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Found 27 results

  1. Shree Vathsan

    Jallikatu Protest Final Report

    In Jan 2017 there was protests for Jallikattu all over Tamil Nadu. In Chennai what went on as a peaceful protests for six days took an ugly turn on the 7th day with police lighting fire on autos and inducing violence. In the aftermath of the Jallikattu riots the TN Govt set up an one Man Retired Justice Commission to enquire into the circumstances leading to the riots. The initial time was three months but the final report was given to Tamil Nadu CM only on Jan 2020. The contents of the report was not made public and not many media covered this news. I had asked for a copy this report given to CM under RTI to CM Office, Secretariat. After transferring to multiple Dept's the RTI finally landed in Public (SC)( of Home dept I guess. ) Here the PIO has denied information quoting GO MS 1045 dt 14.10.2005 which exempts the said dept from RTI. The information sought is very crucial and certainly involves larger public interest. Will first appeal help? Or RTI to any other dept be of any use? Sent from my SM-J510FN using RTI INDIA mobile app
  2. Can the General Diary of the police station where particulars of "All the details in r/o criminals arrested and entry of arrival/departure of all enrolled police officers on duty with nature of their duties, duty performed and places visited etc." are maintained be inspected and photo copies sought from a particular police station under RTI? Is there any particular clause/section that needs to be quoted for inspection under RTI? Any format available for inspection under RTI?
  3. Shree Vathsan

    PIO Sends a staff to my house

    The person in the article below is me. I had a corporation official visit my house with the RTI and asking for my whereabouts. However the PIO has sent a reply on 8/5/19 stating that AE Div 170 is the person responsible for inspecting the banners on the particular stretch. It is after finalising this reply that I had got a call from AE Div 170 on 8/5/19 evening and a person visited my house on 9/5/19. The reply sent by PIO dated 8/5/19 was received on 11/5/19. Further The AE has stated that he has inspected the stretch and removed illegal banners immediately. However I have material evidence that the banners remained in the same place from afternoon till late night. Only the persons who kept the banner had removed them. So can I penalise the PIO for providing false and incorrect information.
  4. karan91

    OBC NCL status eligibility

    if both parents are working as secondary grade teachers in tamil nadu primary school , will their children be eligible for OBC NCL reservation ?
  5. CHENNAI: The Paattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) on Sunday urged the Tamil Nadu government to appoint information commissioners in the state. The party also urged the government to initiate legal action against officers refusing to provide information under the RTI Act. Read more at; Appoint new information commissioners in Tamil Nadu: PMK - The Times of India
  6. Hello, I cancelled my ration card in gujart and it is ritten in gujarati. I produced to tamilnadud they said we donot understand gujrati so get english certifictae.I wenr to mamalatdar office but no ressponsible officer to give porper reply some said you get ration card bar coded and then only we can give you a certificate. My question is that once the car d is cancelled how can i get it in bar coded? Can I not get certificsste without barcoded ration card on the basis of its cancellation.
  7. Chennai: RTI activists in the state have demanded that the government introduce online Right to Information (RTI) application filing facility following in the footsteps of the Central and Maharashtra governments. After the Central government’s successful demonstration of its online RTI filing facility, the Maharashtra government launched an online portal last week for filing applications and first appeal for the secretariat departments and the fees for the application can be paid via Internet/debit or credit card. City-based RTI activist V. Gopalakrishnan appealed to the state government to launch an RTI portal for its secretariat departments and collectorate to help people exercise their right to seek information through the online medium. “The government cannot escape from establishing online facility after the successful demonstration by the Centre and Maharashtra governments. It is feasible and it will ensure greater transparency,” he told DC.Read more at; RTI activists seek online facility in Tamil Nadu
  8. Hi sir, In tamilnadu even in the small towns the movie ticket price is equal to multiplex theaters. They were not mentioning the ticket price also in the given ticket. So I want the procedure that how to get the government fixed ticket price and where to complain if they were charging more than what is allowed. Thank you.
  9. hi how soon can i expect a hearing date for second appeal soon after it is filed. i remember someone mentioning that it takes close to 2yrs..is it just to get the initial hearing or for overall completion of the second appeal process.
  10. Hello, can i get informatiom of Ex student of 2008 year pass out from vinayaka mission university . what is the procedure for it.
  11. srigeeth

    Tamilnadu Property Tax

    Hello, How do i find out the property tax amount for a vacant agricultural land i have in Sholingannalur.
  12. Dear sir I want to take M.Sc. course from IASE deemed university churu rajasthan . Is the degree valid from there is valid in central govt. employee for promotion. The same question is for vinayak mission university salem tamilnadu . please write me asap. -Rakesh
  13. JayaseelanM

    Help me Roar!

