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CIC directs Labour Department to provide information about security agency license and other details

harinder dhingra

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harinder dhingra

Dear Esteemed Members of this August Forum,


I had sought information of a security agency which is providing security services in Haryana & Delhi under Section 6(1) of RTI Act 2005. The Company is registered in Delhi. The information sought was:

a) Copy of circular/law/instruction which allow the security agency to continue doing business of providing security guards to various establishments without obtaining license and legal position of Security Agency which applied for registration but did not get license. Is it legal for that Security Agency to do business in meantime and if not provide copy of action taken against that Security Agency and also provide the circular which allow these kind of companies employing more than 1000 Security Guards need not to be registered .


CPIO replied that information does not pertain to them and ask me to come to Office with Complaint reference number and get the information. This was no information.

Filed First Appeal Under Section 19(1) of RTI Act 2005 but there was no response.

Aggrieved, filed second appeal under Section 19(3) of RTI Act 2005 before Central Information Commission, Delhi for non furnishing of Information.

The Hon'ble CIC heard the matter for an hour or so and directed PIO of Labour Department to provide information on following with in a month: ( Copy of Order enclosed)


a.Whether Security agencies, have taken any recognition or license from the Respondent?


b.If no, what action has been taken by the Labour Department to check irregularities of any

in on contract labour, as per law??

This order of Hon'ble Commission would open a Pandora box of unaddressed issues as most of the Security Agencies in this part of the Country do not take any license and drain away Public Exchequer of Service Tax, Employees Provident Fund, ESIC contribution and other government levies.

In addition, Security agencies have free run in flouting labour laws and in process some bad elements sneak in security agencies causing law and order problems.

Thank You for your time.

Yours Sincerly



Harinder Dhingra


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Prasad GLN

These types of activities are that is expected and required out of RTI. Yes. This is really mind blowing as many unorganised, weak, and exploited young men will come out of the clutches, if the problem is further properly followed.

This is another most glorious achievements of Hd. It is not that Act provides but how citizens use the facility is material. Congratulations and who ever IC is a Big Thanks (I believe it must be from Sr.Ac.)

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harinder dhingra

Learned Mr G L N Prasad Sir,

Yes Sir it is SA and you guessed it right.

Sir, We are trying to follow path shown by you and sparing no efforts to ensure that RTI Act reaches to everyone.

Thank you for appreciation.



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Prasad GLN

What I find from SA is he is strict, understanding, can grasp thing with his knowledge and the only weakness is emotion and going out of the way and surpassing the powers and making a decision as a stricture against applicants. Disposal without considering appeal is itself is a blow to applicant. But asking PA to display all RTI Applications filed by an applicant in the notice board in main entrance, putting their names in website, circulating those names to all PIOs etc., appears to be over stepping.

When CIC decisions earlier and RTI applicant making multiple applications are not specifically banned, he ought not have taken to pass comments against reputed doctors and others in his decisions.

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