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Love your country ? Be prepared

jatin Sharma

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:app:Next time you have patriotic blood rushing to your mind and want to join indian army be prepare to polish shoes to a senior officer, obey orders of his wife and children,friend with his dog and become a private servant "officially" and be invisible i.e. not accountable to public scrutiny. I am not saying so, the documents are . Please read and enjoy the definition of "loyalty" made by system......



Not ‘batman’ forever - Tehelka.pdf

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You are right sir loyalty is must to have it in you.

Its applicable and spread everywhere in INDIA.

That's real shame for India

With due regards.

Thank god I don't have it in me officially.

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Welcome to RTI INDIA PORTAL. Thank you for choosing RTI INDIA PORTAL.


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Dear Member, in addition,


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Regard & Best Wishes.

Manoj B.Patel

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:app:Next time you have patriotic blood rushing to your mind and want to join indian army be prepare to polish shoes to a senior officer, obey orders of his wife and children,friend with his dog and become a private servant "officially" and be invisible i.e. not accountable to public scrutiny. I am not saying so, the documents are . Please read and enjoy the definition of "loyalty" made by system......


In 'Art of War' by Sun Tzu, it is said "All warfare is based on deception".


That would be against whom you are fighting the war, not along with whom!!

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Mr.Sharma you need to be congratulated for the great efforts you have putin in getting the information about the army shahyaks who are supposed to be soldiers to fight war for the country but doing meanial jobs . the same applies to police departments also equally and anybody raising his voice will be finished by the authority under some excuse. I still remember a case where a special police constable has gone to delhi to serve the family of a very senior officer and later died misteriouslly near jhansi and was burried there as an unidentified person later dont know what happened to the case as nthing came in the press.

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Do anybody think that the system internally particularly with Police and Revenue (Sorry, but true including judicial systems), using this "orderly" for ordinary purposes other than official use is common even after 65 years independence. Now, there is certain change due to fear of exposing. Unfortunately, even graduates are taking this route to get good marks for next promotion through domestic help. The smells of colonial rule is still lingering in bureaucrats. (Now recollect Ex CBI chief extravagance in employing so many for domestic help and one exclusively for polishing of shoes only)

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All this is in vain if system doesn't heal up automatically,which is not happening .Neither was previous Government ready to bring the reforms nor this Government. Leaving an open wound untreated will infect the whole body/system.

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Learned Mr. Jatin Sharma Sir,


Inspired by your above communication and seeing the conditions of so called "orderlies" in Haryana Police, I wrote the following letter to Haryana DGP with a copy of CP, Gurgaon on 6th Jan 2015. I do not know if there is any improvement on the ground but my paid PDO was withdrawn for raking "sensitive issue" on 16th Jan 2015.


The copy of the letter is as follows:


BY E-mail/SpeedPost To 06thJanuary 2015

Sh. Yash Pal Singhal IPS,

Director General of Police, Haryana

Civil Secretariat, Chandigarh

Sub: “Orderly System” in Haryana Police


I bring into your kind notice the unhealthy practice ofemploying/using trained policemen (Constables and head constables) by Officersof the rank of DSP & above although the system has been abolished; most ofthem still practice it through backdoor by attaching constables for screeningvisitors, attending telephone calls and delivering urgent messages.

A parliamentary panel wants the government tocompletely abolish the 'orderly system' — posting of low-ranking cops (mainlyconstables) as orderlies at residences of senior police officers — from policeforces.

Maintaining that the orderly system affected the moraleof police personnel who are trained to do regular policing jobs, theparliamentary standing committee on home has asked the Centre to issue a"mandatory direction" to all heads of forces including States to notuse any security personnel or police personnel as drivers, washermen, cooks,attendants or peons.

The committee,in its report tabled in Parliament on April 25, 2013 said, "The Centreshould set up an example by compliance of such mandatory directions so that thestates can follow it."

The recommendation by the panel - headed by BJP member& now Parliamentary affairs minister in Rajya Sabha M Venkaiah Naidu andcomprising 28 other MPs from different political parties - assumes significanceat a time when the country urgently needs trained manpower in big numbers forlaw and order duties and other core policing jobs including crimeinvestigation.

If the government acts upon the committee'srecommendation, it will spare thousands of trained hands for actual policingjobs at a time when the country faces a shortage of over 5.39 lakh policepersonnel. As against the sanctioned strength of 21.24 lakh police personnel,states and Union Territories (UTs) collectively have just 15.85 lakh policepersonnel - leaving the remaining over five lakh posts vacant.

While making the pitch for abolishing the orderlysystem, the committee, however, suggested that the government should sanctionposts of cooks, drivers and attendants separately, if at all these 'helps' wererequired to be posted for the convenience of senior police officers.

The SecondAdministrative Reforms Commission (ARC) and the 6th Pay Commission too hadearlier recommended abolition of 'orderly system' but the government failed toimplement it.

Now, with the advent of clean government at the Centreand State of Haryana which is headed by most honest and intelligent officer ofyour stature, it becomes imperative that trained police personnel (readConstables & Head Constables doing orderlies duties or so called telephone,frisking duties at the residences of police officers) are freed from householdchores of Haryana Police Officers and are headed to do what they are supposedto do.

There is no doubt in my mind that your good self hasclear intentions to do something for the welfare of the State and this is oneof the urgent steps which is needed to uplift the morale of police personnelworking in Haryana Police.

Thanking you for the time,

Yours truly,


Harinder Dhingra

RTI Activist




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