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AP: Andhra Pradesh got over Rs 129 cr as donations after cyclone Hudhud


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Andhra Pradesh got over Rs 129 cr as donations after cyclone Hudhud


VISAKHAPATNAM: Answering an RTI query, the Andhra Pradesh government has revealed that the Chief Minister's Relief Fund (CMRF) received Rs 129.79 crore by way of donations after Cyclone Hudhud hit the city on October 12 last year. However, it has refused to divulge the identities of the donors, as was requested by K Dali Naidu, a resident of the city. This is in sharp contrast to the Odisha government, which had put up details of the donors and amount collected on its website soon after Cyclone Phailin.


Replying to the RTI query, the assistant secretary to government and public relations officer, revenue (CMRF) department, AP secretariat, said that the government received donations worth Rs 129,79,10,000 as on January 19, 2015. "Nearly 6,000 donors have donated to the CMRF in respect of Hudhud cyclone," the reply further stated.


To the question "How much amount (was) received from private companiescentral public sector undertakingsstate government public undertakingssocieties after the incident occurred?", the department said, "Providing information in respect of details of donors is under examination."


The RTI applicant, however, feels that by not providing information on the donors, the government has put a big question mark on transparency. "The basic reason for filing the application was to know who contributed to the fund.After the cyclone, a lot of people announced that they are going to donate to the CM's Relief Fund. I just wanted to check if all those who made big promises in front of the media actually donated," said Dali Naidu, who is secretary of the Vistarana Mass Communication Society.


"There is no confidential disclosure involved in this. Now a days, a lot of people write cheques in front of the media and after that throw it in the dustbin. Who is keeping track of that? I wanted to know who are the people really concerned about our city," he added.


Pointing out that there is no reason for the government to withhold the information or delay providing the list of donors, he said, "If you take the instance of the Odisha government, they set up a website listing the name of each donor along with the donation amount immediately after Cyclone Phailin. This is very transparent and gives a clear picture to the public about the donors. Even they (donors) feel happy that their contribution has been recognised."


Naidu said his next step will be to ask the state government as to how it intends to use the donations for the benefit of the city."Since it is for the city, we should keep an eye so that the money is not diverted or misused by some vested interests," he added.

Read More: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/India/Andhra-Pradesh-got-over-Rs-129-cr-as-donations-after-cyclone-Hudhud/articleshow/46049416.cms

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Prasad GLN

I certainly hope that applicant can get donor's details also if he proceeds to SIC as there is no personal information involved in such disclosure.

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