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AP: Errant revenue employees to face action

Sajib Nandi

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Sajib Nandi

Evaluating the nature of complaints received during his two-day visit to the city, Mr. Babu said performance of the department in addressing the people’s complaints under the RTI Act was poor. “During my visit, I found officials dozing at office, with many chairs empty. Even, the board displaying RTI-related information was stashed away near a trash can and there were no records of any RTI cases,” he said.


Read more at: Errant revenue employees to face action - The Hindu

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Prasad GLN

The fact is that no body cared him or tnoput in a better manner, nobody has taken care of him or his presence. Why should they ? Except PIO / The grouse in information commissioners is uniform, no body observes protocol and all their such statements aggravate the situation.

Under these circumstances only, intelligent and smart ICs rope in common citizens make public speeches as to when ICs are not cared, how those PIOs behave with common citizens can be imagined.

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Sri.Vijaya babu-SIC who went to Tirupathi to enquire into a complaint on 19th to 21st of this month after duely informing the RDO (revenue divisonal officer) about his tour program and also given SMS to the RDOpersonnal number , yet by the time he visited the office , neither the rdo nor any responsible official was in the office indicating that their contempt for the RTI and the SIC . Th other side of the story is that they have shown Rs.7000/- expenditure as a protocol expenditure on the visit of SIC.

If this is the attitutude of the public authorities towards state information commissioner himself what the coomon expects fromthese PA's for their RTI applications .(source:- Times of India dated 24-01-2015).

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