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Found 27 results

  1. johnsinghaj

    AICTE eligibility

    From V.Balamurugan and K.John Singh Tirunelveli 627 011 e-mail: (Posting of mail ids & mob. no. is against Forum Rules -hence deleted) Phone: XXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXX 13 Jan 2010 To The Honorable Minister Ministry of Human Resource & Development New Delhi Sir, Sub: Redressal of Grievances and Suggestions to AICTE I have the honour to bring the following facts for your kind consideration and favourable action. We are working in a private engineering college as Asst Professors in the Computer Science and Engineering Department. Our qualifications are first class MCA/M.Sc(Information Technology), first class M.Tech(Computer Science and Engineering) and about to complete our Ph.D(Computer Science and Engineering). As per the existing faculty norms for Lecturer (now Asst Professor) cadre in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, of Engineering colleges, a person with MCA / M.Sc followed with first class M.E (Computer Science and Engineering)/ M.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) qualification is eligible. But as per the new norms the eligibility conditions are mentioned in AICTE website (AICTE) as follows. “BE / BTech and ME / MTech in relevant subject with First Class or equivalent either in BE / BTech or ME / MTech” Whereas as per the latest UGC Norms the eligibility conditions are as follows: 1.1. Master’s Degree with 55% marks in the appropriate branch of Engineering (Engg.) & Technology (Tech) . 1.2. NET/SLET/SET shall also not be required for such Masters Programmes in disciplines for which NET/SLET/SET is not conducted subject to the conditions stipulated in these Regulations in clause.3.3.3. 1.3. A minimum score as stipulated in the Academic Performance Indicator (API) based Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS) developed by UGC in these Regulations shall be a mandatory requirement Under this circumstances, it creates ambiguity in many ways and causes a concern for the people like us. The abrupt changes in the policy decisions will seriously damage to the existing system. There are more than one thousand staff members, who are presently serving in private engineering colleges who were recruited as per the existing rules. It is not fair on the part of AICTE to curb the existing, well experienced faculty members by imposing restrictions. It seems that the rule makers fail to consider the prevailing conditions and the welfare of the existing members. The new rules affect us in the following ways. 1. The new rules block the students of Science stream from entering into engineering streams. 2. In many previous meetings of AICTE, the importance of the science is strongly insisted. However, the new rules do not consider it. 3. There is no provision in the new system that insists the qualifications related to the specialization of Engineering Teaching (such as B.Ed. for school education) for producing best engineering teachers. 4. Like the existing norms, there is no separate clause in the new norms that deals with eligibility of faculty members of computer science & engineering course. Since, Computer Science & Engineering field is still in its infant stage, there are no sufficient numbers of postgraduates with engineering background. 5. Further, since there is no clear demarcation among B.E.(Comp. Science & Engineering), B.Tech (IT), MCA, and M.Sc (Computer Science/ IT/ Software Engineering), all these students are undergoing more or less the same curriculum. 6. Although, on one side AICTE permits the science students to enter into PG course in Engineering, on the other side it is not at all giving any opportunity to them to become a teacher. It shows the dual standards of the AICTE. Instead of concentrating the quality education, the new AICTE rules were framed to suppress the teachers with science background. 7. As for as the faculty eligibility norms of MCA is concerned the new norms for Asst. Professor is given below. “ BE/BTech and ME/MTech in relevant subject with First Class or equivalent either in BE/BTech or ME/MTech OR BE/ BTech and MCA with First class or equivalent in either BE/BTech or MCA OR MCA with first class or equivalent with two years relevant experience” 8. The third part of the above rule is ridiculous and illogical. The rule says the Fresher with MCA qualification is not eligible to become a faculty member in AICTE approved institutions. we wonder, how can a person get relevant experience for two years without permitting him to work as faculty member. The definition for relevant experience is not given anywhere. Under these circumstances we humbly request you to kindly look into these discrepancies and advise the AICTE to find suitable remedies. We are in the hope that our humble views will be considered with due care and the remedial action will be taken to display the corrected norms in the AICTE web sites very soon. Thanking you very much, Yours truly, Copy to : 1. The Honorable President of India 2. The Chairman, UGC 3. The Chairman, AICTE
  2. Hi, I researched a lot about IBAM, West Bengal that whether they are real or fake but every where I got a mix on answers. Some said it is fake and some said it is not fake. Can I know, is this institute registered with West Bengal state government and central government either with IMA, CCIM, IMA or any other medical degree providing committee/university.? Some of the links that said it is fake are: Fake Affiliation - WHO Speak HR- my HR blog based on my own experience: List of fake university/ Institutes offering various degrees including MBA Quacks make merry as govt flounders - Times Of India Also, the website Alternative Medicine Institute - Holistic Health Courses, Natural Health School & Natural Medicine Education Programs is registered with the same registrant (WHOIS Search, Domain Name, Website, and IP Tools - Who.is) as Indian Institute of Alternative Medicine, Kolkatta, blacklisted by UGC (University Grants commission ::Fake Universities) I am looking forward for response
  3. University Grants Commission (UGC) rules prohibit universities from affiliating colleges outside their states, but Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU) Delhi, has granted affiliation to the College of Architecture of Delhi Technical Campus (DTC), a private institute, in Greater Noida. Interestingly, neither the human resource development ministry nor the UGC or Council of Architecture (CoA) are able to clearly pinpoint the violation or give answers on the validity of degrees awarded by the college. When Ashok Goel, a veteran architect based in Delhi realised the GGSIPU (which comes under the Delhi government) was violating UGC’s notification by granting affiliations to DTC, he decided to file an RTI asking the UGC to confirm the legal status of degrees awarded to DTC students. To UGC’s response that the degree would not be recognised, Goel again enquired if the UGC would stop the university from granting affiliations. UGC’s reply to that was: “UGC will take action on receipt of specific complaint.” Read at: Degree valid? UGC, MHRD clueless
  4. fightjustice

