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PM throws open governance to people online

Sajib Nandi

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Sajib Nandi

Reported by Hindustantimes.com on July 26, 2014

PM throws open governance to people online - Hindustan Times


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched an interactive online platform that allows people to share ideas and suggestions and participate in the country's governance.


"Democracy cannot succeed without people's participation in Government and this participation should not be limited only during elections. The participation should be there in fulfilling peoples' aspirations and needs," Modi said while inaugurating the platform.

"The platform would bridge the gulf between people and government," he said.


The portal, MyGov, will serve as a medium for the people, especially the youth, to connect with the government and thus contribute to nation's development.

There are multiple theme-based discussions on MyGov where a wide range of people would share their thoughts and ideas. Further, any idea shared by a contributor will also be discussed on these discussion forums, allowing constructive feedback and interaction. Citizens can upload documents, case studies, pictures, videos, other work plans on the platform.

"MyGov presents an opportunity to the citizens to both 'Discuss' and 'Do'," the statement said.

The National Informatics Centre (NIC), Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) would implement and manage a platform "MyGov" which would facilitate citizen engagement in good governance.

Minister for Communication and IT, Law and Justice, Ravi Shankar Prasad and senior government officers were present at the launch of the platform.

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Prasad GLN

A good move, where our experts can suggest ways how govt., can make use of RTI act more meaningfully and purposefully in larger public interest and in exposing corruption. (They may seek for prioratisation of those appeals concerned with misuse of funds/corruption and for disposal of appeals by CIC maximum within a month)

Hon. Kariraji, take the lead and commence another war in bringing facts to Authorities

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  • Super Moderator

A very good idea. But don't get excited. You will soon understand that it is a big hoax, just to gather publicity. A platform where the coterie shall feed flatteries to the mass through IT channel and generate artificial opinion of good governance.


Let us take this project as a sample test case for evaluating the promises of goverment and actual end result, by participating ourselves in MyGov. If any of you become successful in airing your views in this platform, get accepted by goverment and acted on that, please share with us.

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  • Moderators

When he was CM Gujarat his website was having facility to directly write to him on website. I had posted two issues at different times, and I was replied by email after 4-5 days by his Personal Secretary in detail.

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  • 4 weeks later...

We have to see how this works in village panchayats where the Ward members/other leaders use to take community TV sets to their houses instead keeping in specified public place so also computers alloted to the SCHOOLS ,if somebody complains by chance they will see his end or inform POLICE THROUGH FALSE CASE that the same fellow has stolen the computers.This is the politics there.Hope the village broad band NET WORK WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE USED BY the community as a whole.

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  • Moderators

Since Mar 2010 I was chasing Ministry of Consumer Affairs to include place of residence/business of complainant as one of the options for territorial jurisdiction under consumer protection act 1986. I was persuading NGOs also for this amendment. My last letter was dated 08-06-2014 to the new govt at Delhi. I now know from news bulletin of Consumer Education and Research Society, Ahmedabad as flash news that govt has decided to amend the law to include place of residence/business of complainant in territorial jurisdiction section of CPA.


Let us not hope that over night 67 year old not-so-good governance will change. Ours is a country of 125 crores.State matters are not directly under Central Govt, which can use its good offices only in such cases-federal structure.


We as RTI-ists have started getting replies within 7/15-20 days for e-filed RTIs to central govt depts/ministries by speed post and email. First appeals are decided in 20-25 days. Things are moving.


Non-the-less, as alert and responsible citizens let us Lage Raho....... If this govt fails by 2019, hamare liye aur bure din anewale hai. We get the govt we deserve. Hope for the best.

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yOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT JPS garu (TELUGU RESPECTABLE WORD) but since change has since started it will have to pick up speed, hope good days are ahead

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