    Vanakkam to All I just started writing RTI forms for take out the buried Corruptions and helping people around! I'm from TN (Salem) It would be nice to see a reply from My city so that we can do in joint effectively
  14. Hi, Tamilnadu govt announced welfare schemes for the year 2012-13 for Adi-dravidar people http://www.tn.gov.in/citizen/adtw.pdf In that section 2.1 states that Adidravidars/tribes/converted christians are exempted from payment of Tution Fees. But students are asked to pay their tution fess in colleges, when asked to HM/principal they reply as if there are no communication to them even when the copy is shown and they cannot do anything unless they get some formal communication. When the problem is raised with some personnel in collector's office they said "NO fund is been allocated, so we cannot do anything". If an announced scheme doesn't exists they why it is there in the books of records of Tamilnadu government?
  15. I had a very bad experience Tamilnadu State Information Commission. 1. I asked HR&CE PIO to provide the details avaiable from the record maintained for the past 20 years. SIC told me that applicant can’t ask for the details which are 20 year old. Based on this question, it can be directly rejected…. Is there any section in the RTI which gives such power to SIC to reject my RTI? 2. The PIO had given the information in the plain paper (hand written) i.e. without any signature / government seal. I told to SIC…the hand written document without signature is not acceptable. Such relay is legally not acceptable; I further told… I can’t use these documents for litigation purpose. For this SIC replied.. There is no provision in the RTI to ask for the document with signature. Please guide me on this. Without signature I will not be able to file litigation 3. Incase if I am not satisfied with SIC answer, to whom should I approach? 4. When I complained about the denial information for few of my basic questions like... Number of employees, qualification of the trustees… SIC replied…PIO can only provide the information which is available with him. PIO can’t do the research for our questions… All my questions comes under section 4… Still he replied in this manner. How do I proceed further on this?
  16. Hi, I gave in the PATTA application with the required documents personally in a file to the Revenue Department officer of Kodaikanal, Dindigal District, Tamilnadu on the 29th of February 2012 by around 12:30 PM. He took it, signed it in green ink and then said 'OK'. I waited few seconds more and asked him if he would given me an acknowledgement or a receipt that he had received my application. He said that that was not the procedure and that they would send a notice to my address. It was actually strange. I had to just come back like that, but from then I have been thinking about asking somebody who knows the way it works. Is that normal. Is that the way it works? They just get your file and then tell you that they will send you a notice? What if the particular officer denies that he has never received my papers and application ever? Or if somebody else comes to that seat, if the file has not been processed yet? Please give your expertise answer and tell me what I should do to follow it up. There is no token number given, nothing with me. What should I do from here?
  17. luvly_krissy

    VAO tamilnadu

    Hello, Does the Village Administrative officer come under the purview of RTI Act? If yes, who is the PIO. Kris!
  18. Dear RTI activists, The Tamilnadu government has been going on exempting all departments of the police like crime branch, CBCID, Cyber crime and even the vigilance and Ant-Corruption from the RTI Act under section 24. Is it legal, and are there any court decisions against such exemptions ?
  19. Hi friends First of all, all of you guys are doing a great job helping each other on this forum. Congrats on the folks who run the site and the active participants. Here is my query. My father sold a two-wheeler to another person in Coimbatore last year, through a 'two-wheeler agent'. Since we moved out of Coimbatore, we could not collect the delivery slip as proof of delivery/sale. We are also not in a position to travel to Coimbatore and pursue the matter. There has been no response from the agent for the last one year. However, one good thing, we requested someone to find out from RTO Coimbatore North, if the vehicle has been transferred. The RTO office, apparently has confirmed the transfer and we now also have the name and address of the buyer and also the Transfer Effective Date. No contact number though. Since we have no documentary proof of the sale/transfer of the vehicle, we wish to write to the RTO office (North), Coimbatore asking information in the following way. Please advise if this is alright. Also, if you know of any format for TN RTI applications, let me know. 1. Name and address of the current owner of the vehicle Or alternatively, is it better to ask : 1. Name and addresses of all transfers of the vehicle since, say, 14th September 2007. (Effective date of our transfer). 2. Photocopy of the RC Book Endorsement. Do you think the RTO keeps copies of the RC book endorsement ? If so, is it available under RTI Act ? 3. Photocopy of the Insurance. ( We are particularly interested in having some documentary proof of the insurance transfer. ) 4. Heard that the RTO office Coimbatore does not have photocopies of RC book endorsements, but they maintain something called the 'B' register (not sure about the name of the register), where they keep the transfer records apart from computerised records. Can we ask for a copy of the relevant page from the register ? Also, I am planning to send a DD for Rs.10/- since I am not sure if court fee stamps from AP will be valid in TN. Also, Do you know anyone in Coimbatore, may be a lawyer, who could get this done for us (drafting, submission, followup and forwarding of the docs received to us etc) for a fee ? (on our signing the application). Will appreciate all help. Thanks once again for the forum. Jai Hind. Govind.
  20. To get carrier growth from Public sector where I am working, I applied for MCA course through distance education programe of the University in south TamilNadu at a cost of Rs40000/-. I duly completed all the papers in May 2003. But I have been marked absent for one paper with all other papers declared passed. I had shown the attendance proof obtained from local exam centre and the same was duly acknowledged by the Controller of Examination. Even after prolonged correspondences emanated from my side, the university authorities have not taken any steps in tracing the paper/ publishing result . but I was informed recently i.e last week that I have to re-write the paper as there is no concrete evidence is available for appearance in MAY 2003. Because of this delay, I have lost my carrier growth i.e pay increment of Rs.450/per month from 2003 onwards and lost better placement and promotion which can not be compensated. If I write the exam now, I will not get any benifit as already 6 years passed. I want to apply this case Under RTI Act 2005. Kindly suggest me how to apply and what information I have to ask from the University authorities. I have got the attendance proof of other papers appered in May 2003 exam along with other participants in which a person was not attending the paper i.e not turned up for the exam, the attendance was marked as "AA". But in my case there is no such "AA" marking in the attendance sheet submitted by local exam centre. Besides I have got the question paper of the exam in which the tickmarked questions were answered by me. This tick-marked questions and the relevent answers can be seen in my answer paper which will be helpful in tracing the answer sheet. I need your help in this regard. Kindly help me.
  21. ganpat1956

