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Bad Road condition of "Pink City" Road, Wakad, Pune





This is first time i am trying to raise RTI.


I stay in Wakad, Pune. My apartment is on the road, Pink City Road, for which i want to raise RTI. This road was really in a bad condition. PCMC worked on that and made it good somewhere around 1 Jan 2015. Recently (around 15 Jan 2015) some contractor marked that road for digging at 2 places. Out of those one place he has already dug and messed up the road. Soon he will be dig another one.


I want to know if he is doing it legally. I believe he is doing illegally.

If it is legal then the next question is why did he do that after the road is made proper. he could have done it in Dec 2014. It would have kept the road in proper condition.


Please help.



Vikrant Korde.

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Welcome to RTI INDIA PORTAL. Thank you for choosing RTI INDIA PORTAL.


Please click the following link and read through the topics:


RTI Information


Please do not post in to multiple forums or start multiple threads. You need to study links on home page of this website and then start drafting RTI for common problem of specific issues etc. You can post draft RTI application on this portal so that our members can refine it. Thus you will be having working knowledge of RTI over a period of time. Please also visit this website often and peruse queries and replies by our members, which will make you comfortable with RTI.


Dear Member, in addition,


To explore about RTI kindly refer following links


(A) Download RTI Forms

(B) How to Become RTI Activist

© How to file RTI Online

(D) Centre / State RTI Rules and Fees

(E) Case laws of RTI


Regard & Best Wishes.

Manoj B.Patel

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Prasad GLN

Shoot those two spots and dash the photographs to concerned corporation asking for specific reasons for digging on the road, the permission given and name of the contractor .

Your application should be as per RTI Rules and regulations of Maharshtra with Rs.10/- RTI fee in the form of Adhesive Court fee.

You can search for more details in Pune Corporation website in RTI segment.

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You and other like minded residents of the area may lodge a e-complaint followed by hard copy by speed post [preferably with photographs of the road] to PMC. In case there is no action or action is not proper you may use RTI after a month by referring:


Long pending? :






Mahrashtra RTI Rules - Guide







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Sunil Ahya

> You can seek a photocopy of all the tenders and contracts pertaining to the making and digging of the said road.


> Please note that drafting queries for seeking information is the most skilful part of drafting a RTI application, one can seek all the information that one requires merely by rephrasing one's questions in such a way that it points towards documents held by a Public Authority.

Any act or omission of the work supposed to be done by Govt. is defined by the documents held by a Public Authority, and therefore the answers to almost all the questions that you have in mind can certainly be found in the documents held by Public Authority.



Kindly refer to the following link to learn more about it:




> Download Maharashtra RTI forms from the following link:



> Also, please refer to the following links to learn more about RTI process:

RTI Act offers three levels to obtain a required information.

Flow of a RTI application, once having been filed.

Time limits under which I will get the information.

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Don't look for every solution in RTI and why you cannot speak to your local corporaor about your problem along with a group of your area and you can even go to chairman/Mayor also.first give a detailed petition enclosing photographs of the road and keep records and if no reply for some 20 to 0 days then you can go to RTI method


- - - Updated - - -

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