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  1. I want to file RTI ... please help me in drafting it.... Sub : Information required regarding Symbol for Indian Rupee design selection process... Department : Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs, Currency & Coinage Questions : Please let me know the total number of “Symbol for Indian Rupee” design entries received by 1pm on 15th April 2009? Total number of final entries considered eligible according to Finance Ministry “Symbol for Indian Rupee” guidelines? Please let me know the detailed parameters of selection of “Symbol for Indian Rupee” design entries? According to “Symbol for Indian Rupee” guidelines “The symbol should be applicable to standard keyboard” what that means? Did each and every entry have been thoroughly analysed before considering eligible? Provide the certified photocopy of record indicating details of D.D submitted by Rajkamal Aich eligible entry number 1307. Please provide me the name and the designation of the office who shortlisted the eligible “Symbol for Indian Rupee” design entries. Information under RTI Act, 2005 F.No. 3/40/09-Cy Dated 7th January, 2010 – Answering question number 4, I get to know from media that there were total 3331 eligible entries .But on Finance Ministry website there are only 2644 eligible entries list. Where are other 687 eligible entries lists? Initially eligible entry number 1138 was hold by Mitlesh Kothari according to the 1st list created on 26 Aug, 2009 and uploaded on Ministry of Finance website but now according to latest uploaded list which was created on 15 sep., 2009 his name is deleted. Please Explain. Please let me know the numbers of times your department updated the eligible design entries list without informing the public on your website? Please provide me the name and the designation of the office that prepared and updated the eligible “Symbol for Indian Rupee” design entries final list. Please provide me the name and the designation of the office that uploaded the eligible “Symbol for Indian Rupee” design entries final list on Ministry of finance website Ministry Of Finance Provide the names of 7 member’s jury and their present job position? Did your department forward the theme synopsis and concept to jury against each design in final top five design selections? Please let me know the numbers of hours’ or days sittings were conducted by 7 member’s jury for short listing top five out of final list of entries considered eligible? Did Minutes of meeting were put on record in any format regarding short listing eligible design entries and final top five finalist? If yes, please provide complete Minutes of meeting. Did whole selection processes were put on record on video? If yes, please provided unedited version of whole video footage. Did 7 member’s jury short listed top 100, top 10 finalists? If yes, please provide the list of top 100 and top 10 finalists. Total number of entries submitted by each top five participants? Did top 5 finalists design entries followed “Symbol for Indian Rupee” guidelines? Please provide certified photocopy of all the top 5 finalist entries original design and supporting documentation like theme synopsis and concept. Did 7 member jury were aware that Ms. Nondita Correa-Mehrotra written to RBI regarding rupee design back in 2005? Guy we got 22 must ask questions please advice how to go ahead with this kind of RTI application ? Looking forward for quick response from you guys.. Thanks in advance from group of Indian designers who want to fight against Indian bureaucracy...

    Scam Broughtout by RTI

    Rs 1.65 crore Scam Broughtout by RTI
  3. Following chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar's green signal, chief secretary, vigilance, has decided to seek explanations from Chandigarh deputy commissioner Mohammad Shayin and three other senior bureaucrats for their alleged roles in the misappropriation of funds under the Mahatma Gandhi National Employee Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS) in Ambala district. Besides, former Ambala deputy commissioner, RP Bhardwaj has also been asked to furnish his reply on the vigilance bureau report against him.This was stated by the state vigilance department in a reply to a Right to Information (RTI) application filed by PP Kapoor, a resident of Samalkha in Panipat on Monday.Read at: Ambala MNREGS scam: Govt to seek explanation from Chandigarh DC Shayin, four others

    Coal blocks allocation scam.

