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Our land is registered in 1996 as Punjai land in my fathers name, we just now transfeered the patta to my fathers name. We are planning to build a house there and requested executive officer of my native to approve my building plan. But he checked the patta with the Patta no and Survey no of our land it is mentioned as “Nanjai” there. For getting approval our town panchayat Executive officer needs the land type shouls be “punjai”. But many of my neighbours got approval and their land is also Nanjai, we have a combined patta only. Excecutive officer is not ready to get the building plan application from my father and he is also asking us to come after a week and if we go next time he is saying the same . Please advise me on this issue. How to get approval for my building, i want to get housing loan. Thanks.


Note:My total land is 2616 Sqft. We have already constructed a bakery there for nearly 1600 sqft and we built that bakery after getting approval in 2003. We are still paying tax for that too.

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File an RTI under someone else's name and address asking for copy of rules and regulations for getting building plan approval if the land is Nanjai. Also ask for list of persons (with survey nos.) where permision given by the same officer in recent years wherein the land was recorded as Nanjai. Ask for details of all land in your neighbourhood where buildings have been built on such lands.

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Specifically seek the -


[1] certified copy of the building plans approved by competent authority of ................. (Name of Panchayat) for construction of bilding on land bearing Survey No. (i), . ...... , (ii) ........, (iii)..........., (iv) ........ Plot No. ............... (details of plot / land situated on 4 sides of your land or even nearby areas).


[2] Certified copy of the rule / regulation / building byelaw / notification / circular under which building plan in all the above cases were approved by the competent authority of the Panchayat.


[3] Ceritified copy of the rule / regulation / building byelaw / notification / circular under which approval / sanction of buildng plan for onstruction of building on land situated at survey no............. (details of your land), cannot be accorded by the competent authority.


As already suggested hereinabove, file the RTI application through some other person.

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