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will my rti be rejected




i have given an rti application to the rpo asking of some information.

in one of my questions it is framed as such

The cause of delay in issuing me the passport?

will asking for the cause (since i am a liitle confused that asking

"why" makes an application liable to be rejected.please repy

so that if it is wrong i can submit another one.i am uploading my

complete aaplication which i made to the pio ..plz reply

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That's a excellent application.

You might not get a reply to your application, but you will DEFINITELY get your passport !

Do not worry.

If the application is rejected (even if you get your passport before that), please go in for 1st appeal. Share with the forum, in this thread, what are the grounds for rejection and members will help you in the appeal.

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i have given an rti application to the rpo asking of some information.

in one of my questions it is framed as such

..plz reply

Mark your calander, the date on which this application was filed.


Irregardless of the fact that you receive the passport or not, make sure that you get the information within 30 days. If you dont, please go in for an appeal and complain later.


RTI Act has been promulgated to provide information and faciliate cleaning up the rot in our system. Just because you got your passport by filing an RTI Application would not serve the cause. If you peruse your RTI Application all the way, it will do a lot of good to our fellow country men, who have similar cases of pending passports in the same office. It will also help these people who dont have the resource or courage to file RTI Application.


Lage Raho



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ram, the rpo has no reason to reject your application for technical flaws in the language.when one asks questions, the tone is always harsh. now that you have questioned the delay, the rpo will be spurred into action and you will get your passport.

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