    Distressing news from Tamilnadu

    A 67-year old consumer activist from Salem was assaulted by some persons for seeking information under RTI Act.(Reported in "the Hindu" dt 01.12.2006) Mr A Annamalai of FEDCOT sought information under RTI Act about the waiver of loans by a cooperative society in his village. Following this, he was abused and attacked in front of his house. Following a complaint by one of the assailants, Mr Annamalai, a one-time Bhoodhan Movement leader, was taken to the police station and and made to sit on the floor in a corner. He was also abused and treated like a criminal. The police, instead of taking action against the asailants, obtained a commitment from him in writing that he would not file similar petitions in future. ===== Only last week, the office of another veteran consumer activist, "Traffic Ramaswamy", was ransacked in Chennai, following which, the Madras High Court has ordered a gun-man security for him. Mr Ramaswamy has filed a number of Public Interest Litigations in Madras High Court (This incident along with an interview was telecast in NDTV on 30.11.2006).
  22. ma_prasad

    Ration card

    Getting a ration card in Tamilnadu is very difficult - Though as per income, we are not entitled to get any ration commodities, however for every other address proof, ration card is demanded, and government is not issuing and not even telling why they are not able to issue
  23. hi all, recently i was a victim of this caste practice followed by some schools of tamil nadu. They (psbb schools, dav schools, many other top brass schools) rejected my child's application form to join L.K.G. do you want to know the reason . just because i am an sc. i really faint to know the reason. these schools still have the caste in mind. why can't they say out in the application form's rules itself. at least i could have saved my 500 rs (application form price). tell me what to do. i am really angry about them.
  24. Information panel slaps maximum penalty in 24 cases as reported by Shyam Ranganathan, The Hindu, Friday, Aug 22, 2008 CHENNAI: The Tamil Nadu State Information Commission has imposed the maximum penalty of Rs. 25,000 in 24 cases against public authorities for not providing sufficient and timely information on petitions filed under the Right to Information Act, according to a study carried out by an activist. The activist, Madhav V, studied the judgments delivered by the commission between 2006 and May 2008 and found that it had decided on the most severe penalties for non-compliance with the Act on authorities, including the University of Madras and the Highways Department. In some of the judgments, the commission remarked that the authorities had deliberately withheld information and engaged in stonewalling. There were also mentions of the authority concerned not turning up even after a summons was issued, thus causing the petitioners hardship. Chief Information Commissioner S. Ramakrishnan said the number of cases in which penalties were imposed was actually higher; it could be in the order of 200 and above. The discrepancy in the numbers shown by the study was because the penalties were not imposed with the judgments in some cases, he said. An opportunity was given to the respondents to explain why the penalty should not be imposed on them. When the public information officers (PIO) did not give satisfactory answers, the commission had imposed penalties later. While the penalties are a useful deterrent against the erring authorities, there has been no follow-up on whether the penalties were actually enforced. In a case in which the commission had imposed a penalty on the Highways Department, the petitioner said a friend had actually filed another petition to know whether the penalty was enforced. No reply has been obtained from the public information officer on this petition, he said. Mr. Ramakrishnan, however, said new staff had been appointed to the commission, and a person would be directed to follow up on all judgments to ensure the directions were carried out. The Hindu : Tamil Nadu / Chennai News : Information panel slaps maximum penalty in 24 cases
  25. What is the procedure under RTI Act in Tamilnadu if want some information on the land proposed to be purcahsed in Avadi area in chennai:confused:
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