    Help me to frame RTI questions

    Hi all, I am new here and need to know how to frame questions for RTI. This RTI is for VTU. VTU in an answer to RTI regarding recognition of PhD, specified that “universities recognized by UGC AND the members of association of indian universities are only recognized by VTU. I read this in RTI forum and got upset regarding this foolish decision. How come mearly a membership of AIU will form as a criteria for deciding recognition of a university? Hence I am planning to file an RTI. Please help me to frame questions. What I want to ask is as follows: Please state the reason for which vtu doesn’t recognize the phD degree awarded by JJTU. Since UGC Is the supreme authority to recognize PhD awarded by any university, is it mandatory to ask permission from VTU regarding the recognition of degree awarded by a particular university? If yes please state the reason as such why any student need to ask for two authorities? Why there are two authority to state the recognition of one university? Is vtu is following ALL the rules and regulations for PhD course laid by UGC? when did VTU has started to submit a soft copy of the PhD thesis to the ugc ? So far none of the PhD thesis awarded by VTU are available on Shodhganga@INFLIBNET Centre..please state the reason for the same. As per the RTI reply provided by VTU, VTU recognizes PhD degrees from “universities recognized by UGC AND the members of association of Indian universities(AIU) only”… in this case what is the reason behind considereing mearly the MEMBERSHIP of “Association of Indian universities” as one of the mandatory thing in recognizing any universities Phd? By mearly a member of Association of Indian universities how does vtu think that the PhD degree awarded by any University is of high standards? Please give the evidence of the meeting held and decision taken by the committee mambers as “universities recognized by UGC AND the members of association of Indian universities(AIU) only” are recognized by vtu. Provide the name of the members who taken such decisions. If such a meeting is not held on what basis and under who’s presence, who’s has been the chief chair in taking such decision? Provide me the minutes of such meeting along with all details. If VTU itself not following the rules laid by the UGC (none of the thesis is uploaded to shodganga till date) how come it is expecting others to follow the UGC rules? May be you understood what I want to ask. Please, experts, frame the questions and help me. Suggest me can all these questions can be asked once? Can i get help from any RTI activist who will post this for me? where to find one? Thanking you for the help provided.
  5. I have paid one term tuition fees at an autonomous college affiliated to madras university. At the time of paying the fees the made my parents and i sign an undertaking to pay 3 years fees if i decide to leave the seat. But I have heard according to ugc norms colleges should return the full fees but 1000 rupees. Does this apply for autonomous colleges as well ? I plan to leave this seat for some reasons, can I get my money back? Can u please give me a link on the ugc website where this rule is written so that I can give them proof.
  6. UGC cell ignores complaints on ragging, registers just 1% Reported by Manish Raj in timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 17 Feb 2013 http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/education/news/UGC-cell-ignores-complaints-on-ragging-registers-just-1/articleshow/18537130.cms CHENNAI: At a time when incidents of brutalragging are on the rise, here is disturbing information. A reply to an RTI query revealed that the anti-ragging helpline of the University Grants Commission registered less than 1% of the complaints it received. The toll-free helpline (1800-180-5522) received 1,65,297 calls in the last three months or 55,099 calls a month, 77 calls an hour and at least a call a minute. But, only 190 complaints were registered. The authorities manning the helpline attribute the large number of calls to incidents not related to actual ragging. Nishat Israil, head of the anti-ragging cell, said, "Most of the calls we receive are hoaxes as it is a toll-free number." However, students in genuine distress were never denied help, she added. Questioning this assertion, Meera Kaura