fair to create hue and cry and make shoutings and Lalkars to applicant. 3. Any attempt at frustrating an applicant from getting information. Such applications are being proceeded with by the Commissions with the power of a Civil Court and provide for compensation to complainant. 4. Kindly note that providing, ambiguous, misleading, incomplete and not providing the information in the requested format attracts penal provisions under Section 20 of the Act. (Penal provisions include fine upto Rs 25,000 to be deducted form one’s salary who have done so and or Departmental/ Disciplinary Proceedings and compensation to the applicant. Rajneesh Madhok, B-xxx/63, Nehru Nagar, St. No. 2, Railway Road, Phagwara-144401 ============= Kindly suggest whether the appeal should be made or the Complaint should be made to SICP as no information has been provided so far to the applicant.
  17. kirank

    section 7(1)

    section 7(1) says if any information asked under this question should be answered in 48 hours. i have asked an institution to reveal some info relating to me under above mentioned section. But,the institution denied taht information to me by giving a reason that it is a secret matter. according to me im sure that its not come under secret information definition under RTI section 8(1). I have appealed the above qmtter to the satate information commision and that info commision saying that hearing of that case will come only after 5 to 6 months according to cause lists in the commision. but, if this is the case intention of applying the RTI become waste for me. and i have appealed the info commision for early hearing of my case, but the official present over there did not agree to the same. NOW WHAT CAN I DO REGARDING THIS ISSUE? WILL I ABLE TO GET MY JUSTICE FOR RTI? SOME PEOPLE SAY THE ONLY WAY TO TACKLE THIS IS APEEALING TO HIGH COURT WITH A WRIT PETITION. BUT, I DONT KNOW THE PROCEDURE OF FILING WRIT IN HIGH COURT AND I AM NOT IN POSITION TO HIRE A LAWYER FOR THE SAME SO. PEOPLE WHO ARE WELL VERSED IN THIS MATTER CAN U HELP ME IN REGARDING THIS.............................................................
  18. Hello, My name is Abhinav Asthana. I am 18 years old. I want to launch an RTI for the passport office. I need your help. Kindly help me do that by explaining each and every procedure as I don't know anything about RTI. I applied for my passport long back on October 7th 2009 under the Non Tatkal Scheme. The police report got clear on January and they said that hopefully I should get the passport withing fifteen days. It has been more than six months now from applying and I haven't received the passport. Usually it takes only one month or maximum upto three months to get the passport. I've checked the status of the passport again and agian on the website and it is continuously showing that the application is under process. Please tell me how to launch an RTI. It extremely urgent for me to get the passport. Kindly help me out. Hope you understand that I am in a real bad situation and urgently need assistance. I think only RTI is going to help now. My email address is (Posting of mail ids is against RTI India - Forum Rules - hence deleted)
  19. sheetalgyl

    Lost Cell Phone

    Dear, I am new here in RTI and I need help. I had lost my cell phone and had lodged the FIR.I had also informed the service providers that I need help from them.None has replied except Vodafone people called up and said that they will help me to track my cell phone with IMEi number. Is it possible to track my mobile phone.Can you people help me to track my mobile phone?? Thanks in advance. Regards, Sheetal.
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