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Cpio and faa filed to replyapproched cat(central administrative tribunal) got interest paid for wi


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One of my junior officer of BSNL retired from service on 30th june,2011 with a disciplinary case pending decision on that date and hence his pensionary benifits to the tune of 18 lakhs were WITHHELD and finally his case was FINALISED in Decmber,2012 and immediately thereafter he submitted REPRESENTATION TO RELEASE THE AMOUNT waited fr 20 days and gave a reminder and waited for 15 days and FILED RTI application seeking STATUS REPORT on the representations.No reply from CPIO for 40 days ,thenFirst Appeal was filed with FAA who is also there in the same building,again NO REPLY or 40 day. At this stage NSTEAD OF GOING TO CIC we filed a petiton highlighting RTI APPLICATION and representation submitted earlier to that and requested to order the competent authority O PAY BANK INTEREST for the with held amount from the date order(Dec,2012) and CAT gave a favourable ORDER and yesterdy he received INTEREST OF Rs.67,430/. thus finally JUSTICE WAS MADE TO HIM.

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Good work. Pensioner should have tried LIFE & LIBERTY CLAUSE with CIC demanding for information within 48 hours as pension benefits are sustenance of a family.

But why should Govt., incur the expenditure for fault of Officials,

The right approach must be to recover that sum from erring officials,

then only officials feel accountable and act diligently towards his own colleagues.

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In this case, it seems success was not on RTI route.


THOUGH NOT COMPLETELY DUE TO RTI(BUT MAJOR BENIFIT OF RELEASIGNG rS.16 LKAHS IS DUE TO RTI) and at the same time NOT COMPLETELY DUE TO CAT.The RTI application and later First Appeal GOT THE AMOUNT RELEASED (SUCCESS OF RTI ) which is the MAJOR SUCCESS while getting INTEREST was through CAT, here also we used that the CPIO/FAA did not give any REPLIES and thus we dedicate the SUCCESS TO RTI ONLY.

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