Patel, a Supreme Court lawyer and legal adviser of SAVE, the NGO which filed the RTI applicationwith the UGC, said it was impossible that more than one lakh phone calls could be false. After approaching the helpline, students don't formally register complaints because of fear and threats from colleges, the police and perpetrators of the crime. "The UGC doesn't have a system to provide security to students, who raise their voice against ragging. Most ragging cases go unreported," she said. The UGC doesn't have comprehensive data on the reported deaths and suicides due to ragging. Even the categories of abuse, such as sexual and physical violence are absent in its records, said Patel.
  7. rashmitaraut

    Joint commettee ugc aicte dec

    Sir, i want to know is jrn rajastan vidyapeeth is recognised by joint commettee for the year 07 -08 thanks
  8. Dear sir, I have clear my NET exam of Dec,2010 my Roll No is 41080384. I received e mail from UGC but the e-certificate attached having security password and this is not matching with my DATA. I have send email to ugcecertificate4@gmail.com and support@ugcnetonline.in on Mon, 4 July, 2011 6:37:28 PM for details re sending but there is no reply from department as well as I am continually calling to Hep center but no one is answering the call. Kindly give me information about when I receives the original certificate and corrected e-certificate. or where I should contact to get it. Thanking You Yours Faithfully Sachin Dagde
  9. I enrolled in PGDBA in year 2002. I appeared in all exam(of two different specialization Finance as main and HR as second) and scored passing marks, however I did not score pass marks in one of the subject. Due to which I was not able to complete my course and attain a diploma from the university. University did not give me opportunity to appear for the exam and refuse to provide diploma. I need help. Can I file a RTI in this case
  10. Although its not a query but yes i want any comments any kind of suggestions in regard of this RTI, I filed the whole process went for this is written Deleted external link
  11. As reported by Yogesh Kumar at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on Jan 27, 2011 GURGAON: The city police on Thursday said that the couple, who run the Institute of Business and Research (IBMR) in Gurgaon, is absconding after a complaint was filed against them by a student who alleged that the institute is not certified by UGC and IGNOU. Based on his complaint, the cops had filed an FIR, following which the two have gone missing. Over 150 students, who have enrolled with the institute for an MBA course, were shocked when they came to know about the FIR against the institutes director, Pawan Jain and his wife Simple Jain. The students, agitated by the irregularity of the degrees offered, had a showdown with the staff when they came to the institute to meet the proprietors on Thursday. The students got angry when they were told that the director and his wife are not present at the office. They called up the director Pawan Jain to know about the status of the institute. He told me that he is in Noida for a wedding and will come back after four days before disconnecting the phone, said Anurag, who is pursuing a course at the IBMR recently. The police registered the FIR on January 21 after an independent probe ordered by the commissioner confirmed that the institute did not have certification of the UGC and IGNOU, as claimed. Anurag took admission in August last year and had paid over Rs 3 lakh for the course. At the time of admission, the course counsellor had told me that the institute is certified by the UGC. But now I am told it is not and that its degree has no value in the job market, he said. Along with other students, Anurag is planning to meet the district magistrate and the police commissioner on Friday. We will seek their help to get our money refunded. Many parents are coming to Gurgaon to discuss the matter after they got to know of the dubious status of the institute, said Anurag. Naveen Kaushik, the student blew the lid on the fraud, used the RTI to get the related documents. I have now submitted them to the police, said Kaushik. The police are on the lookout for the proprietors. Investigations are on and they will be arrested very soon, said a senior police officer.
  12. navkapil

