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Does it make a case for First Appeal?



Pl find attached copy of one of my RTI applications:


This is in reference to the following letters written to the Commissioner, ___:


A. Letter from ___ to the Commissioner, ___, (copy to ___) No. ___, dtd ___ (photocopy enclosed)


B. Letter of Reminder from ___ to the Commissioner, ___, (copy to ___) No. ___, dtd ___ (photocopy enclosed) w.r.t. above letter


C. Letter from ___, to the Commissioner, ___, No ___, dtd ___ (photocopy enclosed) w.r.t. above letter



The following information is required in reference to the above communication:


1 Daily progress made on above communication from the date of receipt of first communication till date of your reply


2 Names, designations and office addresses of the officials with whom above application was lying during this period and date wise period with


each official and details of action taken by him/her


3 Evidence of receipt and dispatch of my application in the offices of each of these officials.


4 Please inform me, according to your rules or citizens charter or any other order, number of days in which such a matter should have been dealt


with and resolved. Please also provide a copy of these rules.


5 If the officials/employees have not adhered to the time limit mentioned in rules and are guilty of violating these rules, please give a copy of


their conduct rules and details of action taken by the controlling authority against erring officials/employees.


6 In case no action has been initiated for dereliction of duties against erring officials, the reasons be made known to me, with name and contact


details of controlling authority of these officials/employees.


7 Please let me know when the applicants are likely to receive reply to above application.


8 Please provide me certified photocopy of file notings held on above application.


In response to that application, the reply that I have received (translated into english) is as follows:

1 - Record not available

2 - details of these are as per para-3

3 - information attached

4 - information attached

5 - information attached

6 - information attached

7 - does not fall into the definition of 'information'

8 - information presently not available


along with that they have provided me photocopy of the movement of the first two letters to a officer who is now retired (who was the culprit behind the matter, and now has taken away the files that can prove his misdeeds - he is still in the organization on special duty), along with a book on the RTI act published by the PA (that is the information attached - it is in gujarati so will take me some time deciphering it)


technically, the reply may be considered perfect. but factually they have not given me any information, except telling me that the letter was forwarded to the xyz officer.


does it make a case for First appeal?

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Are you located in the same city ?

If yes, Why don't you just make a first appeal and settle for inspection ?


If you are not in the same city, it all depends on how much you need the information.


Best is to ask for inspection of all records.

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Yes. Under normal circumstances inspection of the documents may give you the desired info. But in this case, since you had mentioned that the person concerned has taken the file with him and retired I dont know what record they will show you to inspect. Nevertheless you may try that.

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