    TOI, 23.3.2015, 5.30 PM. HUSSAINIWALA (Punjab): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that the coal blocks allocation scam during the tenure of the previous UPA government at the centre was much bigger than the figure of Rs 1.76 lakh crore pointed out by the comptroller and auditor general (CAG) in its report. Addressing a martyr's rally after paying homage to martyrs Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev at their memorial in Hussainiwala in Punjab's frontier district of Ferozepur, the prime minister made a direct attack on the UPA government over the coalgate scam.
  5. CHANDIGARH: Not satisfied with the probe by state vigilance bureau into a 13-year-old plot allotment scam involving local industrialists, who allegedly got plots in Panipat, meant for labourers, on the basis of fake documents, an RTI activist has approached Haryana lokayukta seeking CBI probe into the matter. Read at: RTI activist seeks CBI probe into Panipat plot allotment scam - The Times of India
  6. A whistleblower seeking information in the Professional Examination Board (PEB) scam through the Right to Information (RTI) has hit a roadblock. Read at: Whistleblower’s hunt in PEB scam hits RTI roadblock
  7. Transport scam: CIC show-causes Delhi transport department NEW DELHI: The Central Information Commission (CIC) has show-caused Delhi transport department for not giving information as sought by an RTI applicant on the Justice (retd) Mukul Mudgal inquiry committee report. "The commission has perused the record available in the file and directs the Public Information Officer (PIO), Transport Department, to show cause as to why penalty should not be imposed upon him for not providing the information within the prescribed time," the CIC said in i .. Read more at: Transport scam: CIC show-causes Delhi transport department - The Economic Times
  8. RTI activist Vishwas Bhamburkar, who recently filed a case against the Airports Authority of India-MIAL combine, for the alleged Rs 5,887 crore infrastructure scam, as well as two cases against the police for failing to follow the law, has now complained of receiving death threats. Read at: Airport scam exposé: RTI activist alleges death threats - Mumbai Mirror
  9. CPIM veteran and former minister Ashok Bhattacharya has decided to file an RTI to bring to light the facts behindthe alleged scams of Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA). Speaking to the media persons at Anil Biswas Bhawan in Siliguri Bhattacharya alleged that the funds had been misused for the construction of the 11.5 kilometres of road from Fulbari to Ghoshpukur. Read at: SILIGURI | Ashok to file RTI on SJDA scam | The Echo of India
  10. SHILLONG: Following the application of Right to Information Act, Hynniewtrap Youth Council (HYC) has unearthed a major scam pertaining to purchase of M-tab, which were distributed among Class XII students in 2014 under the Chief Minister’s Student Digital Learning Aid Scheme. As per the RTI documents received from the Information and Technology department, the HYC has found that there is a misuse of over Rs 6 crore in the purchase of M-tab. The RTI documents revealed that the department had spent a total amount of Rs 22, 47, 50,000 for the purchase of 25,000 M-tab (model XTRON Z704). Read more at : Page not found | The Shillong Times
  11. [h=1]Coal Scam - CIC allows coal ministry to withhold records[/h] In a surprise argument, the coal ministry has said information related to minutes of screening committee meetings on coal block allocation cannot be made public as it will impede the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe, a plea allowed by the Central Information Commission (CIC) even though the record itself is available on the ministry’s website. An RTI applicant, Meenu, had approached the ministry seeking information regarding the minutes of screening committee meetings on coal block allocations. The ministry had replied that the CBI has registered a preliminary enquiry regarding alleged irregularities in the allocation of coal blocks and refused information citing Section 8(1)(h) of the RTI Act. The said section allows a public authority to withhold such information as may impede the process of investigation, apprehension and prosecution of an accused. However, the minutes of screening committee meetings on coal block allocations are available on the website of the coal ministry. Information commissioner Mr Yashovardhan Azad, an ex-Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, ruled in favour of coal ministry in the matter, saying, “The respondent stated that the files concerned have been seized by CBI for enquiry into the allocation of coal blocks and the same is pending, which is why information to the appellant cannot be provided.” Mr Azad said that “After hearing the respondents and on perusal of records, the commission accepts the plea of CPIO (Central Public Information Officer)/FAA (First Appellate Authority).” Recently, justice Vibhu Bakhru of Delhi high court had rejected a similar order by CIC allowing a public authority to withhold information under Section 8(1)(h) of the RTI Act without giving justification. Justice Bakhru had said that “merely citing that the information is exempted under Section 8(1)(h) would not absolve the public authority from discharging its onus.” In a stern order, he said “It is apparent from a bare perusal of the CIC’s order that it does not indicate the reasons that persuaded (it) to uphold the view of the public authority that the disclosure of information sought by the petitioner would impede the prosecution of the petitioner. He added that “Neither the FAA nor the CIC has questioned the public authority as to how the disclosure of information would impede the prosecution.” Read More: http://coal.steelguru.com/india/18892/coal_scam_cic_allows_coal_ministry_to_withhold_records
  12. The state vigilance bureau (SVB) is accused of concealing the findings of an inquiry into a scam in implementing the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) in Ambala district. In the case registered in February 2011 in Ambala, the role of several senior bureaucrats and state forest department officials was investigated. The bureau, after completing its report, kept it secret. In the past three months, it headquarters has twice turned down the Right to Information (RTI) Act applications (HT has copies) for details on the grounds that the report is pending with the Haryana government for “final consideration”. Read at: Vigilance bureau buried job plan scam probe report: RTI applicant - Hindustan Times
  13. yogeshmmundhara

