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Dear Sir,


I was a student of B-Tech from UPTU in the session 2004-2008.

But i was having a back paper in 4th semester which i along with my 3 more friends were not able to clear till the session last ie 2008.

My two of the batch-mates passed the subject in 2009 which is one year after regular session ends.

I along with my one batch-mate passed in 2010 which is two years after the regular session.


The two batchmates got the degree written passed in 2008, though they have cleared in 2009.

I along with my one batchmate got degree of 2010, which should be of 2008.


This for your notice that the name of university changed to GBTU from UPTU in 2010, so was this happened due to name change as earlier also student who have back paper got the degree of regular session.


Do the rules of UPTU change on candidate basis or they are set in the first year itself and are not changed throughout the session.


It seems that we were having complete year back (as time period mentioned in the degree)


Please help us to solve the problem as we are facing problem in getting jobs.

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Prasad GLN

Please file RTI Application to concerned Public Information Officer, of the University as per format and RTI fee mode prescribed in their Site/state seeking information as follows:


Information Solicited:

"Please inform entire laid down procedure with a certified copy of such circular/directive/rules and regulations being followed while issuing degree certificates for those candidates who studied with the original name of university but passed/completed study after University has changed it's name

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Dear Prasad Sir,


Thank you for the reply.

But sir when my two batch-mates passed in 2009 the name of university was not changed.


So, i think only this question in RTI will not resolve the issue.

Please suggest whether i should ask this question or not

"how many of the students have completed b tech from ________(college name) college in more than years of the session 2004 - 2008.

Please give the name

Please provide a photocopy of their degree"


Also if you can please tell the detailed format of filing RTI we will be very thankful.

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Prasad GLN

You have to search and find out the format and fee applicable to State rules. The following is a general format, and rarely PIOs refuse to provide information stating that application is not in format. But it is not proper to take risks. So search your state RTI rules and regulations for prescribed format and on mode of payment of RTI fee. General format is as follows (central and when no specific format has been prescribed)


Application dt...............seeking information under RTI Act filed

Before Public Information Officer...........................................(Public Authority) with

RTI Fee: Rs.10/- Indian Postal order (normal cases) No...

Applicant:.................................(name and full postal address)


Brief Facts:( Any facts/past reference on record that may help PIO to search for that particular record that help him to provide information easily)


Information solicited: (avoiding questioning and seeking information whiich is on record without seeking opinion or comment or inferences etc.,) Please provide information para wise and point wise.










(File application through Regd., post, paste IPO counterfoils and postal receipt on applicant's copy wait for information for 5 days reaching to PIO + 30 days time given by RTI Act for replying + 5 days for reply from PIO to Applicant, if information has not been received or not satisfactory then one has to file first appeal stating the Grounds for appeal as "deemed denial" for not receiving reply, and tabulate the information solicited, information provided and grounds for disagreement) and then enclose the copy of RTI Application with proof of payment of fee, postal receipt (Preferably to xerox entire thing on back of first appeal) and file appeal before First Appellate Authority, who is an officer superior to PIO.


We always advise members to seek information that really helps them and to avoid unnecessary and useless information that irritates PIO. The number of students passed from University,their names and certified copy (This can never be given to applicant as this is third party information exempted under Sec.8 and /or Sec.9) are extraneous. Though there is no bar in seeking any information, applicant should place himself in shoes of PIO and seek information with a purpose, in brief and confine to his own usage.

The decision to follow advice or not is left to applicant without prolonging useless arguments.

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