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I want to ask few question to a private nursing college which comes under a govt university




Dear Experts,


I want to ask few question to a private nursing college which comes under a govt university.I have pasted my draft as follows



The Public Information Officer,




SUB: Seeking information under RTI act 2005


Dear Public Information Officer,


Under the Right to Information Act 2005, Section 6, I need following information for ............................................................................... of your university

The information required are as follows-


1. Names of the entire teaching faculty with designation (Principal, Vice principal, Professor, Asst Professor and tutors with DOJ, qualification and experience).

2. Is this college is having its own hospital? If yes, Name of the hospital, number of beds and specialties availability.

3. How many kilometres away the hospital is situated?

4. Total number of B Sc (N) students admitted in the academic year 2014 - 15.

5. As per section 7(8) of the RTI Act 2005, In case of rejection of my application, I kindly request you to provide the reason for such rejection and not just quote a section of RTI. Also, I request you to provide the details of Appellate authority.

6. As per section 7(8)(iii) and 7(3)(ii) of the RTI Act 2005, I request the PIO to inform me of the particulars of First Appellate Authority

Application fee details

Encl. Application Fee of Rs 10/- by IPO No..................... ......PAY TO: Accounts Officer


Below Items are for your kind information and consideration

• As per section 6(3) of the RTI Act 2005, In case, the requested information is held by another public authority, I request the PIO to transfer the application or part of it within FIVE days and immediately inform me about such transfer.

• As per section 5(3) of the RTI Act 2005, I request the PIO to provide assistance in getting the requested information.

• As per section 7(9) of the RTI Act 2005, I request the PIO to provide the requested information in the form in which it is sought.

• As per section 8 (1) (j) of the RTI Act 2005, the information which cannot be denied to the Parliament or a State Legislature, shall not be denied to any person.


Yours faithfully,

Please guide if questions need to rephrased

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Private nursing college doesn't come under RTI ambit, but almost all the information you need might be taken from other government sources.

Question 1 (Related to qualification of faculties): You can file RTI to the University directly. Indian Nursing Council has Educational Standards and there are specific requirements for a person to hold such posts. For getting recognition they would have submitted the same to the University and may be to Indian Nursing Council too.So these informations can be obtained there.

Question 2 (Related to Hospital): If I am right private nursing colleges mandatorily require hospital with specific number of beds. So this information will also be submitted to the University and Indian Nursing Council before getting approval. Also as per the Clinical Establishment Act, 2010, clinical establishments need to submit OPD, IPD forms periodically to the government, but the issue is the act is not implemented in all states as of now.

Question 4 (Admission): Of course from the University


If am right you wish to confirm whether the Private college has followed the guidelines provided by Indian Nursing Council related to the minimum qualification of faculty, hospital provision, minimum distance between the institution and hospital, total admission etc.,

But the fact even if we are filing an RTI to the University or Indian Nursing Council they will have information provided by the nursing college as per regulation. Now if there are irregularities in the private institution then you need to collect information from variable sources.

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Prasad GLN

Instead you may seek recent inspection report or application and enclosures given for seeking affiliation of that nursing college. (You can get entire particulars of that college in inspection format and in prescribed application and sanction terms and conditions)

The information must be available with the authority that has given recognition/affiliation. In some states there are separate health universities and in some states, universities are giving recognition.


Further the entire particulars must be stated in their calendar/prospectus for benefit of students seeking admission. You can visit the institution as a parent/student (aspiring) and can get the information and may learn some new things that may guide you in seeking further information.

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Dear member, PIO is not under obligation to reply your questions so avoid to ask question, query.e.g. you can write ' provide me information about distance in K.M. between college and hospital'.

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Sunil Ahya

> As rightly suggested by Shri Prasadji kindly file a RTI application with the Public Information Officer (PIO) of the Govt. Body with which the said Private Nursing College is Registered / Affiliated, and seek all the required information.



> Please note that drafting queries for seeking information is the most skilful part of drafting a RTI application, one can seek all the information that one requires merely by rephrasing one's questions in such a way that it points towards documents held by a Public Authority.

Any act or omission of the work supposed to be done by Govt. is defined by the documents held by a Public Authority, and therefore the answers to almost all the questions that you have in mind can certainly be found in the documents held by Public Authority.


Kindly refer to the following link to learn more about it:


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Let me brief the detailed background

A college has started its 1st batch -BSc (nursing). Prior to INC inspection they hired some qualified faculties, as usual they were on probation for six months. After the inspection and getting the approval for BSc(Nursing) course they asked to resign the qualified faculties.The qualified faculties as per INC regulations were hired only for 3 months(Before 2 months of INC inspection). Now they have hired less qualified/less experienced faculties just to reduce the salary expenses. As per the offer letter as the persons were on probation they were asked to resign and were released within seven days. Even they were not paid the last seven days salary.

1. Now how we can expose that they donot have the required qualified faculties

It is also understood that they hored the qualified faculties for the INC inspection.

As guided above I will file RTIs to University and INC.


Please let me know what are the additional question I can put in the RTI.

They have almost wasted more than three months of every professors, because its very difficult to find any job immediatly with good package.

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Prasad GLN

Seek copy of attendance register, payment of salary to faculty, their qualifications month wise those two statements reveal irregularities in factulty appointment and how college is cheating students and University.

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