    Rationing shops scam

    Helloo everyone, There are some government ration shops in and around my locality and i have heard a lot of complaints regarding them as they sell the ration which is given by government for the poor to the private shops.Sugar,Kerosene,Dal all these are sold to pvt shops at a higher rates instead of giving them to the ration card holders.This is done on a larger scale and is a big scam.I have twice complained to the Local authority regarding this issue but i think they all are attached to the ration mafia by some means.So i want to know how with the help of RTI can i reveal this scam of the ration shops. I believe that the ration shops owner give false information to the Government authority regarding its distribution. Soo please tell me how can i reveal this with use of RTI Thanking you alll
  14. Two brothers, retd colonels, got 31 plots under HUDA quota Two retired Army colonels being probed as part of an investigation into allegedly fraudulent multiple allotment of plots to individuals by the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) had between them got as many as 31 plots. Karan Singh Yadav and Dharam Singh Yadav, who are brothers, were allotted these plots in various urban estates of Haryana between 1998 and 2004 (including the time they were serving), documents submitted in the Punjab & Haryana High Court show. The scam is being probed by HUDA on the orders of the court. Over 325 FIRs have been registered against beneficiaries, including 188 defence personnel, who allegedly got more than one plot in their name, or in the name of their spouse or children. The Yadavs have got an interim stay on their arrest. Read More: Two brothers, retd colonels, got 31 plots under HUDA quota | The Indian Express
  15. Dear Sir This is to inform you that professional fraud Mr.********** office at ************* with malifide intentions has cheated and embezzled public money by perpetrating among corrupt officials of banks & other government institutions under Sec 420 IPC. Mr.********** acquires money fraudulently on basis of fraudulent documents in the ICICI bank account number **********. He has committed criminal offence by cheating public money off on the basis of procuring illegal Drug License, Sales Tax TIN No/ VAT, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Driving License, Pension Funds, Bank Loans etc. Mr.*********** has illegally bribed corrupted officials of various government depts. to garner public funds in the above mentioned bank account. He claims to have liaison with officials in Central & State govt. and performs illegal acts of cheat & fraud. He acquires advance payments in cash or bank deposits and then submits fraudulent documents at various government dept. for his personal gain. As a concerned citizen, I appeal to RTI to stop the abuse of fraud & embezzlement of public money in favor of public interest. I request to immediately take action of alleged cheating and misappropriating of money against Mr.***********. Thanking You Yours Faithfully Devendra
  16. HI, I want this information because recently Quest net has started its operation in Delhi and other parts of the country under Qnet. But when I checked the details it is under the same parent company (Qnet). Unfortunately I can't find the ruling and the procedure of the case. If I could get a copy of the Supreme Court ruling or be advised the procedure, I would really appreciate it.
  17. Hi All , About 3 days back , there was a news item in the Statesman , reporting a new scam , of astronomical proportions , in the export of thorium from our country. Does anyone know how factual this article is ? My doubts are on the following aspects of this article : 1. Is there any independent reference to how much of monazite was mined , by whom , and how much of it was exported from 2004 till date ? 2. If at all thorium has been exported , was it done at a lower rate than the global rate , so as to benefit private agencies ? 3. If the thorium was mined and exported , was it done infringing Indian laws , or was it done legally ? The article puts together a lot of words , and allows the reader to draw his / her own conclusions ; this is not responsible journalism. Can anyone answer any or all of the above questions , with independent citations ? Narayan 104761132-ThoriumScam-LokSabha-Question-referred-to-in-The-Statesman-Article.pdf
  18. Dear Sir/ Madam, I recently resigned from a firm. During my tenure at the firm, our salaries did not ever come on time (delayed by 15 to 20 days). After my resignation in february end, our salaries(pending) were again delayed by 16 days due to which my credit card bill was over due and interest was charged. Further, our reimbursements have been pending for over 4 months now. When I sent an email explaining my situation, one of the directors blackmailed me (mail withheld) and said that if I didn't apologize in 24 hours, he would put my pictures in the newspapers announcing that I have done bad things at the office and that I'm not worth employing. I have my salary account statements for proof of late salaries and the blackmail email that the director sent me as proof of blackmail and threatening. Kindly advise how I may proceed to take action against this firm. I need to take action against them at the earliest.
  19. karira

