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Punjab sleeps over security dues by PCA

Atul Patankar

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Atul Patankar

As reported by Gautam Dheer at expressindia.com on 22December 2008


Chandigarh An estimated Rs 150 crore of public money spent every year on guarding Punjab’s VIPs notwithstanding, the state government’s largesse to provide security “free of cost” to the cash-rich Punjab Cricket Association (PCA) for cricket matches has now almost become a norm. The government is yet to recover the crores it has spent on providing security at the venue for various international matches.


The PCA, hosting the second Test match between India and England from Friday, has been turned into a fortress again, with hundreds of Punjab policemen guarding it.

According to documents obtained under the Right to Information Act, the PCA has since 1996 not paid any money to the state government for security at the stadium. The PCA has Rs 1.5 crore due towards the government. In at least six international cricket matches held at the stadium, no bill was not raised. For other matches, where bills were presented to the PCA, the recovery of money seems a distant dream.

Under the Punjab Police Rules on the deployment of police force, the government is supposed to realise the payment in advance against security provided to corporate bodies or commercial establishments.

The PCA has also not cleared bills for the Twenty-20 IPL cricket matches held this year. In May, the Mohali SSP raised a bill of over Rs 1.88 crore for the seven matches held between Kings XI and other clubs, but to no avail.

The Pakistan-New Zealand match in 1997, India-Bangladesh in 1998, Star Nite match in November 1998, India-Sri Lanka, Pakistan-India matches in 1999 and the India-New Zealand match in October 1999 were events where the government did not bother to foot any security bill to the PCA, according to the documents.

The Punjab Police have fixed the scale of charges on the basis of which the cost is to be recovered. While posting an inspector on security duty for five hours or per night of four hours costs Rs 1,700 per day, a constable would cost Rs 600 for a similar arrangement. While top officials in the state government did not throw any light on the issue, PCA officials could not be contacted for comments.


Source : Punjab sleeps over security dues by PCA - Express India

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