    Ugc net sanskrit

    I asked an question regarding questions through RTI given in the NET paper. They told me that enquiry is proceeding and they will answer when it is completed. I sent them again a letter asking date but since then almost a month has gone, but no replies, no response. what should i do? paper was not in accordance with the syllabus they have written.
  13. Sir, I want to pursue MCA from Punjab Technical University (PTU) Jalandhar through distance learning mode in delhi. I want to know if it has been approved by the joint committee of AICTE-UGC-DEC. If so then after the completion of MCA will I be eligible to appear for NET ? Thank you
  14. As reported by Yogita Rao at dnaindia.com on March 13, 2010 Mumbai: If the reply to an RTI application is to be believed, Vasanthi Kadhiravan, the reader for the physical education department of the Mumbai University, does not have the requisite qualifications. Kadhiravan was recently promoted to the post of in-charge head of department and also holds the position of the chairman of board of studies. The RTI was filed by research student Santosh Gangurde. “I approached every college she claimed to have worked with and tallied her claims with the University Grants Commission (UGV) norms,” said Gangurde, who is a member of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena. According to Gangurde, Kadhiravan doesn’t have research experience and claims she has 13 years of teaching experience at Narsee Monjee College as director of physical education. However, in another RTI, the college said they didn’t have the course. When contacted, Kadhiravan said: “I meet all the requirements of the UGC. The director’s post is considered as a teaching experience.” A reader guides students aspiring for doctorate. A reader must have a doctorate, five years of research experience and teaching experience at the under-graduate and post-graduate level. Source: Varsity reader is not eligible for post: RTI - dnaindia.com
  15. Atul Patankar