    Flour scam in Golaghat PDS

    The Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) on Wednesday alleged that Food and Civil Supplies Minister Nazrul Islam received Rs 88,83,000 as commission over flour meant to reach the poorer section of the society in Golaghat district in the period from April 2006 to November 2007. The KMSS accusing the Minister on the strength of its social audit and information accessed under the Right to Information Act, revealed documents before media persons showing the Minister’s share in the commission over items targeted for beneficiaries of the Public Distribution System (PDS). The KMSS alleged that flour allotted for Golaghat district under PDS was sold by a section of businessmen in their own brand name by paying commission to the concerned Minister, superintendent, co-operative secretaries, FCI officials and all other groups who mattered. The study by KMSS under the RTI revealed that in between the period from April 2006 to November 2007, 88,830 quintal of flour was allotted for Golaghat district out of which 79,947 quintal was sold in the black market by the businessmen, owners of flourmills. The flour scandal in between this period is to the tune of Rs 11 crore, informed KMSS. “The flour mill owners are selling the allotted flour in their own brand name and refusing to give the allotted quota to the co-operatives or are giving poor quality flour in lesser quantity,” alleged Akhil Gogoi, general secretary of KMSS. The KMSS has alleged that three flour mills namely Kuber Roller Flour Mill, SSK Flour Mill and Nauka Food Industries Ltd have been selling PDS flour in their brand names RK Brand, Sri and Nauka respectively. “The PDS has become a farce in Golaghat with corruption eating at the system from top to bottom,” lamented Gogoi adding that the greed of the Government officials for commission has crippled the PDS. As per documents of the KMSS, the Supply Minister get Rs 100 as commission per quintal of PDS flour, the supply superintendent and the Deputy Commissioner get Rs 30 as commission per quintal, the FCI officials get Rs 20, the co-operative secretaries get Rs 50 and a few organizations get Rs 10 as commission per quintal of flour. “So a total of Rs 210 go out as commission per quintal of PDS flour and from April 2006 to November 2007 in Golaghat, Rs 1,86,54,300 have gone out as commission,” informed Gogoi. If the Supply Minister had the lion’s share of the commission over the period, others too had a fair share. The supply superintendent got Rs 26,64,900, the FCI officials got Rs 17,76,600, the co-operative secretaries got Rs 44,41,500 and the organizations got Rs 8,88,300 as commission. “If from a small district like Golaghat, the Supply Minister gets so much as commission, it could be well imagined how much he gets from the rest of the districts,” said Gogoi. On the other hand, the KMSS said that the mill owners have been resorting to ruse like spraying water over the PDS flour so that it becomes fungus infected within a week and people form the opinion that the PDS flour was of poor quality. The KMSS submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi today demanding streamlining of the PDS in Golaghat and other districts. The Assam Tribune Online
  20. RTI query helps unearth fair price shop scam Two ration shop licenses in one family and in same premises. Sounds unbelievable as the rules of the public distribution system (PDS) commonly known as the rationing system do not allow that. But the two shops have been operating for over a decade in Dharavi. Thanks to an alert citizen Harsh Mehta has brought the fraudulent activity to the fore by seeking the information under the Right to Information Act (RTI). Following Mehta’s RTI query, rationing controller RR Jadhav ordered a probe. Jadhav, who is in Gujarat on the poll duty, refused to give much details. But, when this correspondent contacted deputy collector NM Suryavanshi, who conducted the probe, the latter said the report had been submitted to Jadhav on Monday. The discrepancy was revealed when landlord Mehta sought the information about how two ration shop licences were allotted in the same premises. “We filed an FIR in August 2007 with the Dharavi police and now the rationing department has found merit in our complaints,” said Mehta’s advocate Indra Sajnani. The RTI query revealed that while one license has been sanctioned to Suresh Shivkumar Gupta, the photograph affixed on the license application was of Sonu aka Dilip Rajkumar Gupta. While in the case of the second license the documents attached as rent receipts are of Rajkumar Gupta, the father of Sonu. Sonu aka Dilip Rajkumar Gupta and Rajkumar Gupta are staying in the Parsi Chawl in the much talked about slums. “The documents were bogus and forged,” alleged Mehta. The two shops get 20,000 litres of kerosene a month to be sold to card holders at Rs8 per litre. The Guptas got their applications authenticated in 1997 from local Shiv Sena MLA Baburao Mane, in whose constituency the area falls, Mehta said. Denying that the licenses for the two PDS units were obtained on bogus documents, Sonu told DNA: “A wrong photograph was submitted to the rationing authority by mistake. Photographs with the department were destroyed in the 2005 deluge and we were asked to submit fresh ones. Instead of my cousin Suresh Gupta’s photo, mine got submitted due to an oversight. We have written to the department asking them to rectify this mistake.” In fact, Sonu alleged that Mehta was trying to pressurise them through such complaints as he wanted to redevelop the property. A senior rationing official confirmed to DNA that the report sought strict and immediate action against two PDS outlets. He also admitted that a simple verification of the site and document details from the landlord could have averted the goof up. Publication | Indian Publication News | Indian Publication Aggregator | Regional Publication News | Leading Publications India
  21. ganpat1956

