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BSES under RTI – yet to be decided

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This article has been posted at our #LawSegment . To read the full article follow this link: BSES under RTI – yet to be decided and to subscribe to our daily mailer follow this link http://rti.cc/newsletter.

The fate of B.S.E.S as public authority is still not settled and the matter has been stayed by the Delhi High Court in Stay order 23.1.2007 in W.P. (Civil) No.…

The law segment is available here RTI INDIA - Invoking Your Rights



Read the complete article here...

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Prasad GLN

Is this a fit case to be taken by newly constructed two member SC bench for Social Justice in view of larger public interest involved through different petition?


What about the authorities who have administrative controls over them, can not they direct them to come within ambit of RTI Act, without spending litigation expenses, as it was more a public utility concern ?


Is it not apathy of respective Govt., that is having a say in affairs of such company ?


What is the harm to them or Govt., if certain organisations are brought within ambit of RTI Act and why they wanted aloof from main stream, though they are Public Utility organisations.


Can we blame other designated PIOS for their inaction, whereas several organisations are themselves averse in being treated as Public Authorities and wish to evade or avoid transparency and accountability.


Court takes every matter so serious for abnormal delay and commands to complete a task in time prescribed by them ? Is this not larger public interest case that can be settled within in one hour is being dragged on to seven years is fair ?

Can not the appellant go against BSES through consumer forum ?

Whether there are any efforts from Govt., at any time to involve for enlisting such organisations identified and instruct them to fall in line with a simple notification ?

Why should any body be averse with RTI though Act indirectly helps an organisation to bring any serious irregularities and employees take more precautions fearing exposure of such shortcomings through RTI ?

Has any Govt dept , at any time studied the financial impact through RTI Act, and as to whether number of irregularities show a declining trend after enactment of RTI or not ?

Is there any list of total organisations whose litigation is pending on implementation of RTI ?

Whether they are any proposed amendments to give more clarity of Public Authority in place of "substantial".

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The article you have posted is COMPLETELY INCORRECT. I am the Respondent No.2 in the matter, and it has nothing to do with electricity meters and wrong billing.


The reason it is stuck is because BSES has taken a false plea that Orissa Discoms matter on same issue is in SC.

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