    Ragging crusader Kachroo feels defeated

    As reported by Sumi Sukanya at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on Mar 4, 2010 GURGAON: A year after Rajendra Kachroo lost his 19-year-old son, Aman Kachroo, to ragging at a medical college in Himachal Pradesh and launched the Aman Kachroo movement against ragging, he is a disappointed man. An RTI filed by him recently has revealed that the call centre set up by the human resource development ministry and UGC after a Supreme Court ruling, based on the suggestions given by Kachroo himself, has virtually proved to be a non-starter. The RTI reply given by UGC reveals that nearly 1.5 lakh calls were made to the call centre since its inception on June 20, 2009, of which 300 calls translated into complaints. However, unfortunately, no real action has been taken in a single case. "My son Aman died on March 8, a few hours after being being brutally beaten up by some students at the Rajendra Prasad Medical College in Tanda town of Kangra," he said, his pain visible in his eyes. "He was my only son and nothing in this world can compensate for my loss. However, I did not want to his death to go waste and I vowed that I would not let any other Aman suffer. However, a year later I feel failed by the system from which I had sought support me," said Kachroo, who has spent his entire time, along with his daughter and sister, in creating awareness regarding the 'disease' of ragging. He believes the call centre, his brainchild, ended up in "wrong hands". He recalls: "I had myself offered to set up the centre, free of cost, but this was rejected by the UGC. In May last year, some of the best known companies in the business offered to implement the entire plan at a cost of Rs 60 lakh." He added: "A report was submitted to UGC with details of outputs, methodology, time-frame, technology, format of reports, guarantees, financial and infrastructural details, past history of doing similar work etc. This proposal was rejected by UGC on the grounds that there was not enough time for it to call for tenders from private companies," said Kachroo. For reasons best known to the officials concerned, the job was offered to a company which, he claims, had no experience of doing this kind of work for Rs 6 crore. "As a result, the situation now is that when you complain of a ragging case to the call centre, they are reluctant to take it seriously and ask you irrelevant questions. And of the 300 complaints which were recorded, 180 complaints were forwarded by UGC to college principals through ordinary post. Only 60 principals have responded. No one even looked into what they have said. Other 120 complaints are still waiting to be looked at, at the end of January 2010, many months after they were registered. This shows the pathetic state of affairs," said Kachroo. As for the trial in Aman's case, Kachroo has forgiven the culprits. "The boys have been in jail for the past one year and I have even stopped following the case. What I really wanted is that the then principal should be punished. Not only did he ignore my son's pleas, he instigated the senior students," he alleges. Kachroo, who left his job to dedicate himself to the movement doesn't believe all is lost. "After the cooperation I got from the President, I have been working closely in association with V-Cs of several universities and I am happy that so much awareness has been created among students against ragging," he said. Source: Ragging crusader Kachroo feels defeated - Delhi - City - The Times of India
  16. Atul Patankar

    Controversy dogs Stephen’s head again

    As reported by Ritika Chopra at www.hindustantimes.com on 02 June 2009 The ghost of the qualification controversy, it seems, is back to haunt Valson Thampu. Eight-and-half months after his appointment as St. Stephen’s College principal, an RTI application filed with the Delhi University has led to an intriguing revelation. For starters, the varsity has not approved his appointment yet. And intriguingly, the response to the application —filed by a former Stephanian and now an IAS officer —implies that Thampu does not have relevant qualification to head a college. The response — a copy of which is with Hindustan Times — states that a candidate eligible for the post of principal of any college should have cleared the National Eligibility Test (NET). Teachers who have a PhD completed by 2002 or an MPhil completed by 1993 in the “concerned subject” (subject taught in college) are exempted from NET. Thampu has not cleared NET and doesn’t qualify for exemption; the latter confirmed by the college’s response (a copy is with HT) to the application. He has a Phd in Theology from Allahabad Agricultural Institute. The subject is not taught at St. Stephen’s. Last year, Thampu had resigned as the Officer on Special Duty (OSD) after doubts were raised on the veracity of his qualification. There were allegations to the effect that he had merely reproduced portions of his books written earlier into the thesis submitted to the institute. Though the college — a minority institution — has the right to appoint its principal without the varsity’s interference, it had recently given an undertaking before the High Court to comply with the qualification criteria of DU’s ordinance. “I am not conversant with what the current status is regarding the appointment's approval,” said Vice-Chancellor Deepak Pental. “However, there is ambiguity on how a minority institution chooses its head. Is it on the basis of merit or its faith?” Quashing doubts over his eligibility as principal, Thampu said, “The Supreme Council had informed Delhi University of my appointment and sent all the relevant documents.” “If they really had not approved my appointment, then how could the university fix my pay scale?” Dean of Colleges Nayanjot Lahiri confirmed that Thampu’s pay scale was indeed fixed by the varsity. However, neither the Vice-Chancellor nor the Dean of Colleges could say why the appointment has not been formally approved and whether his qualification actually falls short of meeting the university criteria as implied by the RTI response. “The university's reply is ill-conceived. In fact I have a written clarification from the University Grants Commission which states that the principal only needs to have a Phd and not necessarily in a subject taught in college,” added Thampu. Source: Controversy dogs Stephen?s head again- Hindustan Times
  17. Atul Patankar

