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Hi All,


I am a resident of Venkatropet, Secunderabad, Telangana and have been living at this place since my birth. I have recently moved to Canada for working. Last year I went home during my daughters summer break and came across a nuisance that has gripped our colony/ neighbourhood.


Issue - There is a single lady aged 50+, living beside our house, in the past things have been nice and peaceful in our colony. Off late there is a sudden change in her behavior. She has categorically been abusing all the neighbors on a daily basis and at different times, her actions range from foul language to threatening gestures, and sometimes confrontation with us neighbors on the road.


We were utterly helpless on how to deal with this situation and seek expert guidance and in this matter. It has become difficult and embarrassing for us as this lady's behavior is disrupting our lives on day to day basis ( I hear this from my family back home). Attempts in the past were made by neighbors to understand her concern, however all such attempts were thwarted. There is no one who stays in that house apart from her, therefore trying to reason out is not an option. She has a brother, but he seems to have abandoned her and we neighbors are now facing this nuisance. I have other affluent neighbors (lawyer & a retired civil servant) who have just shut themselves up, while the issue is compounding daily there is no direction for the uniqueness of the issue we are facing.


Action taken - In the past I sent an email to (acp_alwal@cyb.appolice.gov.in;dcp_alwal@cyb.appolice.gov.in) the police and have not received an acknowledgement, I dialled 100 and no response was received from the police. I am looking for some direction on how to take this matter up with competent authorities during my next visit home. I do also have the usual apprehensions where I don't want to get too involved in running around police stations, due to the short nature of my break.


Thank you for your help and support in this matter.




K.K. Choudhury

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Prasad GLN

Such things are common in India. Frustration, disappointment, jealousies usually causes such vent. Fortunately you are working in Canada, and not a regular victim. You have got a lawyer your neighbor who is facing such problems as on going basis. Rest of India is not different.

Police can not do anything. Just pity her and ignore the issue.

Though you are in Canada, you have raised this personal/local community issue not connected with RTI, and as per discipline, we are not supposed to respond and close the post as the issue is not related to RTI.

Please consult your neighbors Advocate and retired Civil Servant to take care of your family, as these problems are common in ladies medically due to menopause due to harmone imbalances.

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Thank you Sir, I understand all of that but was just looking at guidance and direction. Neverthless, I appreciate your response.

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