    Jalandhar resident digs out a scam

    Jalandhar, August 27: Using the lamp of Right to Information (RTI) Act, an applicant has thrown light on discrepancies in the repair of roads, including Mall Road, in Jalandhar Cantonment. The roads were constructed by the Garrison Engineer (East) under Military Engineering Services (MES), Jalandhar Cantonment. While the Commander Work Engineer (CWE) has been investigating the case on the complaint of the applicant, Jalandhar Zone Chief Engineer Ashok Kumar said he would also get the matter inquired. A copy of the complaint has been sent to Chief Engineer, Western Command, Chandimandir, Chandigarh. In June last, applicant Ajay Kumar Sehgal, a builder, had sought information regarding all the road works executed during 2005-07 under Garrison Engineer (East) GC Chaudhary, Jalandhar Cantonment. However, he was provided information only for one road, Mall Road, and the authorities withheld rest of the data, which is a violation under the RTI as more than two months have passed since the application was filed. While the applicant was going through the documents of road repair, he found many irregularities. The work on the road was executed in February 2006 and the cost estimated was Rs 37 lakh. The documents said the contractor procured only 28 metric tonnes of bitumen from a government agency against the actual requirement of 110 metric tonnes. When he asked them to show the bills if bitumen was procured from any other sources, they refused. Besides, no record for the consumption of any material was maintained, the applicant said, adding that only Rs 17 lakh were spent on Mall Road and record of the remaining Rs 20 lakh was not provided despite his repeated written applications to the authorities concerned as well as the Central Public Information Officer of the department. Sehgal, in his application to senior authorities, said the material procured by the contractor has not been recorded in the ‘Measurement Book’ and records about road-rollers were also missing from the log book. The applicant said during the same period, road works worth over Rs 1 crore were executed by the GE (East), the records of which were not provided to him under the RTI Act. He added that he had also sought physical site verification under the Act, but nothing has been done in this direction to date. CWE Dron Ahuja said he was getting the matter investigated. He, however, remained mum when asked why the department has not provided Sehgal all the documents asked by him under the RTI Act. Sources in the MES said a senior officer who indulged in pilferages had coaxed the higher authorities for delaying the inquiry at least for a month so he could retire by that time. Jalandhar resident digs out a scam
  22. ganpat1956