    CIC rap for UGC on deemed varsities

    As reported by Himanshi Dhawan at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 29 January 2010 NEW DELHI: In the wake of the deemed university controversy, Central Information Commission has slammed University Grants Commission (UGC) for lack of transparency in information related to deemed universities. Ruling that UGC appeared to act as if the RTI Act did not apply to it, the information watchdog has awarded a compensation of Rs 2,000 to an applicant and issued a showcause notice to UGC for not responding within the stipulated 30-day period. An applicant, A N Prasad, had sought information related to the number of times the review committee had rejected applications of colleges and universities for deemed status during the period between 2005-2009 and copies of reports on the basis of which the recognition could not be granted to a college or university during the same period. Information commissioner Shailesh Gandhi ruled that UGC had no reasons for refusing the information. In his order, Gandhi said, "It is a very sad state of affairs that UGC appears to be operating without any understanding of what is happening. The commission has earlier also directed UGC to put up various information under its Section-4 obligations. UGC has failed to comply with these." The order added, "UGC appears to be operating with no respect for the rule of law and it is behaving as if the RTI Act does not apply to it. The commission takes a very dim view of such behaviour by UGC and recommends the chairman to ensure that its officers are trained in the RTI Act and learn how to respect the law." The CIC in an order in September 2009 had asked UGC to disclose details related to the number of institutions applying for deemed university status, members of review panels and their reports. Ruling that UGC had failed to provide the required information leading to "undue harassment" of the applicant, CIC has asked it to pay compensation of Rs 2,000 and also issued a showcause notice to the UGC PIO directing him to explain the reasons for the delay within 30 days. Source: CIC rap for UGC on deemed varsities - India - The Times of India
  18. As reported by Akshaya Mukul at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 16 December 2009 NEW DELHI: S Jagatarakshakan, minister of state for information & broadcasting, had denied that he had anything to do with Bharath Institute of Education & Research (BIHER) after a TOI-Times Now expose on demand for capitation fee by Balaji Medical College, a subsidiary of BIHER. However, in reply to an RTI application by this correspondent, HRD ministry has admitted that G Singaravelu, OSD to Jagatarakshakan, made personal inquiries about the investigation and review process initiated by the ministry. The expose was done in June and a month later, the minister’s representatives were making rounds of HRD ministry. File noting by a senior HRD ministry official on July 17, 2009 clearly states: “Mr Singaravelu, OSD to MoS (I&B), met me personally in my office twice and requested for information on the case. I informed him that the whole thing is under process and the ministry has no information on the results of the enquiry.” HRD ministry’s review committee on deemed universities has finalised its report. Singaravelu denied that he made any enquiries. “I had only gone there to submit documents of BIHER that was needed by the review committee,” he said. Perusal of the entire BIHER file through RTI also revealed Jagatarakshakan’s clout during the earlier NDA regime. Though he was just an MP, the then PMO was constantly asking the HRD ministry to grant deemed status to BIHER. In fact, the application for deemed status was filed in UGC in April 2000 and delay resulted in BIHER going to court against UGC and HRD ministry. Even TDP MP K Yerrannaidu wrote to the PM seeking early granting of deemed status. Jagatarakshakan was himself writing to the PM and the then HRD minister Murli Manohar Joshi as the founder of Sri Lakshmi Ammal Educational Trust that runs BIHER. UGC’s expert committee, while recommending deemed university status, pointed out that post-graduate and research programmes needed further strengthening. It also said greater emphasis should be on high quality class-room, internet facility, library and faculty. UGC also wanted BIHER to aspire for accrediting its academic programmes. As clearance from AICTE was taking time and UGC had already approved deemed status, Jagatrakshakan demanded that BIHER be given deemed status without waiting for AICTE report. AICTE took substantial time to give its report. Though it approved deemed status, AICTE made it clear that departments at the top had to be very well-qualified, administrative structure needed to be modernised, research ambience should be improved. Source: RTI query nails minister?s lie on links to scam-hit college - India - The Times of India
  19. Can somebody, please, tell me how to find old question paper of Net examination
  20. Dear Informaticians, In India most of the NAAC accredited colleges are Private. They receive enough grant under UGC schemes and Programmes. The Faculties in all such graded colleges also receive enough research grants from UGC. So wanted to ask that are all such Private colleges getting research, infrastructural and faculty grants from UGC or Dept of HRD etc covered under RTI Act. Furthermore In case we want to know about the Pay scale reality under Section 28 of University Act (As all the private colleges are bond to be affiliated with Govt Unviersities) etc. Are we empowered by RTI Act. ?????? Abhinav ....The Right Informed
  21. Atul Patankar

