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Can we ask High Court to give information of Log book, action taken report and all correspondences for a letter?



Dear All, Can we ask High Court to give information of Log book, action taken report and all correspondences for a letter?

If they Just say "The said letter is Filed"? then what to do? Can we do the Appeal and ask? If in appeal they refuse saying "It's internal office record we can not give" What can be done on that?

Any case reference Please reply. Thanks

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Yes, you can ask the HIGH Court under RTI for those documents.


What exactly did you ask for and what exactly did the PIO reply ?


Please ask precise and concrete queries and our members can give you concrete answers. If you ask hypothetical queries, then you will get hypothetical answers - which will not be of any practical use to you.

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Prasad GLN

Do not assume things and do not treat the words of PIO as final.

HC is a Public Authority, and bound to provide any information on record with them and they should not assume things of it's ultimate use.

The ultimate use comes into picture only in case of exemptions alone.

Please file first appeal and state Grounds of First Appeal as incomplete information provided and pray for providing entire information available as certified copies as expeditiously as possible free of cost.

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Sunil Ahya

> Please note that drafting queries for seeking information is the most skilful part of drafting a RTI application, one can seek all the information that one requires merely by rephrasing one's questions in such a way that it points towards documents held by a Public Authority.

Any act or omission of the work supposed to be done by Govt. is defined by the documents held by a Public Authority, and therefore the answers to almost all the questions that you have in mind can certainly be found in the documents held by Public Authority.


Kindly refer to the following link to learn more about it:




> Also, please remember that RTI will only help you get the information and if the Public Authority (PA) happens to take any action on the subject matter, it is purely incidental.

Having filed a RTI, and having obtained the required information, if it reveals any act or omission on the part of the PA , then the remedy to that act or omission would lie by way of invoking other laws, for example by filing a Writ Petition before the appropriate court of law.

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