    Maharashtra: Dairy scam looms large

    Thursday, August 16, 2007 (Mumbai) A huge scam seems to have been uncovered in Maharashtra's government dairies, thanks to the Right to Information Act. 32 dairies across Maharashtra have a combined processing capacity of 800 lakh liters every month. From January to April this year, these dairies have only managed to sell a mere 18 lakh liters of milk. But figures show there are huge discrepancies between the amount of milk that has been sold and the salaries that have been paid to dairy workers. How much does one liter of milk cost the Maharashtra government in salaries that it pays to its employees in government dairies? A whopping one hundred and sixty rupees, if figures supplied by the dairy development board are to be believed. Using the right to information activist Shailesh Gandhi tried to find out the workings of 32 government dairies in the state for a period of four months, from January to April 2007. And the findings were shocking. Glaring figures Worli Dairy for example can process four and a half lakh liters of milk per day but in January it procured only a little over one and a half lakh liters which was sold and salaries paid were over six lakh rupees. In April it procured less milk than in January, sold even less but paid an enormous one crore seventy lakh rupees as salary! Some of these dairies like the one in Satara has neither procured milk nor sold it, from January to April this year but it has still paid salaries ranging from rupees 8 lakh to 28 lakh! ''The total production of four months is less than one day's capacity of dairies and when I saw the total salaries and milk they had sold the answer is over 160 rupees a liter,'' said Shailesh Gandhi, activist. The findings of this RTI have thrown up many questions like, why is there a huge difference in the salaries paid by these dairies every month? Is it a systematic loot of public money or an attempt at privatizing these dairies, the answer lies with the perpetrators of this scam. NDTV.com: Maharashtra: Dairy scam looms large
  23. NEW DELHI: The BJP has taken the Right to Information (RTI) route to lay bare what it sees as the ‘wheat import scam’. The party sniffs huge irregularities in the deal and has even claimed that its stand has been vindicated. Armed with the details secured through the RTI, the party on Thursday reiterated its demand for the dismissal of Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar and wanted a CBI inquiry into the entire episode, which, it alleged, had caused a big loss to the exchequer. With the monsoon session of Parliament commencing on Friday, the party has made up its mind to haul up the ruling combine over the alleged bungling. “The prime minister must come clean on the subject,” BJP spokesman Prakash Javadekar said here on Thursday afternoon. The BJP, Mr Javadekar said, had sought information on the reasons for the cancellation of the first round of bids invited at the rate of $263 per million tonne (MT) in May this year. The food and consumer affairs ministry cited six factors that led to the termination of the tenders at the said rate. “Tenders were floated by the STC on behalf of the government in May. After negotiations with the foreign suppliers, the STC recommended purchase of 3.06 lakh tonnes of wheat at $263/MT. However, none of the bids were accepted by the government as the STC had said there were possibilities of a softening of prices for arrival beyond August 2007 compared to the June-August prices received in the tender,” the information made available through the RTI read. There were other factors, too, including reports that the Australian crop to be harvested during November-December, 2007 was described as “good” by the International Grain Council, talk of declining price curve of wheat in the international market by all the three related agencies, namely the IGC, Reuters and the Chicago Board of Trade, the government’s decision to take advantage of future market conditions, fears that acceptance of imported wheat at prices higher than procurement price in the domestic market would induce discontentment among the farmers and apprehensions that the traders would resort to hoarding wheat stocks in the hope of a future price rise. “This was the government’s assessment on June 1 this year,” Mr Javadekar said, adding, “It suddenly changed its stance around June 10 and decided to re-tender for the import of 50 lakh MT of wheat immediately.” Tenders were floated for 5.11 million tonnes of wheat, which were subsequently awarded to three firms at a weighted average price of $325/MT. “This is a clear admission of not only a flip-flop or an error of judgement, but foul play,” the BJP spokesman said. The government’s decision to import wheat, notwithstanding its own assessment, proves that something happened behind the scenes during the first week of June and some vested interests had played their part, he added. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/News/PoliticsNation/BJP_digs_up_dirt_on_wheat_import_sees_big_scam/articleshow/2269873.cms
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