    Degree deals gone sour

    As reported by Amit Singh at mid-day.com on 17 June 2009 28 students from a private B-school at Badarpur were promised regular post-graduate degrees; they paid lakhs in fees but halfway through the semester realised their institution wasn't permitted to run the course. Now, they want a total refund. Amit Singh investigates The red, brick-lined building with sleek posters of smart girls and boys in business suits had fired their dreams. It had made them believe that their course in Hospital Management would open doors to a dream life. But 28 students of the first batch of the Hospital Management course of Delhi Business School (DBS), a management institute located on the Mathura Road at Badarpur border, woke up to the harsh reality mid-way through their two-year course. RTI clears the air An RTI petition revealed that instead of offering the promised regular graduate degrees, they would be getting degrees in distance education from a private university not authorised to open centres or study units outside Sikkim. Now, the students want a refund and have filed a police complaint against the institute. In the police complaint filed on June 10, the students of the 2008-2010 batch stated that at the time of admission they were informed that DBS was affiliated to EIILM (Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management) and they would be given post-graduate degrees from that university. When the students filed an RTI with the University Grants Commission (UGC) enquiring if EIILM University, Sikkim, was affiliated to the Distance Education Council (DEC) or the UGC and was permitted to run a Hospital Management programme outside Sikkim, the reply was in the negative. The RTI reply (a copy of which is with MiD DAY) said, "As per DEC records, EIILM Sikkim has been established by an act of State Legislature of Sikkim as a private university and is empowered to award degrees as specified by the UGC Act at its main campus with the approval of the Statutory Councils, wherever required. But the university cannot open any other study centre even within the state, as per the provision of UGC Regulations, 2003, without the approval of UGC." 'Fee not fair' In the police complaint, the students also alleged that as per university rules, the fees should have been Rs 3,750 per semester. "But the DBS has charged us Rs 1,85,000 for the course till now. We were kept in the dark about the actual fees," said Ashish Sharma, one of the students of the Hospital Management course. "Each student has been charged a different amount of tuition fees for the same course in the same semester, depending upon their financial potential. When we realized the degree was not the same, which had been promised to us, we demanded a fee refund. However, the college authorities said that they are not liable to do so," added Sharma. The institute says... Speaking on the issue, Director of DBS Divya Rajput said, "We are facing this problem with just 28 Hospital Management students. In the beginning, the students were informed that they would have to fly to Sikkim to appear for their final examination. We also offered that if any student was not comfortable with the arrangement, we would tie-up with Punjab Technical University (PTU) and can shift them to that university. The students are now asking for a compensation of Rs 5 lakh, which is not possible. I have told them to take the legal route and whatever the court decides, we will act accordingly." Clearing the air on the discrepancies in tuition fees among the students of the same batch, Rajput said it was decided on the students' merit. "Based on students' marks and capabilities we offer them a scholarship of up to 50 per cent of the total fees. As a result, some students pay less for the same course," said Rajput. The lead The students sensed a foul play after their first semester examination in January this year. A similar case came into limelight in one of the private institutes at Badarpur border. One of the students from that institute advised we too file an RTI question. We acted accordingly and found out the truth," said Manish Sharma, another student from the same course. Be warned On June 11, 2008 the University Grants Commission issued a notification warning students about admission in deemed universities. The UGC said several of these universities were duping students by admitting them into study centers and affiliating colleges, a right they don't have. Other frauds May 30, 2009: The vice-chancellor of Singhaniya University, BC Singhania, was arrested in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, for allegedly issuing fake degrees of Bachelor of Education and duping students of lakhs of rupees. The private university gave admission to students against 100 vacancies without an approval from the NCET. June 12: The Madras High Court ruled that the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) Society in Hyderabad and the ICFAI University in Dehradun had no rights to run centres in Tamil Nadu. UGC's list of fake universities, 2008 Varanaseya Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya, Varanasi (UP) & Jagatpuri, Delhi Commercial University Ltd., Daryaganj, Delhi United Nations University, Delhi Vocational University, Delhi ADR-Centric Juridical University, ADR House, 8J, Gopala Tower, 25 Rajendra Place, New Delhi Source: Degree deals gone sour
  22. Greetings, All. I have been seeking -since August- updated info re the Mysore University/Google deal which was announced by then- Vice Chancellor Prasad. It was claimed that University Grants Commission helped to fund an early phase of this project. It remains unknown to me whether these funds were allocated to the physics grad students who were to aide in scanning or to the actual conservation and preservation procedures which are to take place prior to digitization. Moreover, the open matters of patent and copyright legalities were unresilved at the time of the pronouncement (2007) and now the ancient manuscripts might be taken out of the custody of the Oriental Research Institute at Mysore. No one at Mysore or Google has returned my query. I need to know how far along that project advanced; were the anciemt works actually handed over to Google; did Mysore have adequate legal representation in the negotiations; how were the funds utilized; were MLS and biology and chemistry students involved in the project; what mutal benefits will Mysore University and India derive from Google; are Google's Sanskrit algorithms up to the task of adequately translating the works?; and so many more questions have I. All have remained silent.
  23. New Delhi, Apr.19 : The Central Information Commission (CIC) has asked the University Grants Commission (UGC), the apex body to regulate higher education in the country, to reply to an RTI application, noting that the matter has been pending for more than 10 months. Expressing amazement over the delay in replying to the application, Information Commissioner O.P.Kejriwal said:"How long can this subject take. It is more than 10 months that the subject has been under consideration." The Commission's observation came during the hearing of an RTI appeal made by Nagpur resident Atul Jain. Jain, through his application in May, last year, has sought from the HRD Ministry certified copies of file noting pertaining to his UGC-NET examination, 2004, and wanted his certificate. "The Commission makes a strong recommendation to the UGC to have the matter finalized as soon as possible and also to send a letter to the full satisfaction of the appellant," Kejariwal said in a recent order. Earlier, an Under Secretary, representing HRD Ministry produced a letter before the Commission from the UGC, stating that they have sent a letter to the information seeker in June 2006. The official also said that the UGC is considering the matter and would seek a legal opinion on it. The appellant had filed a complaint with the Commission in October, last year after the public information officer of the Ministry had returned his RTI application in May last year advising him to approach the UGC directly. In his appeal, Jain contended that although the matter was related to the UGC, the file was still with the HRD Ministry. UGC told to reply to 10-month-old RTI application
  24. UGC fined for delaying grant to girl BANGALORE: The prestigious scholarship scheme for single girl children, launched by the University Grants Commission, is suffering the same fate as many other welfare schemes in the country. Upset with the way the Indira Gandhi Post-Graduate Scholarship Scheme — meant for promoting education among girl children — is being implemented, the Central Information Commission has fined UGC Rs 25,000 for delaying the scholarship in one case, issued show-cause notices and asked it to review implementation of the scheme. The CIC directive, a copy of which is available with TOI, came after a Meerut student, Charumita, sought information on the scholarship under the RTI Act. Charumita won the scholarship in November 2005, but did not get it even after one and a half years as the UGC did not release the amount. Her father S K Sharma filed an RTI application in August last year and sought to know how long it takes to release the scholarship, the number of students who received it and those who are yet to get it. Six months later, the UGC told Charumita that her scholarship amount will be credited through ICICI Bank, Meerut branch. But when she approached the bank, it said it had received no information from the UGC. UGC fined for delaying grant to girl-India-The Times of India
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